Embarrassing Confessions

Man Who Sleeps in Training Pants and Women's Lingerie

Every night I wear adult sized toddler style training pants and women's lingerie to bed.

I saw a trans **

I was on a ** web site after smoking close to a 8 ball of crack. I was so ** **! I have never in my life thought of seeing a trans person before that day.and have never had [more]

Sisters' underwear

When young, it was discovered I, male was secretly wearing Jenna's underwear. Incredibly embarrassing but very exciting, I got so hard.

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Showing buttcrack

Yesterday I showed a lot of buttcrack. I can’t help it, it felt so good some girls took a picture and smiled I was so turned on. There’s nothing wrong with showing crack, I love to show, especially to girls that like it, fellow buttcrack showers don’t be afraid to show :). If anyone wants to see it or talk abt stories or anything hit me up :)... [more]


This happened when I was in my twenties, me and one of my childhood friend went to our local mall 45mins after we got there my friend got a phone call from her father saying her mom was not feeling well and she should come home as soon as possible so I said yeah sure don't worry about me I will take Uber home and I if you need me to do anything... [more]

Caught in underwear

That was the most embarrassing time you got caught in underwear?

Boy pants fall down

When I 16 boy I was walking along with some girls from school i am the only boy in the group we came up to a fence we can't climb over it.There was a small hole under it I take off my belt from my jeans to use it to hold the fence close together to make the hole bigger to make it easier to get under we went under it when we are all the other side... [more]

Sissies are trending now

Sissy boyys are hot, girls and boys love their hard bods.

Split pants.

I get home from work Friday night get undressed to shower to see the back of my pants had a hole the size of a soft drink can I think how long was the hole they & how many people seen my red underwear though out the day.

I wore tight clothes today 😃

I wore tight clothes out in public today and it feels really comfortable for me. I want to be a feedee but don’t know how to explain to my partner. 😭
The clothes being tight as I walk down the street feels really nice. My belly almost coming about my jacket makes me feel like I’ve gained a lot of weight. The pants make my stomach feel... [more]

Masturbating at the Athens Asylum

i lived at the Athens Asylum for two years where i would strip **, **, and ** while the female patients watched me. very often they would ask me to strip [more]

Very **

I have huge ** and I love to show off my ** and cleavage most of my tops and dresses are revealing and to tell you the truth I like the attention I get from all guys old and young and I don't mind the stares, is that unusual or is it not normal?

I was selfish

I was selfish hipocrytical prideful disrespectful tyrannical impatient self rightous unmerciful unforgiving irresponsible insensitive ungodly unloving ungrateful lustful flirtatious boastful tyrannical gossipping stubborn faithless anxious afraid worried feminine oversexed disgusting pathetic devisive goofy immature irresponsible lazy I passed... [more]

I was selfish

I was selfish hipocrytical prideful disrespectful tyrannical devisive goofy impatient stubborn faithless feminine oversexed disgusting pathetic self rightous unmerciful unforgiving irresponsible insensitive ungodly unloving lustful flirtatious boastful I was lazy I had resentment I lied I was goofy I had worldly sorrow I overreacted I was self... [more]

I am my former wifes little daughter

Yes i am a total cuckold and deserve not be treated as a man or like
as adult
Now the whoule family treat me as a baby - around the clock and I am always under supervision
As i was a kid - i was registered in a special school for mentally retarded (i was back in diapers age 8 to 17) and after school i was at home by my mom. My mother posted... [more]


Reminded again this afternoon why I wear diapers.
On way home from work and I drop into the supermarket to pick up groceries. Trolley half full and I feel the need to go. Unfortunately I'm not wearing a diaper so I'm thinking do I abandon the trolley and go to the bath room. Problem is we have visitors coming for dinner. By the time I'm in the... [more]


My two sisters locked me out of the house with no clothes on, so the boy that lived next door could see me naked. I almost died when ran up to the fence for a closer look.

