Embarrassing Confessions

Wife Spanks Me In Front Of Her Mother

I was over my wife's mother's house and got into an argument with my wife and lost my cool. I said, "F*** you!" to my wife in front of her mother. Her mother blew up and told my wife she should spank me like her mother said she used to do to her husband, who passed away a few years ago, "to keep him... [more]

My daughters using my d*****

Im a single mom and therefore I have a vibrating wand and two d****.one day my daughter walked in on me using them as I was c****** and I was very embarressed but since then I can tell my daughter is using the huge [more]

Lost Bet

Tonya smiled at me. "Your choice, baby doll. Jeans or bra?"
My fingers trembling, I unzipped my jeans and slid them down, suddenly aware we had attracted a crowd of about 20 onlookers who saw me remove my blouse and surmised there was a little strip pool going on. As I stepped out of my pants, I was greeted with wolf whistles, applause and... [more]

Im having s** with my stepbro

I sleep with my stepbrother. it only started a few months ago but now i cant stop its gotten out of control. it all started when one day me and my stepbro were trying to bond so we watched this scary movie on the couch. at first i hated my stepbro he always seemed like a mean guy and everyone called him a " player" and anyways. we were sitting on... [more]

Stripped by roommates, forced to entertain girlfriends

After college 3 of us were sharing an appartment. The 2 guys were sixfooters while I was just 5'2" and I was very talkative and when they get bugged with my talking, many times they used to grab me and strip me naked and I had to do some silly stuff to make them laugh like finger my ass or draw on my [more]

Jerking off in Public

Unlike most of the people who post on this site I am NOT a 19 year old blonde with a beautiful body. What I am is a middle age women with a "Full Figure"(which means I am a little Heavy). I still enjoy s** with my Husband when we can find time from the three kids, it just isn't as often or as fast as it... [more]

Husband Showed Me Off Naked

I was just cleaning out and shredding some old bills and came across a cd-rom in the bottom of the desk drawer. When I put it into the computer I found it had dozens of image pictures of me in the nude which my husband of 12 years had secretly taken of me. Pictures of me in the shower, undressing, sleeping and so on. I did not know what to think... [more]


I was busted by my sixteen yr old sister recently stroking my c*** on my bed I being seventeen she abruptly walked into my room weeks went by an soon one afternoon she an I was at house alone she came into my room Again this time after knocking she laughed she said you know you should really get a gf... [more]

My mom got half drunk and did my boyfriend.

We have a country store with a video game room, on the other side is a bar. Where the people of our community go in the evening. Kids play one one side and adults on the other. On the outside are those in between ages who talk farming hunting guns and girls.
I know my mom had a lot to drink one night, I would have to drive her home. And for s... [more]

Got my best friend's wife pregnant

I'll be screwed if my best friend finds out I got his wife pregnant. The dumb blonde was supposed to be on the pill or I wouldn't have done her. She is so hot I couldn't help myself and wanted her for a long time and tried to get in her pants many times before I finally did her. She was p***** at her... [more]

Saw my aunt Naked

When I was 17 Yrs old i come to another city for graduation. There my aunt(uncle's wife) lived alone bcz my uncle is in Navy. I lived with her. There is one room set thats why i sleep in my aunt bed with her. I have no wrong intention for her . She used to sleep in nighty. Once we sleep opposite side of each other. When i wake up in morning her... [more]

My first time nude modeling for art

I answered an ad for a nude model for art class. The ad wanted an athletic and fit male model to teach the anatomical structure of the body to art students. I didn't have any experience modeling. So I did some quick research on the web about art class modeling which said you do several poses nude while about a dozen students draw you. I'm in my... [more]

Sitting on my aunt

It was holiday season. I went to stay at my aunt home. She is like little fat 35 age women. Onee day she was alon at home bcz my uncle goes for a job and her children went for there stugy outside town.she was lying in her bedroom in afternoon. She calling me to sleep with her.but i wanted to sit on her stomach.bcz when i am little boy of 5 she... [more]

Spanked by my sister and her friends

Over the weekend I was taking some pictures. I came inside and set my camera down on the coffee table in the living room. I went into the kitchen and it was just sitting there. My sister came in with two friends and sat on the sofa. After I got a drink I came in to pick it up and my sister's friend Janet grabbed for the camera. I got it first and... [more]

His mom caught me during my first kinky experience

I love dirty bondage/bdsm s**. I once was getting intimate with my boyfriend when he asked to tie me up.i was a nobody and he was really popular, so I didn't want to ruin a relationship that I could finally get into. I had only had s** once before, and it... [more]


My wife was out of town so I had the house to myself. I hooked up my computer to our large screen TV and began surfing p***. There was a p*** movie I began to watch and had the volume up so I could hear the moans of the women getting [more]

My gynecologist makes me wet

I am 42 and married. Once a year a schedule a visit for an OB/GYN exam. I've had the same doctor for five years now. He's an Italian, thirty-something, very handsome and fit brunette. Since the first time I went to his office I noticed he made me nervous and giggly. I had never had such a cute gynecologist. He is very polite and easy going. He... [more]

As a young boy age 7 I was made to wear girls clothes

Shortly after I had my seventh birthday me and my twin sister had to go to live with our aunt. All was OK it came to me going to bed I my mum and dad let me just sleep in my shorts. When my aunt came into the bed room she so I only had my shorts on and said come on get your pjs on I told her I don't wear them only shorts to this she said on I not... [more]

I Have Been Secretly Violating My Female Coworkers For Years

I am a male and have been secretly violating some of my female coworkers for years. I have never been caught, but I keep upping the ante to get more and more sexual excite. I am afraid at some point I am going to get caught. Here are examples of what I have been doing. Sometimes I purposely stay at the office very late, or come in over the... [more]

Sniffing my sisters panties and look where it led to... :)

One day my sister told me to tidy up her room while she was out. And every body was out so I was tidying her room when suddently I came across theses blue see through thongs. So I desided to pick them up to see if they were dirty or not (I was doing laundry as well as tidying up her room)
And when I picked them up there was skid marks and [more]

Fooling Around With The Landlady

When my wife's at work I fool around with the landlady. She's 50 and not really attractive but she has a hot body that she knows how to use. I'm 28 and said by the ladies to be good looking and have a sexy body so that's probably why the landlady hit on me. Because I like cougars I got it on with her. Now I fool around with her every day while my... [more]

My dad beats me.

I recentally turned 16 and my father still beats the living s*** out of me. I don't know how he is f****** 48 years old and can still f****** man handel me. It's compeltly bullshit. He is nothing... [more]

Sniffing my step daughters knickers

Hi im bob, and i have a real thing for sniffing and sucking my step daughters knickers, ever since i went into the bathroom after she had been in the shower, she was fifteen when it started, i couldn't beleave my luck when i saw them, they were warm and damp, the smell was so sweet,i used to go in her room and find lots, she was very untidy, im so... [more]

My All Time Favorite Foot Fetish Videos!

Here is my story i am a huge feet, stomach, hair, chest, leg, and booty fetish nothing gives me more satisfication than staring at ladies feet i like when i describe ladies feet as being smelly which turns me on even more when the ladies dangle their shoes off their feet i go crazy that is my favorite activity of all the foot fetish dangling i... [more]

I had Committed B********* as a Tween.

Well I don't know how to say this but I am a junior in High School with a dark past. As a child around the age of ten or eleven I was watching Doctor Phil and I was learning about p*** addiction on it and I got curious. So one day I was doing a project and I typed in "[more]

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