Embarrassing Confessions

Self Spanking Mishap

I had a strong curiosity about spanking from an early age, but was never spanked growing up.
By the time I was 11 I started self spanking occasionally. I never could make it realistic enough or hurt enough to be satisfying. I also was afraid of getting caught so I did it fully clothed, which also diminished the experience.
To try to... [more]

Sunny views

My wifes cousin decided after a half dozen drinks that it would be a good idea to see if she could fit in a kids swing, She doesn't but in the process she got herself stuck, In a skirt and while also going commando. So...There she is stuck in this swing and my wife comes to get me, I walk up and...Bam, there is my wife's hottest cousin, Drunk... [more]

Do I say anything.

My step son spied on me the other night, I was in bed having a little solo go and I wasn't sure but afterward got an uneasy feeling that someone was watching me, I got out of bed and went to the window, I seen him sneaking away and going in the basement door.
I don't know if I should tell my husband or just leave it be and close the blinds from... [more]


My wife's niece has been staying with us while her parents are renovating a large portion of the house, Two weeks now and yesterday I came home from work, heard...Sounds like a couple hooking up and was like "Oh no, Not in my house" (She's 16) and I stormed down the hall, Flung open the door and OOOPS...She was alone, Spread eagle, Actually bigger... [more]


Wow, I dont even know how but I eneded up in bed this morning buck nude with my older sisters husband and he was wrapped around me cupping my...You know whats and had full morning wood pressing against my other you know what as he kissed my neck and whispered "Round two?".
Ok, F'ed up situation to start with, Waking up drunk, naked and [more]

Fun with the strap-on

I’m female-22 & the guy I’m hookin’ up with is openly bi. He’s got a strap-on and I peg him. It’s fun & easy & the sizes change out so he can uses it on me. He said I’m so good at it, he started inviting his friends to join us.


I’m a lesbian - I have a strapon that I wear around the house and occasionally I have worn it out to the shops - which is a huge turn on . It’s 2 way so half of it is in me while the other half sticks out like an erect c***. If I pull on it it rubs against my [more]

Still Crazy after All These Years

I’m 60 + and still have sexually-charged dreams about my wife. These dreams typically Include acts in which we would not participate but in my dreams we get highly aroused watching others perform the acts and we are able to achieve o***** viewing these acts. In the last one we were watching another... [more]

My Teacher

(Teacher Is Mr Reynolds, Friend Is Troy and My Deadname Is Brooke) Well in class Mr Reynolds was talking about Physiognomy and he said “Handsome = Good Ugly = Bad” And then “And that’s good because I’m handsome” And Troy Said OUT LOUD “Brooke Thinks So Too” AND FUCKINGHEARD AND LOOKED OVER AND SAID “What Was That” I WANNA CRY

My period horror story

When i was 14 it was my first day of school and i was wearing a short white mini skirt and cute crop top. Well we already know how it ended. i left first period and i had a red patch on my ass. And no one told me so i walked down the rest of the day with a red stain on my ass. Then my decent crush came up to me and said turn around i turn around... [more]

Seen half naked in the fitting room

Years ago in the 90s, I was in a department store in a mall shopping for a new swimsuit for an upcoming trip. This was during the day malls were filled with punks running around. I picked out a black and blue two piece I liked and went into the fitting room to try it on. I had just unbuttoned my dress and took it off leaving my in a black bra and... [more]

Do you know belly bloating?

It's embarrassing not being able to talk about this but ... I really like girls with a bloated stomach and chubby girls but I can't talk to anyone about it, and I looked for information about it on the internet but I would like to talk to someone about that without looking like a simp

Humans were a mistake

I've been thinking about this ever since I started listening to this podcast called Lore. A brief summary of it is it tell real stories of real people usually involved with something otherworldly or supernatural which then branches off and becomes folklore. Many of the stories are dark and tell of our mistakes as humans. From believing in that... [more]

Getting caught

I live in a one bedroom apartment. My bedroom is in the back side with the window of my bedroom next to the sidewalk leading to the laundry room outside. I like it keep the blinds up to let the sunshine in.
One morning I woke up with an erection. So I oiled up and began to pleasure myself. I was so hard I was close to [more]

Family plaything.

I have been abused by multiple members of my family and none of them know about the other, Why does this keep happening to me. When I was 15 I hooked up with my first boyfriend and admitted to 3 of my cousins that it happened, Told them the story and that night my male cousin 17 snuck out of his bed and slid into my bed behind me, I pretended to... [more]

CD & Hot Neighbor

I am a WM and occasionally like to cross dress. Lately I have been spending time on my deck dressed up. It is very visible to some neighbors. One neighbor in particular is a hot 35 yr old blonde woman. Knowing her for the past 10 years I am aware she is dominant, a gossip, and won’t hesitate to call neighbors out.
I continue to hope she... [more]

Should I or shouldn't I

I married a beautiful girl quite a few years ago. We got along well, but I learned through friends that she was cheating on me quite a lot. I don't know how many times. We were planning a move to Oregon, but a friend of mine told me that my wife had told her that she (my wife) couldn't wait to get back to Oregon so she could [more]

Love my mother in law

My mother in law is here this week. I go to the guest bedroom and borrow her dirty ones. Lots of thick dark pubies entwines in the fabric. Have a pair on now.

Help me

Well i am adictaded to hurting myself by putting pens up my ass and strangeling myself i just cant stop it hurts bad but i deserve the pain and i love it when it hurts the moore pain the better i was a bad wife a rotten mother and a worce doughter thats why my grandmother beet me and paid my step fathers to molest me

Won a costume contest and still got a spanking

Looks like this won’t happen again this year, so I want to talk about it. I’m sophomore in college, staying in the dorm. I’ve always been fascinated by the Story of O. I’ve had a few good spankings, and I’ve even had another girl give me a bath, but there is one part of the movie I never was able to duplicate till last year. Near the end of... [more]

I Need Advice about my Boyfriend

I'm a 17 year old girl, my boyfriend of 5 months is 19.
My boyfriend still sleeps with his stuffed animal (Bunny) and his blanky (Baby blanket). I think its kind of weird. I'm NEVER getting rid of my stuffed dog, but I don't sleep with it anymore. Sometimes when we go up to his room his Bunny and blanket will be on his bed undersecretary... [more]

My Brother-in-Law steals my underwear (I'm male)

This has been going for almost two years, ever since he started basically living here, at my parents' place. I know I'm not paranoid and he has actually done this as the more underwear I buy, the more they disappear. Right now I only got two and I can't find any others anywhere. When I had to go outside before the pandemia that'd [more]

Second s**

Part - 1: https://www.confessionpost.com/67970/my-first-span-classcensored-data-oc2v4s-span
I never told anyone I was not a virgin anymore.
A few months later, I was at home for vacation. I was again in the mood for s**.
Luckily, my family had to go for a marriage function for three days. I... [more]

My Baby Blanket

I’m 19.
My Mom and I were cleaning out our attic and I found my old baby blanket. I haven’t held it since I was around 9 or 10. When I felt it I got the most soothing feeling that I’ve gotten in a long time.
I decided to sleep with it last night. I cuddled with my stuffed bunny like usual, and cuddled with my old baby blanket (while... [more]

Sort of Incest?

I was digging around in my attic a few months ago and found a box of old pictures from the 30's. I saw a picture of this girl in a bathing suit that was so hot. I turned the picture around and saw that it was my great grand mother when she was around my age (I'm, 19). She died 6 years before I was born and would be well into her 100's if she was... [more]

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