Embarrassing Confessions


I’ve been with my boyfriend 7 years. I slept with someone else and they gave me an sti. I f***** my boyfriend now he has it too and he has no idea 😕😕 I don’t know how to tell him. I’m such a w****. Uuugghhhhh i really [more]

I did this to myself.

My wife is a smoking hot brunette with a great body, 5'3", 130lbs, Great hips, Legs, ass, C-cups and I screwed it up. The other night we had a gathering and at the end of the night she had passed out and me and her kissed, That progressed to me sitting on the couch and her friend kneeling in front of me sucking me off, Her friend is not someone I... [more]

I am an idiot

I voted for trump and I've never regretted anything in my life half as much as I regret that. He is an organgrinder's monkey and a spectacular moron. Saddest of all, he can't even see how much of a fool he is making of himself AND our country. He surely does not deserve a second term . . . . but he will most likely be reelected, because the... [more]

Wife Likes to Show Off

My wife is very attractive and has a great body. Her legs are exceptional and her backside is one if the best in creation. She also has the face of a model and when she walks down the street men try to flirt with her or ask her out or try to get her into bed.
All this attention has gone to her head and she always wears short skirts and no undies... [more]

I had s** with my boyfriend's brother

Last night I was drunk and I was out of my mind. I invited my boyfriend's brother to my room. He's also one of my best friends. We had s**. I feel so horrible. I can't face my boyfriend. I'm so confused right now. I can't get it off my mind. How do I continue to live with this on my chest?

Can’t stop fingering myself

I’m 51 and can’t stop fingering myself .. any chance I get I do it .. I rub my p**** through my panties first as I love the feel of soaked panties, white ones are the best as you can see all my juices better .. I would let any man finger me at the minute I just love it ..

Shat my pants

I shat my pants yesterday. i dont mean i got scared, i actually shat my pants. bad day

Oh dear.

So at 40 years old I started getting laser hair removal done on my...Nether region which transitioned into much more than I planned, At first I was just going to have my bikini line done but then it ended up carrying on to where I was going to have it all taken off, Quite a step for me but the girl doing it convinced me and when that was all done... [more]

Very confused

After my children reached the age where they were all inschool full time I went back to work picking up photography as a hobby then more and more until I made the jump to making it my career. The glamorous life of a photographer is doing mostly weddings and family photos sadly but recently I took on a wedding project that has confused me.
I was... [more]

Portsmouth uk

I'm in Portsmouth UK working, I'm a guy, and I'm looking to meet h**** women of all ages, 18 plus, the older the better for no strings fun!

I’m attracted to kids

I’m sexually attracted to kids. Does anyone else feel the way I do? I’ve been feeling this way for years, and. I don’t know what to do

Yes she did.

This is from 30years ago.
But my step mom was a b****. She use to fight with dad all the time.
When it was my week end to visit she was mean
To me.
She never let me do anything when dad was at work . She would make me have a time out in corner and pulled my pants down to knees the entire... [more]

Going after my stepmother

In 2018 my dad left for prison. He left me in thecustody of my step mom. She started dating this guy david. I hated the fact that he was f****** her but I couldn't hardly tell her I didn't like it, Not cause i was jealous not that she was cheating on dad but cause I wanted her for me. I was 13... [more]

The ultimate confession post

I comes across this site called https://www.confessionpost.com and i puts in a confession thats sayin thats i comes accros this site that bears this name of www.confessionpost.com and i makes a confession sayin just this much on this site called https://www.confessionpost.com thats i alredy mentiended befor

I tried to seduce my sister

I started reading insect stories ... I could see my sister cleavage whole day slowly my view changed for her ... One day i saw her changing clothes and she opened her bra I saw and after seeing this i jerked her huge b**** and ass atracted me .. That time i was 18 my sis was of 20 . When she was... [more]

Catholic Confession

I am an 18 year old Catholic girl. I love my s** and been having s** since I was 14. Of course, I do confess my sins to a priest. Our parish recently got a new young priest. I hate going to confession when he is the priest hearing confessions. He asks the... [more]

Men wearing women’s panties

I bought some lacy panties for my girlfriend who is the same size as me. When I gave them to her, I confessed that I had worn my previous wife’s panties on occasion and I told my ex that I liked wearing her panties, she said, you pervert, so I stopped. My girlfriend said try the white lacy ones on for me, well I quickly stripped and slid the white... [more]


Coronavirus may turn out to be karma in action if it decimates the human population of Earth . For thousands of years humans have murdered and mistreated each other and murdered and mistreated animals , insects , birds and fishes of every variety . Coronavirus may be the beginning of payback time for us humans .

My wife left me for another man

I still love her. I want her back. She is planning on being with this guy but I would forgive her. I love her so much.

Not ok

I slept with my brother in-law, Ex...Brother in-law I guess, My sister and her husband split 5 years ago and last night I came home and walked in on my room mate and her ex. Yeah, I didn't right away know it was him, He is an attractive guy, Older than me by 14 years, I am 28 nd recently single from a long term engagement (Hence the room mate) and... [more]

I did something bad last night

I’m not going to go into too much detail but I used to date this guy years ago. We remained friends after everything went bad then we both got into new relationships. He’s been with her for quite some years now and I’ve become single recently. He asked me to come out and drink last night and I told him if she’s okay with it then that’s fine. We... [more]


Me my mate and wife was having a drink one night at home and i was feeling h**** and showed my mate some pics of my wife without her knowing he liked them and said he wanted to f*** her a bit later he was sat next to her and got his [more]

Massuse caught me masturbating my p****

I visited a massage parlor near my house and never wanted to pay $65 for one hour. So i went inside nobody seemed to be there so i snuck into one of the rooms stripped naked and used vasoline.to m*********. I was.going at it fantasizing the massuse was watching and next thing.you know the... [more]

My dog has been trying to hump me and i can't stop wanting it

I love him licking me and want him to get me How does it feel

My best friend aroused me

So this was something happened last month...
I have a female best friend who is 19 years old same as my age, let's name her Z ... she had come back from her college in another city during her vacations. she is a cute girl shorter at 5'2 and shorter than me and was somewhat attractive.
So she had a doubt in Java programming and called me over to... [more]

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