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Allow my daughter to smoke

My husband and I are both heavy smokers. My 11 year old daughter was smoking in her room when I unexpectedly walked in on her. After the awkward moment passed, we talked and found out she has been smoking for nearly half a year and is addicted. I told her it was OK for her to smoke. I feel a bit guilty but not too much, for some reason. My husband... [more]

My wife has grown fat and I love it

My chubby wife has grown into quite a large woman in the last 10 years, well into the 300 lb range and I LOVE IT.
I never knew I liked fat women until I met her and as she grew fatter and fatter s** got better and better. now the simple sight of her naked huge body turns me on so much it drives me... [more]

Why do n****** smell so f****** bad

Lets take a minute and use this thread to try and figure out why n****** stink so horribly. I'm sure you know the smell.......sort of a mixture of greasy unwashed ass s*** and cheap cologne.
Why do you think it is that they stink so bad? It cant... [more]

I Can't Stand People Who Smoke

I can't stand people who smoke weed. I tried seeing it from their perspective, and i can't. I was raised that smoking of any kind is horrible for your health. I don't believe it can be used medically, or that it should be classified as a "herb". The people who say it can be good for you, are nothing more than potheads, drug addicts, or sad human... [more]

I'm pregnant

I took a pregnancy test an hour ago. I'm pregnant. According to my calculations I'm 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I called planned parenthood. I have an appointment today with them at 1:10pm to discuss my options. Everything is happening so fast. I'm leaning towards abortion. There aren't any abortion clinics in my city. I'm still early enough... [more]

It was on the floor and it got seen


Cheater Payback with Herpes!

I caught my boyfriend cheating! I dumped his ass and then secretly set him up with a girl who I know has herpes! Last I heard he's burning and itching and is miserable. I thought it was much more effective than keying a car!

I think fibromyalgia is fake :)

Is it just women that whine about having fibromyalgia? Because I just never hear men mention this.
Well, I want to go on record as saying I think it's completely fake and made up. I think it's people that want a good excuse to be lazy, not work, work very little, complain, and get attention.
Fibromyalgia is fake. Thanks for... [more]

What tourettes syndrome really is...

Everybody thinks that Tourette's syndrome is just people getting angry for no reason and shouting out swear words.
But guess what? It's not. Not at all.
Tourette's syndrome is a mental disorder, usually diagnosed in an individual before their eighteenth birthday. It consists of uncontrollable motor movements and muscle spasms/jerks. The most... [more]

I'm responsible

For performing around 800 abortion procedures, Now those women can continue to live normal lives.


I am a teenager, and have suffered from depression and other mental illnesses for most of my life. I go to an affluent school where drugs are pretty easily obtainable. Most of my friends have at least expiremented with some drugs.
I am a senior now, and I find that smoking pot just helps me escape. I know that I would be in a [more]

I hate how people smell in the US

I visited America ( Cali ) in a holiday and I regret it, people were smelling like p*** and pee.. when I pass a crowded places I literally cover my nose. Like, cant you take a shower ? At least wash your a**** after taking a fuc*ing sh*t!!


I have a rash on my b******

I'm a chalemelon

I am 14 years old and female.
Does that make me more emotional.... probably.
So the fact is, I've never understood myself, who I am, my feelings, the things I do, none of it.
And to avoid showing the true self I am alone and inside I have created a fake me. The me everyone thinks I am.
A cheery happy girl, who yells a lot and smiles... [more]

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