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I don't care if teenagers or adults want to vape

Or smoke for that matter. They know the risks, as long as it doesn't effect me, they can smoke their ** lungs out for all I care. People seem so shocked and appalled that teenagers are hooked and vapes that contain much more nicotine that cigarettes. It doesn't bother me at all.
I guess it's... [more]

Allowing my daughter's friend to smoke

Me and my current husband both smoke, and when my 13-year old daughter came home from school one day and said she had been smoking for a month, I gave her a pack of my cigarettes and a lighter and told her she could smoke as much as she liked. I've no problem with that. Well, her best friend and classmate also smokes but her parents dont allow her... [more]

My dad has cancer.

This is actually a combination of health, family and friends and religion. I was in my room watching YouTube when my dad called me from downstairs. When I opened the door to my bedroom and said, "What?" He responded with "Just get down here and don't give me any attitude." I told him I wasn't giving him attitude. Only that I asked what. He told me... [more]

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Love getting fatter

I'm a 31 year old woman who now weighs 440 plus pounds and I love it that I allow myself to eat anything, and getting fatter makes my husband very happy. So when I got up today, I get in the car and go to the donut shop and get 6 donuts and coffee for my first breakfast. A couple hours later, I go to the cafe and have biscuits and gravy, bacon and... [more]

Dizzy for the first time.

I was at the mall with my mom and dad yesterday and while they were at the food court, I went to one of the stores but had to wait for it to open at 11. While I was waiting, I suddenly got dizzy and the floor actually looked like it was moving from side to side. It didn't just happen slowly but very fast. I had no idea what was going on and as... [more]

Loving the forbidden fruit

A couple of years ago my friends told me my relationships never work because I'm too uptight, never do anything fun. They told me I don't need to be perfect all the time and I ought to live a little. It's just how I was raised. They took me out and bought me some ** outfits and then we went out... [more]

** Gums

I like seeing my gums bleed. Not in a sexual way. I been having really bad mental health lately which causes me to not have a lot of motivation to brush my teeth. When I do brush my teeth after a week it starts to bleed. I like to see the red spill out my gums and feel like numbing feeling of it as well.

Smoking is up to her

I found out my 34 year old daughter recently started smoking cigarettes. I saw a pack in her purse and I asked her about them. She's always been good and I was really surprised that I missed this when she was growing up. She told me she just started about 6 months ago, people at her new job do it and she got curious. She really enjoys it. I told... [more]

Cam cam

I miss cammy my best friend Drinking myself to sleep 4 the past couple of nights cus I’m so tired of passing being stalked as one of my “parinoid delusions” I’m so ** tired of being stalked like this I never even met him he was grown I was 15 I was wrong but he broke the Tower he completely [more]

Haven’t told

I am waiting on results of some test but it looks like I have a critical heath issue. I haven’t told my wife or kids yet. I don’t want to worry them in case it’s negative. I don’t think I’m going to tell them either way. Is that wrong of me?


I've just wet another diaper again. I'm embarrassed at how much I need them. I can't help it. I keep kidding myself that I'm going to make it but I don't. I'm starting to realize how much I need to wear protection but it's hard to accept


Im getting addicted to cigarettes. i just love the way they feel. im ** about it because its so unhealthy (duh) and all my friends just tell me not to but i already feel myself being gone. its all i think about now. i just want to smoke. what the **... [more]

Job hopping for obesity

I want to fatten up before I quit my job people say you should switch employers every 2-3 years now, so I’m working hard to turn myself into a fat pig before I leave this job. When I start my next job, I’ll already be massive, so there won’t be any judgement for stuffing my face and turning myself into an obese blob.
Ideally, I’d like to work... [more]


I wish the sepsis had killed me last year. It felt like I had no support from my family or partner after recovering. They rarely visited or spoke to me, and treated me like an inconvenience

I had a nervous breakdown in 1971 and I didn't come completely

I didn't come completely to my senses until twentyfour years later. I was functional but I had strange ideas and behaviour until I finally snapped out of it.

Why do drug users say drugs expand your mind? I think dope shrin

I think dope shrinks your min. You feel great one day and then like ** the next. Dope has no permanent or long lasting benefits because of the damage it does to your brain and other organs. I'm 76 and I was around during the hippie era and every doper I knew has died.
Dopes usually meet... [more]

The curse of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD

If something bad happens to you you cannot forget it. No matter how long ago it was it will always haunt you. I wish there was a cure.

My best friend died of a type of Dementia

He died at age 74. The loss is terrible. He was my final friend from my childhood. He had an advantage that I won't have when my time comes. I failed to marry and have kids. He died aid loved ones. I will die amid strangers.
I wish it was me instead of him that has passed away. I'd have it behind me and he would still be enjoying his... [more]

Why do people smoke?

