Embarrassing Confessions


I guess I'm not the only one who likes this.I would like someone man or woman to sit on my soft plump belly just like you would sit down on a chair.once yoyr comfortable with all your weight I would like you to bounce periodically then sit a bit grinding your butt side to side to and fro bounce sit omg I'm [more]

Fancy sister in law

I have lusted after my sister in law since she was sixteen and i was 23 when we were first married we lived in old house with wifes parents all the rooms had big old fashioned keyholes when sister in law took bath i would watch through the keyhole after a few time she started to finger her c*** the... [more]

Belly noises

I love listening to Girls stomachs like growling or Digesting honestly any sound im on confessions to find a girl who shares the same fetish im 16 and we can share or tummy noises. My snap is bholcomb56 insta is holcomb4282 Dont be shy hit me up

I f*** deers at night!

I get off work and I go hunting in the woods, but I don’t have a gun I’m after a young doe’s p****, there’s plenty of deer where I live I run thur the woods at night and catch deers with no hurting them traps like loops around the foot and nets then when I get them I wrestle them to the ground and... [more]

I dream of having a pu s sy

Growing up I’ve always been into girls toys, I got smacked by my dad for watching my little pony I thought it was really cool when it came on in 1983 I saw the ponies with there pretty colours and wings and thought and dreamt that I could fly into a world like that is that even possible? When I grew in age I become aware of girls and just how... [more]


One time my wife walked in on me wearing lingerie n heels while I was sucking off a black man so she made me take his big p**** doggy and wow it hurt at first but then I liked it and now I want it all the time!!

Spanked in public

I was homeschool by a strict mother who spanked. At 17 I was ready for college. Mom enrolled me in a private Baptist college across state. Not allowing me in a dorm, Mom rented a room for me in a house near the college. The home was owned by a women 42 with twin daughters 14 years of age. Time passed when Mom came for a visit. Mom came to my... [more]

I want to be raped as an 8 year old girl

I want to be an 8 year old girl who gets picked up by 2 strangers and forced to suck d***, bent over and have my virgin cherry popped, they can lay me in bed and wear out my p**** and a****** at the... [more]

Playing with my p**** in church

I’m a MTF transsexual and I have a bad habit of playing with my p**** during church do you think Jesus would be mad?

What happens when you tell your friend you have a p****

So when I decided to become a woman I was really torn about it, even though I’ve been wearing bras and panties for years,
now that I came to the conclusion that I’m never gonna be happy with a p**** in my pants soo I had it removed, now I have a [more]

I hate having a p****

I am grown African americon adult and the world only cares about my t*** v***** and ass wtf I’m a smert intelgant woman who can make it with out these it sucks that man is only thinkin one thing about me my [more]

My first time

When I was 14 I became aware of boys sexually, idk just a thing that happened some time later I saw my brothers p**** for the first time I walked in on him dancing naked in the shower I was like omg I’m sorry but I could not get it out of my head that’s long floppy thing I dreamed about it one night... [more]

I want to be a pretty pony princess

I’m a man who lives on his own and has a great job I haven’t been successful dating, all the woman I meet are too needy,rushy and want tons of kids, I’m a young guy I’ll have kids later thanks, I have needs like every other man around the world but... mine are a little different you see on the inside I’m a pretty pony princess and I want to be... [more]

I have s** with my horse 2

Continued form the first post about me having s** with my horse if you haven’t read it go there first, Me a spirit are hard up for cash would anyone be interested in watching in exchange for patreon donations I thought about doing that to make extra cash probably not a good idea eh

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