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My wife is really really strict with our daughter and I support her. I think my wife is strict because she is protecting our daughter and think she is doing the right thing. I do too because it is a power trip for me.
For example she is really controlling. Has to know where the daughter is all the time. She puts out the clothes the... [more]

I didn't care

You thought I would be devastated when you cut me out of your life after that final argument. The truth is....I didn't care enough about you to notice you were gone. You vanished from my thoughts the moment you vanished from my life. It is only now, so many years later, that I realized you were gone....and I still don't care.

A child with out a mother

Im a teenage girl. My mother left when i was young did horrible stuff to me and left because of her i had to go into foster care for a little while and even more bad stuff happen..I always wanted her back but why...?
I loved her but hated her...know i love her no more..I no longer call her my mom i say bio mom or sometimes by her real name.She... [more]

My moms husband abused us, and I never told.

When I was a little baby my mom and dad moved away from each other because it simply didn't work out, and it was ok I was blessed whit parents who knew how to put their differences aside and be nice to each other even when they broke up.
But then when I was a preschooler my mom met someone new, and he was actually really nice so they got married... [more]

MIL liked it

Last weekend I had a company function to attend and sometimes they get a bit out of hand so my wife had asked her mom to come say at our place so she could look after the kids and we could sleep in the next day. As predicted it did get out of hand and we stumbled in around 3:30 am, we crawled into bed and my wife almost instantly passed out but I... [more]

My step dad

This is about my step dad, and how much I want to kill him. I’m 17 and he’s been in my life since I was 5. He came into my life after my dad broke up with my mom because she is crazy (to this day she still is) I was an only child at first. I saw my dad every other weekend (we get along great). After awhile he started having kids with my mom... [more]

Nothing seems to be on track

I have grown 30 and I still don't have career , I have lost my parents and I am the only one who is surviving...I don't have friends or social life...I keep switching my jobs from profile to profile...all I wanted is love and a little respect..and stability in career to survive...but nothing is going right health deteriorates.....I keep... [more]

I truly HATE my step daughter

My dh and I have been together for 9 yrs, married for 6 yrs. He has 2 kids, a son and a daughter from a previous marriage in which these kids BM died. She is now 21 and he is 19. They were 5 and 7 when she died. They are both disrespectful and just do what they want to do. My dh has over compensated for her death since it happened. They will not... [more]

My mom wants me to be Popular or Slutty?

I am 12 years old and my mom recently has been buying me lacy bras and tiny bikini panties,, started right after my 11th birthday, she said I would be needing better things since I was starting middle school. I don't mind wearing these things, at times I think its fun, but I am 12 and I don't want the guys to find out I have these type of bras and... [more]

I hate my step kids

I have two step kids. A boy 15 and girl 13. I have been with there father for 9 years so I have known there’s kids for quite some time. It’s never been easy with these 2. They only come down 2 times a year the summer and winter break. I have done everything for these 2 kids and they are so disrespectful when they are in my house. This is not a new... [more]

I wish my father would die

I don't want my father to die, but I think that would be the easiest way out for everyone. If my mum kicked him out or he just left he'd hardly be able to manage on his own and she would feel so guilty she'd be even more depressed. My father is a black cloud over our lives, emotionally abusive, mentally ill. He contributes nothing to our home but... [more]

Barbie Wife

My kids friend step mom is called Barbie. I don't think it's her real name but everyone refers to her as Barbie. The kid. The father and other people. The woman is tall skinny and wears skimpy skirts.

MY best friend beat the s*** out of a guy

I live in Ohio near Lake Superior and there are a lot of poor people living here. Not much work to do here and a lot of people have very little.
Near my friend's house, there is a trailer park. A woman living in one of these trailers had two very small children. She was a sot drunk. She often neglected her children aged five and seven.
I... [more]


Two nights ago when I got home I found my mother drunk after her birthday party. She was sleeping on the living room couch and her robe had come open and I could see her nipples. I tried to wake her up to tell her to go to bed but she didn't move. I got excited seeing her t*** with her big dark... [more]

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