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Our Baby Daddy

I have always been the quiet one, I have a hard time talking. I had one sexual lover at the time, from my high school days with one of the soccer players on my team. It went all the way and I woke up with her tied in a knot. We dated in high school, we went to college together and after college we moved in together as young adults. Neither one... [more]

I need hard spank

Im 18 male how need hard spanking How can i ask to mom spank my ass real hard?

How can i adk to mom for spanking

Im 21 old boy and need hard spanking But i cant ask to her for spanlking help md

She's pregnant

She's 13 and 6 days, and pregnant

The invitation I was waiting for.

Back in college my BFF and I had some wild days and nights but never did a threesome, She ended up marrying a guy I actually almost went home with one night and 23 years later she asked me to join her and her husband on his 40th birthday.
Wozwers, That man wore us both out, We both eventually had to tell him "Ok dude, You need to finish this... [more]

What a sight.

I stayed at my sisters last night after my stagette, My fiance was having his stag same night and we agreed not to meet up or both go home after so he was going home and I was staying at my sisters place, Her kids were all at our moms and her husband was out with my fiance so he was home when we got there and I went downstairs to the spare room... [more]

First but not last.

My husband and I were over at my friends place last night, she dates a guy long distance so he is only there about every second weekend or she goes there, He is an older guy than us by 10 years, He's 45, I am 35, My husband is 37 and my friend is 36. We were all boozing on her patio which is quite private and after a few drinks we decided to go... [more]

Sister in Law sexual crush…

I’ve always been into my sister in law Jessica…I’ve spied on her naked a few times in the shower and stolen both panties and bras from her dresser to j*** off to…on a couple of occasions I’ve been able to get into her bed and use her vibrator on the tip of my [more]

Some advice.

Just a tiny bit of advice, If you didn't want me to say anything you should have proofed your pictures better before posting them.
Yeah, Yeah, I know I shouldn't have been on the site in the first place but...I was cruising AFF the other night and seen a picture, I noticed something in the background and it just caught my attention, I wracked my... [more]

It started with uncles wife homemade p***

This started back 1999 i was 13 and found old video tapes after snooping around my uncles and his girlfriend's house now she's his wife. I put one in the video player and pressed uncles wife appeared on screen moaning as she f***** herself with a [more]

Controlling wife

I think my wife has deep personal hate for herself for some reason and is a controlling, denigrating, gas-lighting hater of anything I would excel at if she doesn’t approve. Good man! I’d have to run this post by her if it weren’t anonymous! 😂

Oh boy.

6 months ago my sister passed away, Last night I hooked up with her husband.
That's not even the problem, The problem is I enjoyed it but more so the things he did and the way he treated me, I would never have guessed first of all that my sister was into that and second that I would have EVER enjoyed it. We were drunk and at his new place, It... [more]

I Messed Up

I wish I had asked that woman out. My father tried to set me up with her, and I fought him back. Please Forgive Me Lord. I am truly sorry for what I did that day. That was in 1989, and I really messed up that time.

My mom has rubber ding dongs in her drawers

She has about 15 rubber pps

My Mother’s closet

When I was a young boy , 8 years old, I used to sneak into my Mother’s closet. There was a crawl space under the house with access point in the closet in my parents room. I had noticed that after my father had left for work, my mother would have visitors. They would always go into my parents bedroom. My Mom thought I was out of the house but I... [more]

I am laughing.

Last night was so weird, My hubby and I were chilling in the hot tub and his friend was there, We got talking about a little bit of dirty stuff and my husband who is probably the whitest white guy around asked if I had ever seen a black p****, No surprise but his friend is black, I know one girl who... [more]

Dirty knickers

I love to sniff dirty knickers.. I have a thing for it, if i can get some by sneaking for a pair i will.. It turns me on so bad.. Ill lick them an w*** with them... Its just a naughty thing i should not do but it turns me on

Love to sniff and knick knickers

I lkve to sniff knickers w*** with them just depends on who i want to nick them from.... It turns me on so bad... Naughty

I'm glad i told him

I've fancied my cousin for sometime now and was to scared to tell him how i felt,I never knew he felt the same way until we was walking back to my house one lunchtime and i seen him checking my butt out,I had on leggings the kind you would wear at the gym,near to my house i told him i fancied him,I was waiting for him to freak out but no he... [more]

Strange reaction.

My wife has a half sister who is her complete opposite, My wife is short, Small chested and has a gorgeous bubble butt, Her sister is tall, Stacked and has a tiny ass. Last night her half sis was staying at our place and I walked in on her having some solo time on the couch downstairs. My wife is 38 and her sister is 24, the two of them went out... [more]


My husbands friend who lives across the alley told him the other night when they were driking that he has seen me topless walking around in our bedroom and walk in closet a couple times when I left the blinds open, My husband told me what his friend said and that he had commented that he thought I had really nice [more]


I was 17 when I stripped my cousin naked in front of my girl friends. He was so embarrassed about getting a h******, he never said anything to his parents. It was pretty bing big for a 13 year old boy. Now his scared to be alone with us, But sooner or later it will happed because there are other... [more]

I let my husband's nephew again to have s** again

I was too drunk one night and I don't remember anything, but the next day he tells me that we had s**, I didn't realise that it happened because I was very drunk.
Since then he has been very kind and caring to me, he messages and shares everything that happens to him.
Apparently I'm the only one who... [more]

I want to hurt everyone all over again

I want to befriend all my old friends that were there the night of my first attempt and try all over again, this time hurting them even more by telling them all the ways that it is their fault and hope they live a life of pain for what they did to me

Teenage lover is better than my husband

My teenage nephew was giving me Compliments that my husband should've been giving me,I thought my nephew was just being sweet but knew it was more than that when he touched my butt,that was the beginning of the best 7 months,I knew because i let him touch my butt he would carry on groping me and i enjoyed a younger man interested in me... [more]

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