Embarrassing Confessions

My dad

I was masturbating last night Had my underwear down laying back on bed And my dad walked in and saw me. Im so embarrassed


I’m a pervy mom of 3 girls

Keeping my husband heavy

I haven’t been married long but we’ve been in a relationship for as long as I can remember. On and off for many years. For as long as I can remember he’s always been a big guy. Oh not in the way you’re thinking although.......
Anywho back on track!
He was never a thin guy. Ever. When we first met he had just hit 210. He’s 6’7 and when we... [more]

Nobody got any pie

She baked a chocolate pie for her sick younger sister my Aunt. She kept telling me over and over I couldn’t have any of the pie. I said fine quit talking about it.
As she was putting the pie on top of the car so she could open the car door this perfect pie slipped off and hit the concrete floor of the garage. It splattered everywhere. Ruined... [more]

Skinny Dipping

In the sixth form, in the 1960’s, some friends (all male) and I sneaked into the school swimming pool during a free afternoon. We had checked and it was not due to be used that day. In the absence of swimming costumes we just stripped off and skinny dipped.
We were playing around with a football and had not heard the main door from the changing... [more]

Busted back and forth

My step mom got busted then busted me, I was at home the other day and had a spare, this is the first year I have had spares and so it's kind of different for everyone, I was in the kitchen and heard the door open up and close, She came up the stairs and straight to the bedroom, I was going to say hi but she seemed to be in a bit of a rush and I... [more]

Saw my brother jerking

My brother is aged 15 and I am 19 year old girl. We both sleep in the same room but on separate cots at both ends of the room. I am a sound sleeper and wakes only in the morning too late. One night I had bad dream and just opened my eyes stark awake and as I was lying on my side facing the brother's bed opposite I astonishing saw the horrible act... [more]

Erection at school

At school I was always a cheeky boy and got caned on several occasions in the 1960’s. One day I was cheeky to a lovely lady teacher and wolf whistled her.
The teacher was obviously embarrassed and sent me out of the class. While out of the class the Head Mistress came by and asked me why I was there. I told her and she sent me to wait outside... [more]

A day noe of us will ever forget.

My wife never really ever gets too wild in bed anymore but used to, Once in a while she may even leave the lights on but not very often so I was blown away when I got home from work and was greeted by my loving wife with a drink and her in lingerie, I was like "What's this all about?", She said "Well, It's not every day you turn 40", It was my... [more]

Who loves hairy pu***

I love it. Simply adore hairy P****

My big sister

Growing up i had a a horrible childhood.
Don’t get me wrong i had good parents
And at the time I thought everything was normal.
But my sister who was 6 years older than me started molesting me when i was 4 or 5.
I can remember the first time.
I didn’t know it was wrong just that she said keep it our secret. The first time she was babysitting... [more]

My girlfriends Ex problem

Her ex boyfriend told her she has 6 mouths to leave me.
Her ex is so manipulating what he want to marry her, yet shouts at her in arguments, gets mad that I'm talking to her, yet he suggests a poly relationship, he just want everything his way.
He left her 2 years ago and comes back like nothing happened, as my girlfriend has told him I'm in a... [more]

Cat interruption

My cat walked into the room while I was masturbating :(. She didn't see anything thankfully but honestly was as embarrassing as if a human had walked in on me

My fantasies

I am a 32 year old mother of 3
I have always had a high s** drive.
My husband is gone alot so i m********* alot.
I am a small woman I’m only 4’10
100 lbs.
Anyway. I have been not enjoying my self s**... [more]

My son

Im a 35 year old mother of 3
I was doing laundry last week and found a pair of my panties in my sons room.
They were c** stained.
I know what he was doing with them.
Im not dumb.
After i found it i think back the past months.
He has been more touchy feely lately.
Rubbing my shoulders... [more]

Step Mom

My Dad got remarried 3years ago when i was 15 she was a nice enough person
I never thought of her in sexual way because
Its dad’s wife.
I’m not saying I didn’t look at her body when she was in swim suit or ass when she wore tight jeans. Sure i did. But never fantasized about her.
Fast forward, I’m a senior in High School
She... [more]

My mistake

When i was in elementary we were all out playing and Lisa got the ball and 3 were
Trying to take it from her she fell back on ground
I always gad a crush on her but today i just reached down an pulled her pants off in one yank
Her underwear came too she was embarrassed and did not know who did it. But hurried and got dressed and ran back... [more]

Saw mom

Mom would take me to wrestling matches
She started setting with one of my friends parents
Dad was a truck driver so never made it to them.
Some times my friends mom had to work so it was just him and my mom
One time after a match he drove us home because moms car was in shop .
He came in with us my friend and i went to play video games in... [more]

My wife

I came in house last Saturday wife did not know i was home. I heard her in bedroom so i walked down hall and saw her on bed f****** our great dane
I’m shocked and sneak back out.
A half hour later i walk in making noise and she is on sofa the dogs on floor . Has no idea i busted her.
Don’t... [more]

40 years ago

When i was 8 i can remember it like yesterday
I was at my friends house staying all night
I got up to use bathroom in middle of night.
And my friend was not there i look for him then i gear his mom talking to him.
I peek in her room and she was sucking him on bed
I hurry back to bed and about half hour later my friend came back .
I was... [more]

My sister

I got up last night to use bathroom i heard my sister making noise in her room fo no reason I peek through her keyhole and she was in bed f****** dads chocolate lab. Idk what to do.

My dad

I saw my dad last night having s** with my aunt. They never saw me Should i tell mom?

Caught mom

When i was a kid mom would send me and my brother to bed at 9
Dad works nights.
One night i was thirsty and was quite sneaking to kitchen because mom didn’t let us get up at night
I saw mom with a guy in the couch her back to me naked riding up and down on him.
I never said anything
The next night i was 12 so I wanted to see I snuck down... [more]

I have been a victim to sexual activity since I wad 9

At the age of 9 ...i was Introduced to my newly founded uncle. he was a cool one, always gave me gifts and let me get away with stuff at home. he would also take me out often to his house. my mom and I wasn't close, she always had to work as a single mom so when my uncle started touching me in my private places I didn't say a thing, he would take... [more]

I am not the first.

I am not the first to get caught doing something embarrassing and I am sure I won't be the last but my mom walked in on me and my best friend sitting on my bed with no pants on and...just checking things out, Of course she had to walk in at the absolute worst moment after my friend had asked if she could touch it, I sat back on my hands, Legs... [more]

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