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Family secrets

My mother used paddle my bother bent over a table while I sat watching secretly snapping pictures with my phone. She would lock his clothes away to prevent him from sneaking to the street and not do his school homework. I remember we went to the same school and he never found out I was sharing the picture with my girl friends. When he goes to... [more]

Beautiful milf neighbor

3 years ago my brother told me that he was s******* our married neighbor, everyday he would brag to me what they done in detail,I was 14 at the time and i used to fantasize about her when i masturbated i knew i never had a chance with her but was happy when it ended with them,fast forward to... [more]

My son acts like a dog

No kidding... My son acts like a dog (let's just say his name is Arty) I told my son we couldn't have a dog, so I guess his reasoning was to become the dog. Arty's 9 years old. He's been doing this for quite a while. He folded up his blanket to be a makeshift dog bed. He barks at cats whenever we pass one. Arty sticks hid out the window on... [more]

Why can't I say no to him.

26 years ago, When I was 17 I went to a lake party, Just down a back road by a little lake and we were partying, My then boyfriend left with another girl, just up and left, I knew what was up so I started drinking more heavily, My cousins then boyfriend was there and offered me a ride home. I jumped in his truck with him and his friend, Went back... [more]

I hate my mom’s boyfriend

I f****** hate my mom’s boyfriend so g******* much I just want wish he would leave right now. He is an obnoxious little p**** and it p***** me off... [more]

Can't get over my daughter passing away

My daughter passed away 3 years ago this week and can't move on,I go on chat sites and meet up with guys for s**,I get them to come to my place and im not interested in small talk i just want s**,I've lost count on how many it's been now.I had my nephew come... [more]

Looked elsewhere for love

I got married 6 years ago when i was 19 and he was 29. At first it was all good then it slowly changed,if i went out he hated it i had to stay in and watch him drink till he passed out, I never complained to him about how rubbish the s** was or how small his [more]

Thought I was alone

I always thought I was alone until stumbling across this site, I found that it is not that uncommon to be in love with someone you can't have. I met my sister when she was 18 and I was 7, Long story but anyway. We became close right off the bat and talked all the time, At 24 she got married so I was 13 at the time. She had her first baby a year... [more]

Wife friend

My wife has a friend that has come to several of our events plus vacation. She is a married woman who has a husband and two kids, and they have gone on several vacations with our family. There is something about her that drives me crazy. She is just a plain Jane girl that makes me hard when I am around her. When we were at the beach, her top was a... [more]

My love affair.

I started a 13 year love affair with my BIL. That's correct, My sisters husband and I have been having an affair...Oh wait, No we haven't, I have just been in love with him for 13 years.
Here is where s*** went wrong, I turned 15 and turned into a total horn ball, I literally remember the morning I... [more]

Caught my Sister giving my husband a b*******

I caught my sister giving my husband a b*******, i wasn't mad i asked myself what i was doing wrong.

My dad is in prison

My dad is in prison and I was numb for all of this time. I cannot forgive myself from being this unhelpful in his life
I am so sorry
Dad I am really really sorry
I love you
I don’t even know what has happened to you for all of this time, because you never open up. I can’t help your situation but at least I could be there for you mentally. And... [more]

While his mum waited

I'm good mates with my neighbor and got her teenage son to wait in my house for a delivery when she dropped me off at work but i forgot my purse and had to go back i went straight upstairs and caught him stroking his stiff c*** on my bed he begged me not to tell his mother little did he no that was... [more]

My conffession

Yesterday, I unintentionally did a bad thing . I unintentionally made a death threat to someone close to me. I meant it as a joke and the person understood that I meant it as a joke, now I know death threats are NOT a joke. I apologised to the person and the person forgave me and we decided to pretend that the death threat thing never... [more]

Sleeping with aunt

Im a 25 year old male i chose to be celibate the last two years. However recently i broke that trend by sleeping with my uncles wife. I recently saw her at a family wedding and was instantly attracted to her. Shes known me as a child and always said if i was younger i wouldve dated you. I decided to bring this upto her when we had a conversation... [more]

My daughter f**** my boyfriends

My daughter keep going after my boyfriends. I love peeking in her bedroom door and watching them f****** her young ass. I'm spritzed how ezey it is for her her to get them in bed

So hopeless and dead ??

I feel so hopeless for a future or anything positive and I wonder am I already in H***. I can't remember ever being happy since my so called Father did that to me, I can't even remember how old I was when it started, but my earliest memory was him tucking me in and touching me. God I hate him for... [more]

Échec Et Mat by Marcel Shihadeh

Ahh…bonjour bonne journeé….faire comme écriture français quand même….échec te mat nique ta mére 😂😂 F*** that s*** I will write this confession in English for everyone! Life is grand! I’m about to become a dad to the woman who I love that y’all hoes... [more]

I let my dad slap my ass

My dad started slapping and grabbing my ass recently. It was funny at first and was kinda a shock. But he kept trying it and I kinda just let him. Every time he does it he holds on like a bit longer. I think my bf saw to and now hes mad. Wanted to post about it cos I haven't told anyone.

I purposely made him c**

Me and my nephew we have banter all the time nothing is off limits. He's been very cheeky lately and been wanting to get back at him and got my perfect moment.i took him by surprise when i shoved him down on my chair and straddled him i had him pinned on the chair in my kitchen . I was grinding him a soon enough he was turned on i felt his stiff... [more]

He ruined the whole thing

My best friend and I went out the other night, My parents were away and so we had some drinks and a few more and came home drunk, Only my brother and his friend were at the house but I could tell he had just recently kicked other people out because they were still cleaning up. We went to my room and my friend (Wren) went to get a drink, When she... [more]

Im a sussy baka 🤪🤓

Im kind of a sussy baka 🥸 i wasfirst diagnosed with artism at the age of 4 😒 whatever the f*** it means 🙄 but anyway i always finger myself all the time and call myself a sussy f****** b**** 🥺😍🤤... [more]

True story.

My step sister, Cathy and I grew up very close, We are 8 months apart in age and began living together at the age of 6-7, We shared a room which was no big deal to me since before moving in together I was sharing a room with my older sister, We grew up together, Dated some of the same people and she even married an ex of mine. Unfortunately he... [more]

Hand jobs

It's been 5 months and i have given my nephew 80-100 hand jobs he's a 21yo man at first it was just to help him last longer but now he still comes round for me to choke the chicken all i do is put on my black silk gloves and lay down next to him and get him to c**.

Having s** in the woods

Before the school holidays my nephew was always around my house and for 5 weeks i haven't seen him or my sister so i arranged to go visit her and my nephew met me at the bus stop.I went in the shop and could see him having a glance at the dirty magazines and as i was being served i brought two packs of condoms and as we took a short cut through... [more]

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