Health Confessions

Vanity Kills

I regularly make myself vomit by shoving a toothbrush down my throat. I am occasionally overdose on laxatives. I think about food and how I don't like my body constantly.
I am not anorexic.
Or thin.
I'm overweight. So no one suspects.
Binge eater.
I look like a fat man and not a women.
6FT 1"
UK Size 20
One A [more]

Side effects

I have depression and anxiety. I hate taking my meds because I feel like a whole different person. I lose every bit of humor and personality that I posess normally. Sometimes I wonder if I should just stop taking them all together so I can be the real me again.

i hit my bf ; part 3

Itll be as if she failed in being a mother &she wont have that. i know whether its comfort or my childhood, i know im messed up. i wanna, need to fix myself. for me my bf & my what if i have kids? i dont want them to be messed up as well. ugh i like my mom. i have love for her but our bond isnt like other mother daughter bonds. my sis doesnt... [more]

i hit my bf ; part 2

i have been trying for the past yr to stop. i feel like i am this way bc of my mom &the enviorment i was raised in. my sis hasnt had a longterm bf. i wonder if she did would she too hit him? Could it be that im too comfortable bf &thats y i hit him? i never had too many friends in hs so i was so glad to graduate ¬ feel so alone at school... [more]

i hit my bf ; part 1

i have a bf of 5yrs. i hit him. he hasnt cheated on me that i know of. but i did yrs ago. im 19f hes 21. i cheated bc he didnt give me enough attention. We wanted to be together anyway so we fixed it. my dad always cheated on my mom. she always hit him for it everytime. i started believing it was ok as if he deserved it. then i started noticing... [more]


I'm slowly drinking myself to death and I don't care any more. I'm too gutless just to end it. I have nothing to live for.

i wet myself on a bus

i had a couple of drinks with the girls from work when i had to get home. the bus tiolets were out of order and i was desperate to go i held on for ages when my bus came. i sat at the back and when we moved i just wet myself it lasted ages. i was dripping wet knickers ans jeans. the seat and floor was swimming , so as i got off the bus i told the... [more]


i have tried to kill myself approximately 7 or more times... i think i might be immortal.i even lived through a car accident that i should have died in last year. the only bones i have ever broken are my pelvis and my knuckles. i plan to try once more if i dont die this time i will probably stop trying....i think

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