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I am a sissy **

The Chrysalis

Well my confession is that my mother started to crossdressing me as a baby,allow me to explain::
About two years before I was born,my mother had a girl and both her and my dad was very happy,they had a baby shower for that beautiful baby girl. Three months later it died of SIDS,my mother had a serious nervous break down and the doctor told my... [more]

My one and only gay experience

I was in my early thirties when I picked up what I thought was a young black woman. It turned out she was a he but shehe wantd to perform ** on me so I let him. I orgasmed but after he was gone I said never again. I never went back to that bar and all my sexual activity was with women from... [more]

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I’m a lesbian

I’m not girly I’m now tomboyish however why do hot girls only like the boyish looking lesbians?? I’m not bad looking at all. I don’t have the lesbian haircut and have long hair and I don’t act like a guy. I May look like a lesbian i get questioned constantly almost like I have to prove being a lesbian which [more]

My first time wearing lingere and thong

I went to take bath and meanwhile found my moms undergarments bag and being a 15 year old boy I was aroused and wore a lingere and thong that went right in my as crack and then I watched sissy hypno and at the end I cummed in my mouth and ate all my nut.

Just a suntan pantyhose wearing person

I'm wearing suntan pantyhose and women clothing and telling my mom today

I like older gay men

I like older gay men tops! I am older now but all my life I liked men over 50!

What is your gay fantasy!

What is your fantasy! I am curious! Since I am a older bottom! Mine is a ** or getting **!

Moms sissy girl

Mom raised me in my older sister's clothes until I started to school at age 6. I guess it was just cheaper to use stuff she all ready had. I don't remember much before age 4 but from 4-6 I remember wearing dresses. i remember playing outside in one and I distinctly remember going to my uncles farm in one. I remember standing in the pickup trying... [more]

I have a fantasy of getting gay **

I have had this thought for many years! Being ** ** on a bed! I would like to be face down on a bed and **! Then men having their way with me. I also like to be spread eagle with men holding my... [more]

A gay male friend in Oregon or Northern Calif (40-70)

I don't have many gay friends! I have had only oral encounters! I consider myself a bottom and always dream of it. I realized in my 20's that I was gay. In my school years I use to look at the other boys naked in the showers. I am older now and I want to get broken in receiving **. I am quiet but... [more]

I've changed

I am a mature married male that's always ** for ** and **. I love pushy but now I prefer **. I know its just **... [more]

Older "Straight" guy

I am married and have been for about 40 years. The first 30 years of my marriage I was totally straight, never had a gay inclination. Then for about the past ten years I had a few gay hookups. I just seemed to all of a sudden gotten attracted to c***. I love kissing it, making out with guys, foreplay. Very hot and passionate. I tend to like the... [more]

Playing bj roulette

I get ** when I think about being on a spinning table with guy standing around it when I land on the guy I have 2 minute to give him ** and make him ** and the game is over when all guys are alimtmated

Sissy **

I’m in my late 50’s. I have been dressing all my life. But something happened about 10 years ago. I still consider myself straight but my dressing started getting more complete. I let my hair grow out.Bought prescription women frame glasses and wearing full make up. I have taken the name Courtney while dressed. I do this while I traveling alone. I... [more]

I secretly hate my trans friends

I have two trans friends who have just totally just lost their minds to online brain rot. I'm a cis female and they're both mtf, one of them talks on twitter all the time about how since taking female hormones their ** let them see god and all this [more]

Never molested

I was never molested as a child and I'm ** as ** about it. I never would have told on the person if it had happened because I wanted it so bad. I would have eagerly done whatever they wanted me to. I read all the news stories about priests, teachers... [more]

The facts of life demand it, and it's our lot to bend to it

I sat across the table with my aunt, my mother's older sister. She had always been my mentor. I was back from college with my master's in journalism ready to take on the world and expose the evil around us. She wanted to talk to me. She told me now that I had graduated I needed to get married. Each phase must be respected. Married to a MAN... [more]

Came out to my wife

I came out to my wife that I'm bi. That I have been with some men. Well she was ok with its. She just don't want we having ** with and. She don't mind the sucking. She also knows that I like crossdressing. Still ok. My only think I'm paralyzed, can't get around much 😌

