Fine I’ll admit it...

I knew I was different the first time I saw a muscle fitness magazine. I was in the fourth grade and it just melted my face.

My new girl

Win i turned 18 i moved a couple states away for college after college i got a job and stayed there win i turned 24 my 17 year old cousin call me and said she was being kicked out and had no where to live and she asked if she could stay with me i said yes and told her to get picked up i was coming to get her on my way there i keep thinking how i... [more]

Roll Play Fantasy

I have a kink that could be called ‘mommy, baby roll play’ but it isn’t ancestral at all. I want a girl to treat me like a baby one night. I want a girl to make me kraft mac and cheese, and dinosaur chicken nuggets even though I never eat that. Maybe she could make me eat some peas too. Then I want her to give me a bubble bath. The only time... [more]

Stole My Crush’s Shirt

I’m 16 and my brother is 17. About a year ago I realized I really loved the musk of his longtime best friend.
My brother invites me to hang out with him and his best friend, and also, his best friend will invite me to hang out with them as well. I get the vibe that he likes me back based on our flirty relationship and comments from our... [more]

Am I bisexual ?

So I’m a young girl and I’m quite confused,I love the thought of being with a girl, like marrying them, having s**, but I’ve never had a crush on a girl, like I think some particular girls are really pretty but I don’t have a crush on them. Any advice or tips that could help me?

That's interesting

I won't say that I get off on the idea that my wife's mom is a l**** but...After her fathers passing my wife's mom dated a couple guys, Nothing serious but I know for a fact she put out because my wife and I heard her getting pounded, We were at the lake in rented cabins, My wife and I had sneaked... [more]


I confess that I want to sniff lizzo's fat quim And lick her cream out of her big panties after she's done a concert! God I want her to sit on my face and smother me as she grinds herself to an o*****!!! I would drink all her juice(pardon the pun) and worship her big body. Who else is with me?!

I had a wet dream about my seven beautiful cousins beautifu soles

I had have a wet dream i double wrist grab my seven beautiful cousins diamond marshall deja lee neshia phelps destinee marshall ayana phelps taeja phelps kirsten harris while they was is on the floor got heavy footed hard deep double upwards kick in the n****** three to five times in white socks

My sister boyfriend

My sister was 18 and she would sneak her 20 year boyfriend in the house one night he was in our house and our parents made her go and get some from the store she told him to stay hiding as soon as i could hear her car leaving the drive way i found him i ask him what him and my sister do at night he siad something that im to young to know about... [more]

Barman f**** a customer

I worked a while ago as a barman in Farnborough.
One day a pretty ginger Irish girl named Patricia began coming to the pub daily.
I was 31 and Patricia was about 25.
She was pretty and she knew it.
I wanted to f*** her.
Every time she came to the bar she chatted about nothing , flirted ... [more]

69 with fat girl. Want to marry her.

I married to a sexy slim woman 105 lbs we are both 25. My wife loves s**.
But for the last 6 months I have been going 69 with a 40 year old 250 lbs barely 5 foot tall female temp named Betty from my office almost every work day. On the days she has her period she blows me. Her apartment is 3 minutes... [more]

My wife Linda

On the way home after Linda and James had got it on Linda seamed to almost be another person she was so uptight to begin with before he f***** her that I was worried that she might be furious with me for making her do it but she seamed to be vry pleased with herself now she was laughing and wanting... [more]

It's out there.

My question is this, Is there a way to trace where a video or pictures posted on the internet came from?
I made a huge mistake not long ago and I knew this would happen, I was camping with my sister and her husband, I went for a stroll after they went to bed, The campsite is one not far from our hometown and it is mostly local people who go there... [more]

Swimming Baths

I think something is going on between my son and his step dad, it was a rainy Sunday afternoon not much to do, my husband suggested we go and swim at the leisure centre I wasn't bothered so my son went with his step dad, after they had gone I decided to follow, I didn't fancy sitting in on my own, so I followed in my car I saw them walking in as I... [more]

Tormenting my younger cousin

Many years ago when I was welve my Grandfather was burning off some brush so that he could plant a field of clover. There were fires in several places burning hotly. My cousin was there with an attractive toy shaped like a Jetplane. He was stupidly tossing this toy as if it could fly. I asked if I could see it and he sad in a bratty way "no... [more]

I gave my gun away to a friend

I bought a .455 Webley revolver. It needed restoring and I did a good job doing that very thing. The only thing I lacked was ammo. Lacking .455 brass I cut back some Colt .45 long ammo which fired through the weapon very well.
Now what to do with the weapon. I'm not really a gun collector and the only reason I purchased the gun was to... [more]

Belly Fetish

I'm a guy in my twenties and have a fetish for bellies, navels, and inflation/stuffing. I know it sounds odd but I really like the way a big distended belly looks on either a guy or girl. I also find deep innie belly buttons attractive to look at too. It'd be nice to talk to someone with a similar fetish, if you have one that's similar, leave your... [more]

Ex wife's niece

I'm basically obsessed with my ex wifes niece. She's adorable, has a cute smile, and is a sweetheart. I can't help but stare at her deliciously phat booty, her body is so plump and bodacious. She'll be 18 in a few months and I wish I couls have a night with her.

My Pantyhose Daughter

My stepdaughter about 15 16 years old start wearing pantyhose and mini skirts all the time with no underwear well when she came home one day I couldn't take it she was walking up the stairs and I could see her but through pantyhose and she was so sexy so I smelled and it smelled so good I couldn't take it so we got on the bed I went down on her... [more]

I Want To Kill My Step-Dad

I am from a small town in my mom was actually looking for a home to move away from my step step-dad so we founded a house in then she met a guy his name starts with an "F", see he made eye contact in he looked at me in I said what? he said did you give our food to the dogs, I straight up lied to his face in said "NO" he started looking at me then... [more]

Son is a crossdressers blow me each night

I'm a 43 year old widower. I have an 18 year old son. I walked in on him while he was crossdressing. He was on his bed his leg over his head and preforming a self b*******. He also had a large dildi in his ass.
He didn't realize I was there, i saw his body shutter I knew he was [more]

Comedians who were never funny (unless you were majorly dunk)

1. Robin Williams (absolutely horrible)
2. Garry Shandling (can't believe he had a career)
3. Roseanne Barr (wow, maybe the worst ever)
4. D*** Gregory (old school, but not funny at all)
5. Don Rickles (as funny as getting served Ecoli)
6. Andy Kaufman (being avant-garde can still be... [more]

Sisters surprise

Im 19 i woke up to my sister riding my d*** so i started humping back i sprayed my lode deep her sens thin we have bin doing it alout and now she pregnant she is the best f*** i have ever had i wont her all the time

Life's Purpose

For all of my life I wondered where I would fit in amongst life and what my role would be. For the longest time I thought I was working towards something which would satisfy that appetite. Fast forward to about two years ago or so where things had not really gone to my way of thought as I'm sure most people have that in their life. But then I made... [more]

I am chelsea gonella

I am Chelsea Gonella and I am a sick vicious s*****. I also enjoy having s** with my dog Enzo. My husband, Michael Gonella, doesn't like that, but he has an unusually tiny p**** and can't satisfy me.

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