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My daughter f**** my boyfriends

My daughter keep going after my boyfriends. I love peeking in her bedroom door and watching them f****** her young ass. I'm spritzed how ezey it is for her her to get them in bed

So hopeless and dead ??

I feel so hopeless for a future or anything positive and I wonder am I already in H***. I can't remember ever being happy since my so called Father did that to me, I can't even remember how old I was when it started, but my earliest memory was him tucking me in and touching me. God I hate him for... [more]

Échec Et Mat by Marcel Shihadeh

Ahh…bonjour bonne journeé….faire comme écriture français quand même….échec te mat nique ta mére 😂😂 F*** that s*** I will write this confession in English for everyone! Life is grand! I’m about to become a dad to the woman who I love that y’all hoes... [more]

I let my dad slap my ass

My dad started slapping and grabbing my ass recently. It was funny at first and was kinda a shock. But he kept trying it and I kinda just let him. Every time he does it he holds on like a bit longer. I think my bf saw to and now hes mad. Wanted to post about it cos I haven't told anyone.

I purposely made him c**

Me and my nephew we have banter all the time nothing is off limits. He's been very cheeky lately and been wanting to get back at him and got my perfect moment.i took him by surprise when i shoved him down on my chair and straddled him i had him pinned on the chair in my kitchen . I was grinding him a soon enough he was turned on i felt his stiff... [more]

He ruined the whole thing

My best friend and I went out the other night, My parents were away and so we had some drinks and a few more and came home drunk, Only my brother and his friend were at the house but I could tell he had just recently kicked other people out because they were still cleaning up. We went to my room and my friend (Wren) went to get a drink, When she... [more]

Im a sussy baka 🤪🤓

Im kind of a sussy baka 🥸 i wasfirst diagnosed with artism at the age of 4 😒 whatever the f*** it means 🙄 but anyway i always finger myself all the time and call myself a sussy f****** b**** 🥺😍🤤... [more]

I am glad my stepdad won the case in court

I had to go to court to tell my side of the story about my step dad hitting me well he won they dropped the charges and expunged and dismissed him so if any of you say nasty things about this i am going to get you reported

True story.

My step sister, Cathy and I grew up very close, We are 8 months apart in age and began living together at the age of 6-7, We shared a room which was no big deal to me since before moving in together I was sharing a room with my older sister, We grew up together, Dated some of the same people and she even married an ex of mine. Unfortunately he... [more]

Hand jobs

It's been 5 months and i have given my nephew 80-100 hand jobs he's a 21yo man at first it was just to help him last longer but now he still comes round for me to choke the chicken all i do is put on my black silk gloves and lay down next to him and get him to c**.

Don't tell

I always kept my birthday secret because I once saw a boy spanked with his pants and undies down while girls and other boys stood watching. I think my own sister was the one that pulled the lid on me behind my back, although she always denies it. Of course I found out later after it happed through one of her girl friends. They were all... [more]

Having s** in the woods

Before the school holidays my nephew was always around my house and for 5 weeks i haven't seen him or my sister so i arranged to go visit her and my nephew met me at the bus stop.I went in the shop and could see him having a glance at the dirty magazines and as i was being served i brought two packs of condoms and as we took a short cut through... [more]

Oh boy.

After we got home from the wedding my wife's mom required some help down the stairs to the spare room, I helped her and then went to bed, I laid there unable to sleep and my wife was in no shape to put out so I wondered what her mom was up to, I sneaked outside and peeked in her window but she was just laying on the bed passed out face down still... [more]

Revealing conversation

So, Not my shining moment but I spied on my sister and her husband, It was not planned and I didn't think I would ever watch if it did happen but...My sister and her husband came to stay at my place that I rent which is small but I have a spare room downstairs they were staying in for a family wedding the next day. My sister is 12 years older than... [more]

My Mom

When mom took her medication it didn't take me long to realize that she was real easy to manipulate.
One morning, without even trying to hide it I masturbated while she asked me questions about on the online school. While I dumped c** all over the floor in front of my chair I looked right at her... [more]

Am I a bad person

I just reconnected with my half sister that I have not seen in 8 years. I am a 19 year old female lesbian and she will be 16 in 5 months. My problem is that I find her sexually appealing and now I feel bad, is there something wrong with me? Is this normal? What should I do to repress my urges? I would never hurt her so I would not act out on my... [more]

Trapped In Florida and Need Help To Get Home

Last year, we decided to visit Florida and stay in an Air B&B for the winter. Me, my sister, and my mother, all went. Our father could not come because he is army, and needed to stay for work. For the first three months, everything was fine. The total cost of the three months was about $2000. Trouble came around January. We were running out of... [more]

Bed bath

My nephew is in the hospital where i work. at least twice a day i go to see him and was trying to get him to allow a nurse to give him a bed bath but he was refusing and it was only when i mentioned if he won't let a nurse then i would do it and right at that moment his bed sheet started to rise up,I teased him saying oh you would like your aunt... [more]

Can't forgive and forget.

My step dad is a manipulative a******. I hate him!!!! And the worst part is people think it's because he's my step dad and not my biological one, who by the way was never in my life after the divorce. I just hate him with every fibre of my being because he's harrassing me, he has abused me and... [more]

16F/ So happmy my mom left us and I got a cool young stepmom

When I was 11, my mom left me and my dad. She had been struggling with anxiety and drugs and then found some spiritual friends who she started living with, leaving us nothing more than a s***** letter. So we‘ve really gone through some s***… A few... [more]

Phoning my sister for her to hear

I been s******* my 26yo nephew and rang my sister for her to hear me lol.she never put the phone down she listened for the full 15 minutes of me screaming out and having two o*****'s.

I was coerced into being a dad. I hate it, and everyone around me

I was a child-free type for many years, up until I was 43.
I knew from a very early age that I was completely unsuited to have kids. My parents was bad and my childhood was s***** and I had no normal family relationship or male role model that I could look at and say, 'That's who I'd be like if I... [more]

Did you ever look up your mature mother's skirts?

I did for years and used to c** to ooo her generosity and sensual vibes she would be giving me.

I hate my teenage step daughter

This girl is completely self centered, she is rude and mean all the time. She claims we are not supportive enough because we don’t cater to her every need, she holds a huge grudge because she had to ride her bike to sports practice. My husband (her bio dad) has given up and her mom abandoned her because of her terrible disposition. She is 100% a... [more]

A Response: Yes, Incest Is "Bad" and You Know It

A better word for it is disgusting. A lot of people on here create fake stories to share their incest fantasies, but here's a piece of the truth. Mostly dudes are into that. I've met maybe three women in my entire life who are into f****** their family members, and even then, they never actually... [more]

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