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Just the tip

Yes it is exactly what you think it is. I know him for a couple of years and I remember he always had a thing towards me. He always liked troubling me with attention but I never encouraged him.
I should have stopped him right when he would ** me, but instead I laughed it off as if nothing... [more]

I really messed up

Yesterday was thanksgiving and I had got mad at my mom and ended up disrespecting her and I ended up going to my room and sleeping thanksgiving away because I was mad. This may seem like a stupid confession but it’s really important to me and I’m super sorry and really wish I could go back in time and fix it because I completely ruined... [more]

My aunts dirty knickers are a real treat

I used to live with my aunt and whenever she went out I would go in her room and sniff her clean knickers. A week later I noticed she left her pyjamas on the bed, I picked them up and her dirty knickers were there. *Sniff* 🤯
While I was sniffing her dirty knickers I was also looking for the dirty washing bag, which just happened to be... [more]

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What would you do?

Here's my story:
A little background. This happened the year before Covid. I was 48 at the time. I'm no supermodel but after 3 kids, eating healthy, yoga and run in a few 5k each year. I can still wear a size small bikini. I'm also a leggy 5'9". My husband is two years older and we hike together and still maintain a healthy [more]

Mother in law

I want my mother in law so bad any other mother in laws have ** with there son in laws

Mother in law

I want my mother in law do bad I see her looking at ** and I steel her ** to ** in and put them back any mother in law advice

Friendly fire

I like to target shoot and plink. I own a HI Point 9mm carbine. My friend who is a Doctor owns twelve acres of land in the country and he likes to shoot his Ruger 9mm at targets like I do.
A Ruger is way more expensive than a Hi Point. His weapon cost somewhat over $1000.00 and mine somewhat over $300.00 We were shooting at targets.
My... [more]

People are stupid lol

Dear uhhh old person who lives in my house.(I still love u btw ur just really annoying me rn💗💗💗) [warning: slang language]
Not you asking us "you guys are doing your prayers right"(w pressure) once in a pink moon but never explaining to us why we should, or how it works, or literally even trying to help us with anything concerning the... [more]

My parents always favored my older brother

They doted on him. I was a second class son in our house. After we finished school I joined the army. I did well and I went to college the education being paid for in large part by Uncle Sam.
My older brother flunked out of college and I after many years of going off and on graduated. He got married her got divorced and then after the... [more]

It was not hydraulic clutch fluid and the brake cap incident

I took my car to a tire place to get one tire replaced; it could not be patched because it was in the sidewall. I told the clerk I would take just a tire, nothing else, just one and done.
After about five minutes, the clerk calls me up to the desk and says I have an oil leak.. Would I like to fix it for for $300? I already knew the spool valve... [more]

I was angry

I was angry with one of my friends and I was prideful disrespectful tyrannical impatient self rightous unmerciful unforgiving irresponsible insensitive ungodly unloving ungrateful I overreacted I was immature I passed judgement against others I had violent thoughts worldly sorrow resentment I complained had a martyr like attitude I was lazy... [more]

Not what I expected.

My mother in law has been single since I met her, She has always traveled and usually travels alone or sometimes with her brother but not very often, one winter years ago we decided to go on a family vacation and she had some great ideas of where to go and when etc. and then she decided to come with us, She was 45 at the time and my wife 25, We... [more]

Was that too much to ask for

A house, wife, children, decent paying job. A normal life was all I ever wanted. Life went suffering and depriving a little love and respect. Can't even die with a free will. I never thought of being labeled as a criminal a sinner. I have groped Many women besides knowing it feels disgusting.
I am sick and wanted to come out of this. God took... [more]

Looking Back and Feeling Old

I come from a crappy small town in Western Canada and I'm only 30 but my two best friends from childhood are already gone. One of them in a car crash when she was 19. I remember coming home from college to see her, in a casket, cradled by lace fringed silk lining and in her favorite blouse. (I later learned from her mom she was buried barefoot - I... [more]

I love mother and son videos, but

I love mother and son videos, but the idea of having ** with my actual mom seems a bit disgusting, as I find her unappealing. I have a thing for older women, but my mom is way too old at this point and not so good looking. If she would've been hotter I would probably try [more]

I was at work on break with two Baptists, A Jewish gentleman and

This sounds like a joke but its a real experience. My former manager one of the Baptists said he was shopping at a Jewelry store and he met a man of his (the Jewish gentlemans) nationality.
I instantly asked "what nationality is that Bob?" The other Baptist and fellow worker repeated my question. "what nationality is that Bob?"
My... [more]

My aunt

I want my aunt to lock me in a chastity cage.

