Embarrassing Confessions

I Want My Girlfriend’s Mom

I want my girlfriend’s mom. I fantasize about her and have been doing so since I was 11. I have known my girlfriend’s mom since my girlfriend and I were kids. She had my girlfriend young and is only about 13 years older than me. She is a beautiful white woman. She has the most beautiful brown hair and I love how she keeps it cut short. She has the... [more]

Mark Twain .

Huckleberry Finn is a wonderful book , Mark Twain wasn't shy when it came to using the N word . Then there's Agatha Christie's Ten Little N****** , set in N***** Island (ficticious) , off the coast of Devon , England . There wasn't any politically... [more]

The Protest

I live in a large city and my friends are mostly theater guys with whom I went to HS. We went to check out the protests, because it was exciting and we were for it. As theater guys, we wanted to be a little dramatic.
I dressed in blackface, my buddy dressed in a cop outfit, and we re-enacted the George Floyd murder amidst the protesters... [more]

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When I went wet

Have you ever been to the sight Omegle? Well, I have and every few man parts would start popping up when I was just talking to strangers in the video section. I soo got really h**** and addicted. I would stay up at night until 1 or 2 in the morning and play with myself on camera. I put in big [more]

First o*****

I was at my friends house and was young. My organs were maybe near full size then, even i was surprised at how big my b**** got. My friends mother was home alone, my friend went to his dads house for the weekend. I knocked on the door and his mom invited me in. She explained that my friend was... [more]

Stop it Miranda

About three weeks ago my friend Miranda was staying over at my house and left my room to get a drink, She was gone a little longer than expected and returned giggling and looked at me saying "Oh my god", I said "What?" and she stood there covering her mouth for a second then motioned for me to follow her. My mom wasn't home and my step dad had... [more]

Closet Sissy

I confess I’ve dressed as sissy b**** ever since I was a young teenager. I wore whatever pair of panties I could find and bras I could steal because I stretched them out. I gathered a small stash to keep so I could pretend whenever I got the chance. I always had or thought I’d be caught and made to... [more]

Closet Sissy

I confess I’ve dressed as sissy b**** ever since I was a young teenager. I wore whatever pair of panties I could find and bras I could steal because I stretched them out. I gathered a small stash to keep so I could pretend whenever I got the chance. I always had or thought I’d be caught and made to... [more]

Black versus White .

Abos in Australia for 40,000 years , came up with a boomerang after all that time . White people in Australia for 250 years , built great cities . Native Americans in America for 40,000/50,000 years , came up with nothing . White people in America for 400 years , built the greatest country on Earth . White people for progress every time .

Last time I had s**, 9/11 hadn't happened yet.

The title says it all.

At a crossroads .

Looking at what's been happening in U.S.A . over the last 8 or 9 days , if white people give in to blacks , things will get very bad indeed . To say it bluntly , America will never be the same again . It won't be long before tumbleweeds roll along the length of Wall Street . If blacks get any control away from white people then America will... [more]

My mom

I came home from school one day and just before i got home i saw this guy leaving our house.
When i went in mom was in the shower. I had a dea what was happening. Dad is gone alot trucking so i am not stupid.
Mom is short. I am 2 inches taller and she is very petite nice figure. I know she is hot.
It was about two week and dad left for a ling... [more]

Smelly p******

I am happily married, but i would love to eat a smelly p**** and ass, perhaps unwashed for a few days. I love the way my wife smells when she has worked out but she always gets washed before i can get near her. I’d love to be face f***** by a sweaty wet... [more]

NY Teacher Sleeps with Students (Billy Ray Davis)

Beware! Billy Ray Davis Jr is a master con artist/ narcissist that lies, steals & manipulates men & women for s** & money. He has HIV & spreads it to anyone that spreads legs & butt cheeks. If he hit it u better get tested. He's on eharmony, match & pof. He acts like a good guy til u ask questions. He... [more]


I love wearing panties. I'm 64, married 42 yes and have been wearing panties since I was 12. I love wearing them and seeing other men wearing them. My mom caught me wearing them when I was 12 and dressed me up like a girl. Thanks mom, that worked. Lol

Public Wanking.......The Sperminator

From about the time I was 11 or so I began masturbating and fell in love with it. I couldn’t believe something could feel so good. I never even heard of it before I just started doing it. I was addicted. I began doing it in public. I would wait until girls were going to pass me and pull it out and beat it.
My High School was a 1/2 hour... [more]

Them and us .

Bring back racial segregation , all this lovey dovey crap about blacks and whites being equal will not work out well . Blacks commit most of the crimes , it's in their nature to be criminals , so don't think that blacks can ever be trusted , not for a minute , because they can't .

I Have a Fetish

It's a wedgie fetish. Specifically a Melvin or Front Wedgie fetish. I wish I could get rid of it!

Cheerleading mishap

I'm a cheerleader for a large university. We've been practicing on the side, as formal practice doesn't start for a couple of weeks. We were doing basket tosses when one didn't go right and when I came down wrong the two guys who were catching me had to adjust. Well, one of the guys caught me in the crotch and his thumb slipped into my... [more]

It's really weird to see my mom dating new guy every month.

I don't know how other people deal with it but I personally find it very disturbing to see my mom with new guy, still trying to find the right one.
It's worst when she brings them home and I have to see the look on their face which says, "I'm banging your mom".
Don't get me wrong I don't mind my mom having a new husband or long term... [more]

Mom found out I’m hooking up with her friend/business partner

Jan 48 (looks 30) & mom are real estate partners. btw; back in high school, I used to ‘date’ Jan’s daughter Krysti. Jan’s open minded, she had Krysti on bc and allowed me to sleep over many nights at their house.
Jan’s tiny, thin, 5” 2’, bottle blonde, perfect bolt on 32D, raw vegan, smooth skin and gorgeous. When not at work, Jan and mom are... [more]

Educated versus uneducated .

Question ; What's the difference between an educated black person and an uneducated black person ? Answer ; An educated black person knows better than to argue with a cop .


I’m live in NY and I don’t really have any women to talk to if anyone women older is fine to wanna talk or more lmk :)

The Dreaded Question: Do I give Happy Endings

I’ve had time to browse the internet during this quarantine, and now I figure I’ll tell my story. I’m a massage therapist for 20 years now. I had no idea that I’d be asked by so many men about receiving a “Happy Ending“. There was no mention of this in School. When I met my husband and we started dating and I revealed my occupation he asked if... [more]


I have dreams all the time for years Iwhen i was little I remember my broo friend Comming into my room in middle of night and masturbated me and had me suck him. I remember hating it cause it was embarrassing and tasted awful.

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