Embarrassing Confessions

Locked out of my hotel room

I was staying in a busy city centre hotel and went to bed about midnight after a few drinks with colleagues in the bar. At about 1am, I needed the bathroom, so I stumbled out of bed in the dark and headed to the bathroom. But the door of the bathroom was adjacent to the door to the room, and there I was bleary eyed in the corridor on the 7th... [more]

I'm gay

I'm gay. I feel like I need to try telling someone.

Tied up and gagged by Rebecca and Diana

Yesterday afternoon I went to the local art gallery owned by local mother and daughter Rebecca and Diana with a phone that was given to me by my mother Narelle and when I arrived at the art gallery I spoke with Rebecca and she said I believe that you have something for us Robert and I said yes I do and with that her daughter Diana walked back past... [more]

Unable to express

I have this girl at work extremely helpful and nice. She has been helping me learing work. I feel extremely positive around her, she would also cover up for my mistakes in front of dumbass our manager.
However, she remains utterly professional I am growing attraction towards her day by day. On the other hand she barely cares about it. No, she... [more]

Can I have a do over?

I would totally restart my life from the beginning and do it all differently if I could, Ok, Maybe not all of it but from......12 on.
Why have I been a used toy for so many in the course of my life, It started at 12 when an older family member started abusing me, A little freckle faced, flat chested girl and he had so many other cousins etc. to... [more]

I am so h****

I am a female who is mostly lesbian but somewhat straight and I m*********, think about s**, and watch p*** just about every day. I am lonely and get no action. How can I fix that? I am still in high... [more]

Never again (maybe)

I absolutely loved it but I am going to try and not let it happen again. I am a 45 year old married mother of 3 children. Last week I had s** with my sons 18 year old friend. He stopped by the house out of the blue and it just happened. WOW, I forgot how [more]

Can't go back!

Got the s*** f***** out of me literally. I am a nerdy girl. twice a week I meet a group of people to do trivia at a bar. There has been a guy in the group hitting on me for awhile. Last week we both had too much to drink and I gave in. We went back to my place. I was shocked, this guy was hung like a donkey. He was hitting things deep in me that... [more]


My name is Michelle I am 24 just married to my husband 3 months. My husband is 27. I have always been submissive. When we f*** which as been almost every night he likes to put me in collar and leash which I love and spank me. But it’s been only in the bedroom till yesterday. On my way from work... [more]


I learned at an early age that if you can't stand sucking d*** you won't be very suck-cesfull in a relationship...
and sure enough my mouth has made me a much desirable date..i made all wait till the end of week to ask me out ..who ever got to me first got me..... most of my girlfriends didn't... [more]

Public beach

I think my most embarrassing moment was being washed on shore practically showing everything. It's risky wearing a string bikini in waving beach, but showing off a lot of skin when you have nice body is kind of sexy having guys looking you. That day I was in waist high water waving at my two girl friends and their boy friends with my back... [more]

Bedwetting just doesn't end

I'm good 17 and I still have issues night time. I tried everything. Medicine, less water, waking up at night, wetting alarms, but nothing is working.
I thought 4 years ago that when I hit puberty things would be different, but it just doesn't end. I hate it so much. It's ruining my life. I can't stay over at friends place, or have a sleepover... [more]

Turned into a sissy slave

I confess that for the last week i have been turned into a sissy slave. I was made to wear girly slippers and panties and bra i was then made to record myself spanking my ass 20 times hard while i counted each slap. I was then made to get dressed up the next day in my sissy outfit and dance for her really girly like twerking my ass to ariane... [more]

I'm feeling sick

I went on my first lesbian date ever in an attempt to try something new with my newfound singleness.
Everything went great... until she told me what her intentions were. In that moment, everything became real. This was a real human with real feelings looking for a commitment and I'm just here looking for fun.
I spent the rest of the evening... [more]

Corporate Fellas

I'm a 29 year old straight man. I've been having fantasies and wet dreams of men recently. I really reaallyyy wanna suck off a rich corporate guy, preferably who's into cats like I am. I'm afraid to tell my girlfriend about these dreams, because she's been under the assumption that I've been dreaming about her. What do I do?

That went sideways.

10 years ago I was at a party with about 20-25 people, Just an average after bar party, It was at some random house of someone who knew someone or someone who offered to throw a party or whatever, I was having fun and flirting with one guy in particular, My friend Jess came up and said she needed a bathroom but the main one was "occupied" so the... [more]

I want to feed my girlfriend to gain weight

How can we make her tummy appear much larger is there a belt or device so we can explore the idea without growing my girl to fast so she can get the simulated sensation of a big hanging tummy resting on me she likes the thought of not seeing or being able to reach around it so I have to do those things for her she's pretty large already... [more]

I got pantsed at school

I was wearing a pink g-string when it happened and I want to die

I circumcised myself

I made my own circumcision device and gave myself a perfect circumcision

Insecure on "over eating"

So for the past 5 years ive went from being bulimic to orthorexic, i live with my 4 siblings my mom and her boyfriend. they all eat crap but they eat like birds eating a rice cake for breakfast up until dinner where they eat basically mashed potatoes corn and steak every night then have some ice cream or whatever.
but me on the other hand eat 3... [more]

It's still awkward, Why?

45 years ago I was at a party with a close friend of mine and we were having fun, Went back to her place and her boyfriend joined, I was 18 at the time and we ended up having a threeway, It was full on and honestly was a lot more of me and her with him sprinkled in here and there taking turns on each of us as we pleasured each other, It was the... [more]

S*** eating

I love to eat my own s***. I did it again this morning in the shower room, Oh, it wasn't anything big, but I'm addicted. Yes, it's gross, and I'm aware that s*** contains bacteria, but I don't give a damn. Everybody dies, and perhaps this... [more]

I don't know why I do what I do

I'm addicted to watching amateur p*** video online and I'm especially addicted to the ones that show a drunk, sleeping or passed out girl and someone's taking video of them exposing her or fingering her or f****** her. So I have a brother and sister... [more]

Spanking over my mother's knee again

Hi I'm Robert Durham yesterday afternoon I had another trip across my mother's knee again to have my bare bottom soundly spanked with her ebony hairbrush she spanked me for up to an hour and 35 minutes until my bare bottom was bright red and sore before she ordered me up off her lap and to stand in the corner with my bare bottom on display with my... [more]

I was an amateur stripper for one day.

All the young folks won't think much of this but times have changed a lot. This was many years ago, in the 70's. I was 17, had my fake ID and was dating a 'bad boy' that did way too many drugs, drank too much, cheated on me and was mean to me, and I always took him back. He was also 24 and very immature.
We lived in Baltimore, which had a... [more]

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