My mother believed in God and the afterlife but I do not

Not long before she passed away she declared her faith for Jesus and the hope of paradise in Heaven. She was aware of my skepticism and was not happy with it.
I cannot change my mind. I hate that my mother passed away thinking less of me for my skepticism. My attitude is where is he and why does nothing come of prayer??
I loved my... [more]

My sister was pregnant and her husband had abandoned her.

I told her to come live with us as we had a five bedroom house two and a half baths and her area included a kitchenette. My wife likes my sister so here she is and here shes staying forever if she wants to. Her baby girl is a blessing. My wife and I can't have kids but now we got a kid in our house.

Hope to see her again

There was this girl in my class she was really nice and pretty im normally quiet and i assume im unapproachable but she still talked to me , she even defended me when some other guys in the class were being rude to me, i haven't spoken to her since but I hope I'm in her class again next year just to talk to her especially since this will be our... [more]

Kidnapping haiti

2 family members got kidnapped in haiti. when the family started collecting money to give to the kidnappers so that they wouldn't kill them. I realized that I couldn't help at all because I had no money. I felt like ** because it was really frustrating to just sit and realize how powerless I am... [more]

Our son loves his Uncle better than his parents

My older brother sent him to private school at his wn expense. He paid his way through college and for a time lived with him. My brother hied him and my son makes a decent salary. My brother took him to Europe on business with him and they stayed a bit over a year.
My brother is a millionaire and doesn't want to marry and he doesn't want... [more]

My Aunts husband was from Poland and he made a big mistake at the

My Grandmother grew long thin green peppers that were very hot. The seeds were especially hot. My grandmother would put these peppers in a vinegar solution in a jar and seal the jar up. She kept these jars in a closet for one year.
She also used the fresh peppers as a decoration or something to look nice on the talble.
My Aunts husband... [more]

Depressed, and crying.

What the ** am I supposed to do when my online friends done care about me anymore?

Psycho friend

My male best friend is manipulative, angry, toxic, stalker. Basically Joe Goldberg in every way except killing. At least that I know of?
He knows how I work and he likes to remind me he knows me better than I know myself. He always knows what Im doing. Now that I no longer have a boyfriend he became much more forward and sexually... [more]

I miss my friend

We used to be so close. calling everyday and then we just kinda fell apart because he hurt me. i was hurt but we were still close and i got over it and we worked it out and then the year ended and we stopped seeing each other. i confessed my deepest secrets in him. he was my support and it just fizzled out. i dreamt about him yesterday and it... [more]

Enjoying Zoom

I enjoy doing zoom meetings with my mom while I'm away at university. We talk for hours, and she always makes me laugh by loudly ** during the meetings. Love her and miss her

Still feel sad abt this sometimes

I sometimes still think about when my friends made plans in front of me in the group chat (GC) without including me. I remember asking for context for what was going on and only getting a vague answer that told me nothing about what was happening. They only realized what had happened when they met up but never even brought it up afterwards or... [more]

The Thief

I read a book about a woman living a double life. Two husbands, two families, one set of biological children and a nearly matching set of step kids. There was a line in there that made me pause. She’s reflecting on her life (lives) and how she ended up where she was. The resonation within me felt shameful, but there was also relief. A strange... [more]

Gosh I miss you my old friend

You didn't like the name everyone called you. Your name was Harold Otis Tilirson. everyone called you Otis but you wanted people to call you Harold.
So Harold my friend thats what I'll call you. Time goes by and if we are lucky we get old. We got old and you passed away. In this day and time 74 is not that old. I'm still around and so... [more]

My dad died today

I didn't have much of a relationship, and I can honestly say I don't feel any loss. I wish I did, I guess, but he wasn't in my life enough to have an impact

My ex wife's friend said I overreacted when I filed for divorce

I wanted to have a friend over to our apartment. My wife didn't want them to come over because "they lived such a perfect life" I told him that my friend made a small salary and that his life was anything but perfect. He walked with a bad limp and his daughter had a difficult to treat overbite.
My wife started imitating a cripple by limping... [more]

A boys best friend is his mother but I lost my mother and my best

** it I miss you guys. My mother loved me and I loved her but she died two years ago. My best school friend died last year. I'm just sitting here feeling lonley and sad obviously. I'm an only child and I have no wife and no children.

Why didn't you pay Charley back Rick.

He loaned you money but you didn't pay him back. You said something absurd like you weren't going to pay him back "that way". You claimed that you had made him everything that he was. The trouble with that Rick is that you weren't worth a ** yourself and had nothing to offer him or anybody else. ... [more]

It would crush my Husband’s heart…..

Fathers days just past and I found out something about how this day could have gone if my stepdaughter had not confessed to my oldest child (who is older then my young adult stepdaughter) about wanting to not see her father this day and it’s the first time ever shes ever been like this with her Dad, my husband of 15 years, the man who did anything... [more]

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