Embarrassing Confessions

She revved her car I got a hardon

The other day I got a ride from a friend to go to Mcdonalds and the ATM. In the drive thru her car sounded like it was going to stall. So she put it in neutral and revved her engine. She revved it a couple times and said, her car had been stalling and running like crap. The car in front of us was taking a long time to get there order. She yelled... [more]

Didn't go over well

My wife's sister stayed with us for 3 years (17,18,19) One night I came home late, Heard noises downstairs and went to investigate, I heard them coming from her room and the door was open just a crack. I peeked in and she was face down, Head buried in pillows furiously rubbing one out.
I opened the door and stepped into the room, Pulled out my... [more]

My wife bring group f*****

I'm not sure if it's embarrassing but I'd like to f*** my wife with another man or two, just to let her explore sexuality more .I had broad sexual experiences growing up and I'm told she didn't , I told her she could have a threesome with me and another man for her birthday and she thought I was... [more]

My first time @ 17 (see if I can believe this?)

I worked at a truck stop in illinois as an overnight cook. I wore a bright orange jumpsuit. I was so pasty I sort of disappeared in it. I would strip completely nude in the locker room and put on the uniform. My c*** would get pretty hard. I was [more]

My first time being cummed in

I don't know why but this is the first time telling anyone this.
My neighbor is married and I know his whole family. But we kinda have been flirting and stuff through the fence and he can see in my bedroom from his. I started 'accidently' leaving my curtains up getting changed or out of the shower. Then after he'd watched me jerking it a few... [more]


I have a large l**** and after watching p*** and seeing all the girls tiny little p***** it’s got me self conscious and paranoid about mine. No guy or girl is gonna want a meaty [more]

The first d*** I saw

I was at my guy friends house.. we were outside swinging and he said he had to go change his shirt because earlier I dumped a bucket if water on him. I went into the house with him and he went upstairs to change. After a few minutes he calls my name and tells me to come here. And my ass is like whyyy. So I went upstairs and there he is but naked... [more]


Sniffing panties mmm

Customer Serviced

I work at a major haircut franchise. I’ve been at the same store for almost 10 years and have quite a few regulars
Last weekend one of my regulars came in. He is a middle aged guy. Probably 50 or so. He is fit and kinda handsome, but mostly bald. He comes in every 2 weeks or so to get trimmed up. He usually comes in in jeans but I noticed... [more]

Massage from a guy

I get regular massages, the legitimate kind, it helps with my back and legs which have been a problem for over a decade.
The one I use is named Marie, she is Hispanic, she and her husband run a home office, just a spare room set up with a shower and a table.
I have seen her about 30 times now, but a few weeks ago she had something else to do and... [more]

FemDomme Tummy Puncher

I am a FemDomme with several submissive female belly slaves. I love soft bellies of all sizes. The sexiest part of this fetish is to handcuff her wrists above her head and start light and slow, in the solar plexus area, moving downward with a little more strength behind each punch. Seeing a hot female writhe in agony while uttering an “oof” or an... [more]

Small c*** exposure and humiliation

I have a small c***, about 2" soft and 3" fully erect. I used to be embarrassed about how small it is, but after a few experiences where it was seen by other people I realised it turned me on to be exposed like this. Since then I've taken every chance to expose my little [more]

Disrespectful step little 18 year old baby boy

I hate this little b******. His mom always jumps to his defense. The little j*** chased kids around the classroom with razor blades he took out of a pencil sharpener. He tried to attack me for shutting his video game off, he constantly has a [more]

I think my son is using my dirty panties?!

My son is 12, I noticed that my panties were slightly wet (in the crotch area) when I went to do the laundry and the discharge was mostly gone. I'm not sure how to go about this as we are close and we never have problems. I'm disappointed.

You're not born a conspiracy theorist

My parents are both anti vaxxers, my dad completely denies that covid exists and he's also an anti masker, but I'm pro vaccine and pro mask. So don't worry :), you're not born with those embarrassing beliefs, you're taught them.
Also, a question for anti maskers.
How come you all say that masks are bad for your health, but nurses and... [more]

I take pics at the grocery store

When I go to the grocery store i hang around until i see a hat lady wearing leggings shopping and take pics of her ass and j*** off to them later. yesterday i was at a store and a mother and daughter were in front of me both wearing leggings. The mother had a beautiful ass with a nice thigh gap and a... [more]

Sleeping D inside me

My friend had a party and I had my bf sleepover. We were on our way to bed, I wanted to have s** and he was busy studying some things. I decided to go to bed and woke up a few hours later and asked him to put the things he’s studying away. He said he didn’t have protection and to tell me to just buy a... [more]


I let a guy at Home Depot t******** me I have 36dd b**** he grabbed them I got h**** so I let him

I download pictures of women I know and m********* to them

I like to download pictures of female friends and work colleagues from Facebook and Instragram on to my hard drive, then play them in a slideshow while I m*********. My computer is connected to a big tv so they are lifesize and smiling at me while I [more]

I am a Secret Sissy

I am submissive to my Girlfriend of 7 years. We are in an FLR. I wear panties full time, she shaves my whole body except for my head. I wear nighties and stocking sometimes when we play but I don't dress or identify as a woman. I am frequently spanked and locked in a chastity device from time to time. Nobody knows about this except for she and I... [more]

I stole my sister in laws underwear

Yesterday my wife and I went to her sisters house for dinner and a few drinks. It was a really nice day and we decided to sit outside on the patio. My wifes sister is 33 and smoking hot. anyhow, after a few drinks i could not take my eyes off of her ass it looked so good covered by the black leggings she had on. And her visible thong line was... [more]

I regret everything. I’m sorry.

I am a white person and I once said the n word. At the time I was much younger and didn’t know what it meant. I just heard someone say it (a white man) and though I didn’t know what it meant, I knew it was a bad word. I don’t quite remember the conversation I had but I remember asking my friends what it meant. They just stared at me, until one of... [more]

Love T2

Are you available. T2

I jacked off watching the news

The news anchor on fox news is smoking hot and i stroked off thinking about eating her a****** and shoving my thick c*** in both of her holes then taking her underwear home with me when i am finished with her


Im so disgusted with myself but i need to get it off my chest cos i cant tell anyone. Im 18f from the uk, a few nights ago i got really drunk with a friend, after we parted ways at around midnight i went to the train station to go home. I was really drunk so details are a bit hazy but i remember there was some old homeless man on the platform, i... [more]

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