Funny Confessions

5th grade incident

When I was in 5th grade, my friends and i would hop around and hit on other peoples desks. This one time when we were doing it i took break and sat down in someones seat. then my big body s***** dookie itty bitty loser friend came up behind me and pushed me out of my seat. this [more]

Baby heat

It didn't happen overnight. It took a long time. But from the beginning he was overprotective and butted into my life. He took me with him to a lunch with a vendor. He valet parked. When we were waiting for the car after lunch, he put his arms around me from behind, holding me tight against him. I didn't do anything because I didn't want a... [more]

S** Ed in Catholic School in the 60s didn't stop girls having s**

This happened in 1969. I was 15 and going to an all girls Catholic School. The School decided to put on a s** education movie, class by class starting in the 7th grade. My father loaned his projector and screen and told my cousin to be the projectionist. He sat through five showings, surrounded by... [more]

Free the t***, it feels so good to go topless in a crowd

Last week we spent a the week at a rental on the beach. MY sister, we are 22 and 19, teased me and took my top off exposing me to the onlookers. It was embarrassing for about a minute, then I said I don't care, dropped my arms and walked with my chest held high and my shoulders back and let them look all they wanted, men and women and little... [more]

Kissing cousins

This last week my cousin and his wife and kids came to see me. He found a quiet moment and f***** me. It felt good to be held by him again and feel his d*** in me. It really felt good when he released his [more]

Got banned from

The question on was what are names of candy with dirty names? I answered, cookies and cream, milk duds,whoppers,chico sticks,candy sticks,pixie sticks,honey buns,ding dongs,ho ho's,cream soda,and I must confess that this must be the best social media group that allows you to say what you want and not get in trouble over stupid [more]

Gas attacks!!!!

At the age of 10,I visited my older sister and I let a fart and she said it smelled like her scrap bucket. One time I was doing sit ups while my sister held my feet down and when I sat up,I let a big one rip right in her face. 7 th grade, I was sitting in class and had really bad gas and accidentally let out a fart the size of Texas and the... [more]

I love stealing and wearing panties

I love wearing panties. I’ve been wearing panties since I was 21. I’m 51 now. I’ve stolen so many panties I have forgotten the number but it’s over a thousand. My wife knows I wear panties. If I could I would wear them every day but she only likes it when we have s** and maybe twice a month. I wear my... [more]

Stealing panties

I love stealing used dirty panties. I’m in construction so it’s easy for me. One time I got to work the woman was taking a shower and we had to work in bathroom. When she was done I went in there and there was her panties she just took off in dirty clothes hamper still warm and smelling great. When I came out I was wearing them and talking to the... [more]

Lap of Luxury

3 years of ago, my wife who was 37 at the time, while I was 39 at the time were at an antique store. My wife was looking at a jewelry display case, while I was in the room next door. When I came back into the room, the first thing I saw was my wife sitting in this old man's lap (he was probably in his 60s) with her back to him and he had his arms... [more]

She probably has regrets.

I was out of town working a couple weeks ago and went to a sports bar close to my hotel, My waitress was super flirty and I just out of the blue asked if she wanted to do something after work, She looked around and then bit her lip and said "Sure, Why not...Pick me up at 11?", I can tell you that from 9-11 was about the longest 2 hours ever.
I... [more]


I love this man. We aren’t dating anymore but we still… yes. Anyways.
He tells me he’d love to see me finger both holes and I do just that for him. Side note: I’m majoring in Biological Disease, and the words “fecal-oral transmission” keep running through my mind as continue to finish and press send. 🙃
I now I can’t help but wonder who... [more]

One thing led to another and that led to having a kid at fourteen

In junior high I walked home with this kid, a boy. On the way he told me of his friend that had slipped off the seat of his bike and landed on the bar and smashed his b****. We talked about how stupid it was, guys' bikes had this ball busting bar and girls' bikes didn't have a bar, and they didn't... [more]

My grandmother surprised me, that she was a lesbian

I am going to confess about something that happened with my grandmother. I found out she was a lesbian. I was 15, and for spring break I went to spend the week with her in upstate NY. It was cold, but nice. She is an artist and has a studio in the barn next to the house. We went there and she showed me some paintings she was working on and... [more]

True stories of the hotel maintenance department

I work in maintenance for a large hotel. I get calls that the television doesn't work, that the a/c doesn't cool. I go to fix toilets and shower drains. The normal calls the room is empty for me to get the work done, but not all calls are normal.
I've had naked old men, and naked young women. I've been offered money for a [more]

Unforgettable moment

Two weeks ago my girlfriend came to my house, we are very good friends, very good friends. Anyway one day he came to my house, my parents were not at home, we were alone, and I scared him for a joke and he was scared then he got a little angry and hugged me and laid me on the floor, I was surprised, I never expected that he could knock me down... [more]

Nice skirt

I looked up my friend’s younger sister’s skirt and I can’t stop thinking about it. I had a small party at my apartment and one of my friend’s brought her younger sister over who was probably 15 at the time, at the very end of the night my friend got way too wasted, got sick and couldn’t drive home. Everyone ended up leaving and my friend and... [more]

Beyond abnormal actions of my best friend’s husband

I went to visit my best friend about a decade ago. While not a huge fan of her husband who brags about things he sucks at (s** is only one: my bestie talks a lot), occasionally he can actually be likable albeit strange. Here strange in particular.
My friend was out getting some food for us to eat... [more]

Shame, shame, shame

I went on a trip to Mexico with some friends, deep sea fishing. While we were there we enjoyed some of the local girls. I got the clap. Instead of telling my wife, I accused her of giving it to me. She went off the deep end, how did I know? Know what? Well it turned out that she was having an affair with a coworker, they both work Real... [more]

After giving a girl a try I was scared I might be lesbian

After college my older cousin offered me a bed until I got a job and could move out. After I moved in she told me she was lesbian. Not knowing anyone I socialized with her friends. One girl pushed me into having s** with her. I got depressed and had anxiety attacks because I thought I was lesbian.
My... [more]

Showing our kitties at school and the mall

This happened one day in my high school. We have a two story building and we move from class to class between classes, and that means going up and down the stairs. I have a friend, we decided to shave our intimate area and not wear underwear and wear a dress that flowed. The reason we did this was so that when we went up and down the stairs the... [more]

Where are you taking me to?

I decided to play a trick on my girlfriend for her 25th birthday. On Wednesday, I told I had a special plan set for her on that Saturday. Told her to wear her sexy short sundress and I told her no panties no bra. No problem she says.
All week she kept asking what we were doing, where we going, whats going on...ZIP LIPS. Not telling, don't... [more]

My talk about s** with my mother and her friend

When I was 14 my mother decided it was time for the talk. She asked her good friend, a nurse, to come over and give me the facts, no embellishments. She brought a d**** and a condom, she explained the mechanics of a p**** during [more]


In middle-school, gym class was closer to the bathrooms than any water fountain. Of course, I done drank toilet water, it’s a solid compromise.

My time at falcon

I lived in a Christian group home, or also known as an orphanage, it wasn't small at all either it looked like a college campus, and we had tons of donations and parties, so we were far from poor. The only thing that bothered me was the fact that they were so strict such as the clothes you wore, what you watched, video games you played couldn't be... [more]

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