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I love kicking guys in their b****

I love kicking boys in their b****. i get away with it because i make the boys think they made me mad and because i am a girly girl but i really do it because i love to see boys faces when they get a good one in the b****. so funny. makes me laugh when... [more]

Pier 60,Clearwater beach,Florida

Last year I was at Clearwater beach,Fla, and was having a great time,weather was gorgeous and the women were out in their bikinis,
Anyway, I needed a poo.
I went to the toilets on the beach at pier 60,found a stall, went in and did my business.
This is where it went wrong. After hearing about a nsfw prank, I firstly removed enough loo roll... [more]

Funniest thing ever my boyfriend bare bum over his moms knee !!

So I think my boyfriend has already confessed to this but never mind !! I am a 25 year old girl and my boyfriend is 24. I was round at his house and he had been caught speeding or something and his mom actually pulled his pants down and spanked his bare bottom in front of me l**** !! It was so funny... [more]

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At what point does political correctness just become plain censorship?

I told my friends that my 24 yr old boyfriend still gets spanked

So as you guys know I am Jane (25) and I get to watch Billy my bf (24) get his bare bum spanked my his mom. Somone in here said I should tell all my friends and the other day we was at a party with my friends and he was been is rude so I though f*** it why not !! I told them all what happened and... [more]

I'm a lesbian who loves kicking boys in their b**** lol

I'm a lesbian girl in middle school. I don't like boys. I don't have them as friends. They're bad, disruptive and stupid. (Science has shown girls are smarter than boys) But I sure love kicking them in their nuts lol. They go from being so bold and tough to curling up on the floor crying and clutching their sack lol One little kick in their gross... [more]


Rap is for stupid people.....p diddy has 350 million yet his lyrics sound like a kid wrote them no talent

I'm not afraid to die.

Why would anyone want to live forever?

What A Beautiful Rock

I swear this is true and has to be one of the funniest things to happen in someones life.
I used to take a lot of pain medications. One of the side effects of taking so many pain meds is constipation. Well, there was a time that I had not taken a s*** for 2 whole weeks, and was hurting bad to say... [more]

The boys Parents

A little boy walks into his parents room to see his mom on top of his dad bouncing up and down. The mom sees her son and quickly dismounts, worried about what her son has seen.
The son sees his mom and asks, "What were you and daddy doing?"
The mother replies, "Well you know hat daddy has a big tummy, and sometimes I have to get on top of it... [more]

Why prevent suicide?

Why are we trying to keep people from killing themselves? Seriously, isn't it a person's right to end his or her life if he or she chooses?
Maybe I'm just saying that because I get suicidal sometimes. Maybe it's because it p***** me off to no end when I read the confessions of suicidal people and... [more]

Musings of a Fatty

Every time I'm really hungry I think "This must be what it feels like to be thin."


Are literally crazy trying the same s*** over and over but expecting different results.....


Religious people are like dogs, no b****** acting a certain way just so they can get a treat when they die (heaven) which isn't a noble reason at all to be good. Then they act like they're morally superior to people who actually make an attempt at understanding the universe when they them selves... [more]

I Love kicking boy in the B****

I was with my friends (Girls) and one of my friends brothers groped me and the boys sister got cross and tied him up andxsaid i could kick and fiddle with his p**** and b**** but i kicked him and i loved it and it was hard. He was screaming but no one... [more]

Small Steps...

Love hearing your voice.
Love knowing (and hoping) that the awkward days are behind me.
At any point,
SUCCESS. - small steps...small steps...
Even if I lose face in the process. Hah!
I just wish I could give you the biggest hug EVER and THANK YOU for everything.
I will always remember you as my out-of-this-world, beautiful... [more]

My Brother is Awesome

I put my five-year-old brother to bed whenever our parents go out, and I always tell him a story. I don't tell him stupid, Disney-esque fairytales though, I try to give him a variety with stories of substance, ya know? So, last night, I told him a condensed version of Lord of the Rings. He was very frustrated, and told me he just couldn't... [more]

I want to be a slave

I don't know why but I constantly fantasize about being a slave. It can be both sexual and non sexual. I just want someone to claim me and their property. I want to be owned. I want them to exert their power and control over me in whichever ways they want. I want to have no rights, no thoughts of my own, no freedom. I want to be tied up and... [more]

Thank god she is my step.

The other night I was laying in bed and could hear whispering and giggling coming from my step sisters room down the hallway, I snuck out of bed and tip toed up to her door, I could hear her and her best friend Andrea whispering and giggling but I could hear heavy breathing also.
I got down on the floor and tried to peek under the door but could... [more]

She'll regret that.

My wife and I have been together 4 years and married for 2, We live with 2 of my friends, They have the basement and we have the upstairs. We all went out last night and my wife had been drinking a bit more than normal, I looked over and she was asleep at the table with her head resting on her hand, I woke her up and she was completely incoherent... [more]

Party, Party, Party.

A couple friends and I go to this huge outdoor concert every year in a valley near by, Buddy borrows his dads huge toy hauler camper and we set up in the party zone and it is always a blast, lots of people just randomly come by and drink and so on, One thing we always do is bring Moly, Lots of Moly and we just slip it to whoever, This past year... [more]

Party time

We went to a place for a friends stag, We had a big suite and called in three "Dancers" They showed up, The guy organizing had ordered the three youngest girls they had and when they showed up he asked their ages.
1) 20, Thin, Cute blonde, Tiny t***, No ass.
2) 20, Thin, Cute blonde, Average [more]

Oh boy

I jacked off during a road trip with my mom and sister in the car. I had a blanket over me, and i had to do it secretly. It took my over half an hour to c**, but I did it, and damn did it feel good. Very kinky when your family is right there and don't even know.

Lol get trolled

Okay so today in class I told a girl that I used to date something very mean but it was worth it. Before I say what I did this girl is overly obsessive and always p***** me off so she deserves this. We had s** one time while we dated. But anyways today I... [more]

Extra Credit in School

Early 1969 I was a junior in high school. One Saturday afternoon I was going down the highway to another town in my ‘66 GTO’ when I drove up behind a friend’s mustang.
It was going slower than normal and the gal sitting in the middle of the seat with his arm around her didn’t look like his girlfriend from behind.
I started to pass and... [more]

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