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A guy I used to know died of drug and alcohol abuse

He thought he was on top of the world when he was high. Then hed come down and say "Oh I got to get help" Then hed get high and raise H*** at me because I refused to hang out with him. He wanted me to drink and dope it up with him. I finally got away from him and we were not in touch ever again. ... [more]

I want to make my sister do the fire walk

Hello, I'm a 17 years old boy.
I don't know why, but I feel a strange attraction in observing a female hopping barefoot on hot coals.
Now, knowing it's hard to satisfy such a bizarre fantasy of mine, and since the girl's age doesn't matter so much to me, I thought of using my little sister for that purpose.
She's a pretty little girl about 10... [more]

Have any of you enabled your son into obesity?

I have always been fascinated by the idea of gaining weight and being enabled or overfed.
I've seen countless stories and confessions here about wives fattenning up their husbands or enabling them. Seen also confessions about men enabling their wives or daughters into obesity but have not seen yet the confession/story of a father/mother... [more]

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Step daughter

Is it incest if I smell my 22yr old step daughters underwear? Ignoring the ethical point of this but is it incest?

I show strangers a pic of my mom

I like showing strangers a pic of my mom where shes the hottest shes ever been and getting their thoughts on her. I love it when they say theyd f*** her mouth and breed her. Im not attracted to her i think, but having a guy tell me how he is gets me hard. So i guess im a cuck for my mom.

Mommy creams boy’s butt.

When I was about 8 years old, I developed a serious skin infection as a result of swimming in a neighbor’s dirty pool. I had it for a few days, especially in my crotch area. One day after taking a bath I was sitting in a chair in the living room in my robe. Mom walked by and saw the rash on my upper leg. She told me to open up the robe so she... [more]

Guilty party

I confessed many years ago after secretly watching my best friend get spanked by his mum. I went round to see if he could come out to play. I always went to the back door, this particular day I saw my friend across his mum's knees being spanked in the dining room. I stood watching until she finished, then scarpered. It was a little bit exciting... [more]

My older sister's wedding

When my sister got married I was extremely jealous but had to pretend to be normal and happy for her. But after her wedding when she left on her honeymoon I tried on her wedding dress. Now when I see her wedding pictures that she has at her house it reminds me of how it felt. She can never know what her brother did.

I may have feelings for my father

I think I have some feelings for my father. I love him as a daughter would her father. I have familial feelings for him, but sometimes I feel some kind of romantic, or quasi-romantic, feelings for him as well. He would never have romantic feelings for me or make advances, and I'm glad because I want him to see me as a daughter and I wouldn't want... [more]

Naked sister

My older sister of 4 years , is always walking around me barley dressed or naked. I’ve asked her to stop, she says you’ll just go w*** off anyway and I do because she’s fine as F..k. Perfect thirty six t*** look almost like a tear drop and an ass that... [more]

Card game

I need to tell you about my wife. She has a really tight butt man it’s beautiful and goes on down to make a perfect set of legs. We’re both exhibitionist and I got her this skirt to show off all that. Like when we go shopping she’ll wear it and give men a view. That don’t bother me any, they don’t get to touch. Makes me Hotter than you know what... [more]

Reverse Ode the Charles Rick Cheatham

I just found out that you had passed away in 2017. Well I know why. Your pill popping which included the use of PCP and pot followed by your drinking damaged you during your youth. You stopped the drugs but you kept on drinking.
I was one year older than you but you looked like you were forty years older than I am. Your teeth were rotten... [more]

I didn't cry when my mother died

I loved her dearly and I think of her every day but she was 97 and had severe brain damage after a stroke. She was clinically insane. She lived for two yers after the stroke and died in a hospital far away from where I live. Thats what hurts. I feel I should have been with her.
I never cried after her death. It was her time to go and go... [more]

The day I found out.

I was thinking back to the day I found out my brother in law and sister in law like to get down a little every now and again, I know this sounds a little redneck but we were at a family reunion and my wife's older half sister and her husband were there, The four of us ended up drunk as could be and my wife wandered back to the cabin we were... [more]

Mums knickers

My friends dad caught me sniffing a pair of his mums knickers she is so hot and dresses in the sexist clothes and high heels i loved staying over at weekends his mum and dad would come bk drunk and she would pass out down stairs and his dad would go to bed I would slip her heels off and shoot my load inside them then put them back on her feet... [more]

My "friend" did something I didn't like. He got Karma

I was at Sears long ago when they sold guns. There was a M1 for sale in 30 cal and I wanted to buy it but I didn't have enough money. My friend was with me. I went back the next day with more money and the gun had been sold. Oh well I thought. You win some you lose some.
I found out my "friend" bought the damn thing. He knew I wanted it... [more]

My Foot Fetish Awakened

Ever since I was a young lad I've had a foot fetish. I'm was the middle child in my house and I had 2 sisters. My older sister Marie (Not her real name) was 2 years older then me and my younger sister Chloe (Not her real name) was a year younger then me. When we were young they would always team up on me. we would play fight and Marie would... [more]

Always the last to know about a death in the family.

Went downstairs to get breakfast and was told that my uncle Eddie died last night. What really gets me is that whenever a family member is dead, I'm always the last one in my family to know about it. First there was my Uncle Bob. I didn't even know he died until we went to the funeral. My grandma was next. At first, she was sick but, I never knew... [more]


I suspect my mum and dad are swapping partners with her brother and his wife, i have noticed they seem very close, but i dismissed the thought as disgusting, until i was going out for the evening when i got as far as the bus stop i realised i had no money with me, i walked back home, i tried to unlock the doo but it was bolted , i saw the curtains... [more]

I hate being a pallbearer.

My uncle died last week. My parents went to the funeral home at 2:00 p.m. today for the viewing. When they got back, my dad told me I was going to be one of the pallbearers. That really p****s me off. Ever since I was old enough and strong enough and there was a funeral I went to, my dad always delegated me as a pallbearer. Even when I tell him... [more]

Timing is everything.

Last night I went over to my mother inlaws to borrow her snowblower, My wife had texted her and said I would pick it up around 9 on my way home but I ended up being an hour early, Her mom said she probably wouldn't be home since she was supposed to meet friends at 9, As it worked out I got there at just the right time, I parked out back and walked... [more]

My step daughter is naughty.

Yesterday I walked around the corner and walked in on my step daughter sitting on the couch in a pair of shorts and a tank top, Shorts pulled to the side and one finger shoved in her p**** while taking pictures or video or something, She panicked and screamed dropping her phone and fixing herself up... [more]

Not sure if we are the first but probably

I am not sure if we are the first people to ever start doing this but my wife and I started swinging at a family reunion, My wife and I had 2 kids at the time when we attended the family reunion and by the time we left we probably didn't talk for the first 2 hours of the drive home. My wife was 36, I was 38 and we had 2 kids, My wife was 5'2"... [more]

Don't drink so much.

Last night my dad and step mom were out for a friends retirement party, My dad came in and went straight to bed without a word and just waved to me as he went past me on the couch, My step mom went into the main bathroom and I was sitting there watching tv, She was in there quite a while so I went and knocked on the door and she just slurred and... [more]

Voyeur ad

Some PB guy couldn’t get my Jewish wife to cheat with him or some s*** like that so he put out ads for voyeurs to take pictures of her (some naked) and then send to me, all while telling me I’m a c******* and to let him F*** her or he’ll post them online... seriously WTFH?
Let me tell you my wife she not like some pretty teen she a mom (with... [more]

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