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A friend who is not what he seemed

Well, I'll tell you the story, it happens that a very close friend of mine confessed to me that he was bi just like me, and I was astonished because his sexuality was not at all obvious. It doesn't bother me , I'm even glad , but it was very shocking .

Please Beastfeed Me after you f*** my ass For Peeing the Bed s

S****** mamma Needed to Trick Me out. then Breastfeed me after I get Big Dickin my Ass So I can stop crying

Marries with kids but pretty sure I’m bisexual

I’m married with a couple of kids. I love my family.
I find my wife attractive and sexy however our s** drive isn’t the same. We have s** maybe twice a year nowadays. I watch a lot of p*** to compensate... [more]

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Femme CD

I’m a femme sissy boy who loves c*** and getting f***** in my ass. Id swallow all your hot c**

I long for a no-way-out spanking

Although I was occasionally slapped as a child I was never given formal over-the-knee spankings, yet I developed a fascination with the idea. As I got older and realised I was gay I understood that part of the fascination was being at the mercy of a stronger, more dominant man. When I was 21 I met an older guy, and we developed a relationship that... [more]

My one and only gay sexual experience

I was living in San Leandro California back in 1979. I was 32 and had never been with another man. I called a number that advertised gay s** and I went to his apartment and we sucked each other off. I did not swallow his c** but he greedily swallowed mine. ... [more]

I had firm feelings from the beginning but it took years

I was kissed when I was 12 by an older man. On the lips, a long kiss and he rubbed his tongue against my lips. I opened my mouth and touched his tongue with mine. I remember it explicitly, it was both exciting and warm, I fell into him and he held me while he kissed me.
Several years later I was taking piano lessons at the teacher's home and... [more]

Growing up in a lesbian household

As a teen I was sent to live with my aunt in DC. My parents divorced, my father was an alcoholic and my mother was so depressed she couldn't take care of me. When I arrived at my aunt's house, she actually lived in an apartment in a ten story block, one of three blocks for people on government assistance. She had a one bedroom apartment and she... [more]

I wish I was a woman

I wish I were a woman. I’m a man, I’m an adult, I have people who depend on me and a wife who loves me… they all need me to be a man. They want me to provide and be romantic, to be strong and carry them away to safety in my strong arms.
I’m not sure there is a conscious afterlife but if there is I certainly decided to try being a guy during... [more]

My best friend

I love my best friend.
We first met on a dating app when I was visiting her town a few hours away. I asked her out on a date but she told me she was getting back with her boyfriend that previously broke up with her. I said that was fine because I enjoyed being her friend anyways.
Now, it’s been almost four years since we met on that dating... [more]

You are what you are, it's your fate after all

My name is Beatriz. I'm Mexican American. My family is a dysfunctional family, my mother has kids by three different men. My father was the white guy, so I'm lighter skinned, but still tanned. I grew up with my mother, my four sisters and my brother. But being that I have a white father, I went to see him every two weekends.
My father paid... [more]

Embarrassing first encounter

Growing up it was not easy being teased and bullied. It got even worse when I became 13. I had a ton of acne, wore glasses, was naive, and was not up for fighting back. I just let them think what they wanted as I did not want to have them get more aggressive. I ran long distances and from the waist down, I was more like a baseball player with a... [more]

Pimped out with spankings

When I turned 14, my mom had this habit of telling he friends that if I were bad or did anything wrong not to hesitate to spank me any way they thought I needed to be. A little background on my mom. Ever since I was 5, my parents spanked me naked. At first by hand. By the time I was 10, it was with the belt. Mom would always watch my dad spank me... [more]

Started off as a FFM thing, and now it is FF and M once in a whil

In my early twenties I lived with a man and another girl. The man had s** with us and he liked to watch us have s**. It was all new to me and it felt good to kiss with her and I liked my body rubbing up against hers, and for some reason I liked it when she... [more]

I am Married and she doesn't know I am a complete CD Sissy

I have been into men my entire life. I have s** Oral or A*** whenever she goes away. I love being a sissy and have a very hard time trying to get motivated to have s** with her.

MWM likes to cam for men

Been bi-curious since my early 20s. I recently turned 50. I'm married to a very vanilla woman, and I do love her. But I've long fantasized about taking a man in my mouth and . . .
A few years ago, I started live camming me pleasuring myself for other men. What a turn-on! I've even posted some videos to adult video sites and I love reading the... [more]

I've been wearing female panties for 49 years

I grow up 8n a very strict conversation family. But by the time I was 8 years old I knew I was gay, and that's when I started wearing female panties. The very first pair I put on, I loved how they looked on me and how they felt against my skin plus they made me feel girlish. I love shopping for panties as much as I enjoy wearing them.
I live in... [more]

I knew at twelve years old I was very different.

When I was twelve years old I was being molested by an older boy who was like nineteen years old. I weighed like 85 pounds and quite feminine for a boy. At first I was afraid and resisted his advances. The first time we were in the woods next to my house, he laid down next to a path and said come here and lay down with me. He said I didn't have to... [more]

Wishing for days gone by

I grew up in a big city. As a teen I spent a lot of time outside and riding my bike. During the summer when I turned 16 I came across two men who were kissing and having s**. They were inside the bush line but I heard a noise and went to look and saw them. I watched, watched as they kissed, watched... [more]

Becoming a whole new person

I’m a 19 year old guy. When I’m living as my normal self, I’m pretty much uninterested in s**. I even look away when people kiss in a television show, for example—though that’s just a habit. All this to say, I’m boring.
But speaking of habits, I’ve crossdressed on and off since I was really young. I... [more]

Our mother's made do, with our father as their husband

I'm the youngest of four kids. I'm 32.
My home was my mothers. and my father. In the day when my mothers were young, women weren't accepted as a couple. My father. who is nine years older than them, gave them 'cover'. After they finished college my birth mother married my father. They are still married.
Today women as a couple would not... [more]

Just telling it as it is

We grew up in a farming community in the hills of Kentucky. Hillbillies. We learned to work early, the boys helped with the heavy work, the girls with the house, babies, chickens, slopping the hog. We grew up close.
I got drafted in '71 and went off to VN. When I got back I didn't fit in. I left after a couple of weeks and went to California... [more]

It’s just me

After 13 years of marriage I have come to the fact I’m gay, we have lived apart 7 of those years and now in the closet as gay at 55

Now that I've met her I want to get married and have kids

I went to a wedding (32 and an officer in the Air Force and a closet lesbian) and I sat at a table with a couple from out of town who were staying in the hotel where the reception took place. All night the husband had his hands on me and he looked me up one side and down the other, sizing me up, and telling my wife what a 'fine' specimen I was... [more]

Becoming gay experiences

My uncle was stationed in a small town in Mexico as an agricultural advisor to the local university. When I was 15 my parents sent me down for six weeks during the summer to learn Spanish, and to spend time with my cousin (he was 16).
We went out one day to this part of town he had never been in and we were followed, blocked and forced down an... [more]

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