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#3020Submitted: Mon 21 Oct 2019 11:41:19 PM GMT
Here is something I cannot figure out my wife and I have been married for around 10 years our s** life is good and we enjoy each other's company before we got married I... [more]

Can't stop beating

I am 17 year old male, a virgin, and m********* almost every night. I would like tips to spice up my sessions, so it wont be the same all the time. I am finding the normal method more boring, and want to make things interesting for myself. (To clear up any future mishaps, I'm straight)

So awkward

I was having 3 friends over for a sleepover and one of them went to the bathroom and came back saying "Oh my god Meghan, Your parents are banging", I was like "Oh my god...What?", She said she could hear them and everyone started giggling.
Of course everyone snuck out of my room to listen and I was like "Oh my god you guys, lets go back to my... [more]

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Shared a changing cubical with sister at pool

This happened over the summer, but only just found this site. I am 17, my sister is 19 and at university. Over summer she was home, and a bit bored. She said she swam at uni and wanted to go to the pool, and invited me as I used to swim a fair bit.
When we got there it was packed, and trying to find available changing cubicles was proving... [more]

I keep accidentally flashing my dad

I keep having oops moments where somehow I end up showing my dad more of me than any daughter should. It started when he picked me up from a party, when I got out the car my dress caught on the seat belt, and as I walked away it pulled my dress right up above my panties. I think it was the first time he found out I wore thong panties and he got... [more]

I kinda like another guy

Im kinda depressed lately and things with my boyfriend arent going so well... im on a new school for the first time and i now have a great new group of friends, sadly... i think im falling in love with one of them... but yesterday i discovered he was into boys... but its strange because of the way he looks at me, it doesnt look just like... [more]

Lay by

Had a good day out shopping with wifey in ipswich bit teasing fun etc but on way home got more exciting was weekend aprox 5pm late spring but yes stopped in lay by main road looking at each other rubbing our selfs till both released only to look up notice car parked behind watching opps :P

First time naughty

Coming uk only 10 years ago and very naive to open ness westen s** found my self working we a takaway and intrested in a man who come in most nights speaking to few ladys who come in asked about men in uk they said about getting them notice somehow well next day was working and see him coming towards... [more]


If read last post know new uk and open ness of well was watching some tv show and hubby said about some lady and nice camel toe as did not know about asked explane well that night made him take 24 hour tescos got pair tight leggings changed there and yes had nice camel toe must say and keeped on as did shopping got so [more]

I like older guys

They're realy great

Helping bro and siser in law

Well got married this nice english man open my mind so much never relised how littie i know well bro and sister in law was trying have baby was speaking husbond abouot and he said probley due to lack knowleage bro not getting his wife relaxed wet etc and needs do things well was speaking them about and they had no idear just like i did not befor... [more]

Diapered, 33 year old man.

I fell asleep on the couch after getting really drunk. I ended up wetting myself because I was that out of it; it wasnt the first time. My partner found me loads of times. One day after work I came home and he sat me down and told me he wanted me in diapers, he had a bought a stack of them for me coming home. I agreed and was made to bin my normal... [more]

Was this the first time?

After having too many drinks the other night I went to bed, I woke up face down in the middle of having s**, I assumed it was my husband so went with it and pretended not to notice so he would finish and I could go back to sleep.
I felt him come and pull out and then I opened my eyes and seen my husband... [more]

My best friend kissed me

Ok this is NOT ABOUT ME I REPEAT THIS IS NOT ABOUT ME. Ok so my friend let's just call her Monika. So we were going swimming and she got really upset that her mom wouldn't let her best friend come (I'll call her Neko.) So then I saw this dude and he started blushing at me and he was so sexy! Then Monika whispered psssss Natsuki who is he blushing... [more]

Sister took pity on me

My sister has a habit of not getting dressed until she goes out or has a friend visiting. This means she wears PJ's round the house a lot. She does not wear a bra, and so I can see her nipples through the tops, and the tops are often short so I can see her little tummy, and if she bends over I can see a lot of cleavage, sometimes even her full... [more]

Forced s**/rape fetish

I’m a 21 y/o asian girl in college and I can’t help but fantasize being forced by a strong older man on the side of the street or into a car back to his home and just tied to a bed or pinned down. I want his big hard c*** to penetrate my wet p**** and... [more]

Jeans fetish

I have a fetish for women in jeans and denim jackets. They have to fit nicely though, and not be saggy or high-waisted. A mediocre woman wearing nice jeans and maybe even better a denim jacket as well becomes beautiful to me!

Homemade s** tape leaked

My husband have filmed our s** act during various occasions
which he enjoys while in bed or bathroom and have also shown it
to me on our TV stating that it is better to view as p**********
and thinking us as [more]

Paris Room

I quit my job to go to Paris with my husband. He had a business trip paid by his employer and I did not want to miss it. The first night he got kinky in the hotel room. He took his camera and took all sort of pictures. He turned me on to the point of craving and stopped to turn the lights on and open the curtains. He told me to bend by the window... [more]

Caught Crossdressing at Work

I got caught crossdressing at work. 
Many evenings, after the people around me have left the office, I'll slip into some lingerie and stockings, maybe some pantyhose, then go online to chat on cam.
I love a satiny chemise or short nighty. Occasionally, I stay really late or come in on a weekend and get fully dressed in my full-on, sexy... [more]

Caught flashing my p****

My boyfriend and i went to a Halloween party last night ,he asked me to go without panties on and flash him from time to time, so i did.
We were about the last to arrive , there were about 40 of our friends there and as the night progressed, I was across the room from him, and when i thought nobody was paying attention, I flashed him my shaved... [more]

My first time

My first time having s** was with my older cousin. I went to her house for the weekend and on friday we didnt really do anything but on saturtay I woke UP to a 25 year old riding my small 14 year old d*** then I came inside her ass ans took her [more]

Great vacation

My wife and I went to the beach this summer, and we will never forget it!🍒.We are both bisexual and love to mess around, We had been checking out the hopeful prospects all week long, We ate at this nice restaurant on a Wednesday afternoon, I caught my wife checking out our waitress,( which I may say,SHE WAS HOT AS [more]

Pregnant daughter by daddy

My and my 13 year old daughter was home alone i start to drink do to long day she cam in Waring nuth but a big wight shirt and she asks for a drink i gave her one before notime she had drank 3 she climbed on me and kiss me i kiss her back and she grabbed my d*** and plued it out and sucked on it and... [more]

Belly punch

I like so much see girls giving punches in stomach, i see so many videos about it and i want to pratice this too, but this make me feel alone why is like if i'll never find girls who like that in real life that want to practice this, i fell a bite lunatic everyday thinking that, it seems that i'm the only one.

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