Funny Confessions

Biking o*****

I was riding a motorbike with my bf. I was wearing a loose skirt and a pair of thong underneath and no bra. As my naked crotch was rubbing against the seat from time to time I pressed my loin tight on the seat. OMG! the sheer vibration of the motor and the speed was sending sensational trickle against my crotch and I lean forward a bit resting my... [more]

Sleeping pills hipnotise you

A friend was here and asked what the medicine in a bottle was and mom said it was sleeping pills. He asked if she would wake up if someone messed with her and she asked what kind of messed with. He said like feel you up and have s** with you and she asked why he wanted to know that. He was just... [more]

I tease my classmate with my belly button

I find it funny that my classmate can't look away from my belly button. I get looks sometimes but he is always waiting for me to show it. To tease him I stretch a little while yawning or pretend that I need to look at it or put a pen in it. After all my teasing I'll let him poke it if he asks

I don't believe any of these confessions are real

These confessions on this site crack me up. I've been on for, maybe, an hour. Everywhere you turn, you see a bunch of incest, pedos, b********* posts, femboys, and stomach fetishes. I don't believe any of them are real. People just want the "wow" factor and the upvotes. It's really sad, but... [more]

When you quit looking.

I just read a confession from a hapless fellow that was inundated with married women that wanted his services, but alas, no single women were knocking on his door proposing marriage. He was afraid his biological clock was ticking down and he may never produce offspring of his own that he could raise.
This is my advice to him.
Resign... [more]

Extra Credit in School

Early 1969 I was a junior in high school. One Saturday afternoon I was going down the highway to another town in my ‘66 GTO’ when I drove up behind a friend’s mustang.
It was going slower than normal and the gal sitting in the middle of the seat with his arm around her didn’t look like his girlfriend from behind.
I started to pass and... [more]

I may have ghosted a girl unintentionally

I work at a job where I travel frequently and I didn't tell a girl I was talking to about this. When I am away on business I don't usually bring my personal phone with me (only my work phone) because I don't have a data roaming plan.
Anyways, I left for about a week and came back to a couple dozen texts (most were her sending hey or how are... [more]

S** in the open

D****** in the UK is more or less common in certain areas. It is sexual kinks, quickies etc with known persons or strangers in isolated areas in the evening to late at night. I was traveling with my bf from London to Durham and was really looking forward to have [more]

Tickled for rent

I let my landlord tickle me.
It started when I needed time to pay one month, he was surprisingly cool about it. He asked if I was ticklish and I am so we agreed that I would just have to sit and let him tickle my feet for awhile. It was fun and I paid him a few weeks later.
I am normally good at paying on time but a few months later I asked... [more]

Sans undertale

It's a beautiful day outside.
Birds are singing, flowers are blooming...
On days like these, kids like you...
Should be burning in h***.
Turn around kid, it'd be a crime,
If I had to go back on the promise that I made for you,
so don't step over that line,
Or else, friend, you're gonna have a... [more]

Good for her

My wife and I had a gathering at our place last night, My is 32, I am 34 and my wife's 40 year old sister was there and she was going to stay the night, My wife and I don't have any and don't plan on any kids but her sister has had 4, She is a very pretty, Short, Brunette girl.
As the night wore on my wifes sister who is divorced for the last two... [more]

Thank god she is my step.

The other night I was laying in bed and could hear whispering and giggling coming from my step sisters room down the hallway, I snuck out of bed and tip toed up to her door, I could hear her and her best friend Andrea whispering and giggling but I could hear heavy breathing also.
I got down on the floor and tried to peek under the door but could... [more]

S** Toys with remote control

Hi all out there. I'm female, 46 years old and good 20 years married (still happy). Since years I sometimes take loveballs inside, when I go shopping (or else). Its a wonderfull feeling when they are inside me. Even when I llok at all the people and families around me and think about what they would do, if they know about it.
Some months ago... [more]

Gears of war

I've been doing a glitch in gears of war 5 that let's you do escape without any enemies after saferoom. 1 person leaves at saferoom. Rejoins. You all go and die. When you respawn enemies despawn.


Is there a girl that still wants to smash my b**** like a pancake?

I told my friends that my 24 yr old boyfriend still gets spanked

So as you guys know I am Jane (25) and I get to watch Billy my bf (24) get his bare bum spanked my his mom. Somone in here said I should tell all my friends and the other day we was at a party with my friends and he was been is rude so I though f*** it why not !! I told them all what happened and... [more]

Funniest thing ever my boyfriend bare bum over his moms knee !!

So I think my boyfriend has already confessed to this but never mind !! I am a 25 year old girl and my boyfriend is 24. I was round at his house and he had been caught speeding or something and his mom actually pulled his pants down and spanked his bare bottom in front of me l**** !! It was so funny... [more]


We played a game called " Dacked " Aussie word for pants , It started as described here , getting the square heads and trying to get them naked and erect in front of a particular team of girls , they would go bright red , cry and carry on and we would all laugh .
From there however there were this core group of girls who were right into these... [more]

She'll regret that.

My wife and I have been together 4 years and married for 2, We live with 2 of my friends, They have the basement and we have the upstairs. We all went out last night and my wife had been drinking a bit more than normal, I looked over and she was asleep at the table with her head resting on her hand, I woke her up and she was completely incoherent... [more]

Wearing sisters panties

It all started out when it was my turn to do laundry .I was taking clothes out of the dryer when i felt my sisters panties they were nice and soft ,i decided to try them on they felt wonderful ,As i was standing folding more laundry i didnt hear my sister come to get some of her clothes , she laughed and asked if i like them . I said oh sorry... [more]

Asking for undies

I love wearing panties . Friday night at a bar i asked a girl for her panties .she asked me why i wanted them so i told her to wear them that way i would feel close to you she smiled and then whispered in my ear that she will be back in a few minutes sure enough about 5 mins later she came back handed me her panties and told me she wants to see me... [more]

Kicking boys in the b****

Any girls that would love to kick me in the nuts so I'll shut the f*** up about it I'll even let you kick me as hard as you want? I'll put a comment for each answer.

Girls Rule

Girls can be really awesome and really smart but face it us boys are weak at times. I really like it when girls kick me in the b**** especially to put me but in place. I wish i could get a girl to kick me in the nuts. Any girls that love kicking boys in the [more]

Love making my mother in law mad.

I love to do things that set her off. She is a died in the wool conservative. I love p****** her off saying things that will get her. She hates curse words so I try and use them all the time. My wife will tell me to put a sock in it. The word she hates the most is the big C word. Yes the word C U... [more]

My Delusional Cousin

My cousin thinks she is a mermaid. She is 22 years old, and will tell you right to your face that she has been a mermaid since she was 11 years old, when she used a youtube spell to turn herself into one. She constantly wears a pearl necklace because that's where all her mermaid power is stored, and if it breaks, she will fall ill or possibly die... [more]

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