Embarrassing Confessions

Raising boys feminine

My wife is pregnant with a boy. She is super excited and talks a lot about how we can raise him non binary. She's talking a feminine name and dressing him in girls clothes

Roe v wade

I want to find a girl who's enthusiastically anti abortion and get her pregnant and see if she is so excited.

Learning obedience, a fundamental virtue

Ten years ago now I was out with friends at a club, celebrating my 21st birthday. A neighbor, an older man friend of my parents was there with some business associates. He saw me and walked over and asked what was I doing there and who were my friends.
After a short discussion he told me to get my things he was taking me home. When I refused he... [more]


I once hand cuffed my boy friend naked to our back door gate and invited my girl friends over for drinks. It was such a turn on watching his d*** blow up into a full erection trying to cross his legs to hide it witch didn't work. I did it because it was one of his fantasies and made it come true... [more]


I make my bother take his clothes off when my parents are not home. He secretly likes me getting him h**** and hard. I know he doesn't want my parents to find out, so I make him do it in front of my best girl friend. I just love to watch him blush with shame.

My friends dad

This summer I decided to stay with my best friend and her family in Austin. I’ve known her since 7th grade and we’re going into freshman year together so her family knows me pretty well. I could just be overthinking this but I think that her dad has flashed me twice while I’ve stayed with them. The first time I was alone in her room and her dad... [more]

My evil girlfriend...

My girlfriend is an evil genius. She did something so mean last Saturday night I have to give her the credit it deserves.
We have been together two years. And for two years I have tried to get her to do a 3sum with another girl. She always said no way and added she would never let me f*** another... [more]

Coercive control

Went over to a friends place for dinner.
Their kids had been playing twister and the mat was on the floor and a couple started playing. Someone suggested a twister comp. My wife said to me "I can't play in this skirt". I said "yes you are playing. It will be fun" There was a little whispered argument. I said come outside while we chat.
We... [more]

Not even sure.

My half sister and I are 12 years apart with me being the younger of us, Last weekend our brother got married and I was staying with my sister and her husband, I lived with them for 7 years from the time my mom passed when I was 12 until last year so it was very natural for me to automatically just stay in my old room but...
My sister and I both... [more]

I so misjudged this woman,

My friend married a Colombian woman he met through an agency. He flew to Bogota once to meet her, and again when all the papers were ready and he married her local. The US paperwork was quick and she got a temporary green card, and two years later her permanent green card, and after five year her citizenship.
He's in his sixties, she's in her... [more]


I would love to be dressed in lingerie with heels with a big dog, I'm a man


I am in a FLR .I wear panties full time secretly, I am often kept locked in chastity. I am submissive to my Mistress of 8 years.


MY BFF and I were eyeballs deep in a bottle, Maybe 3 of wine when she asked me how I met two of my guy friends that I have known since college, BTW I am 40. Anyway I don't know why she had never asked me this before but when she did I froze, She looked at me and said "What???, Come on...No way????...Did you????"
I wasn't sure how to lie my way... [more]

Facesitting in tights North East England

For as long as i can remember I've loved the thought of a woman sitting on my face in a well worn pair of panties and tights. Ever since my ex boss used to do it to assert her dominance on me. It's an embarrassing thing to ask a woman to do, just wish I could find like minded women near me to do it, i'm in the north east of England, just a bit of... [more]

Special bond

The most amazing s** I ever had occurred when I was only 17 years old and I have never been able to get over it. I am now 30 and married. Not my marriage or any other relationship has ever been close to that feeling.
Some people are going to get creeped out. The sexual experience I speak of was with my... [more]

I p***** myself on purpose

When I was 13 I was playing an online game, meanwhile I really had to pee (I was drinking a lot of soft drinks while playing). Not wanting to lose I decided to hold it. Halfway through the urge got so bad I couldn’t focus on the game anymore, yet I still didn’t want to leave it and loose. So since I was home alone I sat on the floor and peed my... [more]


I walked in on my buddy jerking off and I got really turned on, very embarrassing. I felt odd having my c*** respond to watching him JO. Wondered if anyone else ever had that experience.

How old is too old to be spanked?

I am a 21-year-old female college student still living at home. A few years ago while studying at college away from home I, along with my roommate and a number of other students in campus rez were expelled for a serious party incident not of our making or fault. We lost the tuition and res money our parents had paid for, not to mention losing a... [more]

My brief satan meet at least my wifes meeting she was a bit of a

Er went to a caravan site in ayrshire the big house had a basement ewe went down to see it just nosey it had lots of curtains and a throne all draped in vcloth this guy very weird to wife she could be a bride of satan and gave her a blavck satan silk dress and watched her try it on it all started well she fay on a table the devil opened... [more]

Why do men like this?

We live in a terrace house in Yorkshire. My husband insists I wear a T-shirt, no bra, and no panties or just a thong in the kitchen in the summer in the morning. I know our neighbour watches me. Then he (my husband) follows me in and as we work he always gropes me or slaps my bottom. He always tells me I’m a [more]


So my mom has a vibe which i found out about when i was younger and didn’t really know what it was. now that i am older i know what it is and where it’s at. i touch myself 1-3 times a day. and recently i stumbled up on her vibe again. i want to use it just for the experience. but i don’t know i don’t want to get caught w it

Things I think about

I have a question for you is it weird that it's hard for me to get my b**** out of my b******* yes I found out that I can tuck my ball sack into my b******* and it stretches my [more]

I pretend to be white on /int/

I will never be white.

Coercive control

Yesterday morning the weather here was nice and sunny. I picked out a short A line skirt for my wife to wear. I like this one because it only just covers her bum.
She tried the usual "I'm too old to dress like a 14year old" and I said "are you arguing with me?" and she said "no" and put it on.
I said lets take the dog for a walk. We walked... [more]

He can't get over it

I was raped in front of my husband. But that is not my confession. I tried submitting this recently but it was rejected by the site, so I will go light go light on the details.
My husband was tied on the floor and forced to watch as two black men bent me over and raped me. Up until then I had only been with two men in my life. My husband and a... [more]

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