Health Confessions


I am asian male 26. I wish my c*** was bigger. Wtf god. Why u make it so average. 5.5"? Come on man.. You run out of clay or some s***?

Accidental Social Experiment

So somehow I got a cut across my wrist. For anyone concerned, I didn't do it, I'm not sure not it happened. But the thing is, it looks like a self harm cut. So when I noticed it a few days ago before heading to school I worried one of my friends would think I cut myself, which would be sweet of them, but I didn't want to cause any extra anxiety... [more]

I want to get fat

I want to not just be fat but obese. I’ve gained 44 lbs so far from 106 to 150 (I’m 5’2”)I want to make it to at least 250 but hopefully much more.
I love eating junk food and pizzas and desserts but my metabolism and sports have kept me fit. Now I’m out of sports and stopped working out. I’ve gotten chubby enough to outgrow all my old clothes... [more]

America explain!!!

Why is it that girl are synthetic to a boy getting hit in the nuts.... ....But guys apparently can't grasp the fact periods exist????

Lovely cuppa👍

I've just whacked back a hot cup of tea (earl grey) and now I feel like I'm having a hot flush. Was worth it tho as if I don't mind saying so myself, I make a b***** good cuppa 🍵 #Britishproblems

My I.Q is 75 , I feel I am mentally ill

I confess that I am feeling down , I wonder if I should seek mental help , I suffered a bad 3rd grade Concussion at the age of 15 and I chipped my front teeth badly on a bike accident , I almost decided to murder my dad because he was responsible for it , if he had never sent me away in a hurry , I never would have fallen down and hit my right... [more]

Everyone treats me like a doormat, please help

I was bullied all through school. I eventually stopped going to church because I was even getting ridiculed there, accused of things I didn't actually do, while the rest of the youth my age got drunk and barfed every weekend, yet they were deemed as perfect angels. Moving on...
Ive quit or been fired from about 30 jobs for similar reasons (any... [more]

It doesn't show

Four whitecastle sliders for breakfast, n having pop tarts 4 second breakfast now. I don't workout. But I'm not fat so no concern trolls will get up in my s***.
I just have to laugh when I see them online, not laughing at their targets but at them. None of them would be "concerned" for my health... [more]


I've battled depression for years. I'm the one that posted a while ago saying I can't stop thinking of my ex boyfriends even thought I'm in a happy relationship with 3 kids.
I'm always up all night. I never sleep.
It finally hit me just now. The bottom line for my depression and my desire to die. It sounds stupid but... I just want to mean... [more]

I should be very unhealthy

I'm a 40 year old woman married to a gorgeous husband 5 years older then me. I live a dream life. No job--do whatever I want all day. I eat what I want whenever I want (most of the day), and have grown to a lovely 378 pounds (5'9"). I drink a six pack of Corona a day, and smoke 3 packs of ciggies a day. Mostly, I hang out on the couch with my... [more]


F*** it. i'm anorexic. i can't deal. i'm fat. i'm ugly. the only way i can be pretty is to be skinny. no one notices is what makes me sad. i never eat my lunch. i have half a granola bar in the morning but my parents make me eat dinner but i can't help that

Quitting smoking is good but don't believe things will get normal

My stepfather smoked for forty years and at age 60 he quit cold turkey. He died 33 years later and every organ that failed were the organs affected by smoking. Yes, 93 is old but his mother lived to be 102. He died in agony and if he had never smoked he would have died of a less painful disease.
My biological father smoked from age 30 till... [more]

Having a nervous breakdown

I had a breakdown while working in a factory with very loud metal presses. Apparently, my nervous system is too weak to handle the long hours I had to work around these devices.
It started with an anxiety attack and then a rapid heartbeat. Then a strange feeling in my brain similar to a car engine that needed a tuneup. Then chronic... [more]

After lunch surprise

I always have to take a big s*** after lunch is this normal?

Worried About Mom's Health

My mom claims to be on a diet, but everyone knows she isn't. She will cut certain foods out when she has an audience, but as soon as she thinks she's alone, she eats almost nothing but junk food.
"No, i can't have pasta."
"Don't ask me to eat bread, i can't have that."
"I'm not going to buy cheese this week."
She says this, but she'll... [more]

Open S** Marriages

There is so much anger and frustration in the world today. Sexual release is a sure way to chill out. Sexual boredom takes place in almost every marriage. It causes fights, cheating and divorce.
A far better solution, in my view, is to have an open sexual relationship. Everyone should be free to get as much [more]

Guys like girls a little curvy/heavy?

I've been thin and fit most of my life. I'm 42, a tall girl, 5'11", still quite pretty according to most, but I've pretty much always weighed 135-145 lbs. Even in my late 30s, I was really fit and worked out all of the time.
I've let myself go a bit in recent years, stopped working out, didn't watch my diet closely, etc. I'm currently 175 lbs... [more]

Depression and suicide

I know this may seem like an exaggeration, but this how I genuinely feel.
TL:DR I've been dealing with a lot of s***, I hate everyone, and I feel like everyone hates me. I have no friends with me, and I can't talk to anyone, as I don't mix well with them. I feel like i'm destined to fail and... [more]


I have been an chikdmolested victim by crips gang in Canada as well I got trafficked and been an infant murder victim in both countries by my assaulters that are gang I was revived in a car by my nurse aunt from newyork as well my ma in an d&e in my grams house died like four times i’m An MTF victim that never had a break all my life been trying... [more]

Why live

I'm a teen and my mom and dad just divorced after 15 years of marriage, my older sister is an insensitive person who tells mom to "f*** off" and to "die already." my dad moved away with his new girl friend and hasn't contacted me since the divorce, I was much closer to my dad rather than my mom, and... [more]

I Get triggered easily

Before you start to read this, the stuff i am posting about isn't me saying i have the worst problems because i know i dont. Its just me confessing things i cant say aloud...
I think i have depression.
I dont know what kind, if i even do, why i might, or what is even going on.
I feel high on happiness on moment, then nothing the next. I feel... [more]

I hate myself

Suicidal thoughts plague me at the moment...yaaaay


My friend has become aware of my self-harming because she saw the scars on my wrist but she thinks it was a one time thing because I have had to let them fade, cause I have a hospital appointment in April and they have to see my wrists to do it... and I feel really guilty because she doesn’t know that I’m using my thighs

Got fat, then diabetes

I got married to my wonderful husband nearly 20 years ago. Almost immediately, like on the honeymoon, I started gaining weight. You know how it is, now that you're married, you don't have to pay that much attention to your looks. So I kept gaining, slowly but steadily, and my loving hubby never seemed to mind; never said a word. We still have... [more]

I'm Probably Messed Up

This is an example of a situation that happened yesterday. I was standing at the top of 5 stories of stairs with a friend. The railings were just metal posts, so you could sit down and slip through it and fall 5 stories. My first thought was: If I pushed So-And-So, they could die. I have the powder to kill them right now. All it would take is one... [more]

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