I don’t know how to tell her

I’ve had a crush on my best friend for over 6 months now. I want to tell her, but each time I think about actually doing it, she has a crush on someone else. And when she doesn’t have a crush on anyone, I don’t feel the need to confess because I don’t want to risk ruining what we have, but then I realized I missed my chance when she gets another... [more]


So basically I like one of my best friends, I do know that shes into girls because shes told me but idk if she knows i am too, also im in to her aswell

I'm bi

I have been married to a man for years now. I am a bi woman, and I've known I was bi for 10 years prior to our relationship. I've struggled with my identity. I love being girly. But I also love being manly. Lately I have had the desire to be the masc in a gay relationship more than ever. It might be because my husband isn't filling the masc roll... [more]

I’m not sure of my sexual orientation anymore

I’m a 26 year old woman and for the longest time I knew I liked girls. My first kiss was actually was with one when I was a kid and I came back so excited telling my family I had my first kiss. When I told them it was a girl they apparently “set me straight”. I was maybe 5 or 6 at the time. I have a pretty homophobic family so I’ve repressed a lot... [more]

What is the definition of bi-curious?

What are the signs I am bicurious? What are the signs I’m more than bicurious?
I fantasize every day about touching a guy, sucking, being sucked, but have never done it. If the simple act of fantasizing about it makes a person bicurious, then is everybody bicurious? Or do we need to at least touch or be touched by a person of the same gender... [more]

I'm gay but my family doesn't know

I went to an art school and met a man there who introduced me to gay **. I liked it from the first time and discovered that I was gay. I never told my mother or my sister, I always told them I was looking for girlfriend.

Looking for an Alpha man

I have a secret. Most men like me who do this have a secret. It is doubtful that anyone in my circle, family, work, etc. guesses what my secret is. I am a man who has to go out and find a man to ** me. I do enjoy oral **, I like holding a [more]

I ** a friend

Ten years ago, when I was 22 and my friend was 19, we were having **. Oral ** and preliminary play, I wanted him to bottom for me but he kept evading his ** from my **... [more]

Catching up with my brother..

Me and my brother use to be very close when he was little,, i was 18-22 when he was 8-12. we hung out alot even as he got older. he liked boy george, michael jackson and prince. i thought they weired and gay. they were his favorites back then,, back in 2002 he got a bunch of tattoos and piercings. i came over one day and seen them and thought... [more]


They confuse me, perplex me, anger me, vex me and annoy me mostly with their actions and lack of self awareness. These people are truly who I believe are severely mentally ill. There are people with BPD, schizophrenia who are seen as mentally ill but I think psychiatric units should let them all go home to free up space for these they them... [more]

Coming out as bisexual...

Some months ago I confessed on this site I (58) was bisexual and proceeded to accept and understand it. I told my dad and to my insane surprise he too is bisexual,,,he is 78. We both talked about getting old, other life events and we both felt no matter what,,these feelings never subside and go away. They didn't for either of us. As time has gone... [more]

My perfect girlfriend is aromantic

I'm madly in love with a woman I met online. She's always been really supportive of me and has helped me through a lot of dark times in my life, and I know we'd be really happy together... If she wasn't aromantic. Not in a way as in "oh it should be different" or that I want to change her, it just hurts deep in my soul feeling like she's perfect... [more]

Growing up I never thought I would have a gay master

Can you handle another late in life gay story? Mine came about in my late fifties, a man I worked with came out to me and told me he was gay. Why he came out to me was a mystery, only later to learn that he suspected and was giving me a path for expressing myself. I was divorced for a very long time and had two kids from my early in life... [more]

Telling my dad i was bisexual..omg

Some time ago on this site I (58) wrote about telling my dad (79) i was bi,,, i went to his house and showed him my LGBTQ flag tattoo that i just got on my arm,,, i showed him my nipp piercings with rainbow colored jewelry,,,i showed him my ankle bracelet of rainbow colored cords and on my other ankle, the bracelet of silver chain. i did... [more]

Gay **

I am a man and have a fantasy of being ** by a gay man or even a group of gay men.

I don't believe I'm a lesbian but I have never had ** with a man

I was raised in a classic family, father is the leader of the house, mother supports the father, children obey their parents. I never saw my mother assert herself, and frankly I believe that she likes it that way. But I'm nor wired like her, I don't like being told what to do and I don't believe that a man has the right to tell women what to do... [more]

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