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Should I turn my daughter in to the authorities

I recently found out that my daughter killed another girl in high school. We are currently moving house, daughter in question has an apartment though and was not around when this happened. We were getting boxes down from the attic. I do tend to put my nose where it doesn't belong, and as such I did go through a box of her things. I found her... [more]

I married a lesbian to hide an affair with my sister

My sister and I started having s** back in 2005 when we were 15. As best I can recall it started when we had to share a room when our house was being worked on. Her room was part of the remodel so we shared the same room and bed. She was 10 months younger than me, but we were both 15. I often slept... [more]

My mom used to work as a p*** star

When I turned 15, I was finally allowed to ask my mom who my sister's dad was. She was 2 years older than me but was half Korean (my mom's side) and half French. I was half Korean and half Ukrainian. If you saw us, you could tell we had different dads. My dad was a calm and gentle man, but I knew he and my mom had only gotten married a year... [more]

I wish my Dad would be brutally beaten and tortured.

I wish my dad would be brutally beaten and tortured.
I wish he would feel all the pain he's given me over the years. Every beating and every word he's ever screamed at me. Everything he's ever done to me should be redirected at him.
F*** him. A white-collar slave doomed to serve these powerful... [more]

How I met your mother.

When I was 28 I was working in a night club, A friend of mine owned it and had a staff mutiny and all of his bouncers quit on him on a friday afternoon, He frantically called me and asked if I would help him out so I said I would, As it turned out it was a night when they were holding a wet t-shirt contest and it turned out to be one of the best... [more]

How my mother-in-law became a nudist with us

Nudist family in the Midwest and kept pursuing the lifestyle into adulthood. So, when I met my wife at a friend's wedding in Lodi, California, it wasn't long before she came to knew I was a nudist.
She was (and still is) a beautiful Chinese woman from Hohhot in the inner-northern part of China. She had come to the US for school in 2007 and we... [more]

Dog nap

My friend that likes watching p*** videos more than I do man that’s a lot of p*** his preference is dog s** women f****** dogs and I’ll confess so do I for... [more]

Sis sucking tonguing swallowing brother

For confessing, maybe my expectations are too high? Or I need more patience. Or I should not be sharing secrets.
Age 11 I began learning my body. Then one day I noticed my brother's erect p****. My body touching grew and I knew something was happening. I was attracted to my brother even though I... [more]

Does he sniff my panties

My stepdad was leaving my bedroom with something in hand as I got out of the shower. My hamper was open and I am pretty sure it was closed. I think maybe he took a pair of panties. I don't like people going through my stuff including dirty clothes. Otherwise I am aroused that he wants my panties and think of leaving a moist pair on top as bait.


I make my brother take his clothes off in front of my girl friends, because I have naked pictures of him and he doesn't want me to show them in school. I think he likes it because he always gets and erection.

My step-mother learned how to handle my c***

When I mover back home from college, my Dad had re-married, and I found his new wife to be very attractive. We had an indoor hot tub, and we used to lounge around together in the hot tub, while Dad was out working. I could not help it, I got huge erections in front of her that I could not hide! She would smile and wink at first, then she cuddled... [more]

How I Got into Diapers like my Mother

Yes. She wears diapers, but for medical reasons. She has bladder control issues. I didn't find out about this till after I was potty trained. I was 3 years old when I was potty trained. I thought it was unfair I was forced to be a slave to the potty, while mom was freed as a bird to p*** and... [more]

How can I get my Mom to wear diapers?

My mom has occasionally wet her underwear and hides them! Whether it's in the bed or not. I keep offering for her to wear diapers (or nappies she calls them), but she refuses and says they're too big and bulky. She uses the bathroom when needed but those occasions are also bothersome. How can I get her to change into diapers? She hates them! Any... [more]

My Mom Treats me like a Baby

Let me explain... I'm sixteen, and while part of this mother-son relationship is fine, parts of this aren't. She still has me sit in a booster seat in the car. She still makes me wear diapers. I peed myself a while back, and she will not let it go. Swim diapers are included. She changes me in the public restrooms and at home. She makes me wear... [more]

Nice Round Mound

I want this 22 year old. I want to put it on her deep and hear her moan. I want her to submit to me. She’s my step daughter. She likes my money and my vehicle. I treat her

Unthinkingly Came in Stepdaughter's Panties

My wife was on a trip and by the time Sunday came I awoke stiff and needing to grind. My step-daughter yelled, going to Sue's, See you later, and the front door closed. I had thought about it before but never would until now. I went naked to her clothes hamper with a shiny panties on top. They were wetter than moist. She was just masturbating in... [more]

Best T*** Ever

My stepdaughter has started started developing nicely but she's not so private and shows much of her body. I can't help the rod stiffening when I try not to look down her shirt admiring firm budding breast looking so succulent and on the way to duplicating her mom's nice big rack. I don't touch but when were close and they rub against me it hurts.

Ate my sisterinlaw

My husband of ten years has convinced me to have a threesome with another girl. I have never been with a girl and the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea but I will never tell him that. But we have no idea how to find the right girl. I am close with his sister and was confiding in her. She kissed me and then all at once we are... [more]

Nice round mound

I want this 22 year old. I want to put it on her deep and hear her moan. I want her to submit to me. She’s my step daughter. She likes my money and my vehicle. I treat her special

Mom Walked in While Using Vacuum Pump

I was at it for hours and lost time. Mom came home for work and I am in the open at the family computer desk with an open jar of vaseline and my d*** up a large vacuum tube designed for p**** enlargement. I was caught off guard and so [more]

P**** fish

I’m catfishing my sons mom now. I still love her I’m posing as one of her friends exes. I found out she’s single and got dumped recently three months ago. She has nowhere to go Has to live with me with my son

My kids are very fat

I’m a single mother of three girls. I came from a big family who has always enjoyed food and it shows. I currently weigh about 510 lbs and have been slowly putting on more weight as time passes.
My daughters are all following in my footsteps. They all love to eat like I do, and as a result have all gotten very fat like me. My youngest is 10 and... [more]


I want to watch my brother f*** my wife

How are they so good at it.

As a mid 40's single woman who has been on the market for 5 years I have been propositioned for almost every imaginable scenario and quite often from people I know and strangers on dating sits but have never really ventured too far from a straight girl/guy interaction until the other night. A very close friend who I have known for close to 30... [more]

Step daughter

I am attracted to my step daughter. She’s 22. She’s kindve borderline chubby. But her t*** and her ass are nice. I wanted her to see my c***, so I wore my thin sweats and put my member to the side. I saw her lay with her chest on couch as we all watched... [more]

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