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Deadly weapon

Once a week i go and tidy my son's flat up just to help him out,I was nearly finished only had to put his washing away and found a disc in his draw and my curiosity got the better of me and desided to put it on just to see what it was,it started with him standing in front of a full length mirror that's in my bedroom naked and him talking dirty how... [more]

At first it was to help him

My son was involved in a car crash last year he seemed fine but told me he couldn't get aroused, while he's been keeping me company i asked if his problem is sorted and he said no so i asked him what used to turn him on, women who dressed like secretary's he told me and i put it to the test,I didn't tell him what i was going to do i dressed like... [more]

Got it on with aunt

10 years ago my mum had a big falling out with her sister and only recently they made up,18 months ago i started to chat to a woman on a chat site and it quickly moved to having phone s** and swapping dirty pictures,my mum tells me her sister is coming round and i should turn up to so i did and got a big... [more]

Best age for taboo family s**

What is the best age for s** with brother and sister if u have tried it how was it what age was u to did u youse a condom did u. Go all the way how many times . Leave a commit

Mom is leaving us to our abusive dad

I'm 17 and female. My sister is 18 and a part-time worker at Subway. Our parents refuse to get an official divorce, so now my mom is packing her s*** and she's going to abandon us.
I asked to come with her, she said no. I asked to visit her, she said no... She and my sister argue constantly like... [more]

Best friend flirts with my dad and I think she kissed him

My parents had me when they were quite young, my dad is in the army, and that often happens. As he has grown older I would say he had matured well and is in good shape, which means there is a joke amongst my so called friends that I have a hot dad.
I get that older men can be attractive, I have found men over twice my age attractive, but when... [more]

Taboo advise

My fiance and i have been together for 5 years. Im almost 2 years older than she is. We've been engaged for 8 months and she is a little over 6 months pregnant. We have a lot in common both being adopted, from the same state, like the same music, sports. Tv shows etc. We were cleaning out our files and were going through our original birth... [more]

Being a tease

I like getting attention from guys but being stuck in for weeks i got bored,I'm 16 and knew my 14yo brother spies on me,I'm in my bedroom wearing just a t-shirt and knickers and called him in and told him i knew what he's been doing,told him i will keep it a secret if he does what i ask him to do sit in his boxers and run his hand up my leg,he was... [more]

When I was little my friend told me he was gay so I beat him up

And I made him cry. Yep I remember it. It’s all coming back to me. We were little kids playing Xbox and he told me he had a crush on a boy at school. I beat him with the Xbox controller until it broke. Haha dumb ass gay boy.
Now he’s on the high school cheerleading team and wears make up. I want to beat him up again but now I know better than... [more]

Am I paranoid?

I know as I write this, I'm being silly and paranoid.
My husband and my daughter, she is 11 and step daughter to my husband, he said they had to be isolated as they had got a soar throat each, he said because there are two of them and didn't want me to get it, they would spend two weeks in mine and his bedroom completely shut off.
After he... [more]

Being naked

As i live on my own i like to walk round the house naked or in stockings,my 15yo nephew started showing up and would moan i took to long answering the door,I finally told him why weeks after and he said who cares i do that myself at home we should try it together if you're not scared,this is where i didn't think i agreed and said he should strip... [more]

I saw my dad naked

I was getting ready to go into my mom's room to tell her something (I don't even remember) and my dumbass thinking that my dad was still in the shower I opened the door without knocking and I saw my dad's p****...…. it was so traumatizing that I almost threw up and I ran to my room crying and I still... [more]

I took a s*** in my dad's chili

He was being a d*** (again) and was on my case about everything this week. This led to an argument in which he called me a lazy f***. I don’t appreciate being called lazy. AT ALL. I am an amazing programmer who works on innovative programming and... [more]

Regrettable lockdown s** with brother

I am so glad I have found this site, as I feel like I have to tell someone what happened, but I dare not speak of it.
My name is Poppy, I am 19 and until they sent us all home I was at university. My brother 22, got furloughed, couldn't pay rent and so was also back at our parents house. It was like being 15 again, living at home, but not able... [more]

My neighbour Kirsty's t*** !

I don't believe my luck !
Last night I was sitting in my BMW when my neighbour redhead neighbour joined me. Kirsty is 24' and was wearing a tight pair of short denim shorts.
As she sat down her coat fell open to reveal a nice pair of t***.
Nice [more]

My neighbour Kirsty's t*** !

I don't believe my luck !
Last night I was sitting in my BMW when my neighbour redhead neighbour joined me. Kirsty is 24' and was wearing a tight pair of short denim shorts.
As she sat down her coat fell open to reveal a nice pair of t***.
Nice [more]

I snifff my mums knickers

I sniff my.mums knickers regularly.
I'm mid thirties and can't stop myself.
I love finding her pubic hairs.and the smell of her f****.
I've just sniffed a pair and.wanked .
I so want to see her hairy c*** for real.
I would [more]

I want to f*** my mum.

Every day I take my 46 year old mums dirtly knickers to sniff and w***.
I adore the smell of her f****.
I w*** in her 34b bra too.
I can't stop.
I love it when I find some of her pubes.
I've got to... [more]

My upbringing as a young girl

I am a 58 year old mother of one daughter who is in her twenties. I know I have always been over-protective of her, even with her father and this has made my life more than difficult.
Why? because I was sexually abused as a child.
My dad always visited his disabled mother on Sundays, but my mum would stay at home and I would be dressed in my... [more]

I 've just wanked over my mum again

I have just spied on my.mum undressing again and had a w*** as I watched.
I just had to see.her.t*** and her hairy f****
My k*** gets so hard as look ... [more]

Mom Son Love. Perfect.

Me I'm a 56 year old woman. My son is 38. We have been involved with incestuous pegging since he was 15. He is gay, in our small town that a dangerous thing.
We have always been super close, probably to close for mother and son. We have slept in the same bed forever it seems and shower together. At 15 he was in the woods letting another boy... [more]

Sleep walking

Three times my step dad has sleep walked that I am aware of, He doesn't know he does it and neither does my mom but when I was 14 I woke up one night when i heard foot steps, Of course being 14 I thought the worst and laid in bed freaking out that there was a murderer in my house but no, Not a murderer just my step dad, He walked past my door and... [more]

Can't get enough of him

I'm a 38 year old single mum to a 22 year old, always been able to have a joke with him but in the last year the comments have turned sexual,at one point i thought something was going to happen, months later we was in a restaurant with my sister and when she left the table he said i looked stunning if you wasn't my mum i would take you into the... [more]

Watching My Wife Get F*****

I have lost some of my s** drive, I am only turned on when I think of watching my wife get f***** by another man or two men, she is frustrated I know,
I have hinted this to her about being gang banged etc, she hasn't said anything she didn't react... [more]

Walked in on my kids in bed

I just walked on my sun b**** deep in his little sister . That both seem to be loving it . So instead of yelling at thim I started giving my sun tip I washed my little girl have her first squatting o****** after the finished she told me she was... [more]

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