I was in the library

This is not embarrassing for me. But for the other person. This woman butt stank and she knew that. Women need to wash the butt before they leave the house at all times. Its too hot to be walking around smelling like dookey. i was sick to my stomach. I went to the bathroom to vomit. I left work early. I told my boss, if women cant wash the butt... [more]

Caught wife cybering

I found out my wife has an account on a s** chat site, and cybers with other men. So as revenge, I opened an account on there under a different name and sent her a message. After some small talk, she started to ask s** questions and how hot she was for my... [more]

Kissed my best friends boyfriend

My best friend since Kindergarten got her first boyfriend last month. We hung out together and she would bring him with to things like the park or the pool or the mall. One day we were all at my friends house caz there was no place to go that day and we were playing computer games and my friend had to go to the bathroom. While she was gone her... [more]

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There’s too much too really say. When I first heard of it 7 yrs ago, it was a idea but (not with the guy) but every dude is different. I don’t like or get h**** at all from cheating BUT mentally dominance over my relationships is a mental & physical turn on. I’ve been in normal [more]

Husband's younger brother

I like my hubby's younger brother and teasing him so much these days. Like leaving my panties out in back on line. I find he is stealing them. Also, chatting with him anonymously on a chat app


The other day I thought I was home alone, 48, 5' 3", 135 lbs, C's and my husband was at work, My kids were at school and I had a shower, I got out and cleaned up around the house, I was just hanging out in my around home clothes, Sweats and a t-shirt, no bra and sat down to watch a show, It was late morning and I was feeling a bit frisky, I was... [more]

Think my BF's BFF is gay.

The other night I had a weird experience, My BF and I were drinking at a club and his best friend for since ever was with us, They have been best friends since almost pre school and he has been with a couple of my friends but we all shared a cab back to my BF's place and as soon as we got there my BF was all over me, I'm not shy and I enjoy new... [more]

Why oh why.

Last night my boyfriend and I were doing the dirty and his room mate walked in, My boyfriend kept going and I was all shy and nervous but his friend watched for a minute or two then I think my boyfriend nodded for him to join. I was distracted trying to cover what I could but, I was also in the midst of having [more]

Out of Proportion

I’ve been with my gf for 7 years high school sweet hearts. Let’s just say we’ve been through every tough, rough patch in our 7 year relationship. We’ve been living together for 2.5 years. I’m an engineering student on the verge of finishing my degree within a few months by dedicating my time and effort to work and go to school part time. Our [more]

Thanks pammy

Yes i was watching the head of my 14 yr old c*** open up pammy's 6 yr old p****. Still the youngest i ever penetrated! F***** a lot of bald p**** girls and... [more]

How to leave a s***** relationship

I have been with the same guy for 10 years. He has not once purposed and when i ask about it he gives some stupid excuse. Now We 2 kids together. I used to work but got overwhelmed with coming home to cook, clean, taking care of the kids, and the bills. His brother and sister live with us they dont work or go to school. They dont clean up or do... [more]


My wife picked a fight with me at dinner last night and has been giving me the silent treatment since. One of the best nights I’ve had since mid-March.

Last night

Last night I really thought about killing myself. I’m just so done with all this crap.

Old Women are a*******

The elderly women are a*******. All they do is talk down to people and be rude to them for no reason. There is one in a dark blue shirt and she is being mean to people for no reason. F*** that [more]


I dated her for several months, but she told me that I was sexually inadequate.
We split up, but about a year later she called and told me that she needed a friend to talk to and I said yes.
Her boyfriend had got her preg, and she lost her job so she couldn't pay the rent. I told her she could come and share my bed. She became dominant... [more]

Have enjoyed watching wife with young man

In most ways I am just a regular guy . But regular means , not exciting , or romantic , or handsome , or a turn on to my wife . My wife married me to get away from a bad environment at home . She was so glad I took her away from a Bad situation that depressed her . I would have to beg her for s**... [more]

In love with my Son

My son Robert is 21 and I am 42 year old widow. 3 years ago my husband died. I wish I could say I loved him but I didn't. I was a virgin when we married, I respected him and he was a good man. I never cheated, but never had and o***** with him. He was not really into [more]

Big secret

Last year my husband and i were at a bar and we got a hotel next door so we didn’t have to drive. We got really drunk and I remember this guy hitting on me at the bar. I told him i was married and my husband was in the bathroom
But he didn’t care.
He hing around all night even talks to my husband like he was best friends but whenever my husband... [more]

The police kill more whites wrongly than blacks wrongly

The difference is we don't riot loot and burn the property of innocent people both black and white.

Totally can relate to all of these postings

I can totally relate to the daddy girl/princess postings. I have been with my husband eleven years married for six. We each have an adult child from a previous marriage. My problem is the fact his little wannabee princess is 32 years old, has four kids by three different baby daddies. The lovely scumboy she is with now has two previous kids. We... [more]

Bottom draw

I have been at home for like 4 months now my mum goes to work for 5 hours a day, i mostly do my school work it that time. but the weather has been so nice i have been laying on my bed sunbathing just in my knickers and sometimes not even with them on. i have been playing with my self since i was 13 and like it a a lot, but more so know that i... [more]

No diploma

I have no success in jobs and it because I don’t have a diploma. Now I had a job before that paid decent 11.00 hr. But I lost it because I got sick in the hospital for a week and couldn’t call in so the job let me go even when I explained what happened I had the job for a year. And not it’s been a year science I had a job and I feel bad about it... [more]

I wonder where they are

So they lay all in a row no where to go no one will no so I wait I wait with them where are you don't be late

If never seen my daddy

I've been talking to this guy. He is and 40 and I've never seen him he has a wide and kids and we have a bit of a age gap. We love 7 hrs away I ask him to show his face all the time and he wont. Last night he showed his d*** I wanted to sit on it and ride him so hard . He has a wide I've never seen... [more]

Super Unpopular Opinion

(Super Unpopular Opinion Alert) I think that it's inhuman to take drastic measures to artificially prolong life. It's unfair to make a pet or person suffer when they only have a small amount of time left. Going out on a high note is better.
I would never get a pacemaker, and if I was told that I have a deadly form of cancer where I'll need to... [more]

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