Am I bi?

I'm a 16 year old straight female but my friend is gay. Just recently we had both been drinking and started fooling around, and before I knew it we were both naked and having s**. Before this I had only had an o***** using my fingers but she made me [more]

Family nudity.

An observation I have made is that in many families when one of the family is going to take a bath or shower they get undressed in bedroom and throw a robe on and walk to the bath room.They get into the bathroom lock the door and proceed washing or showering.Once done drying they put on bath robe and walk back to their room.You are in your own... [more]


I'm a 65 year old man who has crossdressed since I was 8 .I just love being fem but have not come out as a sissy man. I just love the freedom I feel when dressed fem. I wish I could dress all the time.

Getting families to do things together.

Many families do not have suppers together they are eating food by themselves in their own room with a tv or game system. Parents have made this possible by having each child have their own tv in their own room or game systems.
No more family unity at all to each his own.
If families have gone to the beach together this is a plus.Camping in a... [more]

Ok I'm the enemy of the Jehovah Witness faith

I'm sure you've seen my anti-JW rants on here and while I've said a lot I haven't said everything by a long shot. Of course, I've reminded you that Jehovah Witnesses refuse to take blood transfusions even if one of their children will die if they don't receive one. They claim that the bible says that you aren't supposed to consume blood by... [more]

Kissing husbands & a taste of vag

My husband and I went out to the lake with a couple of friends to relax, drink, and have fun. We did some fishing, a little paddle boating, cooked some food. We stayed overnight in separate cabins. By the late afternoon we were all pretty sloshed, but my friend Cara qualified as certifiably drunk. She came back from peeing and, stumbling along the... [more]

Mom’s Feet

I am a teenage boy that likes my mother’s feet. I take pictures of her painted toes, and then j******* to them, I dream of them and stare when she doesn’t notice. As a 17 year old, it is disgusting but I like it. :(

My eighth grade dance

So two days ago I was at my eight grade dance so my mom told me to get a nice shirt and I looked and we don't go to church or funerals etc. So I grabbed my Spiderman button up. And god had bad timing by giving me a Huge pimple in between my eyes and I poped it but it got red and puffy do I put an ice pack on it and it turned white so I used an... [more]


I just read something about someone having sexual relations with a dog. This is by far the most f***** up thing I have read in a while. If you have an animal fetish don't do it with real animals this s*** is so sick in the head. I don't get this site... [more]

Fisherman's dilemma

I spend about three months of the year, including currently, working as a seasonal commercial fisherman in Alaska. That's all I work yearly, and I make a $45K a year. It pays well for the time worked, and my family also gets annuity payments that brings our annual income to $60K. We are not rich, but I get to spend almost nine months at home per... [more]

Pro choice is the only way

I'm a Christian woman of great faith, listen to a lot of Christian radio, but they are all so pro-life on the airwaves. Let me tell you one thing: life kinda sucks, even if you are prepared for it. I've had friends commit slow (drugs/alcohol) and fast (hanging/bullets) suicides, and what it boils down to is that life has very little pleasure in... [more]

My daughter is stripping

My daughter recently confessed to me that she is stripping. Shes 18. I am devastated. I don't know why, but she thought I'd be supportive. I'm not. I can't think of anything worse than my baby parading herself in front of men, nude, for money. I've always been pretty open minded but not to this. I firmly believe in self respect and working hard... [more]

Wife Sharing

We are a happy couple(46/42) after 18 years of marriage. I was diagnosed with diabetes 4 yrs back, and our s** life took a down trend. I found that my wife needed s** so we started to check online and found a college student aged 21. We shared pics and... [more]

Jehovah Witnesses and child abuse

Being born to these losers constitutes being abused as far as I'm concerned. The kid better hope he or she never bleeds out because of course, their religion forbids blood transfusions.
That's not the only danger. Child molesters in the group never or seldom get reported because the JW'S have a ritual whereby they can be forgiven of the sin... [more]

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