Embarrassing Confessions

I just caught my son sniffing and wrapping his p**** in my pantie

Hi My name is Hasbeena and I come from an indian household and currently living elsewhere. I googled and figured out people talk about this here because I'm not sure what to do. Me and my family went out to a shopping mall my sons and my husband. One is 15 (one who I caught) and other is 18 after a long day of shopping we have a rule to put our... [more]

Curious for crossdressing woman

Lately I have been really turned on by CD's / trans women. Especially ones in pantyhose, I wear them myself and want to feel a hard c*ck against mine in nylons.i think it would feel amazing.i really want to experience a c*** inside me as well.

Well that's not good.

My older sister had a video of me drunk and being silly one time while camping, I was stumbling around in a bikini top of hers and I have considerably more boobage than she does so the top didn't hide a lot, It was just me and her and the kids were in bed, I don't know why but I had her top on just being dumb and my bottoms pulled up my ass like a... [more]

Our moment.

We went to this outdoor music festival, 6 of us, My buddies GF wanted to go to the one concert but he was too drunk and passed out in his lawn chair and she was scared to go alone so I went with her, we were drinking and dancing and she was just wearing a tank top and these spandex shorts.
We start walking back and it's like 5 pm, She's [more]

I am being used

I am being used by my friends, I do and always have hung around with mostly boys, I don't know why it just seems to happen, I know full well I am as tomboy as it gets, I like to do boy things and work on cars, Ride dirtbikes and quads and go 4x4ing, I drink with mostly guys and hang out with mostly guys and I recently started getting used for my... [more]


I stole three pairs of my aunts dirty panties and one pair of her socks I keep the panties in one sock and made the other my c** sock my aunts 24 and I’m 14 and I really want to have s** with her

S** after marriage

Before i got married i confess to my husband to be that there
was no way i would be faithful to him, i just had to much desire. he understood which really turn me on, and married me.. i swear his d*** did not get out of my mouth for a month at least it seams that way to me, and i did let him please... [more]

My step mom caught me

I can't keep my eyes off my step mom, Yeah, Yeah, She is not tall, Blonde and stacked but rather short, Curvy and has saggy b**** but I can't stop staring. The other morning she was making pancakes and not wearing a bra and I just kept staring and staring and it's the first time she has ever said... [more]

I am a teenage boy who wears women’s thongs

I wear women’s thongs almost everyday. I just like the revealing nature of them tbh. I wear them everywhere from school to my part time job. Nobody knows I wear them which gets me a little excited. The thought of public humiliation while wearing them sometimes gets me excited. I just love wearing them especially knowing my butt is exposed while... [more]

Cousin And Me

Both my cousin and I are in the same high school, he a boy also with me being older and in a higher grade. I'm gay and not out but talk around school is that others' believe I'm gay. I even dated girls' as cover to stop the talk. My younger cousin is really cute and has always had girlfriend's. Both our parents went on a weekend trip leaving... [more]

Cousin And Me

Both my cousin and I are in the same high school, he a boy also with me being older and in a higher grade. I'm gay and not out but talk around school is that others' believe I'm gay. I even dated girls' as cover to stop the talk. My younger cousin is really cute and has always had girlfriend's. Both our parents went on a weekend trip leaving... [more]



Want it bad

Theres a guy i met several months ago that i cant get off my mind.Im a male myself with a girlfriend.
I met him through another friend and we had a few beers and talked fir several hours.He admitted he was gay and asked if he could suck me off.I was taken by complete surprise,and said no.
A few days later he sent me a pic of his [more]

Neighbor's daughter

I hang out with my neighbor because his daughter is like a supermodel. My favorite is hanging around their pool when she is swimming. Her bathing suits show too many curves and crevices. She's 15 going on 20. I am embarrassed to say I get so hard at times, I don't dare stand up. I usually go home and think of ways to be alone with her. I confess... [more]

Not cool sis

I got divorced when I was 40, Two months after my 40th I walked in on my ex b**** deep in my friend, his friends wife so not only did he ruin one marriage but two and two friendships in the process.
I walked out and never talked to him, Her or her husband again but that's not the point, My younger... [more]

Ive lost all my friends

Im a pretty big piece of s*** and because of that I lost all my friends.


My third...Checkup, On my third checkup I completely embarrassed myself. I have been having abdominal pain and after a couple visits to the doctor with my mom they explained what they were going to have to do and I got to go home and think about this for 12 days, 12 days I thought about the idea that someone, I assumed my doctor would be sticking... [more]

My ex wife.

I haven't gone out a lot since divorcing my ex, The other night I was invited to go out however and it was fun, Until....I was invited to an after party and went, Me and this girl went to this party she knew about and it was all going well until in walked one my ex's friends, My ex has kind of aquired some new friends since we split and they are... [more]

I’m so sorry

*warning this is extremely awful* I am currently 14 and when I was 10 I let a dog lick my downstairs. I know. It’s completely horrible. It happened and I just brushed it off and forgot about it. Yesterday I came across a post talking about how awful it is to do that and then I remembered. I got the idea from the internet and I had no idea that it... [more]


My wife has lost interest. Feeling my oats, I looked at some po-n. I am not sure what or how, but I have a new desire. I want to have s** with a black lady. I got really excited seeing the pink inside contrasting the dark surrounding skin. There is a coworker who hits on me that I am now wanting to bang... [more]

My nights

That I'm a f****** loser who uses light bulbs to rubs her f****** v***** and I do it all.the time and just cry asking why I do this but I can't find an answer

Totally humiliated

My girlfriend (22) is a student and lives in a flat with 3 other students, a girl and three guys. She sometimes talks about one of these guys who studies sport. She talks a lot about how athletic he is and so on. The other day I was h**** as h***,  and... [more]

I can't believe I feel this way

I still don't like Nancy Pelosi OR her politics, but I just saw her on the news tonight, and I have to confess: that woman is m************ FINE!

I still get spanked

My parents still spank me for punishment. It's so embarrassing!!!

End of my innocence

The other day my cousin and I were watching TV and out of the blue he asked if he could touch my nips, I looked down and they were hard just for no reason, I told him not to be gross but he kept asking and then offered to show me his p**** so I thought about it for a minute and then said "Ok".
He... [more]

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