Embarrassing Confessions

P****** in my jeans

I'm a 19 year old girl, and since I was a little girl, my parents, me, and my siblings, we never used the bathroom. We were brought up to p*** in our jeans (which I prefer) to p*** in the bed, on the carpet, on the capane ...
Of course we love her and... [more]

Humiliated myself to mommy

I once had my mom sit on the bed while I got completely undressed and then got down on my knees on the floor in front of her and started masturbating. I made ahegao faces, squealed at her like a little girl and said things like, 'I'm still a virgin who's never even touched a girl's body before' and 'what does a v***** feel like? I wanna put my wee... [more]

I love seconds!

I am addicted to sloppy seconds. We are a mid 40's white couple and have been into swinging on and off for years.
I remember the first time my wife had s** with another male without a condom. He was a young, attractive, black male and the wife was extremely attracted to him. When we got to the hotel... [more]

Knocked up by a n****r

I can't stand to even look at my wife right now. She is 7 months pregnant and I am not the father. To make it even worse the father is a nasty n****r.
We were having a rough patch and I was sleeping in the guest room. She decided to have a one night stand to satisfy her sexual needs. There is a black guy where she works with a reputation as a... [more]

Marcel Shihadeh Missing Thoughts

I’m glad the nation is taking the time to go on the biggest missing person’s report for that Gabby Petito lady. Y’all see how the nation can come together for my people, my white peoples. If Gabby Petito was a brown or black colored person than to be honest the nation would have not care to come together to find a missing woman. This is why I love... [more]

Emily Preibus in Goldielocks and The Little Bible Trumpers

Aww…as I reminisce today of my whole year with my wonderful husband Marcel Shihadeh. I can’t stop to think how y’all hoes…especially my enemy who try to ruin my life and my husband’s lives with her witchcraft that didn’t even much work. Let me tell y’all the Honest Tea about my life now! Let’s see Marcel Shihadeh regrets ever even much talking to... [more]

Weakness for tights

For as long as i can remember I've loved the thought of a woman sitting on my face in a well worn pair of panties and tights. Ever since my ex boss used to do it to assert her dominance on me. It's an embarrassing thing to ask a woman to do, just wish I could find like minded women near me to do it, i'm in the north east of England. Not interested... [more]

I wish I had a d***

I really wish I had a p****. it turns me on so much just thinking about it. sometimes I put a sock in my underwear to give myself a bulge. I also love watching p*** and thinking of myself as the guy. am I trans?

I wore the panties of my best friends girlfriend

I saw her panties in the laundry room and had my eye on them, it was a nice white silky lace thong. I put them on and felt so nice on my butt . I’m writing this as im wearing them and im trying my hardest not to get Precum all over them.

I pooped my pants

I was driving home and I couldn’t hold it so I p***** and s*** myself. it was honestly so relieving I want to do it again

My father in law drank my Milk

I was sat on the sofa using a breastpump whilst waiting for my newborn to wake up when my father in law walked in, he grabbed my b*** and started sucking at it!

The Filipino lady.

Their is a pretty Filipino lady. I stuff pillows in a shirt I climb on top in a straddle position looking at her picture I printed out. I put her picture on top the same length of the pillows I climb on top sitting straddle position I am moving up and down kissing her picture. I keep on until I [more]

Halloween as a girl

I have been dressing as a girl all my life, I started at a very young age. I came from a family of two older sisters, my mom & dad & myself, we were raised back when, a s** change was just being heard of, so I had to be really sneaky to not be caught. The more I dressed, the more embolden I became & the... [more]

My mother the police officer at a one police officer station

Last Friday night my mother had her first shift as a police officer at a one member police station and at about 6pm I bought her some dinner and she said it's very very quiet tonight with not much happening and so I asked her if the station had police holding cells/jail cells and she said yes of course it does and so I immediately asked her if I... [more]

I like peeing through my skirt

I'm a 17 year old girl and I have this weird obsession with wetting my underwear. I usually will wear a skirt and then discreetly go for it so only my underwear is wet and I'll keep it on that way lol

Requesting a Spanking from Leanne

Yesterday afternoon I watched a local mother named Leanne spank her son Ethan over her knee with her ebony hairbrush while I was at their place mowing the lawn for them and after she Spanked her son Leanne said I saw you watching me spank Ethan over my knee and so I asked her if she could spank me the same way and she said are you sure that's what... [more]

My car got stuck in dirt

I was some driving my car in backyard of a property to a roof job and there was a spot in the yard and I was trying to back my car up onto the side of the house so I was out the way and it'll be easier to move materials up the ladder. I went to the edge of the property and started backing up and car got stuck. a shed was moved and the dirt was... [more]

I nearly crapped my pants!

I sometimes hire prostitutes. I am a mid 40's male in a sexless marriage. Prostitutes are an easy, no strings way to get what I need without complication.
I have a mid 20's cute girl I see on a regular basis. Last week she surprised me by telling me her younger sister (Elizabeth) needed some money and wanted to meet a a couple of willing males... [more]

Being tested

Went to dinner with wife and an old friend/neighbor. The old friend/neighbor is a female who is ex-wife of a still close good friend. She had too much to drink to drive home and is now asleep on my couch. She was always attractive to me and now is more than ever. She is going thru a rough patch and very visibly upset about her current situation... [more]

Tied up and gagged by Ruth and daughter Veronica

Yesterday afternoon I was visiting my female next door neighbour Ruth and her daughter Veronica when I noticed a blue duffel bag with coils of rope and rolls of grey duct tape and ball gags and blindfolds and handkerchiefs and handcuffs and black hoods and Ruth and her daughter Veronica caught me looking through the bondage equipment and Ruth said... [more]

Strange mother/daughter relationship...

Her daughter is a FREAK! I am dating a nice lady. She is very easy going, we get along well and our dating is nothing serious. She has a 21 year old daughter (Kim). I had met the Kim a couple of times briefly, but recently due to all the Covid crap classes on campus were shut down and she decided to move back in with her mother for a short time... [more]

Arrived at the art gallery only to be bound and gagged again pt2

So after putting the black hood over my head I felt my female kidnappers leave the room and shut the door behind them and padlocked it shut realising that myself and the other hostages were now bound and gagged in a sound proof basement rendered deaf dumb and blind by our captors and about 3 hours later I heard lots of movement around me and then... [more]

I have a boyfriend, I think?

I am a straight male, at least I was. I am thirty and live alone in a semi good neighborhood. Next door the house is rented a at least three, maybe more young guys and girls. There is always a group there running in and out.
One specific guy named Joey started talking to me every time I was outside working. He is maybe twenty-two, smaller guy... [more]

My fat wife

Mybwife was 240 pounds when we met 30 years ago 6 babies and 75 pounds later I love her even more

Kpop lol

I’m a 16 year old guy with a little sister (14) Shes super obsessed with kpop I absolutely hate it but some of those Asian chicks she watches turn me on I’ve jerked off to hundreds of those kpop b******. I’ve watched this fancam of Momo from Twice a bunch of times her body rolls are so [more]

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