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Super Unpopular Opinion

(Super Unpopular Opinion Alert) I think that it's inhuman to take drastic measures to artificially prolong life. It's unfair to make a pet or person suffer when they only have a small amount of time left. Going out on a high note is better.
I would never get a pacemaker, and if I was told that I have a deadly form of cancer where I'll need to... [more]

My family doesn't take my mental health to mind

I want a normal brain, so I won't get worse by being angry because no one thinks I'm unwell but they think I have problems like everyone else. I'm just "weird" and "different." Omg I don't feel so good

I really need to strangle myself

I feel the need to strangle myself right now
I can't hold on any longer I can feel it growing stronger and stronger the pain and suffering I feel just won't go away
Till I strangle myself enough to pass out I won't have to here it or feel it for a little while then when I wake up I'll have to wait until the aide leaves then I can do it... [more]

DO We Just Take Everything As Gospel

I don’t know if I am the only person in the universe thinking ‘outside the box’ however, right now at this moment in time, if we don’t start questioning things regarding the Covird-19, we will automatically just accept what the media, politicians and experts are feeding to us, as Gospel.
If there is such a thing as democracy, we would see the... [more]

I’m a banana

I went to the doctors office a few days ago cause I wasn’t feeling like myself. After a few blood tests and a couple days of waiting, my doctor called me and informed me that I’m actually a banana and haven’t been human at any point of my life. I’m not sure how to take this in but it kinda feels good knowing after all these years.

Miscarried :(

I miscarried our twins at 10 weeks. I went to the dr for a check up after feeling a sharp pain in my stomach earlier that morning and a weird “labor feeling episode” I had on the toilet. I get to the dr and she took me back to us and the tech looked disturbed and needed to get out of the room. She rushed my us in silence. I just knew something was... [more]

Dr weirdo creepers

Eric roberts plays this stalker doctor well. But every time I see those movies and he has played a few as dr beck it creeps me out in a unsavory way. Its because dr beck reminds me so much of my own specialist. I have never felt very comfortable around my specialist and I think he has a supportive side but there is something weird about him. I... [more]

I Want to Be Immobile

I’m pretty fit at 29 years old right now, but I ultimately want to be so fat that I won’t be able to move. Convince me to disregard my career and life goals, and just become an 800lb fat man. Help me ruin my body from the current trim 182lbs to an immobile hog.

I don't like my new primary care doctor

I had to find a new primary care doctor (my previous doctor's office closed down). Everybody in my new doctor's office has a bug up their a****. Man, it's hard to find a good doctor.

Weight loss and permanent damage

I am 18 and I weigh over 290 lbs but I’m trying to lose weight. I know I’ll be better off with the weight gone it’s just I know some damage is permanent. I’ll probably have lose skin. I’m definitely going to have long lasting stretch marks all over me. But there’s also the scars I’ll have from the weight related infections I get off and on. Even... [more]

I’m so disturbed

I fingered my distant cousin when I was 14- 17years old, anytime she’s asleep I just go to her bed and do the horrible act. I was so naive and foolish. So I eventually figured she knew about the act and she was even leading me on even when I don’t plan to do it even though in real life we act like it’s not happening. Now I’m 20 and I’m having... [more]


I have several friends that work in different hospitals and each one has told the same story but all at different times. Seems that this so called virus is nothing more than a political stunt. As people reschedule their surgeries that were postponed when this all kicked off are being added to the inpatient list for the virus and the capacity in... [more]

I Want My People Rule The Country✊🏾

24 your old woman of color, she/her
I can't wait for black people (Latinx too) to take over the united states and put an end to oppresive white rule over us. we've been slaves under a diffrent name for hundreds of years and it's soon going to be over. We're appealing discrimination laws so poc can advance and replace whites.
My fantasy is... [more]


During the self-isolation, I've been drinking and smoking a lot. My urine smells like burnt cardboard. Should I get checked out? I've been on benders before, but this is new. I'm thinking my kidneys and liver are wearing out.


These Chinese Asian scrum that are cruel to animals deserve to die! Trouble is, the bastards have caused this virus to infect civilised people across the world. I hope these vile pathetic scrum die themselves. I hope they have a massive earthquake and it kills the lot of them!!

Gaining on purpose

I'm a 27 year old married woman who has struggled for many years to maintain a normal weight but usually live in the chubby range. After 3 years of convincing, my husband finally (last year) got me to accept the fact that I will never be skinny and that I am beautiful no matter myweight. In fact, he likes fat chicks--of course, he married chubby... [more]

F*** China and Chinavirus

F*** China and its chinavirus, CCP released this bioweapon upon its people and the world. It will back fire on them!

Worried about Mario

I have psychic powers and I am worried about Gov. Mario Cuomo. My psychic powers tell me that he is under too much stress from this virus situation and he is going to land in the hospital soon with a heart attack. He doesn't look well. It is going to happen soon within 36 days. Today is March 26. All for now.

Bring on the covid

That I think that we should just let covid pass through the population. It’ll be with us eventually and isn’t too deadly. It seems to only kill the most health compromised. This isn’t airborne Ebola. The damage the panic is causing is becoming worse than the actual virus.

I'm losing weight

I have been losing weight. I'm down 35 pounds and I feel so much lighter on my feet, no more knee pain, more energy. I feel great! I am getting healthier, but I am miserable. This is not what I want. I want to be fat. I chose to be fat. I gained over 100 lbs on purpose. I went from chubby to fat to morbidly obese and I still wanted more. ... [more]

Coronavirus: not a bad thing

Not sure why the h*** everyone is in a big hurry to find a cure for coronavirus. We need to thin out the world population by at least 50% anyway, and especially in China. I mean, they are dirty people, so it doesn’t surprise me this whole mess started there, but let’s look at the situation as a glass... [more]

Loving my new body

I used to be 130 pounds then I began working at a fast food restaurant surrounded by good food I went from working out and dieting to eating whatever I want I noticed after gaining 30 pounds that I had put on some weight I panicked and began dieting then catching a look in the mirror after a bath I realized how cute my belly looked so I stopped... [more]

She is Nothing But a Stalker

I have turned into someone that I hate. Ever since I was little I always became obsessive with older people who showed kindness to me and looked after me. Like teachers at school, pastors, anyone who had a forty over me. It became worse over the years. Especially when I joined social media. It started out harmless. I would stalk anyone who I... [more]

She is Nothing But a Stalker

I have turned into someone that I hate. Ever since I was little I always became obsessive with older people who showed kindness to me and looked after me. Like teachers at school, pastors, anyone who had a forty over me. It became worse over the years. Especially when I joined social media. It started out harmless. I would stalk anyone who I... [more]

I’m 15 and want to be a ssbbw!

I am a 15 year old girl, 5’4 and 170lbs in high school. Everyone’s standards around me is being skinny having a tiny waist, skinny thighs, flat stomach, etc. But my dream body is being over 300 pounds and being so big where I barley walk. I just want to eat as much as I want and have no one judge me. My whole family wouldn’t agree with me and I’d... [more]

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