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Need to stop.

I need to stop, I have been sending my husband naked or partially nude pics but not of me, It all started by accident one time, I was about 32 and we were engaged and I snapped a pic while camping, I didn't realize before sending it that I the background my friend Erin was putting on her bra and he replied with "Ummmm...That's interesting" and I... [more]

Do I say anything?

My sister left her laptop at my house and called me later to ask me to check something, She said "I don't want to leave the house, I'll grab it tomorrow so she gave me her password and what I found is a bit...unnerving. I know I shouldn't have looked at her private files but had I not I would have never found what I did.
Right on the desk top... [more]

My wifes sister .

It was before we were married . We were at my wifes parents house . Me and my wife were sitting on the couch watching Tv . My wife was leaning against my shoulder , facing the TV . Her younger sister walked in to the room , and climbed on the far end of the couch . She kneeled on the couch . Then she swung her legs round and leaned against the arm... [more]

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Who else cant stand their mom

My mom describes herself as an "empath". i think she just uses the word as an accessory in her earthy hallucinogenic loving persona. shes a man pleaser and loves to have these what she calls deep conversations with them and sprinkle in some fancy words act like she cares and "feels them" so they want her.
but then at home i try to talk to her... [more]

I hate my dad and want him dead

I used to fantasise about my dad getting into a car crash and dying when I was younger because he put me through absolute h*** as a child and is still continuing to do so when I'm nearly an adult. My dad emotionally neglected me. He was controlling, mean, hostile and neglectful. Sure, he kept a roof... [more]

First time Bi experience

I have been craving an encounter for many years now. Well it finally happened with a cousin of mine, we never really hung out before. He’s a biker and a real tough guy we bumped into each other at a funeral he gave me his address and told me to stop by later that night I did and we started to drink he had a hot tub and asked me to joy him in it... [more]

I hate retards

I hate my mentally retarded 33 year old brother. The power went out and when it came back on,my 13 year old daughter took his tablet to fix it to where it wouldn't lag and explained to him what she was doing. He started whining like a f****** two year old baby,I want my tablet back. My daughter... [more]

My family is dead and my life is f*****

My mother died a few months back. Now my entire biological family is dead.
I sacrificed everything to take care of my mother while she deteriorated - she had dementia for 11 years before she died. I was 23 when she was diagnosed.
I gave up my chance to have children or a spouse, probably for the best, since my genes are so bad. If I died now... [more]

I want my mom to die

My grandfather died 15 years ago, and left my mom an irrevocable trust account with about $400,000 in it, and me and my sister are beneficiaries if she dies. She has been slowly draining it with a monthly check she receives. She was always a s***** parent, drug addict, physically and mentally abusive... [more]

I let my little sister vape and now I feel really horrible.

Today I got a vape, I am too young to be vaping, I am an early ish teenager.
When I got home, I share everything with my sister, I tell her everything, and when I showed her it she asked if she could try it, and without thinking I let her. She is 2 years younger than me, she is in early middle school, I am in late middle going into high. I feel... [more]

I dont care that my grandma died

I dont care that my grandma died she left me and my brother lots of stuff when she died and I'm definitely thankful for that but I just never really had a Connection with her and now my brother record me saying this and is now calling me a terrible person Am I a bad person?

Can't take it

I am a Grade 11 Stem Student and I am really struggling with my acads, hoping that my Family will understand why I always stay up late and woke up late, they don't even know that I have problems with my mental health, I'm Depressed and my Family doesn't even care, I have so many things that I want to open up to them but they can't and won't... [more]

Going to send a crazy text message to my sister on Halloween

My sister makes it a thing of always sending me pics with messages attached whenever an important holiday comes up. I've since made it a point to do the same thing but I tend to send her crazy messages. When it was May 4th, my sister sent me a pic of baby Yoda and right next to him was the words, "May the 4th be with you." I replied by sending her... [more]

I want to f*** my older sister so badly.

My sister is around 20. i found her onlyfans and i m********* to her nudes so much, and i have them saved. it feels so wrong but shes so f****** hot.

I'm a s*** person

When i was kid i had an older brother me and my bro were inseparable he was the best big brother anyone in this world could of had.
And i treated him like s*** i was in my early teens and a family member gossiped about him being a h***, i took massive... [more]

Lesbian P*** Masturbation

I caught my wife masturbating to p***. She did not know I was watching wondering am I not enough. The worst part is the p*** was nothing but girls licking and tonguing p****. No men were involved. I may... [more]

My Dad or my brother have betrayed me by sniffing my panties!

I used to just loose undies, but I would always find them again when I next did my laundry. I first realized that either my dad or my brother was stealing my panties when my mom let me buy myself a thong. It was huge to me, as it made me feel so grown-up (I’m 14) and it is beautiful, it’s green satin in the front and back, with matching lace on... [more]

I don’t want a son

I’m pregnant with a boy and I really don’t want a son.
I know I shouldn’t have gotten pregnant as there was a 50/50 chance that the child would have been a boy but I thought luck would be on my side.
Young boys just repulse me. Teenage boys are s** pests and are disgusting.
Toddler boys aren’t... [more]

My dad or brother are sniffing my panties

So my mom recently allowed me to get my first thong, this is significant because I really treasure my green satin and lace thong, it makes me feel “grown-up” and so I really noticed, and paid attention when it started to go missing!
I have noticed that many times my pantíes seemed to go missing, but would turn-up somewhere else in my hamper days... [more]

So weird

Ya wanna know what's weird, Looking across the table knowing that your step uncle (Step dads brother) is looking at yo picturing the time (2 weeks ago) when he was looking down into your eyes as you sat n his wife's face while sucking his d***.
22nd birthday I met up with them in a club and went... [more]

Well it went amazingly well.

My husband and I have often discussed what would happen if we ever found ourselves in a situation where we could include another person in bed, We had mostly discussed another woman and even on one occasion almost went through with it but...Last weekend we went through with it the other way. We had been at a gathering and ended up back at our... [more]

Finally, a cuckold

Soon after I met my wife Sandra, she confessed to me that a few lucky guys had f***** her before. Thinking about it only made her seem more sexy. But I was sure that had ended after we were married.
Her well-off father helped us buy a nice house, with a pool, in the suburbs. One Sunday I... [more]

Should I turn my daughter in to the authorities

I recently found out that my daughter killed another girl in high school. We are currently moving house, daughter in question has an apartment though and was not around when this happened. We were getting boxes down from the attic. I do tend to put my nose where it doesn't belong, and as such I did go through a box of her things. I found her... [more]

I married a lesbian to hide an affair with my sister

My sister and I started having s** back in 2005 when we were 15. As best I can recall it started when we had to share a room when our house was being worked on. Her room was part of the remodel so we shared the same room and bed. She was 10 months younger than me, but we were both 15. I often slept... [more]

I wish my Dad would be brutally beaten and tortured.

I wish my dad would be brutally beaten and tortured.
I wish he would feel all the pain he's given me over the years. Every beating and every word he's ever screamed at me. Everything he's ever done to me should be redirected at him.
F*** him. A white-collar slave doomed to serve these powerful... [more]

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