LGBT Confessions

Help I need to become full a woman

From since i was 4 years old I have felt I should have been a girl I try all life to shake this feeling off but it keep come back , So now going to give into it so i need help to become the girl trapped in me , I will do any thing for the person who help me even it means being used or become a baby for them But love to be a wife

I like my best friends ex gf, who she hates

I have a friend, lets call her amber, and she was dating this girl for a while, and she was really in love with her. Then the girl broke up w her and said things like they had never been actually dating, and it really hurt amber. Ofc she told me all about this, and I feel like I should hate her ex, lets call her Kat. Butttt Kat has been asking me... [more]

The add

I answered and sexual add through the internet. It was going through bad break up since I broke up with my cheating boy friend. It was hard going through s** every day to no s** at all. I remember answering a lesbian add thinking it would be safer with a... [more]

To the s*****who posted about the lgbtq

You stupid piece of s@@t you try to kill me. I’m gay and proud of it , so if you think you can get me try it! I will rip you apart ! You piece of snake sh&t !

You need to know

Everyone out there needs to know just what kind of state Tennessee is. This is one of the most bigoted and racist states that there is. Especially the county of dekalb , smithville Tennessee! These are the most hateful racist men and women I have ever seen. Sadly I was born here and don’t have the money to move to a more open minded state . That... [more]

Although everyone knows me as a straight, I'm a gay

I'm 19, and I seem like a normal man. But I started to notice I'm a gay for about 8 years ago. My friends, my parents, everyone know me as a normal man. I've been hiding that as a secret for years, and I'm tired now. I want to say this to someone because I can't live with this secret anymore. I'm in pain, and I'm suffering. But I scare from... [more]

Actor Jensen ackles

I’m truth teller, I was at a supernatural fan convention last year ( 2019 ) one of the girls in the audience asked me bigot about his character being bi - sexual. Needless to say he got very defensive and angry about this . He refused to answer the question! After the convention was over the cast was signing autographs, mr bigot was over heard... [more]

Raven symone married a white women

That Cosby Show actress married a white women. What an abomination. She should married a man. What is wrong with that black woman, is she crazy? A black woman should not deal with white women period. I am racist and proud. With this George Floyd propaganda, she needs to rethink her actions. I hope she don't have children. She will be serving them... [more]

F****** black and latino men's a****

It simple, I'm a 35 year old white man, model looks, tall and built. I always had a thing for f****** dark skinned men in the ass. I always been gay and my first lover was a black man I was 16 he was 30. He saw my c*** in the locker room at the... [more]

Gay people are tearing society apart

Gay pride parades every week. Forced into all forms of media. Pushing their agenda in the face of everyone, even children. It’s disgusting. They’ve achieved their goal. They’re more than accepted in modern society. Quit pretending like you’re oppressed. If you were oppressed I would be able to turn my TV on without some flamboyant homosexual... [more]

My first bi curious bj

Let me start by saying me and my buddy Paul have been friends since we were about 9 or 10 . We are both 19 , hanging out watching something dumb on cable ,but it had lots of nudity . After watching it a few , Paul says man im h**** as f*** , I wish... [more]

Why am i falling for my best friend

I'm 18 and I'm bi. I've known my best friend since 6th grade and tbh she's the whole reason I know i'm not straight. Over the last year or 2 i've noticed that I'm starting to be attracted to her in more than a friend way. she doesn't know this and she's also bi but has a boyfriend. however, her boyfriend cheats on her a lot. she knows this but... [more]

I'm in love with my maid of honor

I'm a 27 year old bi women and I'm still in the closet. The only one who knows I'm bi is my best friend who is also bi, what she doesn't know is I have been in love with her since senior year of high school. Earlier this year my boyfriend of 8 years proposed to me, I said yes. I love him with all my heart and I want to spend the rest of my life... [more]

I want to be trans

I want to be trans. I am a cis male and want to be f***** in my v*****. I want to get rid of my p**** to have a v***** and grow massive [more]

Should i tell her

So since i was 14 years old i started getting into the crossdressing stuff and started wearing my mom's panties and dresses and tbh I really liked it and after a while i started liking vids of boys getting feminized by girls and getting f***** by other boys. So I did and in my 18th birthday i meet a... [more]

Can't stop watching s****** p***

Started watching them around 2011ish I was pretty much hooked right away I've now downloaded over 45 hours worth on my PC
I've got a lot more straight BBC p*** downloaded than that but s****** is my favourite to be honest I only like watching... [more]

Trans insanity

I had NO problem with q****/lesbian/gay/whatever people or culture EVER. H*** I even had my fun back in my 20's ( am 48 now ) but what the f*** has happened to kids these days? I am a step father to a 14... [more]

I think im bi

I think i might be bi. i am 13 and a female and i think girls are really cute. ive had little crushes on some female characters from movies and tv shows since i was 5. ive also had crushes on tiktok girls but im not for sure if i might be bi or not? please help i need some advice! thank you<3

Business Trip Gay Toy

When I go on business trips I post on Doublelist (used to use Craigslist) staying what hotel I’m at. Once somebody emails me we talk about protection and if they agree I tell them which rental car is mine and to get the key to my room from the windshield. I write the room number on it and leave it. Once back in my room I have now passed the point... [more]

Realized my body was made to take c***.

I tasted c** for the first time and also lost my virginity two hours later on the last day of school. I met him at the local lake that afternoon, He's 17 and I'm just 013. I never touched another boys d*** before. He is so hot and was so easy to talk to. He... [more]

Exploring my bisexuality and coming into conflict

I'm in a new lesbian relationship with a woman. I care for her but I already feel my attraction changing. I cannot tell if this is just because it's so healthy that I'm an addict to something challenging, whether it is to do with a picture I've always had in my head about settling down with a man or whether I just prefer men. How would I figure... [more]

I hate that men aren't allowed to wear skirts

I'm a girl but I hate that men or boys don't feel comfortable in their own clothes. I feel that they should be able to wear whatever they want and nobody should judge them. They have rights and they are human beings just like the rest of us but they're so scared of people not being okay with them being themselves and I hate that. I don't usually... [more]

Is it normal?

If you never thought about s** with another boy and all of a sudden you did and liked it is it learned? He was an older boy and I was quite a bit younger and after he topped me I became promiscuous with other boys all of a sudden?

F.A.S.H. B****

Nipple DIRT. I want to drink the blood of a transgender woman

I'm the confused one

I don't see why it's such a big problem to talk about LGBT stuff on here while a lot of others talk about different s** stuff and how attracted they are to their family members. I am not judging them or posting any hate on their posts either because that is disrespectful and it doesn't matter to me what... [more]

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