Embarrassing Confessions

Hamburger butt

I want 2 guys to pull my panties down and spank my butt with a bath brush till my ass becomes hamburger meat, then I will become a pretty little princess for you

The cards were on the table.

Last night we had our weekly games night with friends, As always there was too much booze and it went way later than planned, We had played almost every game we had and when it was down to just me and my husband, One other couple and my husbands best friend we switched to cards, My friends husband was passing out so they left and we started... [more]

My gf left me for her ex after 3 years.. but why?

I was dating my girlfriend for 2 years when i found out she was an escort. so I still loved her for her she cried her eyes out & I hugged her and forgave her but it’s like eveytime I forgive her she expects me to get over it super fast but I just wanted her to love me more that’s all. & so I found out other stuff (possibly true) but I don't know a... [more]

Got busted

On a field trip we stayed at a large hotel, Me and some friends had met two guys who work at the hotel earlier that day and they told us to sneak out and meet them in the hot tub room at midnight.
Only three of us sneaked out and down the stairs to the hot tub room, The two guys were there and we all started fooling around, My one friend got... [more]

Wife away

My wife went away for a hen week end when my mother in law phoned and said I shouldn’t stay in all alone by myself and drive over to her place and go to the local social club with her and my father in law and stay the night in the spare room . I went over and after a few drinks she got me up to dance and after dancing very close I got aroused and... [more]

Im a troll

I confess that I'm a pretty major player in the trolling world,and i have liberally trolled on here a few,ok,many times.
And you know what? I don't know why I do it.
Its completely opposite to my real nature and I genuinely do feel remorse for it.
I'm not defending it,but I'm not an evil troll,more an annoying one,but nonetheless its still... [more]

My first panties

I stole my best friends 16 yoa sisters 34b bra and blk lace panties from her undie drawer while spending the night

Why me

This past summer I turned 40 and recently I have had a past experience come back to bite me. I think probably most guys and probably some girls even have asked their significant other about past indiscretions and sexual history, When my husband asks I have always told him that there was nothing too wild in my past other than things he has been... [more]

Caitlyn Jenner

I'm sorry.
I'm all for equal opportunities and all that,but Jesus,Caitlyn Bruce Jenner is a god damned FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Got no problem with gays,but this whole trams thing is just f***** up in my eyes.
And Bruce just looks and sounds weird!
The whole family is weird but her really takes the... [more]

Inhale that gas!!!!

I love smelling my own farts!!!
Especially when I'm in bed,I always sleep naked,and when I need to fart,I cup my hand over my hole and fart into it,I close it and bring it up to my nose,then open it,breathing in the noxious gas.
I love how the smell blossoms like a flower,and its not offensive to me at all, however my wife would disagree 😅
I... [more]

Party time gone wrong

I was out partying with a group of friends last weekend and after the party ended me and my BFF went back to her boyfriends place who happens to be my cousin, They have been together for 6 months and she is constantly telling me how big his package is, They went into the bedroom and I crashed on the couch, She opened the bedroom door and waved for... [more]


When I was 11 I took taekwondo. At a meet for some reason a 9 year old girl competed in the boys 10-12 age division. She went up against a bunch of boys but when I had my match with her she delivered a reverse sidekick straight to my jaw. I fell to the mat. She knocked me out cold!!! Some time later someone told me to look up a certain video on... [more]

Jeremy corbyn

Danger to the country.
Anti semite.
Piece of s***.
Bearded f******.
Should NEVER get the chance to be PM.

America ferrera

I just wanted to let you all know how I've shot my muck countless times to her,and I always end up with me imagining how I'm licking her (from what I imagine to be) delicious,dark and hairy a r s e h o l e.
She's gotta have one right? All Latino chicks must have a nice hairy one!!
Bet her knickers smell out of this world too!!
Peace... [more]

Is it too much?

Have an image search for
Aali Rousseau pregnant.
The ones from amkingdom are the best.
I love her pics so much,and what I LOVE about them,is the unashamed CREAMY DISCHARGE all over her open s*****!!!
I would lick and suck I clean!!
Have a look at the pics of her,see what you... [more]

I'm the A N A L guy

I'm the guy who trolls with the following: A N A L Preceeded by either 'give her' or 'how about some' or ' You need ' Just thought you'd like to know its me. I'm English if that helps

I love giving a***

I love f****** my wife's big beautiful ass wish I could do the same thing to her mother and all of her sisters ❤️

My sweet sister

I have a 14 year old sister, and two 16 year old sister.... I have have cruel sexual thoughts about them every sing day and I have since I was adopted by their parents when I was 18.
I remember one night my youngest sister (12) at the time was complaining that she didn’t have any clean underwear.. my mom said she would do the laundry tomorrow... [more]

I can only attract one class of women

I tend to be gentle and kind to prostitutes. They get hugs, kisses, and compliments. They get oral s**. Women who aren't in this group think I'm a loser and go for the bad boys. The prostitutes from bitter experience know how dealing with bad boys ends up.

Shopping for panties

There is only one thing better than tucking your manhood into tiny, sexy, feminine, petite panties and that is buying them. Only yesterday I visited an independent lingerie boutique to buy more panties. I openly told the assistant (Hazel) that they were for me and I think she was as excited as I was. She asked my size and I explained I like them... [more]

Tried to suck

I tried to suck my own d***.
I'm an ok size,not gonna bother saying "my 10 inch" or healthy 8.5 member like most of the children posting on here.
Standard guy,standard decent c***,on my bed,trying all sorts of positions,even tried against the wall... [more]

I eat my bogies

So , I'm a 35 year old male, I have a good job,have a team working underneath me and am known and liked in the local area with fellow parents and locals.
I dress smart,have a nice house and lifes good.
But what no one knows about me is that I'm totally addicted to picking my nose and eating the bogeys!!
I've been doing it since god knows... [more]


I found nude pics of wife's friend about 12 of them on internet. I was looking at them masterbating and wife caught me. She wasn't to upset by it.

My Turn Ons

I Confess “That The Touch Of Baby Pink Fleece Encasing Me From Head To Toe, During Breastfeeding, Is Emotionally Overwhelming!” Babied.

I manipulated a gay dude

I had this gay friend and he got all weird with our friendship after his boyfriend broke up with him. Now he is trying to ask me out knowing good and damn well I was struggling trying to be a Christian and I was straight and somewhat homophobic.
He confessed his love to me in my instagram DMs and I almost couldn’t take it but I played it off... [more]

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