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My wife has grown fat and I love it

My chubby wife has grown into quite a large woman in the last 10 years, well into the 300 lb range and I LOVE IT.
I never knew I liked fat women until I met her and as she grew fatter and fatter s** got better and better. now the simple sight of her naked huge body turns me on so much it drives me... [more]

i wet myself on a bus

i had a couple of drinks with the girls from work when i had to get home. the bus tiolets were out of order and i was desperate to go i held on for ages when my bus came. i sat at the back and when we moved i just wet myself it lasted ages. i was dripping wet knickers ans jeans. the seat and floor was swimming , so as i got off the bus i told the... [more]


I have freckles on my v*****. I thought I had an STD but according to my gyno it's normal to have freckles on your l****. Weird. And then I had s** with a guy who turned out to have freckles on his [more]

What tourettes syndrome really is...

Everybody thinks that Tourette's syndrome is just people getting angry for no reason and shouting out swear words.
But guess what? It's not. Not at all.
Tourette's syndrome is a mental disorder, usually diagnosed in an individual before their eighteenth birthday. It consists of uncontrollable motor movements and muscle spasms/jerks. The most... [more]

Diapered teen

I'm 20 years old and I'm a bed wetter. Until I was 17 I'd never woken up in a dry bed, I didn't go to sleepovers when I was a kid, or on school camps. After I turn 17 it seemed to just 'dry up' over night, it was great, I could have a real girlfriend and we could sleep in same bed without her getting wet. So that's wht I did, i got a girl friend... [more]

Asthma Fetish?

I feel weird confessing this even though I admitted it to two of our friends last night and couldn't fully explain it to them because I didn't know how. My boyfriend's asthma turns me on. I don't know why, it's been like that since I first met him. I call it a fetish, but it doesn't apply to anyone but him.
I don't know what I like about it or... [more]

Overeating Disorder Ruining My Life...

I am an 18 year old female and have been struggling with my diet for a little less than two years. Within the last year, I have been addicted to eating food. I usually would indulge in "healthy food," but no matter what, I would keep on eating and eating until my back was cramped, my stomach was stretched out of proportion as if I were pregnant... [more]

I hate my life (teenage girl perspective).

Today, on September the 4th, was one of my very, very bad days. I woke up, went downstairs, had a bowl of cereal and two waffles. Went shopping with my sister. Got 4 pieces of clothing, all too small or unfitting. We got home, my sister shows off her 12 pieces of clothing, all of which fit her tight body, big booty and [more]

I wish I had an eating disorder.

I wish I had an eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia because I hate how I look. I'm 5'6 and 133lbs. I hate the fact I have to suck it in and can't wear skin-tight tees. :(

Why do n****** smell so f****** bad

Lets take a minute and use this thread to try and figure out why n****** stink so horribly. I'm sure you know the smell.......sort of a mixture of greasy unwashed ass s*** and cheap cologne.
Why do you think it is that they stink so bad? It cant... [more]

I physically beat myself up..

I cut and im bulimic but it doesn't seem good enough.. I punch myself until im screaming at myself to stop, I bite myself until I bleed I throw things at myself.. I don't think im good enough for anything so I have to hurt. Im a 16 year old girl with parents who expect me to be perfect.. sometimes I wish I could beat myself to death..

Butt massage

I'm a professional massage therapist. Male, mid-20s, decent-looking, muscular. I have lots of student clients who enjoy getting massages from me. I also offer them a nice discount. I have spent many years improving my massage, and I give a fantastic massage that always leaves my clients in heaven. My little secret is that I really enjoy it too. I... [more]

I want to be circumcised but my wife is anti-circ

I want to be circumcised, but my wife has mentioned in the past that she is against it. I think that she thinks I am against it, since I am not circumcised. She has criticized her friends for having their children circumcised. I am envious of guys that were at birth. I'm afraid to bring it up with her, as she is a very strong female.
We have a... [more]

My abortion

Well i havent relly told any1 this but when i was 18 i fell pregnate with my boyfriend ( he was 30 at the time) of three months. i was so scared when i found out i was pregnate my whole world came crashing down. I was badley addicted to drugs and not in a stable state of mind. i was too scared to tell anyone because i was scared of what they of me... [more]

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