Embarrassing Confessions

A boy humiliated

A kid was walking to the busses alone so me and my friends walked him to the gym (next to the busses) and into the girls room, we all held him down stripping him and kicking him, we took a few pics and threw him out of the gym naked while all the busses where leaving so almost everyone saw his micro [more]

Neighbor lady saw me jerking and c******

My neighbor lady used to frequent our house and chat with Mom and others at any awkward time. That day there was no one at Home except me. Sitting in the drawing room I was jerking and was just about to c** and this neighbor lady (she is too gorgeous and booby and have big butts on whom I had always... [more]

Stomach gurgling fetish

I’ve had this for a long time and I don’t know really how I feel about this I just kinda want somebody to talk to about it I’m a straight 18 yr male so if u wanna talk drop a snap username and I’ll be happy to talk to whoever


I wet the bed

The Origin of My Fetish for Big Butts

I remember watching a lot of Disney movies as well as cartoon shows such as Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network when I was a kid. There was a time when I was a kid watching “Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree” that still made me question my own sexuality, which was way before I hit puberty. My sexual arousal occurred out of nowhere when Pooh sings... [more]

I wish to bring an apocalypse and conquer the earth

Something ever since I was young, the Idea of world domination, has always alluded my mind, however the method of doing so, so the method is now so simple: cause an apocalypse using bio weapons (like the corona-virus).

Parents found a video of me jerking off

I was 15 at the time.
One day i got it into my mind to film myself in the bathroom masturbating so I set up my phone on the counter and pressed the record button.
I started fully dressed and slowly removed my clothing. Once I removed my underwear, I was fully nude, my p**** was not errected yet. I... [more]

The Hand of Hanity

Hanity took over my collar from Master Carlsin and began serving in the Fox Station as a security guard on paper but mostly my job was to prepare black guests in the room referred to as the middle-passage. There I would tie and suspend theblack pundits who were having doubts about backing the Fox Propaganda that called their blackness into... [more]

Trump Organized Crime Family, LLC.

I’m embarrassed I voted Donald Trump!
The biggest fraud the world has ever seen. What a disappointment that loser turned out to be.
His campaign motto should have been, MAKE ME RICHER!
He’s driven the country further into debt in three years with his tax cuts for the rich. Remember how he berated Obama for playing golf? It has cost... [more]

Risking getting caught wearing girls knickers

I used to live in a flat in central Edinburgh and whenever my girlfriend went out I'd slip out her thong from her drawer and slip into it.
I'd get so excited I walk up to the front door and slip it off the catch. Just someone closing their door or a big gust of wind would make mine open wide and reveil me erect in a thong.
One time I was... [more]

Can't be the only one

So I was j********** and it's been a while. Well I of course was into it eye closed pumping away. I apparently had my mouth open because when I came it shot so hard it went into my mouth. I'm so embarrassed.

Im a pervert for panties

I am a electrical contractor and do a lot of work in homes that are occupied by attractive woman. and any chance i get i look in there panty drawers and laundry basket because im curious as to what style panties they wear.
i find that most woman in there 30s to about age 50 wear thongs and so do most of there teen daughters. im not interested in... [more]

Seen having s** with an employee

My most embarrassing moment,
Hi I have to write this, my most embarrassing moment was one day (onWednesday) I was just sitting talking to my daughter Kitrina.
she is 21 now but she was 18 at the time,
she suddenly said to me, "mum how long have you been s******* Richard" now Richard is... [more]

I'm disappointed with modern women

I'm a straight man in my 30's. I had bad two relationships behind me and in both of them women were trying to manipulate me and push their own ideas and desires above anything else. Unlike 90% of modern male weaklings, I didn't like that at all so I broke with them. Relationships should be based on agreements and mutual interests, while women... [more]

Ive wasted my life and want to change

Had parents who did everything they could for me, yes I was lucky. But Ive failed. I screwed up college, screwed up every job Ive ever had and Im basically broke. Time is running out for me to ever have a wife and kids, not that I can even support myself at the moment. Ive been to tons of therapy for depression, anxiety, and recently learned I... [more]

Sexy lady at the court house

A few days ago i had to attend a court hearing and while im sitting waiting i was checking out the crazy amount of sexy woman that work there, i have a thing for women in skirts, dresses and heels. this one in particular wore a skin tight black skirt a few inches above the knee she also had on black stockings with a seem up the back and her heels... [more]

My damn mother

For Christmas, one of my mom's rich sleazy boyfriends got her new and bigger implants. They are so huge that they are just obscene, and she loves to show them off. I'm a 15yo guy in high school, and all of my guy friends are going just apeshit over her new t***, and now they all want to get with... [more]


I just sent nudes to someone for the first time, im freaking out. she didn't send back and I feel like im going to get exposed or something

HMU if ur H****

I'm 17 male I wanna talk to anyone and everyone M or f any age I'm 17 y/o guy who f**** his 14 y/o sister Sometimes I take pics if interested in seeing hmu on Kik KIK: BigDamnHero03

Walked in on my brother and his wife.

I was at work the other night and then went for a couple beers after work, When I got home it was close to midnight and I had left my phone at home by accident, I walked in and seen a note on the counter saying that my brother Jeff and his wife Jessie had come to visit, My brother has been out of my parents house for close to 20 years now and I am... [more]

I j*** off watching the news

The news anchor on my local fox news chan is so f****** sexy that i j*** off every time i see her. in the cold months she usually wears black or nude pantyhose that make her legs look so sexy. i bet this winter i shot out at least a quart of [more]

Catching my Daddy

I was so shocked and upset. I just could not believe it. It all started last week, after I got home from school early and went straight up to my room where I got the shock of my life. I didnt expect anyone in, but there laying naked on my bed flat on his back was my own Dad totally naked wanking off his very hard and quite big [more]


This cousin in Wellford, SC uses people for money. This cousin refuses to work, preferring to live of others. This cousin abuses mother. This cousin has a history of bankruptcy. This cousin never paid for anything nor bills, always asking others for financial support. This cousin uses mother, aunts, & cousin(who is stupid enough to be used). ... [more]

I want my dad to me naked

Lately I’ve been really h**** for some reason. I’m a straight female constantly looking at nude women online. I’ve been having the urge to go outside naked late at night or in the morning and it just does something to me. But the worse part is sometimes my dad visits and I want him to catch a glimpse... [more]


Anyone want share nude pics of wifes email me daviddalley408@gmail .com

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