Embarrassing Confessions

Can't believe it.

I went down on my G/F last night and I can't help but shoot loads and loads of c** everywhere before I even enter her the taste and smell of her p**** is amazing I would lick it 24/7 I'm 22 she's 19 shaven tight and fit as [more]

Just bought a pair of running tights A400 from skins.

I fell in love with them after trying them out. Tomorrow I will go running in them. This will be our first time <3.

She will be more careful next time

So i posted this under embarrassing but its more hers than mine.
Last night my buddy called me up around 9:30 and asked what i was doing, I replied "just watching tv with the wife" and he asked if i could come over and help him in the garage so of course i said yes.
I got to his house and went straight to the attached garage and he was on the... [more]


I just read a story from incest reddit. I pray for the torcherd soul writing it that Jesus heals the sickness of that person. It is shocking to read and hard to stop. But the Lord will heal it all i pray.

I am letting my boss's sister to grope me.What is wrong with me?

I need advice.Sorry for the long post, I would really appreciate it if you read it.I don't know how to get out of this situation?I'm writing this post because basically I'm lost.I don't know what to do?I invited my boss's sister to join my all female group with a specific focus.My boss is always complaining that her sister is socially awkward and... [more]

My first

My and my best friends sister started kissing after a party and later we went down on each other. If my bf or family found out it would kill me but I really liked it. We've done it a couple times since then when I sleep over and everyone is asleep but I want to be alone together. If my friend caught me with her little sister I'd be killed.

My four-decade teacher fantasy

I adore BBWs, and "crush" does not begin to cover the teacher whose body I have coveted for more than 40 years.
I first encountered "Barbie Baby" in my freshman year of high school in 1975. She was a full-figured women who consistently wore clothing that was so tight, you could see her panty line right down to the "V" of her crotch, and her... [more]

Spotting signs of dementia

On dementia. I have noticed in my father he is doing strange things like he spends hours a day at the table writing letters that are like bibles to long lost friends he looks up on electrol rolls and then he photocopies letters and thinks everyone wants to know him as if he is a celebrity everywhere we go. he waves at the bus driver who was waving... [more]


I am a bit of an amateur when it comes to s3x. I've only done it with my boyfriend a few times who has more experience. It's an embarrassing topic for me and I don't have anyone to talk to about it. So I'm wondering how I can give him a proper BJ without it hurting? Each time I do it I start gagging and last time it felt like I was going to throw... [more]

I want to F*** my brothers girlfriend

She makes me h**** and I can tell by the way she looks at me that she wants it too. She is supposed to live with us next year when she transfers her job here so it will probs happen then.

I stared drinking at 7am

I made a big drunk last night and didn't finish it so I put it in the fridge. I was smoking this morning and I coughed so I drank some to stop coughing, and I've been sipping on it all morning. It's strong af too.

I got sent to girls reform school

I still have the newspaper story from the Dunn Daily Record. It has been years but it still stings.
Girl,18, ordered to reform school
Megan Lowry, rural route 4, Lillington, was sentenced yesterday to 90 days in the North Carolina Reform School for Girls in Monroe.
Her sentence came after juvenile court judge Sarah Livingstone found her... [more]

All of my kinks

I like getting my foot licked??
I think thats it
no wait
theres more holy s***
I want an older man to f*** me
Incest (Father/son... [more]

I wanna kill my stepdad (he thinks so that he is)

He isn't so bad person but h***, he is 22!!! He is just embarrasing, he speaks EMBARRASING! He smiles like mother$#@ker, he laughs like total a$$hole! I live in Russia and when someone sees him with my mom in the street, they just laugh or cross themselves. I am ashamed, when my friends and... [more]

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