Embarrassing Confessions

I want to dominate a man

I would really love a man who I can dominate, someone to do whatever I ask of them.


I really want a real man who I can dominate, anyone interested in this?

Telling my girlfriend

I told my girlfriend that I liked dressing up as a girl & I wanted to go out in public as a girl. She didn't seem to like the idea too much but said she would help me. She said we would do it around Halloween because it wouldn't be too weird. The weekend before haloween we got a cheap motel room & I started getting ready. I shaved my entire body... [more]

I feel scared

Few days ago, my mum seen naked pictures with me and my boyfriend. She also found out that he came to my house, without her knowing. In the night when she found out , she said that we will have a talk about it, but from then she didn't say anything to me. She is not talking to me at all. And I don't know what to do. Should I wait for her to come... [more]

My mother

I really love to see her nude and I will j*** off looking at her nude body when she is so drunk she would pass out cold sleeping. I've used her hand rapped around my p**** to j*** off with while she is so... [more]

My one night stand with sugar daddy I just met

I am a student, and me and a couple of friends went out on a fancy dress bar crawl. After debating what to wear, it all turned out we had brought our old school uniforms as potenial fancy dress, and all still fitted them, so it seemed like fate. So dressed as 3 slightly slutty schoolgirls we headed out and joined the rest. A few bars in we kinda... [more]


Hello all my names Melaine and I’ve been married to my Husband for 8 yrs but recently found that he likes to M********* in my knickers (he stains them ) , I asked him about this and he’s admitted he prefers to M********* over them than... [more]

How do I tell him ?

Hello everyone been dating a guy about 8 months and I don’t know how to tell him that he’s only lasting a few minutes 2 at the most when we have fun (s**) I don’t want to hurt his feelings but he does need to know us women need more foreplay and a bit of time to enjoy things etc , I don’t won’t to hurt... [more]


I like to m********* in front of the mirror and always think of elderly women watching and playing with their p****. I am 70 and still can c**


I habe Rumatoid arthritis and fibromygia. I started smoking in 2010 at work it was the odd cigarette with. Colleges then i started to get withdraw system when i was not at work.
So on the way to work three months into starting i went into the newsagents and bought three packet i right away felt guilty. I before entering work i stood outside and... [more]

How big of an age gap is ok?

I am 18, just got a new job, and I got chatting to a guy at work, we really hit it off and I guess became friends quite quickly. I asked him if he wanted to do something together outside of work, and I think he mistook it for a date, which it wasn't. He took me home, and tried to kiss me. I pulled away in shock, realising the misunderstanding... [more]


If a loved one passes away it’s frustrating not being able to do anything about it and it’s equally as frustrating being attracted to my stepdaughter’s big b**** and not being able to do anything about it. When she sleeps on the couch I want to [more]

I like sending nudes of my wife to random people

I don't even remember how it got started. But I developed a fetish for sending nudes of my wife to other people to enjoy. I like seeing others appreciate her. I love getting videos of guys c****** on her pictures. I even love when other women see her nudes and give her compliments.
I feel bad... [more]

Saw my wife seduced

I encouraged my wife to let a pervert stalker touvh her in public but she lost control and let him suck her b****

Gf took 10 inch rod

I got to watch my recently wed wife take a stranger's c*** i found on craigslist it was massive and thick she looked shocked it took us a min get her warmed up but god she loved that massive tool said how full her p**** felt as she couldnt even take it... [more]

I got heavy footed hard deep kick in the n****** so bad i pee pee

My beautiful cousin deja lee my beautiful cousin neshia phelps my beautiful cousin kirsten harris beautiful wide soles heavy footed hard deep kick in the n****** so bad cousin gregory leland moore jr pee pee in pants playing fighting wrestling with white socks without white socks

I got heavy footed hard deep kick in the n****** so bad i pee pee

My beautiful cousin deja lee my beautiful cousin neshia phelps my beautiful cousin kirsten harris beautiful wide soles heavy footed hard deep kick in the n****** so bad cousin gregory leland moore jr pee pee in pants playing fighting wrestling with white socks without white socks

Slept with sisters girlfriend

My sister finally came out as a lesbian about two years ago, and now has a serious girlfriend. My sister believes that she only likes girls, but I found out she is bi. We both still live at home, and after they came backe from a night out, I got in to a drunken conversation with the girlfriend after my sister fell asleep. Don't know why, but I... [more]

My sister caught me walking around the house in boxer briefs

She kicked me in the b**** for it

Me and my aunt

So my aunt was 49 and I was 16 at the time. My aunt literally wanted me to sleep in her bed with her, she was cheating on my uncle at the time but we were un aware until the divorce but anyways my cousin was not home either. So she basically forced me to sleep in her bed. I'm the type of person that doesnt argue so I just did as she said. Then she... [more]

I wasted a decade of my life

I flunked out of graduate school...loved the program, the people I met, where I lived...but my grades started slipping and I was losing control. Unable to find work that would pay the bills, I moved back home. After a year I grew extremely depressed. I stayed with my folks for way too long, trying to find a good job, a place to live, trying to... [more]

Alls well that ends well

I was lonely, things have been hard. I was so traumatized my mother was involved I'm sorry I shut down. I would have done anything to talk to you, but was so afraid to call. All i really wanted was someone to say it was ok, they wanted me to. And not on a public forum. I'm sorry things got so mean, I think its fairly obvious how much I wanted to... [more]

New girlfriend is a nympho

This is not a brag, this is serious. My new girlfriend is insatiable, and it's hard work.
She can't go 24 hrs without s**, she gets grumpy. She wants it at least twice a day without fail. As soon as I see her after work she wants s**, bed time, [more]

Boyfriend wanted to lick me

I have been seeing a slightly olderguy for 3 months now, and I asked him if he had any fantasies in the bedroom. He said dressing up, and he wanted to lock me. I thought dressing up, ok, but licking? Really? Sounded a bit yucky.
I agreed and laid naked on the bed blindfolded, then he literally licked me from head to toe, and it was amazing. ... [more]

Exhibitionist young wife.

Since high school, I have enjoyed sharing my girlfriends. In college, my fiance' , Anne moved in with me and two frat mates and we had a coed bachelor pad. It was a turn-on when Anne went nude in front of my buddies.
After we married, our first apartment was an attic with an outside stair entrance. One morning, a 30ish door-to-door Lingerie... [more]

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