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Wake up call

I'm 14 and my brother is 17,he didn't show any interest in me but that didn't stop me from trying,one morning i sneaked into his room when he was sleeping without waking him i pulled down his boxers and started to give him a b*******,when he woke up and pulled the covers off he was trying to say... [more]

Had to do it

I'm a 33 year old single mom and been sleeping with my son for a year,I would think about him when pleasuring myself,so one afternoon i desided that was the day it was going to happen,I had it all setup had p*** in the dvd player and when he came and sat down in the living room i pressed play,he... [more]

My wife made me and our two sons fat. And I was in on it

It all started about 3 years ago. At the time I regurarly visited a gym. I was nowhere near as jacked as some guys you see, but I was in really good shape. And our teen boys were also into sports. One played soccer and the other water polo, and they were just generally very active.
Now one night me and the wife were having this deep... [more]

Super Bowl super s**

This years super bowl was the best ever for two reasons and we watch it every week now.
My wife, totally unplanned between us, decided to seduce me and my friend during the game. I was annoyed that she kept coming in during the game but I could tell that Larry liked it.
It looked like our team was going to lose when she came in wearing a... [more]

Turned in to a 3sum

I've been in a relationship with my 21 year old nephew for the last 3 years,we done a homemade movie and i showed my sister when she came round, surprised she watched it all,I was surprised that she wasn't mad at me in fact she wanted to no details,I told her everything and she said you lucky b****... [more]

Playful mom

I'm 16 and in my last year at school and my mom is 35, It started last year when some of the family was out for a meal,we had a picture taken together and she pinched my ass,she laughed like it was a bit of fun but it happened more often,my mates think she hot always dribbling over her,when she would hug me as a bit of fun she would grab my ass... [more]

Happy son

My teenage son was looking after my sisters house when we was out shopping,we came back and he wasn't down stairs and we both went up to see where he was,that's when we seen him laying on her bed with a pair of her knickers wrapped around his d*** wanking off,we couldn't help but laugh as we rushed... [more]

Been wanting it

I've been having fantasy's about f****** my son,I'm 35 and have 2 kids son 16 and daughter 14,for a year ive wanted to take him to bed and drain his b****,I even wear slutty clothing to get him turned on and leave my door open hoping he would look... [more]

Is it wrong to love my sister-in-law?

I live in my brother's house since I had my divorce 2 years ago. She is married to a beautiful woman and with 2 kids. My brother invited me to join them for a threesome about a month after I move here. From that time on, I'm f****** my SIL everytime I have a chance whenever my brother is out or... [more]

Pregnant by Younger Brother 4 times

I'm 60 years old, and I never did an online confession .
When my brother was 14 and I was 20, we started a life time incestuous love affair. I went to him and gave him my body. He was tall for his age and well muscled, I loved him so much I could only think of him inside me.
We are still together as a married couple. 40 years ago it was... [more]

Mom visits friend in prison

A friend that grew up with me is a good guy but is in prison for three years because of a white collar crime. Some kind of theft he was blamed for but he didn’t do.
He’s been there a year and he had been getting called h*** because no woman has come to see him so he asked if I could get a woman... [more]

Shared s**

Me and my x was dating at the time we agreed to have s** with Uther people at the same time in the same bed . One night my wife got home and said she had found how we was going to switch with. Thin she introduced this big black man . So I asked her who I was [more]

Saw my brother jerking

My brother is aged 15 and I am 17 year old girl. We both sleep in the same room but on separate cots at both ends of the room. I am a sound sleeper and wakes only in the morning too late. One night I had bad dream and just opened my eyes stark awake and as I was lying on my side facing the brother's bed opposite I astonishing saw the horrible act... [more]

Autistic nephew

My nephew is autistic but smart he's only 16 and finds it hard to be around girls,when he came to mine i wanted to help him, asked him about s** any girls he likes,he was honest and i asked if he's tried a condom on before,he said no i got him to follow me to my bedroom and gave him one said try this... [more]

Sister and son

I'm 43 and got a sister who's 40 but doesn't look it,in the summer we was chatting in the garden and she asked how's in been with my son moving back in, said it's ok just hope i don't have another embarrassing situation and told her i walked in on him wanking when he was 16,it was the only thing she wanted to talk about,she likes the attention... [more]

Fun out shopping with my son

I got my 16yo son to come shopping with me last tuesday as he had a day of school,when i was trying clothes on the curtain was open a little and seen him watching me, left the shop but went back 30 minutes later same thing again this time i called him over to came in and zip me up,when i turned around you could see his [more]

When I was young I saw it happen.

I think I was 8 or 10 years old when we had a big boy living next to us. (A teenager, but I don’t know how old).
He asked me one day if I’ve seen my mom naked. I had not so he asked if I wanted to. I hadn’t thought of it before, but suddenly I did want to see her naked.
Somehow he was at the table at lunch time and he was telling my mom... [more]

H**** son

I came home from work early and seen p*** on my son's laptop,he was upstairs and his laptop was in the living room,he's 17 teen it's normal for lads to watch it but he was watching aunt and nephew p***,I told my 30 year old sister about it and that he... [more]

Unrelenting l*** for my little sister

My sister is five years younger than I am, and I've been secretly l****** after her since I hit puberty. I would sneak into her room and dig through her panty drawer every opportunity I had, and often dig in the hamper to retrieve freshly used pairs to fantasize with and lick and sniff and dream... [more]

My Mom Is Lying About Her Diet/Weight And It Makes Me Sick

My mom lies to people about losing weight. She constantly brags about how much she is losing when she is actually gaining weight. Some of our family members have noticed and have chosen to stay silent. My grandmother, my father, and my aunt, all refuse to listen, in spite of me trying to tell everyone the truth.
My mom will work out for 5... [more]

Black mailing my little sister

One day I could her funny sounds coming from my 12 y sister room . I peeked in to see my sister on her bed and our family dog was f****** the s*** out of her . So I opened the door far enough to record it with my phone . The dog finished quickly I... [more]

Daughter Father ecstacy

We can stop ourselves. Dad and I keep having s**. Not just quickies, but head board breaking 4 hour s** sessions almost every night.
I'm 21 and Dad's 40. He is hung like a horse and f**** me until I can't walk... [more]

Naked for Dad and his little w****

I just turned 18 last Christmas. Daddy's birthday was last week . I asked him what he wanted, he said for you be naked from now on.
I now I walk around nude for him at home. I love my Daddy, I hate that we can't get married. But I'm the best wife he can ever have. I'm a good girl in the street, a master chef in the kitchen and a worth dirty... [more]

Road trip sister sexy

My parents decided we was going on a long road trip . We have a SUV we have a air up bed in the back . It was night win we left . My parents told me and my little sister to sleep on the way . So my little sister got in first as she was getting in bed she stopped to adjust her skirt she lifted it far enough I seen she doesn't have on underwear... [more]

I'm terrified of my 14 year old son and his friends

High school was the worst 4 years of my life. I was ridiculed and bullied so severely that I began to see myself as worthless. Wherever I was, my locker, the changing room before and after gym, the parking lot after class let out, the other boys never missed a chance to let me know that I existed beneath them. As a result I've developed a deep... [more]

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