Embarrassing Confessions

I like being sat on by a woman

I love to be pinned down and sat on by a woman. Preferably on my chest. I am in Pakistan. Does any woman in Pakistan enjoy doing this? Ofcourse fully clothed

Motel sissy s***

The couple next door at my motel made 3 attempts to make me be quite last night. Finally the manager came around 4AM. And banged on the door. My lover walked me to the door and I answered and leaned around the door. i was impaled on his c*** and on my tiptoes while trying to apologize for our... [more]

A guy who fell in love with spandex.

I started running in tights few years ago. At start I was embarrassed but now I love running in tights and would never run in anything else.
I think I even developed slight fetish for spandex tights. Anyway....
I don't use shorts when I run in running tights. My bulge and ass are perfectly visible due to very tight compression tights I... [more]

So i get turned on by stomach growls?

Ever since i was a little kid i loved hearing stomach growls especially when it was in like cartoons or some other shows,But now that i’ve gotten older its gotten to a point where i get really turned on by stomach growls,Idk why.


I have a thing for pregnant women, I always have. My chemistry teacher this year was pregnant and I couldn't stop looking at her and I could never focus in class. I failed the final in her class because I was always aroused seeing her big stomach, b****, and beautiful blue eyes.

My wife's cousin is a cuck.

My wife's cousin and his wife are both white but she gave birth to a black girl. Lol. The whole family is upset and only talks about it in whispers. She had a drug addiction and we think it was her drug dealer. He's a piece of s*** and he deserves it so I just laugh.

F****** sister

My sisters age is 33 she is married and had 2 child but I love her structure and figure eagerly and from morning to evening there will be no one in my sisters house she will be alone and looking hot. Now I want to suck her b**** and want to do s** with her. But I am getting afraid that how to seduce her or approach her so please give me good... [more]


My ex girlfriend financially ruined me with her reckless spending and then left me with nothing but spiralling debts. I’ve lost my house, my car, my job and been alienated from all my old friends. I’m living in sheltered accommodation usually reserved from the homeless. I’ve got 6 weeks here but I’m worried I’m going to be begging on the streets... [more]

Mother took me to Victoria's Secret.

Mom caught me wearing her lingerie so she made me go shopping at Victoria's Secret. I felt so embarrassed. She pulled me alongside her into the lingerie shop. Making little statements like:" Are these panties what you like?" No I told her. She rubbed them against my face. I was so humiliated. "Sissy boy" She continued to make me eventually give in... [more]

How do I come out?

I think I'm bisexual. But I have a few issues.
1) I'm in a relationship with a boy rn
2) my family probably would be weirded out with it
3) the girl I fancy (who is gay) is friends with my best friend (long story but I reckon she wouldn't take well to it/ take the p***)
I don't know what to do... [more]

Wife farts like crazy

Have you heard about women saying they don't pass gas. Some say oh no I'm to much a lady to do that. I say bull. They fart they just don't want you to know about it. Some sneak it out and then try and lay the blame else where. Not my wife though. She cuts farts just about anywhere we go. I mean loud nasty ones that would peel the paint off the... [more]

Caught my son masturbating and using a d****

My son lives with me. He is 27 years old. He lost his job and then his apartment. I told him he can always stay with me as long as need be. So he moved his stuff into storage and then he came to live with me. I told him that he could use the guest bedroom and I expected him to clean up after himself including making his own bed and doing his own... [more]


I get along better with the children I work with than I do with my own co-workers, who are my age.I can't help but wonder what that says about me.

Want wife to catch me in woman's clothing with a male lover

I am a 50 year old bi married male crossdresser. I want to tell my wife I love c*** and dress or better yet have her catch me wearing a skirt, stockings, heels, panties and bra with a male lover in my ass or mouth.

My ex husband caught us mid-coitus and had a fight with my new bf

It was saturday afternoon and my new boyfriend (31) and I (30) were on the couch at my place having s**. It was about 1 or 2 pm, and we weren't expecting my ex husband (32) with my son (8) until 6 pm. He was supposed to spend the whole day with him, at a karate competition both were taking part in, in different levels of course (my ex husband is a... [more]

My neighbors used panties

My neighbor has been throwing away clothes she no longer wears ,I told her I would take them to the clothes bank. She dad 4 bags full of various things ,i.put them in my truck and started away, She stopped me ,put 2 more bags in the truck,told me to make sure that I put them in the trash, I was curious about the 2 last bags, so I stopped on side... [more]

Try again .

Hi , I used to post on Getting My Wife Drunk At Home but I can't find that site now . Eileen .

Mentally retarded grandmother (Part II)

I already told about my grandma who lives with us because she no longer could be alone.
In my first post I told, that she always smiles at me when I show her my c***. I got h**** and went to my room to do something about it.
Yesterday evening... [more]

Drinking too much , too often .

I'm a 31 year old woman who enjoys drinking too much and getting drunk . Eileen

Wtf i have a crush on Tony Toponi from An American Tail

Idk why but i have a crush on tony toponi but im not a furry wtf is wrong with me hes a cartoon mouse!!

No thanks

My boyfriend and I tried our first...Three way...No...Cuckold, No...I don't really know what to call it but anyway I banged his friend while he watched. We were all partying together and shared a cab home, My boyfriends friend Mark got out at our house and we went inside, We had a couple more drinks and they were both talking about "Size" and I... [more]


I have really bad body odour right now. I’m perfectly able to shower. I just don’t want to. The smell and I are learning to coexist. Just felt like sharing really.

I Lost In Front Of My Girlfriend

What can I say? I lost a fight with my girlfriend (Katrina) and her best friend (Evie) there watching. It was so embarrassing. And I lost easily, which made it worse. Katrina tried to be supportive, but it was obvious she was also embarrassed. She kept looking at Evie as if to say, "I'm so embarrassed. What do I do with him?" Evie didn't have much... [more]

Caught masturbating and punished

I'm 16 and my mother caught me masturbating in my room. She didn't knock as she thinks she doesn't have to respect my privacy. So I was laying on top of my bed covers pulled back and I was going at it. Just a few moments from e********** and having a great climax. I was jerking off to a... [more]

I don't understand why . . .

. . . I can't find Bella Thorne's naked selfies online. I keep reading about them but I can't find them. I love her and I want to look at them and rub.

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