Embarrassing Confessions

Not something a kid wants to hear

When I was 15 I was sitting in the back seat of a car being driven by the young punk my mother was seeing after she told my Dad she wanted him to move out so she could "think" about whether she wanted to stay married.
Unbeknownst to my Dad - she'd been carrying on a secrete relationship with this 26 yr old at work - for nearly a year! My mom is... [more]

I masturbated

I masturbated and I used mind projection indicating to women that I'm a sissy boy who likes women to give me strap on d***** up my b******* while I wear women's clothing and g-string panties and engage in homosexual activities while the women watch... [more]

I am a girl that wrestles boys

I am a girl who likes wrestling with the boys. I enjoyed getting them in school girl pins, grapevine pins and crotch to crotch holds and pinning them, girls can wrestle and I like proving that point.

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Sexy mom wrestle my boyfriend

My mom is hot and she loves wrestling with boyfriend and pinning him. She liked getting crotch to crotch with him and making him submit to her. My boyfriend never turns down a chance to wrestle with her.


My husband won’t get help for ED. Never wants s**. I’m in my early 50s and super depressed. I feel abandoned

My Husband is Feeding Me To Death

My husband is feeding me to death. He is what is known as a "Death Feedist". He gets off on the idea of feeding a woman until they get so obese that they die. We have been married 9 years and I've grown enormous in that time. He never stops pushing food at me because he knows how weak willed I am and that I cannot resist food or control my... [more]

I was angry

I was angry hipocrytical prideful disrespectful tyrannical impatient self rightous immature irresponsible ungodly unloving unmerciful unforgiving insensitive ungrateful threatening I had a martyr like attitude I lied I had resentment worldly sorrow I complained to God accussed him of wrong doing I purposely offended God I passed judgement against... [more]

Girls can beat boys in wrestling

I am a girl and I enjoy wrestling with boys and pinning them and they must tap out . Wrestling is a sport that can be fun for both boys and girls. Wrestle each other and have fun.

I’m such a whre

I want to have s*x with multiple men and have lots of men touch me and grope me and make love to me. I just turned 18 and all I want is older men to touch me and treat me like the sl*t I am. If you see a young sexy girl grope her. All us girls want is older men to touch us and grope us.

10 years ago

I'm gay man that lived behind back doors. I'm chubby white man that had many lovers until one man change me , we meet at work and while we were knowing each other he ask me out .in the weekend we meet at my house while we're talking we to my room were we getting undress , I got on my knees starting suck huge [more]

Caught wrestling and dry humping my girlfriend mom

I was caught wrestling and dry humping my girlfriend mom. We were wrestling and dry humping each other and she saw us do it. Have you been caught?

My wife and I love wrestling her best friend

My wife and I love wrestling with her best. My wife and her enjoy rolling around grappling with each other. They put all different wrestling holds on each other. My wife can pin her 3 out of 10 matches. I love watching them in tight jeans and sports bra all tangled together wrestling extremely rough with each other. I like wrestling with her and... [more]

I can't Believe I did this!

A few nights ago I was in bed with my laptop jerking off to p***. I made my way to chaterbate and watched woman pleasure thereselfs as I did the same. I clicked on a video of a young guy jerking off. He had a huge white c***. I was reading the comments... [more]

I was selfish

I was selfish hipocrytical prideful disrespectful tyrannical impatient self rightous unmerciful unforgiving irresponsible ungodly unloving lustful flirtatious boastful tyrannical immature unprofessional feminine oversexed disgusting pathetic I lied I was lazy I had a martyr like attitude I used profanity I was manipulative and devisive

I’m a cheating s***

I’m 24 year old military wife with no kids. I was stationed at fort Stewart with my husband and he was a real ass hole. He was more interested in drinking and games and I felt alone. We were married for a year when I started f****** his friends. They would come over and I would blow them or let... [more]

Gained 200 lbs since marriage

I have gained nearly 200 lbs since I was married 10 years ago. Most of this in the past 5 years. I am horribly obese and carry so much weight in my belly I can barely waddle around let alone exercise. I find myself binging until my belly is stretched full. It takes up my full lap. I am always grunting and groaning as I haul this weight around and... [more]

I masturbated

I masturbated and I used mind projection indicating to women where I work that I'm a sissy boy who likes women to give me strap on d***** up my b******* while I wear women's clothing g-string panties and while I engage in homosexual activities while... [more]

I have a huge rape fantasy

I really really want to be forced into a g*******. I want to get knocked around and choked. I want my clothes ripped off me and a huge black cocked ripping me in half. I want 5 hung black men to make me theirs and ruin me for pathetic white bois.

My aunt

I got an aunt i.m in love deeply in love she knows I want her and she's teases me knowing I want her she flirts with me all the time I jus think shes loves knowing I want her and want to f*** her I jus don't know how to make it

I j*** off to fox news almost every morning.

The local fox new station has some of the sexiest woman. One in particular has made me hard for years. She is 50 years old and has a beautiful face and a smoking hot body. whenever she is wearing black pantyhose I usually have to crank out 2 or 3 loads. I have done this for the past 10 years. I have a feeling I could have filled a 5 gallon bucket... [more]

My wife's other life

My wife is 35 and she wanted to live her fantasy. After 12 years of marriage. She start to date black men for few months and one of her lovers took her to vacation to a private resort in Las Vegas for few weeks and when she came back , my wife had changed to a black s***. She lusts after young tall... [more]

I masturbated

I masturbated and I used mind projection and I made sexually submissive facial expressions and noises

Panty bulge

Is a new first world problem. With so many guys wearing panties it will soon be acceptable worldwide

Aunts new husband

I am a normal 21 year old college guy. I never considered myself gay or even bi. I am attracted to girls. But... Three years ago when I was a senior in high school I got a job at a small mom/pop hotel just down the road. I did the night desk, cleaned rooms and even grounds work. And here is where things got strange. The guy who owned the hotel... [more]

Too young, too foolish, too drunk, peed my pants at a night club

It was embarrassing. I was out with a bunch of coworkers, drank too much and didn't make it to the bathroom and peed my pants at the dance club. Funny, wasn't it, I was dragged out on the dance floor to dance with my wet pants. People stared, turned around and stared again. People stared at me more than they did the girls without panties on... [more]

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