Embarrassing Confessions

Definitely should have just went to bed.

I was at a family reunion with my wife's family and my wife got trashed, Went to bed and I stayed up with her mom, two uncles and a couple cousins. Her mom was staying with us in a suite since her dad couldn't make it so we each had our own rooms, Her mom got twisted and I had to help her back to the room, We got up and left as everyone laughed at... [more]

Wet myself

I wear adult diapers and when I get stressed I wet myself.

Coo che uba, I gocola me winkee buttmalia nobata tonka

The teesaw sleemo winkee copah yafullkee an waffmula nudd, h'chu poy a chuba tagwa the gocola bargon jeedai tonta uba rush eniki, moulee-rah badda bunky pateessa konchee. Patogga, wanga the ootmian the tella chowbasa pawa ulwan a sleemo jee, buttmalia jee-jee youngee. Achuta nibobo peedunkee jujiminmee hoohah tee-tocky makacheesa the hunka is... [more]

Diapered Wish...

Well, I'm a loving husband and dad, but also a diaper lover and wished diapers was first.
Lately I wished I could come out more then just family or friends. I wished the world knew about my diaper love.
Not just any love, I wished they knew I wanted the most biggest, the most saggy, and the most dirty diaper in the world on right now. I... [more]

63 yo man who likes to wear panties

I’ve been wearing panties since I was a young teenager now that I’m 63 and married to my second wife I spend a lot of time alone in my secret place with my secret stuff. Is anybody else out there like me?

Belly fetish

I’ve had this fetish for a while and I’ve always just kept it to my self. I’m looking to talk to open minded women about it. Contact me if you’d like to chat.

Stomach sitting

I’m female, 28 and 172lbs. I don’t know why but I really want to sit on another female’s stomach. Preferable a female with just a bit of a chubby stomach, not too much. mayalarz11@gmail.com

Paddled by wife

Only my wife and I know about this. She is a great wife and our marriage very happy. She is of a more religious nad moral nature so if i go out with the guys and drink and carouse too much--its automatic i get my anked butt paddled as soon as i get home no argument from me i have got it coming i quick shower and just bend naked over tub and... [more]

I'm gay

I'm gay.......

What to do I'm scared Shitless

I feel for this woman who lives on my block. People warned me that she was trouble and that she was a loose woman. But I couldn't help myself. I just wanted to get close to her and wanted to be with her. She didn't have the best hygiene or even look like a beauty queen or anything like that. Her hair was always kind of long and dirty. I loved her... [more]

Is it just me?

Im a 21F. during the first half of my life I used to be blamed for not taking care of myself. in the second half of my life I am being blamed for taking care of myself primarily and only occasionally caring for my family. wtf does that mean?
I schedule my day according to my brother's classes. Im his ride for all of his classes. sometimes I... [more]

My girlfriend is stronger than me

I know it should be normal and I shouldn't be ashamed of that, but I still am. It turns out my girlfriend is way stronger than I am. She is as tall as I am, but has more muscles. We tried just for fun to fight, but she overpowered me without difficoulties. And when I challenged her to fight again, I discovered she holds a black belt and had... [more]

How did we get here.

My wife and I have been married 22 years this year, Thank god our oldest is out on his own and our youngest is away at college now and wasn't around for this but last year my wife came home from her younger sisters bachelorette party in another city and came clean about cheating on me, She claimed it was the first time and that she had never and... [more]

The guilt is killing me.

I attended my cousins birthday bash last year and did something that I feel awful about.
Her husband had rented a lake front house, Not a cottage but a house, A mansion to be honest but he rented it because he wanted all of the people she invited to be able to stay the night since it was at the lake, There were 12 of us total and he was the only... [more]

Nude on school bus

I was the first year senior boy on the bus and some big boys said do you like your uniform i said no they said good as you are going to lose it next thing i know a big boy got hold of me and ripped off my jumper i said let me go he said no you are a first year we have to show new boys off next thing some more boys hold me why he got my shirt and... [more]

In love with older woman

I had a bad relationship and finally broke up. New beginning, new ideas. I saw one older woman who worked as a cleaner in one restaurant. She lived some 10 kilometers away from me and I could often see her going to work on a bicycle or using public transport. She had a shy, calm personality and was from a humble background. In other words, she... [more]

Well that's awkward.

I had shared a bed with my cousin last night, We were attending a family function and had to share a bed due to the number of people there. Me and her are both 22 and within 6 months of age and have always been reasonably close so it was no big deal but...
I woke up this morning and was UBER h****... [more]

Still spanked at 24

Hi, I m a 24 year old male still living at home. When I misbehave I still get grounded, have a curfew and if really bad I still get spanked by my mom !!

Embarrassing but arousing

I live alone in a small house in the pine barrens of NJ for the past 5 years. I'm on 3 1/2 acres and love the privacy of it. I'm 29 and about the only company I have here is my girlfriend, who I usually only see a couple days a week since she works in Atlantic City. Once in awhile I have friends over but its seldom I do. About the privacy, because... [more]

Femboy lover

I really want to meet a cute slim femboy to pamper and spend time with. I think about it a lot..cute little bubble butt that likes to cuddle.

I’m madly in love with Harry Dunne and I don’t know why

Since December 13th I’ve fallen head over heels for Harry Dunne (yes, the guy from dumb and dumber ) it happened right out of nowhere and to this very day im still into him. Out of impulse i got a ton of pics of him in my phone. I’m not as embarrassed as before tho.
At first I actually made myself suppress it out of shame. I have no clue when... [more]

Am I gay?

Once in a blue moon I want to be a daddy's little girl for a real masculine man. I wish I could dress up the way he likes and suck his c***. I wish he would give me chores so I can do them with no complaint. I will workout my ass everyday so when he comes home from a hard day at work, I cant resist... [more]

Le Sigh

Man Im dumb. Just checked my credit score. Its like, 30 away from being “Fair”. A few years ago I was looking for a place with my ex and we couldnt find anywhere good because we assumed mine was awful cuz of my debts and hers was terrible. I wish i had checked. Id like to tell her now (me and her have a decent relationship still) but she would... [more]


When I was 12 I let my dog lick me to o*****. I had just changed out of my school clothes and was going to take a bath because It was hot and I was all sweaty and Duke our Rottweiler had followed me into my bedroom wanting to play but I was tired and I pushed him away several times as I undressed... [more]

I like being sat on by a woman

I love to be pinned down and sat on by a woman. Preferably on my chest. I am in Pakistan. Does any woman in Pakistan enjoy doing this? Ofcourse fully clothed

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