Embarrassing Confessions

Best Friend

I want to f*** the s*** out of my best friend. We’re both in our early twenties but her culture is very strict and she’s not allowed to have s** before marriage and definitely not with a girl. She’s so... [more]

I can't believe we did this to ourselves

My college roommate and I got really drunk last weekend. How drunk, you ask? Well, her name is now tattooed on my butt. And my name is tattooed on hers. We're not a couple or even gay, so we have no idea why we even did this to ourselves. It doesn't help that neither of us even remember going to the tattoo parlor.
Jesus, how am I going to... [more]

Rude Ass Workers

Last week, I saw a guy named Jordan Perez who works there in Palm Desert, California and he is being extremely rude and prejudice towards a few customers for no f****** reason. The super store is super rude. F*** that [more]

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Whoring in Family

Since me and my wife lost our shop we have constantly been short of money. Thats when my wife started earning money as a callgirl. She did not w**** around just with guys I know and that payed good for it.
then one day her father came behind it by accident. he got to hear me on the cellphone... [more]

Big booty wife taking pics for black guys

Wife getting ready for fun with blk guy

Sucking a grown up man at the age of 9 years

During the summer vacation as our second home was vacant and was under maintenance. So after lunch I visited the house which is two block apart from our residence. When I reached there only one man was just resting after his lunch and other were away for lunch at the nearby restaurant. I said hello and told him that I am going to the attic... [more]

Friends mom

Soooo...Last night my friends mom came onto me and felt me up, I am female also and had stayed at my friends place last night, I heard noises and got out of bed, Went to the kitchen and it was her mom coming home from a night out, She stopped and looked at me, Smiled and bit her lip, She said hi and I said hi, She asked what I was doing up and I... [more]

Beyond Addictiled to BIG BLACK N**** D***

Man its so nice to find a site where I can get all this filthy shameful s*** off my chest & hopefully get some answers as to where I can finally libe out the s***,I crave doing involving my BBC gluttony. Im not,gay at all, but id drop to my knees with a... [more]


I find pain a way to relax. By that I mean sharp pain. For example, I am a hopeless procrastinator and then because I have left things until the very last minute I get really stressed and can't think straight. So I found that sharp pain can help me focus.
So one way is I put nipple clamps on my nipples (obviously). It's kind of like... [more]

Embarressing erection

I once went to a Halloween party In college and i decided it would be funny to just wear an all red nighttime onesie with the little flap on the back, that was super plush and felt soft against my skin. I didnt wear anything underneath it, so it was really lose and a little saggy and kinda funny.
So I'm at the party and everything is... [more]


My brother is a total loser. No job, no license, no life. All he does is sit in his room and play videogames. Just turned 20 and he is and always will be the "golden boy" he can do no wrong, nothing is too good for him. Growing up it was always my fault, no matter what. As soon as I graduated, I had to have a job asap, pay rent, buy my... [more]

That's not good

I split with my husband 4 months ago and moved back in with my parents at the age of 23 :( , It all started out ok but after I got pregnant he lost all interest in me and just after I had MY son I caught him in bed with a "friend" of mine.
I moved out instantly and went to my parents place, I talked with my mom about it a few times and decided to... [more]


My husband spanks me at home every Sunday. I take off my clothes and bend over the couch. Then he uses a hairbrush. When it ends my checks are burning and we have great s**
Once a month it is humiliating. I’m naked but across a table. He waits for my two long time schoolgirl friends to arrive. They’re... [more]

Mother in law

I have a major foot fetish. Got drunk at a family get together, and slipped up and mentioned it to my mother in law. Turns out, she was turned on and we get together once a week or so so I can suck her toes.
In the beginning, it was just me worshipping her feet. Then it progressed to me jerking off while I did it. Eventually, she would give... [more]

Wearing panties

I’ve tried to stop wearing panties so many times. I struggle with what public will think if they find out. My wife is okay with me wearing panties but not at all turned on like I wish she would be. I have my panties specially made for male anatomy with lots of lace. I’m only attracted to women. What’s wrong with me? So many times I’ve thrown them... [more]

The worst

When I was 13 in grade school there was a baseball diamond out behind the school right next to a thick stand of pine trees.
I wasn't that good at sports so I didn't play very often, but I was out there one time .... I think it was after a half day of school or something. I remember it was earlier in the day and we didn't have to go back in... [more]

I pee my pads

I accidentally bought the “Always discreet” bladder control pads for my period. When I realized what they were, I decided to see how well they work... and WOW! I’m hooked!
Great for those “gotta go now” moments, little leaks from coughing or sneezing (it’s nice to not have to hold on) or just because...
I wear them out shopping, with friends... [more]

Children's dark room play

During the summer vacation we cousins and neighbor boys and girls used to play together at anyone's house. All were of the age of 8 to 10 years. While playing in my house we had a room with no windows but two doors of which one was permanently locked. So I suggested we will go to that dark room and closing the door and putting off the lights... [more]

My uncle is hot af

I jus met him today an find him attractive and my heart starting beating very fast I never felt this way before I want him I don't know why and if he finds out he will hate me I know I think am falling for him

Forbidden fruit

Just wink 😉 at me Angie J and I'll get the hint your a sexy woman and I'm infatuated w u I want u so bad omg

Need it stop the game

I want to sleep w momma ang said ce 2001 and neise said I have her blessings 💆‍♂️ So let's get busy please I can't handle the 🌵

My Girlfriend Dominated Me In A Wrestling Match

It was a Saturday afternoon. I was sitting on the couch watching TV with my at the time girlfriend. She turned on some boring show that I didn't like, so I quickly snatched the remote from her and changed the channel. She did not like that. She turned to me and was upset. We argued for a few minutes, until she said something along the lines of... [more]





Ass licking

When I was 14 I put peanut butter on my a****** Andy dog licked it once. Its been two years and now I feel like complete s*** about it. I want to tell my dad about it because that would make me feel better. But I don't want him to be freaked out by... [more]

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