Funny Confessions

I love kicking guys in their b****

I love kicking boys in their b****. i get away with it because i make the boys think they made me mad and because i am a girly girl but i really do it because i love to see boys faces when they get a good one in the b****. so funny. makes me laugh when... [more]

I told my friends that my 24 yr old boyfriend still gets spanked

So as you guys know I am Jane (25) and I get to watch Billy my bf (24) get his bare bum spanked my his mom. Somone in here said I should tell all my friends and the other day we was at a party with my friends and he was been is rude so I though f*** it why not !! I told them all what happened and... [more]

I want to be a slave

I don't know why but I constantly fantasize about being a slave. It can be both sexual and non sexual. I just want someone to claim me and their property. I want to be owned. I want them to exert their power and control over me in whichever ways they want. I want to have no rights, no thoughts of my own, no freedom. I want to be tied up and... [more]

Funniest thing ever my boyfriend bare bum over his moms knee !!

So I think my boyfriend has already confessed to this but never mind !! I am a 25 year old girl and my boyfriend is 24. I was round at his house and he had been caught speeding or something and his mom actually pulled his pants down and spanked his bare bottom in front of me l**** !! It was so funny... [more]

I am a lesbian In middle who kicks boys in the b**** lol

I'm a lesbian girl in middle school. I don't like boys. I don't have them as friends. They're bad, disruptive and stupid. (Science has shown girls are smarter than boys so they’re literally inferior) But I sure love kicking them in their nuts lol. They go from being so bold to curling up on the floor crying and clutching their [more]

Yeah, I'm Black... So?..

Q: What do you call a black man with no arms?
A: Trustworthy
Q: What does a black child get for Christmas?
A: Your bike
Q: Why do blacks smell so bad?
A: So the blind can hate them too.
Q: Why don't blacks & Hispanics procreate(breed)
A: No one wants a child that can't get a job and is too lazy to... [more]

Mother-in-law vs daughter in law

I watched my aunt fighting her daughter in law and it was really funny. My aunt is 53yo woman and very impulsive. The daughter in law is 28 and obviously stronger than my aunt. They were wrestling on the floor, until her daughter in law came on top and started slapping my aunt. Wow, I felt like I'm at school, watching some girls fighting. But I... [more]

News Media Drops Greta Thurnberg

I too grow tired of the news media and their overkill, one topic reporting on the covid virus. However I always look for the silver lining with hope and gratitude. I am happy to report that throughout this crisis reporting I have not seen the angry, scowling face of teen eco sensation Greta Thurnberg since the media leaped into full time covid... [more]

Oh boy

I jacked off during a road trip with my mom and sister in the car. I had a blanket over me, and i had to do it secretly. It took my over half an hour to c**, but I did it, and damn did it feel good. Very kinky when your family is right there and don't even know.

Pooped my pants

I was peacefully asleep after a night of abusing drugs and women. Then I woke up at noon and decided to s*** all over my self. Once I had s*** myself I walked down the street and found a young boy. I pulled my pants down and grabbed at my loaded ass... [more]


Rap is for stupid people.....p diddy has 350 million yet his lyrics sound like a kid wrote them no talent

My huge c***

My c*** is so huge that when girls suck it they choke on it and pass out from lack of air. The last w**** I f***** after she passed out I slapped her face with my [more]

I love beating geeks up

In high school there are so many geeks around. I go out of my way to kick their a**** and make them cry. I love knocking their glasses off their faces then stepping on their glasses and laughing. The other day I beat the crap out of a geek in front of his girlfriend. The girlfriend ended up... [more]

I'm superiorrrrrrrrrrrr!

I confess....that I'm better than you. I'm f****** awesome. I go around and pretend I hate myself, pretend I think I'm some stupid inferior idiot, when inside I KNOW I'm better than all you dumbasses! HAHAHAHAHA! I think it's hilarious!! I act like a self-hating [more]

Size 12 model

Do people laugh a little inside when you tell them your a model....YES

I love embarassing people and making them blush

I really love to embarrass people and make them blush. I can't help it, it's just so funny. Especially the really shy sensitive people. I enjoy doing it to both guys and girls but its even better when you make a guy blush and you watch their face get redder and redder in front of everyone. Those with blushing problems get even more embarrassed... [more]


I say n***** because it is taboo and offends minorities.

Girls RULE

Girls RULE! I love to kick boys in their b****. I'm great at it. I watch them fall down looking sick to their stomach holding their b**** like the end of the world. Their voice gets high pitched when they are on the ground in pain. They are shout "why?"... [more]

I love it when girls kick me in the nuts

I love it when a girl rams her foot into my b****, i love the idea of a chick grabbing them and dragging me to the ground by my nuts, i love being humiliated, laying on the ground clutching my nads while the stronger s** stands above me and laughs

I had a comment reported on another site.

I was looking at my comments and I noticed that they have been reported. It's not a total mystery because I think I know who would've had my comments reported. Because when I noticed that there was the report icon closer to where it says reply. I know why somebody would've reported my comments. It's because somebody may have been angry about me... [more]

I love making fun of stutterers

In my school there are 3 people who have a stuttering problem. IDK why there are so many. They are in different grades I think one is in special ed. Anyway its so funny when they stutter i cant help but laugh and make fun of them. One name is Stan i call him S S Stan the St St Stutterer now others call him that. One time in the hall a bunch... [more]


I went on my facebook account and vulgarly insulted every single person I disliked. Then I told everyone that my account got hacked. Feels good.

Toe fun

I have a secret desire to lick girls feet and suck on their toes while i pleasure myself... just about every bare foot ... or in flip flops turns me on...especially if they have painted toes, and i get so excited seeing them....and they make me want to .... off..i even paint my toes some times..and i wear a toe ring...

Racist joke

There are 3 guys walking down the beach ones a white guy ones a black guy and the others a mexican. their walking along and they find a lamp in the sand they rub the lamp and a genie pops out and says you each get one wish. the n***** says "i want all my people to go back to africa and be happy and... [more]

I'm a lesbian who loves kicking boys in their b**** lol

I'm a lesbian girl in middle school. I don't like boys. I don't have them as friends. They're bad, disruptive and stupid. (Science has shown girls are smarter than boys) But I sure love kicking them in their nuts lol. They go from being so bold and tough to curling up on the floor crying and clutching their sack lol One little kick in their gross... [more]

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