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My and my sister

I am a 13 yr old boy with greens eyes and black hair and I have a belly fetish. My sister Ashley also has one she is the same age as me but has long skinny but semi plump legs, nice ass, blonde hair because our mom had blonde hair and our dad had black, and average b****. On our parents anniversary... [more]

Hate being a father

I hate my life.
Ever since my child was born.
Little s*** will ONLY sleep while laying on rather me or my wife.
Think about that for a minute...
Put the baby down and she cries. Try to discuss letting baby cry always ends up in huge arguement.
Try having [more]

Toxic b******

My so called "friends" have recently turned against me and they wont tell me why or what happened. even worse, this b**** seemed to be trying to flirt with my crush (i told her before when i thought i could trust her). because of this, every time i see them at school i have this urge to drag a knife... [more]

Blackmailing my sister in law

A while back i bought an old iphone from my wife's younger sister in a bit of an emergency situation when i couldn't get in to get a new one right away and although she had deleted everything she had not done a factory reset on it so i was able to recover a lot of potentially damaging stuff, there were emails to other guys, Texts to guys and... [more]

My fantasy with my father in law

I do fantasize about my father in law f****** me and, I c** very hard every time.
I have trouble accepting it and, my personal values make me feel it’s wrong. I am really on the fence about realizing my fantasy because I am afraid to be disappointed... [more]

Rohit and his sister-in-law

Hi everyone! This is the story of my friend Rohit from India.Rohit always had a soft spot for his sister-in-law. She was only a couple of years older than Rohit, so they were good friends. But deep down he fantasized about f****** her hard. She was voluptuous with the perfect curves and a deep... [more]

Im 11 and im depressed

Through out my life starting with being a baby I was always a good kid, I never screamed I kept it to myself. I was always popular and had a few very close friends. In 2nd grade I found out that my parents were gonna divorce being that my mom was a horrible influence and a narc now looking back on it it made sense. But my dad the person I loved... [more]

Wife could learn a thing or two

We stayed at my wife's parents this past weekend and it was her dads birthday, Her dad is 57 and her mom is 52, and they make no bones about the fact they are still active in the bedroom which i find hilarious since my wife is always grossed out every time her dad smacks her moms bum or her mom makes some comment about it.
My wife went to bed and... [more]

Stupid Stepdad

In short, he is thick as s***. But thinks he’s clever, because his life, due to some miracle, hasn’t fallen apart. He’s sexist, racist, and homophobic, and as a (closeted) 16 year old pansexual, I want to tear him apart.
I would live at my dads, if it weren’t for my stepmother who frankly has fthe... [more]

Unexpected benifits

My wife lost interest in me. The marriage was cold. She was busy all the time and always claiming too tired for s** or even kissing and hugging. I felt lonely and became depressed. I wondered what was wrong with me that she did not love me. I felt trapped because we had kids and I felt a duty to give... [more]

Not the Brady Bunch

My wife and I got married almost three years ago, my second marriage, her fourth. I have one kid from my first marriage, and she has one by each of her first three husbands and two more by extramarital relationships (with married men). We have one child together. All the kids have different last names. No one gets along with anyone else. It's... [more]


I'm over being a parent. So exhausting. Work full time. Never get to see my wife, ever. Never have a social life of any kind. Broke. Tired. Depressed. Then stay at home parents try to tell me how to balance things out in life. Obnoxious. Obviously though, we will keep moving forward and provide and teach our kid.

Dont have kids unless you want to hate your life.

Being a father and husband sucks ass. I have no life. All I do is work and sleep and wish I was somebody else. Im having more and more mood swings and my son is only 15 months. My wife irritates me. Shes a good woman but too self righteous. She grew up in a nice place and im from the bad side of town. Im bored as [more]

My parents have been growing weed for years

Ever since I was little my parents always kept thier room a secrecy and when I did go in there theres always an small extra room in the corner with a flourescent light. After years of curiosity I finally looked in and saw plants (I was about 6 at this point) and he always gave differebt answers. He would rather say hes growing tomatoes or he... [more]

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