Embarrassing Confessions

Dear mother

Minu ammune unistus täitus ka nüüd emadepäeval.Elan kodust kaugel ja nüüd oli võimalus ema külastada.Emadepäev möödus normaalselt ja lõbusalt meil,aga järgmisel hommikul pidin jälle tagasi sõitma.Ema oli selle ärasõiduga mures,et võiks veel ühe päevagi viivitada ning tänas mind suure roosi kimbu eest.Korraga me embasime teineteist ja siis läks... [more]

Guys are such pigs.

I needed to tell someone and this is the only place I could think of to do it.
My BFF and I went to mexico for a vacation, We were on the beach, A couple guys came up and started talking to us, We had some drinks, Supper, More drinks, Went skinny dipping and ended up back in our room with both of them.
We were drunk and having fun, It was all... [more]

Stomach Fetish

I have a stomach fetish since childhood. Maybe I was 5 years old. At that time, I thought that girls use to wear tight things around their stomach. Cuz every girls I saw, they were having slim stomach but bigger hips and chest. It could only be possible if you're wearing a very tight things around your stomach. I mostly focus on younger girls cuz... [more]

Why do I keep thinking about her.

I walked in on my wife's mom the other morning, Well...A month ago now but anyway, My wife had talked her mom into coming with us on a trip to Cuba but her dad refuses to get on an airplane so he stayed home, Her mom came and stayed with us the night before we were going to leave and had slept downstairs, Our kids were at the wife's sisters place... [more]

Growing my big belly

I have let my self go. I have gained 75 pound in last 9months up to 315.my belly is 61onches. I am not done. My wife tells me to embrace my fattiness. She is fat too. She seems to enjoy watching me eat. I want to gain more. I currently eat about 5000 calories per day. I don't know where I'll stop. Definitely going for 350. I love how it feels to... [more]

Step father and mother

Gay young teen here that used to j******* every day listening to my step dad f*** my moms brains out. Wish I had a chance to watch and eat a load out of her. Now they’re divorced he’s back on drugs and I’ve thought about trying to get him high and... [more]

I like little girls

I need to find a little girl between the age of 6 and 11. I want a girl but I don't want to kidnap her or hurt her

Accidentally came in my pants

This happened years ago when I was 19. I had to watch my 2 nieces for about an hour when my sister ran out shopping. I was sitting in a big plush chair with a seperate cushioned foot stool. The girls came giggling into the room both wearing flimsy little linen skirts that they had obviously grown out of. I told them to sit and watch some... [more]

I j*** off in my wife's dirty panties

I have been alone all day borde out of my mind and I have a pantie fetish so I am going to the dirty clothes hamper for my wife's panties I'm going to c** in every pair I can find 😊

Who knows....

Anyone know who Pete is f****** at the moment...besides his wife....

He got it

Jerry had a series of medical tests coming. One set of directions required enemas until clear. He said he’d have them do it. I explained what it might be like. Sheepishly he asked if I’d do it.
I bought an old fashioned enema kit and began. What an unexpected turn on. My panties got so wet. In return for letting him have me doggy style he... [more]

Wearing mother in laws clothing

I had always been hot for my mother in law since I first met her. She was a very attractive woman who dressed very properly and being a cross-dresser I always want to wear her things. Then I got my chance.
She took a trip to another part of the country to see some relatives and asked my wife and I to watch over her place and pick up the mail... [more]

Peeped on my stepdaughter naked.

I had peeped on my 29 year old stepdaughter when she was completely alone, unaware and naked. I have my pants down getting off while i was peeping on her in the nude. I have also been smelling her dirty underwear and getting off to her Feminine odor. I have been peeping on her in the nude ever sense she was 18. My stepdaughter has 36c breast and... [more]

Accidental incest in the African American community

A negative stereotype concerning African Americans is that the women are so promiscuous that the children and the mother herself are not sure who the father of her children are. In the poorer ghettoes this, unfortunately, is very true.
This situation, unfortunately, causes accidental incest. Half brothers and sisters get together and make... [more]

Caught red handed

My mom and her husband married when I was 16, I never really cared for him too much but whatever, He seems to make her happy, He came as a package deal with a son 3 years older than me and a daughter 2 years younger, I never really knew his son much since he never lived with us but he seems ok, His daughter, My step sister is the biggest nerd... [more]

Panties are so comfy for men.

I confess I started wearing my mothers panties when I was 20 years old and her bras so now she buys me my own I’m not gay I just love wearing bras and panties

I wish I was a doe

I fell asleep and dreamt that a was a young cute doe living in the woods one day a met a boy ( blush ) we chased butterflies and dodged cars, one day around spring he invited me to a secret spot in the woods it was nice with a view, I come here often to clear my head he said I just looked at him wow, gasped by the scenery he held my hoof and said... [more]

Kinky memories

I still think of an old girlfriend that I had kinky s** with.

Starring contest

I was hired to work on computers. My job was to draw what others had designed and from time to time they’d come to my desk and we’d discuss changes that needed to be made.
The way my desk was set up folks would stand in front and lean over to point out what needed doing. My boss who was extremely beautiful came in one morning to discuss changes... [more]


Im a sissy i come from niagara falls region

Mother in-laws not have a bra on so I'm looking down her shirt

I'm sitting at my mother in-laws house sitting behind her as she is
reading a book and I can't help but notice that she wasn't wearing a bra and I can see right down her shirt so I'm admiring the view of her brest and I must say that they are beautiful and massive I want to suck her nipples wish she would come put those in my face dang I got... [more]



Cute moment with my crush

When I was in 6th grade, I was in this advanced class with my crush, Tyler, and some other people. It was a class that will give you a higher chance of getting in a good college. But anyways, we were making a paper boat that was supposed to go fast on the water. So, then I got up to go get tape. When I tried cutting out the tape with a scissor, I... [more]

I read confessions on confessionpost.com

My plans fell through one morning so I stayed home and read confessions on this site. Smh. I feel so ashamed, I spent 20 minutes here.

I like woman s*** ..

Hi freind..
I am a straight man, but I like women s*** madly , I dont know what to do ، I thought a lot about entering the women's toilet in public places , But I have to wait a long time , The subject is very dangerous ، because I'm live in Arabic country ، I tried to forget it a lot, but it is... [more]

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