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I hate my step-daughter

I met my step-daughter (R) when she was about 2 years old. My boyfriend (now husband) Derek, spoiled her. They did have a rough time of it before I met them. And R was used to her daddy always being within arms reach. She was a terror for quite awhile, but I was understanding and helped Derek out with R whenever I could. Eventually we all moved in... [more]

I don't feel anything for my nephew

My sister just had her first kid but I don't feel anything in particular for him. I don't hate him, I don't love him, I'm just apathetic.
People keep congratulating me, but I have no idea why. It really has nothing to do with me. My sister wants me to move closer to her and the kid but she knows I never want kids of my own, why would I want a... [more]

Brother's remarriage to ex & pregnancy problem

Last year I had an affair with my brother's ex-wife Rachel. She is 35 and my brother is 38. They were married for 10 years, had two kids, and when they divorced in March 2017 it looked like they were done for good. I'm 43 and have been married for 18 years.
I used to help Rachel with a lot of things after their divorce and we became close... [more]

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I stole

It seemed to be a minor thing at first. I stole a couple dollars here or there. But then. I started to get hooked to the idea of spending money on useless items. I spent so much money. $600 dollars to be correct. My dad has found out already. He lives in a different house to my mum. He is quite wealthy so i thought i'd steal off him. I feel so... [more]

The old days

My husband and I were reading some stories on here and although there is no way to tell what's real and what's bull one story made my husband bring up something that happened over 20 years ago which made us both laugh.
My husband and I were newlyweds (21 & 23) and back in the day we both had very high [more]

Take time and listen to your children.

We are much closer now

Mother in law

Favorite sister in law

Taking care of the caregiver.

Feeling secure.

Unaware mom

Stepchild is slow and violent.

Families handle masturbation in all kinds of ways?

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