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So relaxed

The other day i was alone with my wife's sister and she sucked me off, we were just hanging out and she said something about a b*******, I scoffed and she said "those don't happen anymore?", I said "Not for two years at least".
A couple minutes later she is sucking me off, Swallowed and sat back... [more]

Mind blown

So I come from a small rural community, Being from a small town I was always kind of sheltered from the real things in the world and I always thought some were just stories but I found out different. I went to university in the "Big city", It was an eye opener for sure, I was with two guys before going to university but it was just normal stuff... [more]

Beautiful Hawaiian Aunt

Every time I see my aunt, I get so lustful. I try to get as close as possible as I can to her. She walks around with a heavy t shirt that shows her nipples every night. She’s a beautiful petite Hawaiian lady. I fantasize about her when I m*********. She literally gets me hard when she walks... [more]

Slutty mum

Growing up i couldn't bring friends home because my mum would try and sleep with them and would hear her with different guys even now she's still the same and would flirt with family members and found out she had s** with at least 2,she's been coming round my house dressed up to slutty for her age she's... [more]

Daughters wedding day 3sum

At the evening party of my daughter's wedding i looked around and got jealous of nearly everyone having a partner, maybe it was the drink that made me ask my 26yo nephew if i was still f******* and asked him to meet me down the bottom of the field if he thought so,when he met me i didn't want to... [more]

Playing dares

Me and my cousin are both 14 her mum was at work so we bunked off school and invited my 16yo brother to join us,a little about her she will go with anyone,she said about playing dares and if you refuse you had to take a piece of clothing off,we all ended up down to are underwear when my brother dated us 2 to snog he was enjoying the show and then... [more]

Midnight f***

It's not the first time ive had to wake my son up when he's been watching half naked women,last night i was only wearing knickers when i popped my head around the door and seen he clearly been wanking off and fallen asleep his c*** was still in his hand,I was amazed how big it looked and had to... [more]

My brother is f****** my friends

Hi my name is carly I'm 14. A few weeks ago I had my best friend Sam over to stay the night. After we had went to bed sam got up to go to the bathroom. A few minutes late I could hear sam and my big brother talking. Thin I herd her cry out in pane. So I got up to see what happened. By the time I got to his door way she was moning. I looked in his... [more]

Confronted brother

I finally confronted my older brother who's 28 because he keeps watching me so i had him in his car know where to go in there,i purposely hiked up my skirt flashing my white lace knickers to get him to look and asked him why but he wouldn't answer so i asked if he wanted me and if so to pull over i knew i would get my answer then and he did just... [more]

Son is the only one i can be honest with

I'm very close to my 25yo son we can chat about anything and he will listen,he's noticed ive been feeling down lately and asked me why and told him it's because me and his dad haven't been having s** lately and i miss it,he was trying to be helpful by giving me advice i should dress up or maybe wear... [more]

Drifting Away From My Caregiver [DDLG Warning]

I know this guy online. We have been messaging each other for two years in total. I was 17 at the time we first met, and he was ~40. It would have been three years straight, but we drifted away because I decided I didn't care for the age-gap. We weren't talking for close to a year.
We reconnected a week before my 18th birthday, which was last... [more]

Feelings for mum

I've had feelings for my mum for sometime now and they only got stronger over time,she's hot as f*** nice big t*** and a cute ass every morning before she would leave for work it she would drive me crazy with what she would be wearing and i would have... [more]


I have been dreaming about c****** inside my sister in law who drives me nuts because she’s such a know it all. But I also want to lick her p**** clean afterwards! What does that mean?!

What should I do

Yesterday my friend come to my place his mom is gone for travel for 10 to 15 so I insist to him to dinner at my place we had dinner when he is gone for his home my parents tell why you let any friends of yours to come to our house
it's not the first time he came to my house. he came to my house 6-7 times first time for help to for my house... [more]

I was to young to understand

I remember when i was 8 walking in my mum's bedroom early and finding my 15yo brother asleep with her and walking back to my bedroom to play, there was so many other times when she would tell me to stay in my room and not to come out till she got me using the excuse she needed to have a chat with my brother,one time i didn't listen and had a look... [more]


I'm a 54 year old gran to a 15 year old,my grandson is lovely he's always coming round to make sure im ok and even when im not home he lets himself in,I do tease him just a little fun i pull his face in to my b****** when we hug to make him blush,I don't usually get home till 3 but took time of... [more]

Casting couch son

I showed my sister what i found on my 22 year old sons laptop it's full of incest p*** and her 16 year old daughter seen it to and my 35 year old sister came up with a plan to get her camera out and get him to do a casting couch as us 3 watch when he came in he seen his laptop and i told him what i... [more]

Magic touch

I've known for around a year now that my 15 year old son has been talking my underwear to j*** off with and with him looking at me when he thinks i can't see him and decided to have a chat with him,I sat next to him as he was sleeping and put my hand on his leg and slowly moved it up and noticed he... [more]

Anyone have stories of family members fattening up?

My mom has been purposefully gorging herself for a few weeks now. Trying to impress this new guy, I guess. He keeps persuading her to eat more and more and encourages her to gain weight. He says that he loves big women with an appetite and is always buying her bigger clothes!
My mom is always eating now it seems. She was hesitant at first, but... [more]

Can't stop myself

In the past ive messed relationships up by cheating and thought it would be different with my new bf who ive been with for 3 years,his brother is only 16 and we were left alone yesterday i couldn't stop thinking about s** and for an hour i was trying to find the best way to ask him and then just decided... [more]

Morning wood

I came downstairs and seen my 20 year old nephew asleep on the sofa with morning wood he seen me looking and just smiled made no attempt to hide it when he got up and he was still like it 30 minutes later i asked him how come he's still hard and he said it's because of me he was quick to tell me my nipples are hard i didn't have a bra on,we both... [more]

My female cousin hits my b****

My cousin often hits me in the b****. I'm 15 and she's 16. I once went upstairs to the bathroom alone to wash my hands, and she followed me in. She locked the door and walked over to me, smiling. I didn't know what to do, when she grabbed my arms to keep me from struggling. Then she kicked me hard in... [more]

I dont have choice to choose my career

I am 16 now and I wanted my self to choose a career cuz after 4 years i would be all on i decided that day to become an ARCHITECT and graduate from one of the best architect institutions of USA... After a while my mom told me not to be an architect becuz that is not a valueable career option nd told me to be a [more]

I might be in love. Maybe just l***.

So, I am out shopping with my sister in law one week ago today, Yeah she was obviously not wearing a bra which is kinda normal, She doesn't often wear one but she doesn't flaunt it, She doesn't wear see through shirts or anything like that, usually a dark coloured t-shirt or something but this day she had on a sleeveless t-shirt, Still black but... [more]

I said I would

I have read so many stories on here about women who had someone do something to them uninvited and I read the comments about how the stories are fake or whatever and I said I would make a post about it.
I just wanted to say that not all of them are fake and this crap actually happens, I don't know if I am just a really good listener or if people... [more]

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