Never Too Old

I was visiting a friend of mine Lyn one saturday afternoon and we
were in the kitchen drinking coffee. I had just been telling her of
the latest stupidity from my manager and I had used fairly strong
language. It was when I heard a gasp behind me I realised my friends
son had been coming in... [more]

My wife knows

I were women’s ** and my wife doesn’t care. I put them in family hamper and she puts them in the wash.I am having urges to try a ** with another guy. Should I bring it up?

Swimming without clothes

I'm a slim guy and skinny dip in a lake near my house. Not many people around but a few women have seen me over the years. One lady stops and talks, never commenting on my state of undress. It turns me on and I ** at home.

Doctors office

So I'm a male and my doctor is a middle aged woman. I go in for six month physicals. The nurse takes my vital signs. And tells me to remove everything except underwear and the doc will be in. The doc listens to my heart and breathing, then checks for hernia and I get erect.

I’m tempted

I intentionally had impure thoughts and I’m tempted to **

Humiliated in front of wife

I am a 32 yo farmer, married to J., a 29 yo woman. We have a farm in Quebec. Sometimes in summer we hire a guy for the season. This summer we had Adam (27), from Ontario.
One evening, about a week before he would leave, he was wearing a kimono and was training for bjj outside his house.
My wife and I saw him and immediately the discussion... [more]

My most embarrassing day

I had the most embarrassing thing happen last night my wife wake me up at 1am because she was hungry so I got out of bed put some underwear on and got in the car to drive to McDonald but on the way I got a flat tyre so I had to change the wheel on the side of the main road of town in just my underwear.

Womens athletic underwear

So I'm a male at birth, straight, and wear ladies undies. I kno some people think this is unmanly but I don't care. Places I buy intimates are happy to sell them to guys and are only interested in generating sales.

Wearing her undies

Im a boy and wanna wear my gf's undies. We fool around she looks so good in undies I want to

Would Like to Wear Boys Boxer Shorts

I am an adult, who would maybe like to wear boys boxer shorts. I know they say to each there own, but I don't want people to get the wrong idea of me, and think I'm a danger, which I am not. I could buy the boys boxers and then wear them. But still I don't know. Is it right? I wonder.

Sissy panty

I am a sissy in the army i wear my wifes ** and bras. I would love to be a sissy maid to a hung bbc. I am lee renfro

Boy embarrassed at work.

When I was a 17 year old boy I worked in a clothing store with 5 girls 2 of them teenagers 2 mid30s and the other 50 so I I'm the only boy so I had to unload all the box's from the trucks.The job was awesome because we get clothes we stock cheap but when the older woman quit 1 of the mid30s take over they make me wear different things.I get to... [more]

Son Is An Embarrassment

I really do try to be a supportive mother so my 20 year old son. But lately he's been getting way into his shows and animes. I'm okay with the shows but he gets far into them. He bought a pillow the size of him with some anime girl nearly naked.
The other day I walked in on him and he had his junk on the face of pillow. Thankfully he had his... [more]

CoWorker Cliche

Super embarrassing and cliche, but I'm attracted to this guy I worked with (we both have our own partners that we are quite happy with). I get a slight feeling that maybe he might also have some level of attraction to me, but it could just be my imagination. Thankfully we don't work together anymore/won't have to see each other again, but I still... [more]

Like Watching Lesbian **

I'm single and a straight Female but I love watching Lesbian **... Is it normal to do that?

Older women grabs supermarket work **

I work in a supermarket the uniform is a blue shirt and black jeans.
I'm a 16 year old boy who 1 day was asked to help an older woman to take her groceries to her car.That day I was wearing jeans which are a little bit to lose we are walking to the car and I can feel them starting to move lower and lower but I just don't take any notice of them... [more]

I was selfish

I was selfish hipocrytical prideful disrespectful tyrannical impatient self rightous decietful unloving unmerciful unforgiving irresponsible insensitive ungodly ungrateful devisive goofy lazy feminine oversexed disgusting pathetic self rightous I was immature disgusting unprofessional I overreacted and I had a martyr like attitude


Something’s wrong with me! I’m a virgin 20yo so every time I see cute guys, I want them to ** and blow my mind. I ** everyday but I really want someone’s tongue…

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