I recently lost a friend to heart disease. He smoked a pack of cigarettes a day. About twenty years earlier I lost a friend to a heart attack due to cigarette smoking. Does smoking give you so much pleasure that you are willing to take decades off of your life just to do it?

Fattened growing belly

I know it’s not healthy, but I want to weigh 250-300 pounds. I love stuffing my belly with fattening rich food, and I love drinking heavy cream. I just want to eat constantly, till my belly sags, and is covered with stretch marks.
My wife loves feeding me too. Soon I’ll be heavy and obese, with enough weight to crush her. I dream of being a... [more]


6 years ago I attempted suicide when I was really down and not thinking clearly at all. Thankfully I failed and I couldn’t be happier that I did. I’ve found the love of my life and am now very happy. What a massive awful decision I made by trying that. Tomorrow can always be better is my message . I’m very grateful that I have many more tomorrow’s... [more]

I have no faith in the medical profession or societyz

The pain of my existence is free-flowing like the further deterioration of my brain. I did not ask for this, as I followed the rules as given. I’m a shell as a result of my detachment. I often isolate so as not to scare others or mysterious.
I hide in plain sight, but inside I’m falling apart. We’re everywhere but are sick of feeling like... [more]

Daughter’s Teenage angst is killing me

I’m at my breaking point. She’s driving me insane. How do I keep her from doing something stupid?

I'm not mentally retarded i'm mentally slow

Just because i don't understand learn at fast speed or normal speed don't mean i'm limited or uncapable to understand learn i'm mentally slow not mentally retarded lying ** believe that

Wife from 9 stone athlete to unfit fat smoker

When I met my wife in a club she was 19, 5ft2 and athletic, but having a social cigarette.
She’s 29 now, and with my encouragement, has piled on the fat to ** status, and smokes 2 packs a day.
She’s still got a beautiful slim face, but her 300lb body with rolls of fat everywhere, large [more]

So good to finally be all woman

Over the last years I started admiring myself in the mirror. I'm 36 and I love my woman body. Gone is the skinny teenager, the naughty college girl, the twentysomething my boss **. My ** are real [more]

Fattt getting back on the horse

I had to take a month or two off due to my wife’s health issue, but now im back to eating like a fat pig again. Shoved enough Taco Bell for three people down my throat last night, and had 3 donuts, chocolate milk and a cup of heavy cream. Can’t wait to hit 220, and jiggle my stretchmarked belly. Get this hog fedddd

The last call

That I have decided to commit suicide by Friday. this decision has given me more peace and happiness than I have felt in a long time.

I don't feel like eating anymore.

For the past several weeks, I started to get tired of eating certain foods; i.e. mashed potatoes, spaghetti, rigatoni, etc. Now, I just don't feel like eating anything at all. I swear I'm not overweight and I have no eating disorder but this is seriously bothering me. Now, every time I look for something I actually like to eat, I'll either just... [more]

Gaining weight for my wife

When I met my wife I was 185 with abs. Very quickly she told me she loves a belly on a man. I’m now 231 and my belly bounces. It shocked me how much I’ve enjoyed it. We definitely keep it to ourselves but people have started to notice.

The LORD GOD knows i'm not retarded but i'm slow

The people that slow mentally take longer or long to understand think learn The people that retarded mentally limited or uncapable to understand think learn read the definitions off of the encyclopedia not the dictionary i'm slow not retarded deal with it believe that

Imgur Is Mentally Ill?

Look, I'm against making fun of mental disorder or mental illness, but I can't help but thinking there's something wrong with those people working at Imgur.
I mean how do you think a normal guy would do if he has a problem? He'll fix it, right? I mean if you're normal and you see a problem here, you'd think "Hey who made this? God, what a mess... [more]

Tw// sh

I relapsed on self harm today. Once I came back to my room my dog looked at my leg and looked back at me and whined. He looked so upset like he knew what I did. I collasped and broke down crying.

Fattening wife

It has taken 6 years of marriage and lots of cooking but my hot trophy wife with double d's and 140 pounds is struggling to keep her belly in her shirt. She is now 240 pounds and has huge **. She is drinking 3 to 4 sodas per day and I add copious amounts of butter and sugar to all her food. Can't... [more]

Urge to pee during **

I feel the urge to pee during ** with my hookup friend.
he's longer than my boyfriend but not bigger. 7 in vs 5.5 for bf
i had ** with my bf when i was home for thanksgiving and i didn't have the urge to pee during [more]

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