Embarrassing Confessions

Spanking...the tables turned Part 2

“You gonna spank her?” one boy asked in disbelief. “Yup! House rules apply to everyone that lives under this roof! She cussed!” once again regurgitating a line I had used multiple times. I felt his hand on my lower back and braced for what was to come. “I think 15 for embarrassing me in front of my friends.” He said to no one in particular then I... [more]

Spanking...the tables turned Part 1

This confession is long winded, but I needed to give it some context.
I have become a victim of my own strict house rules and my unwillingness to bend the rules. I was raised in a strict conservative home. I thought the rules that raised me were good and will be in effect in our home. Since my oldest was born my husband (now ex) and I have had a... [more]

Swimming nude

I love swimming nude in a lake behind my house. I'm male btw, skinny, small penus and b****. Sometimes women walk by, I'm not shy about letting them see me. Some will sit and watch, others lol. Love the thrill.

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Revenge feels good

When I was 8 years old my uncle raped me. They were babysitting me when my aunt went to the store. He picked me up and put me face down on the kitchen table. I couldn't touch the floor my little legs were just dangling in the air. He pulled my pants down and f***** me as I cried. I didn't tell and I... [more]

Rodeo hijinx

My husband and I were at my moms cabin last summer and I heard from the neighbours that there was a rodeo going on in town, My husband and I live 3 hours from the cabin but the small town not far away was having a rodeo and I wasn't too interested in the actual rodeo part but...Hey, there was a beer gardens hahah.
My mom offered to watch the kids... [more]

Uber surprise

I am a mother of two and earn some extra cash driving for Uber during the day while my children are in school.
Yesterday I picked up a client at a local high school and transported him to the mall. He was a teenage boy and during chit chat I learned he was a senior so 17 or 18 years old. He asked to ride in the front seat due to a tendency to... [more]

Naked in locker room

At the gym, I see some men walk around nude, others cover themselves with towel. I'm not shy or big, just average, and not lgbt. I don't think I'm an exhibitionist, it seem natural. Anyone have similar thoughts?

I’m a sissy and I love it!

I love dressing in women’s clothes and cruising for s**

Maybe the wrong call.

My wife and I stayed with her mom at the family cabin after a wedding, We had 3 other couples stay there with us and then 2 more couples came over the next morning. The night of the wedding my wife and I were cracking jokes about how drunk her mom was getting and by the end of the night she was s***... [more]

First time wearing panties.

I remember clearly the first time I wore girls panties. I was 8 years old and at my grandmas house and my girl cousins were staying there and the they just got a slip and slide water slide toy for their birthday. I did not have a bathing suit with me so my parents just let me play on it in my shorts and underwear. After I was done my shorts and... [more]

I kicked a guy in the b****

One time i kicked a guy in the b**** at a party, he fell to the floor in pain and was trying to get up but he couldnt stand up because of the pain. He was super embarrassed. It was so funny seeing him struggle holding his crotch while trying to act manly until a guy helped him to the bathroom.


I have read a few confessions and now lay in bed with my c*** and desperately want to c** with someone

I like smelling my butt

Hello, I'm a 22F and I have an embarrassing confession. I like to smell my own ass and farts and s***. Sometimes I would just stick my finger in my b******* and sniff, gross I know but it turns me on so much. Also, I like seeing skidmarks in my... [more]

Caught dressing

My wife was at work and I was home alone. Our house a is off the road aways. I love dressing sexy in my wife's clothes. I had bought some myself. I went up in the bed room. Shaved all over smooth. I got out panties, bra, stockings, slip.and a beautiful dress. I have a wig, blond long hair. Well I got all dressed up. Looked in the mirror. I looked... [more]

H**** Mom Playing H****** of Sons Friend

My son had a sleep over. More showed up than expected. I offered my bed for additional sleeping. I was too turned on to resist a p**** poking me that I ended up rubbing it to a c**. Forever after I fantasized of getting more of 17 hardest ever. I am asking... [more]

Pool party

These boys asked me if I could help them take a bunch of drinks to a group of girls sitting by the pool side. They handed me two drinks and pointing at the group of girls on the other side of the swimming pool. They were following behind with the rest of the drinks telling me "the're over there" I remember I was standing in front of them with... [more]

Took it to her grave

26 years ago I heard my step sister come in the house, She was 19 and still living at home, I was 16 had she been out late and I assumed she would be drunk as per usual, Being she had already woke me up I eventually got up and went for a drink of water, I could hear her snoring as I went past her door o my way back to my room but I could see that... [more]

Bathed by mother

I was brought up in a council house in North England by my divorced mother. We we pretty poor and to save putting the heating on she would boil a kettle and fill the kitchen sink with lukewarm water. Whilst waiting for the kettle to boil I would strip naked. My mother would proceed to was me from top to toe then dry me and I would then put on my... [more]

Officially bi

I am now officially bi at the age of 42. Recently divorced and for several years have wanted to try s** with another guy. A couple of days ago I took the afternoon off to run errands. There is a gay bar in the area so I thought why not. I stopped in early, around 4pm. When I walked in I thought it was... [more]

Time To Fulfill a Long Hidden Desire

I am a straight male approaching my 60th year and I have finally decided to carry through with an exciting desire. I have enjoyed a great fetish life as a Dom with a love of discipline. But the time has come to switch things up. I am now seeking to meet a passable M to F Trans for this adventure doing things I’ve never done before. There are two... [more]

Nekked in public.

Several years ago I was staying on a week night in an Austin hotel room. There were a lot of empty rooms, but there were others staying there too. I was h**** as h*** and feeling a little exhibitionistic. I stripped down to bare assed and walked the halls knowing someone may at any time open a door and see me. Also knowing full well there were... [more]

Missed opportunities. Episode 1

There was an older boy down the street when I was growing up. I don’t recall how much older, probably 4 to 5 years. Old enough to be much larger than I was. I was in early elementary school and he was probably junior high. I don’t know what his sexuality was but he was kind of a dork, so it might have been best described as “whatever I can put it... [more]

Time To Fulfill a Long Hidden Desire

I am a straight male approaching my 60th year and I have finally decided to carry through with an exciting desire. I have enjoyed a great fetish life as a Dom with a love of discipline. But the time has come to switch things up. I am now seeking to meet a passable M to F Trans for this adventure doing things I’ve never done before. There are two... [more]

Strayed from her marriage at a conference

My wife confessed this to me a few days after she returned from an out of town conference.
......confessed one night during our s** - it was a really hot tale - she'd had s** with a guy she met at the hotel for dinner and drinks...... She followed him into his room for an all-nighter!
She felt bad - I... [more]

I love gassy guys

It gets me so excited hearing men being men especially if they are really gassy!

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