My mom has rubber ding dongs in her drawers

She has about 15 rubber pps

Hopeful sissy.

I am a 57 year old married man. I have been a secret crossdresser most of my life. As a man in my normal life, I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to be with another man. But it seems that I do actually have a feminine side that can't be denied. When she takes over, I absolutely must adorn women's attire. When she takes over I even catch myself... [more]

More my mother than father, I'm called to serve a man

Being the only child, female, of an academic couple I had pressures all my life, about school, grades, what college. My mother more than my father was very religious. During those years of puberty she cautioned me about my feelings. It was during that time that she told me she had very strong feelings for a girl in her Psychology class and that... [more]

Closet Married 50's Bi Crossdresser

I have worn panties for many years (since I was 11) over the last 35 years I began to wear panties and stockings under my male work clothes and when the wife is gone or I am away I dress fully fem. I have shaved legs and underarms as well as my panty area. I love being freshly shaved and wearing a sexy bra and panty set with new thigh high... [more]

Late 50 Closeted BI Married CD help me how to tell my wife

I am a 56 year old closeted BI married crossdresser. I have dressed since I was 11 years old. I had my first male lover at 13 and loved it. Today at work it is such a good day. I shaved my legs put on new black thigh high stockings, black mesh with black and red lace panties a matching bra, small breast forms, and light make up and I feel so fem... [more]

I want to be a dragon and I love dragons more than I love human b

I've always loved dragons and draconic things more than anything else, they are the only reason i am alive nowadays. its always been my f****** dream to just be one with one, I've wanted to be with/married with one, and have been attracted to them but its not just that, truly and deeply care... [more]

The folly of prayer and religion itself

Believers are used to being told they have no evidence for their God and they seem to think common sense and reason are bad things. They eschew science but just for a moment lets compare the comforts provided by religion versus the comforts provided by science.
I wonder how many people died before the discovery of antibiotics? How many... [more]

My dormmate is my girlfriend in a sexual way

I attended a parochial school growing up and one novitiate kissed me and manually penetrated me. She asked to be transferred from the school and I never saw her or heard of her again. My mother heard that she transferred to a school in the Chicago area.
In college I am in an all women's dormitory with communal showers and last fall I got... [more]


I am looking forward to that day someone realizes me... I post on Crossdressing sites and sissy ones. I am getting game and showing my face... also many are part naked and full naked. I also post in female swimmers and dresses. I posted a D****** shoot that a person was good enough to take for me... [more]


My mother bathed me to a teenager with my sister one year wyounger than me... I was 16 when it stoped and had a G/F in that year

Freshman 15

I just weighed myself and discovered that somehow I gained almost 15 lbs during the last six weeks. Before that, my weight was somewhat stable, but lately it just shot up. And I know it's because I've been eating way too much, it was one of the ways to relieve the pressure. But now, I just feel disgusting. I used to be quite skinny but now I'm... [more]

I’ve been forced to be a hucow Part II

It has been awhile that I have been able to update this story due to the restraints I have been under living in the stable with the other farm animals. After I was unloaded at my new home and paraded into the barn in front of all the farm workers I wanted to die right there. Udders bouncing as I trotted along keeping up with the one that was... [more]

My Mother’s closet

When I was a young boy , 8 years old, I used to sneak into my Mother’s closet. There was a crawl space under the house with access point in the closet in my parents room. I had noticed that after my father had left for work, my mother would have visitors. They would always go into my parents bedroom. My Mom thought I was out of the house but I... [more]

I married out of necessity but my true love is a woman

I grew up in a very strict household in a very conservative country. I went to an all girls religious school and we weren't allowed to be with boys without an adult present. I graduated from high school with no experience and went to college abroad. I was a good student but I was homesick from the beginning. At school I met this girl and she... [more]

Mormon wife wears crotchless bikini bottoms and I love it.

My wife and I have been married for almost 30 years. (We got married young in part because of being Mormon.) She just turned 50 but she looks 35ish due to her strict diet and incessant working out. Lucky me. Anyway, we went to Jamaica for a spring get away vacay. Since no one there would know us, to my surprise she bought all new thong bikinis... [more]


I jerked off my date while my girl friends watched hiding in the closet.

I l*** for my aunt

I j****** to my blonde aunt jill lamke wearing her wedding in high heels in her wedding photos

Mexican Lesbians are different

My name is Isabel, I was born on he Mexican side of the border and my mother and her friend waded across the river with me when I was two days old. My mother got work cleaning offices and her friend got work in a restaurant. I grew up sleeping with them and from the earliest of times I felt my mothers beside me having [more]

She probably has regrets.

I was out of town working a couple weeks ago and went to a sports bar close to my hotel, My waitress was super flirty and I just out of the blue asked if she wanted to do something after work, She looked around and then bit her lip and said "Sure, Why not...Pick me up at 11?", I can tell you that from 9-11 was about the longest 2 hours ever.
I... [more]

We know why people are wearing black!

And white people act like blacks don't know why wearing a black shirt and black pants and hat is hidden, yea right, we know your insidious. Its systemic in why people did white-out (white shirts, white pants, white hats etc) because constitutions were written by Caucasian and the energy around constitution was government is also favoring whites as... [more]

My wife

I post my wife naked and she has no idea. She is very shy about people seeing her body. Her face is totally visible. T*** out, legs spread, d*** in her p****.

I have a secret fetish I can't seem to shake

In the eighth grade we had a family move in next door. They were rentals. They had a daughter my age and we walked to bus together and sort of became friends. She was at my house after school, no one was home with us, and she suggested that we see ourselves in the mirror. She put the standup mirror on the floor and took off her panties and... [more]

I am laughing.

Last night was so weird, My hubby and I were chilling in the hot tub and his friend was there, We got talking about a little bit of dirty stuff and my husband who is probably the whitest white guy around asked if I had ever seen a black p****, No surprise but his friend is black, I know one girl who... [more]

Bound and gagged so tight I can't blink

I want to be tied up with my jeans/boots on so tightly I can't even blink. My Dom must be pretty and wear blue jeans/boots preferably cuffed jeans. Is this wierd?

I'm in love with my father's employee

I'm 23 year old girl and my father is a rich businessman. For many years my father had a driver who also used to pick me from school and he also was a gardener and a handyman.
I have seen him since I was a child and had a crush on him.
During my school days when he would pick me up, we always spoke a lot while he drove.
One day when when we... [more]

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