Embarrassing Confessions

Sexy Louise

Louise is my nephews wife and all I want to do is f*** her,I upload her non nude pics to s** sites to get other guys opinions of her and they all want to f*** her too.She's pregnant right now and I imagine her... [more]


I want my man to to p*** me and beat me then make sweet love to me


I'm a lazy 26 year old guy that has anxiety and woke up to my mother bringing me taco bell lol life seems lost at this point in my life but I'll soon get on my feet. Remember that chihuahua dog "yo quiero taco bell". Well 'yo quiero cumplir mis sueños".

Wife has a baby

I convinced my wife to try out cuckolding. She finally did it and found an attractive black guy she likes. Now she is pregnant and she is deciding if she wants to keep the baby. I don't want her to bit it's her choice.

My little sister is taller and stronger than me

I'm a 17 yr old boy am 5'6" tall. My 12 yr old sister is 5'8" tall and also stronger than me. She plays a lot of sports and is a tomgirl while I'm more of a geek. Lately she has been pushing me around and bullying me because of how tall and strong she is. My parents think she is their little angel and they always favor her and tell me to shut... [more]

Stripped and jerked off outside...

So about two years ago my friend and I were chilling somewhere outside when we came up with the idea of playing truth or dare. We were playing for a while when suddenly a group of guys, around 18, walked past us and went to a basketball field behind us. They weren't paying attention to us so we just continued our game. Then, my friend dared me to... [more]

Mom's always braless when friends are around

Hi, name is Jed.
My mom alone raised me; dad has never been around much. They had me while they were young and uh, I guess only she stood up to the challenge.
She started her restaurant business while I was young, and nowadays she has a bunch of them. She don't really have to work as well, money just keep coming in. So these last years she... [more]

Hi my sweetie

It's me sweetie .

I stole a Netball dress

When I was 13 I had a thing for netball dresses that girls wore especially the bodysuits. If you don’t know what Netball is look it up or imagine basketball for women. My sister played and whenever she was out of the house, I used to sneak in, try it on and wear it around the house. I loved the feeling of it against my skin and it usually ended... [more]

My sweetie are you here ?

Hi my sweetie .

Going back white

I'm a white girl, 23, and like many, I've dated a black guy. I f***** him once, out of curiosity. He was big, but not pornstar big (maybe a thick 6.5"). He felt great, but I stopped seeing him, because I'm a little racist. White guys are better because they can say "ask" instead of "axe." So much... [more]

Darcie spanks me

One day after school I was catching the bus home, it was boring for around half an hour and I was just sitting there. When a lot of people cleared off the bus some kid up back asked me for some water, I said no not wanting to give him my water. He actually didnt hear me but his friend darcie did. “Hes being disobediant” he said to his friend, then... [more]

I sucked My first c***

I am a 28 year old male and I sucked my first c*** 3 weeks ago...I had been curious for years..even before I got married.I am married with two girls..No one knows that I love sucking c***..I have all ways wanted to know what it would be like suck... [more]

Tickle fetish

My husband has a tickle fetish. He love to tickle me on the belly and belly button until I can’t take any more. He now wants to share his tickling fetish with other people. This weekend he had a party with his friends, he had me wear a crop top that showed all of my belly to which I was not comfortable with at all. I don’t mind wearing crop tops... [more]

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