Friends & Family Confessions

No, sis, your brat is NOT entitled to HIS family's estate

My sister was a single mother. She was fortunate, hot and young enough to be able to marry an older wealthy man whose first wife had passed away from cancer. My brother-in-law had recently passed away. He left a little bit of money only for my sister, not a lot but enough for her to take care of herself and her child. However, he did not leave... [more]

I want my stepdad died

I f****** hate him he always makes my mom mad and he always called me soft and lazy and he is a f****** j*** every night I wish I had my real dad instead of him he is a piece of [more]

I want to HUMILIATE my sister who is a single mother

I don't date single moms. However, I usually don't go around and announce it because I know a lot of women -- including my own sister -- are triggered by it. There is no reason for me to be going around looking for confrontations. The problem is my sister who is a single mom, (atop of being a twice divorcee.) I have directly told her that I do... [more]

I saw my mum`s f**** ad now I can`t stop wanking

Today I walked into the dining room for breakfast .
Mum was in her nightie and had her back to me.
I noticed the nightie was transparent ad I could see my mum`s bare bum cheeks. I sat down and studied my mum`s bottom. Mum turned around and gave me a cup of tea.
I now could see my mum`s f****... [more]

Next door

I was 17 6th former in English high school. Our next door neighbor early thirties, and best friends with my cousin. Both our parents were going away for the weekend and Jo was to watch over and prepare dinner for us. It was summer and Ko invited me over to sunbathe. I made the mistake of wearing my smallest bikini swimsuit. She was in a bikini. ... [more]

Friend wanted to visit nudist beach resort

About 5 years ago I was at a Firm Retreat. A colleague, who I have known for years, on our day off, wanted to visit a nudist beach or resort. she told me her husband would never do it and would I as a friend. I had never gone either. We agreed, she got online, found a beach close, rented a car and left on the retreats go your own way day. We... [more]

Marrying my divorced brother's wife

My brother was a very abusive husband and a father. He used to abuse his wife and son a lot, which caused them to get separated. She is 35 years old and has a 5 years old son, my brother is 37 and I am 30.
It has been about 2 years since they got separated. During this time I supported my sister-in-law, took them in and we having been living in... [more]

F My Dad

I hate my dad...a sorry excuse for a father and a man. He's an absolutely terrible person for every reason. He's everything that's wrong with humanity so yes...F*** Off Dad and I hope you die a painful death right now

Friends don’t care about being friends

This sounds so egotistical so no one ever believes me when I try to vent to them about it.
I am genuinely so worried and insecure that my friends only hang out with me because they want to date me.
Just this year I've already had 4 people come up, try to be my friend, only to reveal they want to date me as soon as I get comfortable.
I just want... [more]

My friend made me mad

My friend made me mad, so I threw up on his c***. It was wonderful. We haven’t spoken since. The idiot thought he was going to get a wonderful b*******! Ha, ha.

I secretly hate my brother

He always makes fun of me. Constantly making fun of my interests, literally once walked into my room making fun of the books I read. Also he constantly is hating on others who are different from him. Like he is literally an open racist to Asian people. He’s also a homophobic j*** who calls me slurs... [more]


Every time I use my mom's clean under clothes to m********* I put them back and then come here to tell her about it. I want you to know that I get off thinking about you, mom. To day I used a pair of your panties. They were the green ones with Thursday on them. I folded them and put them... [more]

Mother in laws panties

The other day I was bored wondering sitting down in my girlfriends room I’m 17 years old and I was thinking how would my girlfriends moms pantys smell then I kept thinking and thinking so I got hard next thing yk I had like ten of her panties in my hand me sniffing them and putting c** on them I already... [more]

.i hate man and women who said just Friends.

The real things..You know real.
DO i am a Crazy Person,,I Get new name this name for a few years A crazy Women .. Lol
The real things..You know real.
Say the real for the firts time will not made a pain in the feeling to be till ptesent..
Hates men and women, who is used lies to other. who used to and affirmative words... [more]

I hate my stepson

I absolutely hate my stepson. He is 8 years old. I’ve been with my husband for 3 years when his son was only 5 at the time and it was fine then, but it has progressively gotten so much worse. He disrespects me and has made it clear that I was a homewrecker even though I moved in with them when his father was single for years. At 5 he said this to... [more]

Mom scored a good victory in our ongoing prank war!

I'm 17 and an only child. My parents divorced years ago. Dad's completely out of the picture. So, it's just me and mom and we have a really close relationship. I know a lot of girls my age don't really get along with their moms, but we do. I think part of it is that we have similar senses of humor. We both love a good practical joke! As a result... [more]

Many moons ago.

Long part of the story short my mom and dad split the day I was born because he went and got drunk then mom tried to call him for a ride home and ended up getting a taxi and walked in on him geeting head from her sister so....After a dozen years my mom let him back into my life, I was an only child on both sides so there was a lot of push and... [more]

Chinese abuse kids and torture animals


Getting the belt at 19

When I was ten my mom married my stepdad Kenny who was 18 years older than my mom and had already raised three kids of his own. His children were all successful and still close to him and Kenny convinced mom that his kids did such good because he used corporal punishment on them until they left the home bare bottom with a belt folded over. So the... [more]


I'm a newly married female (14 months)..and i don't know who's baby I'm carrying .... my husbands or his brothers... i f***** them on the same day.... my husband at night and my brother in law the following morning

I get hard for my bhabhi

I hereby confess that i l*** my vandana bhabhi since the age of 16 .
When she used to go out i used to enter her wardrobe and play with her bras and underwears. All her panties were undersized as compared to her fat ass.
Once , I remember I took her lipstick and wrote her name ("VANDANA") with that... [more]

It wasn't my boyfriend

I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years and sometimes he likes to handcuff and blindfolds me to the bed,this time we roleplayed i was a cheating wife dressed up like ive just left the office,he picks me up and we drive back to my place we start fooling around and he cuffs me,I'm on my knees with my arms spread out and he blindfolds me,I'm waiting... [more]

Dealing with people with abandonment issues

I've had a lot of friends with abandonment issues and almost every single one has left me.
I grew to have a lot of anxiety and trust issues and dealing with friends with abandonment trauma sucks. It constantly ends up with them probing me for validation at inappropriate times then getting really upset when I don't respond. I feel like they can't... [more]

It’s been a year

Well next month is my 25th wedding anniversary and Mother’s Day marks the one year anniversary of the most incredible sexual experience in my 50 years on this earth.
Last Mother’s Day my son’s track friends came over for a pool party, after my son left for work (he delivers pizza. His twin friends decided to stay and swim. I knew the boys... [more]

L*** for aunts huge ass and I think she knows

We have always toyed the line of playful affection and full on groping. She’s around 5’6” and she’s kinda stacked but her b****** aren’t large and her stomach is big. Her lower half however is very thick and plump, she has a big massive shelf butt, shaped like an overly round apple that sticks... [more]

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