Embarrassing Confessions

Crossdressing for Halloween

I want to dress up in a pretty dress, high-cut-lace-trimmed panties, pantyhose (or tights?), bra, falsies, high heels, long, curly wig, and go somewhere on Halloween. I strive to look as 'passable' as possible, and hope real women
treat me well, and accepted, for loving their soft & pretty clothes. If any guys try hitting on me, will say: "I'm... [more]

Daughters panties

Yesterday I wore a pair of my daughters thong panties to work. I did this because we were instructed to do so by a man I met online. The panties were to small for me and we very tight, but it was exciting to do.

Wanna know whats awkward

I went home with my gynecologist, We met at a wedding, Sat and talked and he is a good looking guy but I never thought about him like that until that night and the conversation just led from one thing to another to me on my back and him inspecting my v***** with some different tools.
Sadly even... [more]

Daughters panties

Yesterday I wore a pair of my daughters thong panties to work. I did this because we were instructed to do so by a man I met online. The panties were to small for me and we very tight, but it was exciting to do.

Big mistake

My neighbors daughter called the house this morning knowing I was home and said the water heater was making a strange noise, I knew her parents were away because we are close and they had asked me to keep an eye on the place for parties etc. She asked if I could come have a look and I said I would, She answered the door in a towel and said she was... [more]

Maybe a little across the line.

So maybe I watch too much p*** hub or maybe he is just the one but my step brother has me under a spell. I am so hot for him I can't stop thinking about him and have tried everything short of straight up jumping him to get him to nail me but he won't, I have literally let him see me full nude... [more]

Who does that.

My BFF straight up asked me if she can have my husbands babies, I was like "Excuse me?", I know her and her husband had been having trouble concieving and my husband and I have been...On the outs lately but what a thing to contemplate, We had a little drunken discussion about this and she told me it is her husbands soldiers who are lazy and my... [more]

WTF moment

Sooo...Went to the bar last night and came home, Frickin woke up in bed with my husband and my best friend. Damnit, Apparently being silly and flirty and teasing my husband went too far. yes of course I remember it but it seemed like a much better idea at 2:00 am than it does at 10:00 am.

So that's awkward.

My husband and I were hanging out by our firepit last night, My younger sister and her fiance said they were tired and going to bed, My husband decided to sneak behind a tree along the fence to pee and came back saying "Soooo...the window to the basement bedroom....Uh...the blinds are open", I said "What?, Whay are you looking?", He said "I... [more]


I am a married man and have a problem with bedwetting

I love suntan pantyhose

I wear women clothing and suntan pantyhose I love when the women pant rub against the suntan pantyhose


I was a 14 year old white female.. !00 lbs,, heigth 5"-1... When I was in elementary school I was sent to the office for talking to much during class.. Our principal was a nice guy,, no problem there.. I was scared to death.. After so talk,, he paddled me good.. Well,, rather than filling the pain,, I felt wet.. When I left ,,,I went to the... [more]

What debate?

The Presidential debate in Cleveland last night was a sick joke. Both them guys are an embarrassment to the country and should be ashamed of themselves. Why can't we have a better selection of candidates? For shame!

Embarrassing thing I like

I feel embarrassed about loving this about my boyfriend.
My boyfriend as an above-average sized D and it’s absolutely incredible. I feel bad because most men don’t have that and other boys I’ve been with that are smaller try just as hard.
I also feel like a s*** for liking his big d. It seems... [more]

I’m scared of black strangers now

Every time I see a black man I don’t know, I wonder if he wants to kill or hurt me just because I’m white now. I never thought of such things before, and now I can’t shake this disgusting fears.

Do something about those maxi pads

That mess smells bad. Ladies stay home when that crap come on. I don't want to smell that at work. Men are not interested in women with periods.

Love peeing myself

I love the feeling of peeing myself whether intentionally or accidentally. I try holding it as long as I can, the desperation makes me ache. When I finally can’t hold it any longer, the excitement makes me blush, my body tingles and then I feel the flood of warm pee in my crotch and running down my legs. I love watching as I pee myself and... [more]


I'm a girl sometimes I don't know if I'm jelly lesbian bi or straight

My only affair

This happened mid summer last year Jim and I have been married for 24 years now and our s** life has been about normal I guess by ow it is sometimes one or two times a month but again I guess normal for our age until Jim had his first heart attack .
He only needed two stents but he has become paranoid... [more]


RIHANNA dped age 10 the same way that her mum was DPED

Im in my 40s and wear diapers to bed

I have always had a diaper fetish. In middle school i stopped at on the way home and bought a pack of huggies, even though they were too small, i still loved it. After I got my first car I would drive around town and look at the adult diapers for sale and eventually got up the courage to buy some, I would hide them in my room and wear them at... [more]

Guys are losers

My friend and I attended a concert and got molested, We were dancing and having fun and everyone was crowded together, She got picked up and they started like crowd surfing her, Same thing ended up happening to me and when we finally got back together she said she wanted to leave, I convinced her to finish the concert but some guys tried again and... [more]


I love being used by women, especially by giving them my money. my fantasy is to give a woman online all my bank info. I am very f***** up

Make good choices

17 years, In one afternoon he threw away 17 years of marriage.
Two weeks ago I walked in on my husband and his bimbo girlfriend, I came home after a hectic morning thinking I would take the afternoon off, Maybe have a soak in the tub and a glass or a bottle of wine. I pulled up to the house and my husbands car was in the driveway which seemed odd... [more]

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.

I have read multiple stories on her about steps, Step brothers, Step sisters, Step dads, Step moms and I have all of the above, My mom remarried 6 years ago and my dad 4 years ago, Both of their partners have multiple kids and I am an only child at 16. I have two older step brothers 19 & 22 with moms family and a younger step brother 12 and a... [more]

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