Embarrassing Confessions

Stomach growling fetish

I'm a 13 yr old girl and ever since I was 7 i found my love for stomach growling and ik it's weird but I just love it..idk anyone that has the same problem as me but I'm just saying..

Reflect , Atone and Evolve .

Covid 19 is a long overdue wake up call to humankind . We should use this time to reflect on how we treat our fellow humans and how we treat all other creatures on this planet and how we treat the planet itself .

Lovemaking Preference

I'm a normal woman, employed, happy, sexually active, looking for love, etc. My s** life is probably about four times a month. There is one thing I feel embarrassed to tell a partner though. When all the regular actions of love lead to the moment when he enters me, I love to be pushed on my back and have... [more]

Abstain for nothing

Got married young. My wife and I had met in the church. Not masturbating was a huge thing. She was very controlling and looking back used s** to control. I was a true believer though. Natural family planning meant abstaining from s**.
We started by... [more]

My hot sister likes me

I am a 17 year old boy and my sister is a hot, big butt 14 year old. We are really close and we sometime sleep together. But I have had a crush on her since she hit puberty. She has the nicest ass and all the older guys and creeps stare at her, which I actually don’t like. She’s very flirty and likes to just wear a tshirt that goes to her thighs... [more]

Got caught

I had been hooking up with this guy from a gay site and sucking him off a couple times a week. He said he was single but wasn't able to host so we either hooked up at my place or somewhere for car play. He texted me 1 day saying he needed my mouth and we meet in a ATV parking lot being the middle of the week and empty.
I claimed into his truck... [more]

Not gay I swear

Buuuut, me and a few friends had a foursome once and we tried sharing a p**** at the same time and it really was something else

Covid 19

I love the Lockdown . It's the best time ever for me because I don't have to visit my family or friends and I don't have to invite them round to visit me . So now I spend my time enjoying myself , eating chocolate , watching TV and having a glass or two of wine . It's great .

I need some advice

Okay soo I need some advice, me and my gf have been close to each other for 2 years but we started dating 7 months ago im 20 she's 19 she's also a virgin so I dont believe she knows alot about sexually stuff at least for what I know, but I'm not a virgin I obviously would love to have s** with her but... [more]


I am a bedwetter and sleep on a rubbersheet

My Wife progression

My wife and I been married 28yrs. I was 23, she was 20. We were young and in love, and we still are 28yrs later. We've seen friends marriages come & go. We had 2 kids, they're grown and gone, starting their own lives. When I first met my wife, oh my, she was hot hot hot! Tube tops, lil daisy dukes, perky ass [more]

I'm no longer 'the man' in my relationship. Comment.

My girlfriend and my sister have grown close. One time when my girlfriend had come over for the night for some drinks and more, they got talking about our childhood.
As stories unfolded, my sister shared the stories where my mom used to put her incharge of me when our parents weren't home. She explained how my mom was proud that she was always... [more]

Kinky Adictive personality

I think I was born weird.
Pre puberty I was weird. I used to wear baby's plastic pants as undies. Right against my skin. I used to wear girls tights under my jeans. i'm a guy in case you didn't realise it. Some time around 12 I bought a girls leotard and I would wear that also under my clothes. I also liked really tight underclothes. I... [more]

I just couldn’t help but enjoy

I when to my wife’s parents cabin in the mountains, always a good time, we drink and act stupid, when we get there everyone was already drunk, my wife was exhausted and went to take a nap. I just got comfortable and I noticed her sister was there, I always had a little crush before meeting my wife, she started to talk with me and then asked her if... [more]

Wrong person

A few weeks ago I accidentally sent a picture of my p**** to our babysitter . I was devastated, I new she was going to tell my wife. She sent me a smiling emoji and said that she wanted to talk with me. The next day as I was just getting out of the shower she was standing in my living, 2 hours early... [more]

Unrequited love

I am a 40 year old married guy who came out to one of my best friends a bi a couple of years ago. I have always found him attractive and he has always been single for long periods and never had a long term relationship leading me to suspect he might be gay. Early on it our friendship, before I met my wife, I suspected he liked me but I never... [more]

In sisters bed jerking off while shes not home

I was in my older sisters bd texting her confessing my love for her, and admited how for years ive been sniffing her dirty clothes and c****** in her panties then putting them baack. she said thats not suprising, she figured,and didnt seem to care, i then asked her to text me instructing me to... [more]

Please help

My siblings sort of bully me…and i want to stand up to them but dont know how. They say genuinely hurtful things as some sort of joke and then laugh. Im angry at my sister for enabling it, shes 18 and should know better and its so childish when she turns to him to insult me. My brother just keeps saying [more]

Girlfriend wants to kick my b****..

My girlfriend (21) confessed she wants to kick me in the b****. What should I do?
We were having a rerun of Endgame. It came up when Gamora kneed Star Lord. She just said it doesn't hurt that bad, does it? I just ended up changing the subject. It's not that I felt weird or anything, I'm just a bit... [more]

Girlfriend does something weird while kissing

My girlfriend (23) knees me in the b**** everytime we make out alone. She just chuckles and continues to kiss me while I try to gasp for air but she doesn't let me go.
In the beginning it hurt a lot. One time I even started to go down to my knees but she stood standing and pulled me upwards and... [more]


My main new year resolution was to quit smoking. My husband hates me smoking although some other men love it And can't take their eyes off of me when I do it.
I had stopped for a few weeks but then the virus kicked off and my stress levels was so much that I really HAD to smoke so I started back and I needed it. Smoking just calms me and... [more]

Gave my virginity to my uncles dog.

As it says in the title. I loved it though. It hurt during the process but I love looking back on it. I wanna do it again. Kik me at hazelanntrancy if you have a dog that likes to do this stuff.

I wish Uta was my mom

Uta's story turned me on!

I got caught

My buddy and I were at his parents place when we were 17 and we were drinking, His parents were at his dads company christmas party and they came back with a bunch of people and continued drinking.
Me and him had moved downstairs to his room and after things had gotten quiet he had passed out and I went upstairs, His dad had left his mom passed... [more]

So stupid

My mom, step dad and step brother and step sister were traveling from my grandmothers home after christmas and got caught in a blizzard, My grandmother had asked us to stay but with my two cousins and their parents and my one other uncle who all had far further to travel to get home already staying my mom and step dad opted to travel the 1.5 hrs... [more]

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