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I never thought it would be me

I have always considered myself straight but have always had a bit of a wild streak which has on occasion ended up with me kissing a girl etc. but have never, Not even in that moment considered taking it past just playful, drunk kisses or the like. My husband knows pretty much everything i have ever done and i have told him everything.
My best... [more]

Step moms friend

My mother in law has been with my dad for over twenty years so basically she is the mother figure in my life since my mom passed away before i ever really knew her. I am twenty two now and had been home for a few days after Christmas which was not planned but i had a few days off work and made a quick trip home.
My basement bedroom has become an... [more]

When all respect is lost,...

I found out one of my older cousins who is now 35 and married Slashed my dad's tires because a feud my ouncle (their dad) and my dad had. My dad is not the best person but nobody is perfect. No one will ever be with finger pointing. At the end of the day he's my dad I love him he gave me life and regardless I will always stand up for him. I... [more]

I am truly an awful parent

I dreamed about being a parent. I prayed for it. And we adopted. I didn't get knocked up and poof - there was a kid. We went through months of background checks and interviews and the cost and drama of adoption. You have to be REALLY wanting to do that, right?
Well I suck at being a parent. My kid is almost out of the house and we scream... [more]

Husband smelled like booze and another woman (maybe)

My husband has the week off for the holidays, and last night he went out with some of his guy friends that he hadn't seen in a while. They were going to go out drinking and then see a concert. I told him to have a good time.
When he returned home at 1:00 AM, he was wasted, slurring words and could hardly stand up. He said "hey honey" and asked... [more]

I got my hands on an old .455 Webley.

I fixed to where it was in working order and I was able to make bullets for it by cutting back .45 long brass. It worked real well.
Along comes this gun collector and he wants to swap for it. He really wanted this vintage old gun. I knew him from way back and I knew he was a good man.
He didn't have anything I wanted and he was short... [more]


I hate my stepdaughter

My sister will never grow up.

My sister is in her late 20s and lives at home with my parents. She has a job, but pays no rent or utilities to my parents. Most of her money either goes into her savings account, or gets spent on her buying stuff for herself. She doesn't have to worry much about food, since my mom usually cooks for whoever is in the house. She doesn't have to... [more]

Can't stand my wife and her adult children

I hate my wife and her adult children.She lets them get away with f××king murder. When she touches me my skin crawls. She constantly takes there side against me. Her son is almost 30 and doesn't work. His ideal of work is having a grow (weed) place. He's the laziest a****** that I've ever met... [more]

Wife won't cover up when breastfeeding

I had some friends over to watch the football games yesterday. We were hanging out in my man cave, having fun and just being guys. One of my buddies went into the kitchen to grab some more beer, and when he came back he said, "Your wife has gorgeous t***, man." I said, "Huh?!?" I went into the... [more]

All Alone

My best friends don't want me anymore. I know it.
They choose to space themselves away from me and barely ever talk to me themselves. It feels like they don't know or care when I speak, or even that they care,
Now we just argue over little things, barely hang out and it feels like they would rather talk to anyone else but me; they even... [more]

My parents perved over my wife

My c ompany sent me to Venezuela and I worked there for 2 years. I got to know my wife there, a typical hot full-figured little latina and we got married and then she returned with me to my country. For the first few years we lived with my parents. They all got on well together and my was very happy and supported in every way.
Both Mum and Dad... [more]

I tried seducing my brother

I tried to seduce my older brother. He used to dry hump me and s*** (we are both gay) when I was young and now I regularly accidentally show my duck to him

My ex is cheating on my friend

I'm 15 and female. The other girl in this is K and boy is C... I'm A... So I was dating C for 8 months then we broke up... During the time I got him to come to my church and he met everyone there... My friend K and him talked and I thought nothing of it cause I knew they were friends but about a month after C and I broke up K asked me for approval... [more]

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