Embarrassing Confessions

I like to pee on furniture

I like to pee on furniture while I'm sitting on it. The sofa, the chair, the bed...you name it. I don't care about the consequences. I just do it because it feels soooo good. Especially if I am naked with my p**** in contact with the material I'm sitting on.

My smoking girl

My daughter is 13. I let her smoke. I provide her with all the ciggies she wants. The only reason I don't feel too terrible about it is that I smoke and started at her age, and nothing bad has happened to me. She really likes to smoke. I mean really! How can I deny her? I love her too much.

Primal Tummy Fetish

I have an extreme tummy fetish and like to have someone push my belly in real slow and deep and massage all my belly organs

MIL saw me naked

Without going into the finer details and to cut a long story short; one morning I found myself face to face with my mother in law without a stitch of clothing on me, or within grabbing distance!
How did I find myself to be in this awkward position? My in laws had been staying with us over half term. This particular morning I got up early as... [more]

I want to wear REAL lingerie

For a long time I kind was kind of a show off. I acted like I was the best at s** even as a child. I needed a bf, talked to guys a lot etc. At some point I ended up trying to expose my chest at school. I made sure that everyone say it (I was in 2nd grade lol). I loved the attention but I needed something... [more]


I’m 15 and I just moved to a new school. There’s this guy in my history class who I can’t stop thinking about. And he’s always sending me confusing signs... I dun know if he likes me or not. He would look at me whenever I go by him, he switched his full locker for a half locker that is near me. He only talked to me once and it was to ask me what... [more]


I've got myself into something that I can't get out of. A few months ago I agreed to let a girl watch me m*********. She enjoyed it and so did I. A few days later she asked if I would do it again, but with another girl watching as well. From then on the word got around and I've done it for a... [more]

Fingering myself.

I was fingering myself last week, haven't really done it much since. Tonight I just felt the urge and I fingered myself countless times and I even began watching p***. I can't stop it ! I just can't stop the pleasure of fingering myself, I'm 13 and al of my friendship group have lost their... [more]

Tickle Fetish

I love to tickle bellys.

I'm A Good Girl But....

A satanic s*** (or at least I feel like it). All I can ever thing about is pleasing a nice big c***. Just licking the tip, making it twitch before he blows out a huge load. Hehe, makes you wonder huh? Have I always been like this? Tbh, I have. Ever... [more]

I enjoy it when my boyfriend drinks me pee

It was obvious from the start that my boyfriend enjoys watching me pee, but it took me a little while to realise that he enjoys licking my p***y straight after I've been to the bathroom. When I asked him about it he said that the taste of pee on my p***y turns him on. We talked about it at length and I asked him if he would like me to pee in his... [more]

Running makes me h**** as h***.

Usually when I do some exercises I get h**** but running is like on different level.
Seems I get biggest effect after 5km runs.
Each time I get back from those runs and will start my routine weight lifting and stretching I nearly always get boners. Some times it starts already when i run... [more]

I'm in love with Elizabeth II

I'm in love with Young Queen Elizabeth II, young, not old.

Caught naked

My sister in law had asked my wife to watch her house and feed the cat while she was away for a couple of days. I had volunteered to go round and take care of it so my wife could go shopping. I had fed the cat and then let it out of the house and was going round the house opening the curtains in each room, when I got to my sister in laws room I... [more]

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