LGBT Confessions

My aunt was my role model and ardent supporter of my preference

I was charged with helping sort out the things of my elderly aunt that passed away. She was spinster, never married. She had a government job during her working life and her retirement benefits provided for a comfortable life. Her house, which we were cleaning up for sale, was a modest in every sense. Small, with two bedrooms and a small den... [more]

My fantasy

I am a 50 year old bisexual woman.
My husband knows that I love women and has partaken in 3ways with me and a couple of my lady lovers. He loves getting rough with them and they love it as well.
But I have started seeing a beautiful young girly boy. She is so beautiful yet so hung. She gives amazing oral and stretches my kitten. I mean... [more]

Secret sissyboy

That I am a sexy slutty sissy boy inside. I could get hard only by thinking myself dressed as a sissy and being dominated by a man. I always finger myself to c** while playing with my C cup b****. And I end up eating my [more]

I'm Having A Lesbian Affair

I am 42 married, no children. While I prefer men, I did experiment in Jr High and high school with my best friend. I thought that was a 'phase' long passed, but after meeting Linda 6 months ago, I have been having frequent s** with her.
I run a one woman salon in a strip mall, and Linda opened a... [more]

I m********* About My Best Friend

For the last year I've been watching lesbian p*** and imagining it is my best friend Linda and me. We are both early 30s, married and straight. Linda is tall, slender long jet-black hair, olive skinned Italian, modeled in her teens. I'm her opposite, petite and blonde. I just close my eyes and Linda... [more]

Thanks for the memories, I hold them tight in my heart

Long Haul Truckers have a reputation. But the truth is that few of them go for the gay scene. Prostitutes are more like it, but even then, few and far between. But there are truckers on the lookout for young meat. I was young meat, 19 and hitchhiking from St. Louis to Portland. The man picked me up and as we drove on the highway he talked... [more]

Life In India

I am 25years old and gay, I have a boyfriend too. I want to live my life just like anyother lover. Certainly I can't, I cant live with him openly, show my affection openly, marry him and many more. The real problem is coming when we are turning old and parents are asking for marriage. I can't marry a girl and fake it entire life neither just... [more]

50 Married BI Crossdresser

I have worn panties for many years (since I was 11) over the last 35 years I began to wear panties and stockings under my male work clothes and when the wife is gone or I am away I dress fully fem. I have shaved legs and underarms as well as my panty area. I love being freshly shaved and wearing a sexy bra and panty set with new thigh high... [more]

I love c*** and crossdressing

I want to tell my wife I want to dress fully in woman's clothing at home, wear panties and stockings 24/7, and bras to work, to be her sissy sub and that I love c*** much more then p**** and I want her to take a real man as a lover.


I’ve been dressing all my life. And over the last few years have been having s** with strangers in p*** shops. I really want to rent a seedy motel and be g********* by a group of men while I’m being... [more]

Closet Married 50's Bi Crossdresser

I have worn panties for many years (since I was 11) over the last 35 years I began to wear panties and stockings under my male work clothes and when the wife is gone or I am away I dress fully fem. I have shaved legs and underarms as well as my panty area. I love being freshly shaved and wearing a sexy bra and panty set with new thigh high... [more]

Late 50 Closeted BI Married CD help me how to tell my wife

I am a 56 year old closeted BI married crossdresser. I have dressed since I was 11 years old. I had my first male lover at 13 and loved it. Today at work it is such a good day. I shaved my legs put on new black thigh high stockings, black mesh with black and red lace panties a matching bra, small breast forms, and light make up and I feel so fem... [more]

Adult theater

I can’t believe I keep doing this. I didn’t anticipate going to the theater but I happen to be in the area and I couldn’t resist. I usually go in full dress and I’m fully prepared for any sexual demands asked of me. As I entered I passed a rather large young man and an older not so well kept man. When I look back at the young guy he pulls his... [more]

After so many years with a BF I found that I am in love with a GF

I had the same boyfriend since the 10th grade. I went to work after college and he was working at another place. At work I met another first year girl and we became lunch friends and later started hanging out. My apartment complex had a nice pool and she came over to sunbathe with me (in our too small bikinis which showed every nook and cranny)... [more]


I’m a 60 yr old man who has been married twice. I have adult children. I have known since I was 5 I was born into the wrong body. I’ve always been envious of women. This is something I have never told anyone and is embarrassing. I tried to make these feelings go away but they resurface. I would never wish this on anyone. It’s difficult.

Confused or struggling??

I've been fighting with myself and I have been for a long time. I know I'm attracted to women but sometimes my fantasies are of same s** encounters. but lately It's been really hitting me hard lately. The more I fantasize or dream of same s** encounters the... [more]

I am a very gay man

I am a total gay h***, but I love having seeks with woman, especially women who have had a very lot of men. I love kitties and when I'm inside one what gets me solid as a diamond is thinking about all the other men that have been there before me and that's why I like a very very loose well used... [more]

The gay scene some fifty years ago

There was a story the movie theatre that there was gay s** going on. There was also a story that after closing there was a showing of gay movies on the big screen, by invitation only. That was the story.
At a party hosted by a banker I told him about these stories. He laughed. A week later he called... [more]

The man

It’s Gary. Always was.

Truth or Dare

I was with a group of friends playing drinking games. It was about 10 of us altogether. I’m the youngest one (20) the rest were mid and late 20s. Halfway through the evening everyone was drunk or tipsy. My female friend wanted to play truth or dare (I know we all adults here playing teenager games) anywho I decided to play and so did 2 of our gay... [more]

Waking up to what I wanted

My mother worked for the School District and we lived in an apartment in the well to do district. I rode the bus everyday. My best friend in high school was a rich kid. I got along and did her homework and helped when she had chores. Her name is Karen. She liked to watch me do her chores, which was mostly about keeping her room and bathroom... [more]

I was forced to go into public as a woman

Yes, I was forced to go in public dressed as a woman, but not in the way you are probably thinking. I was not threatened with violence or anything like that but I was forced, none the less.
I am a BBW CD gurl. I have dressed to some degree ever since I tried on my older sister's bra and panties when I was about 11. I was 46 almost 47 when the... [more]

Mood?!?!?!?{no cue who to ask though}

First of all I know this is an adult subject but I am leaving all the details out. Despite being about an adult subject this post of mine just pg as I can make it. so I am not giving details at all... I do need some advice though
I have done a thing before that I have not really thought about at all until now. After I watched a certain video... [more]

A girl can't walk away from her lesbian self

My friends call me Zuki. A nickname I got when I was a little kid. I grew up in a large family, six brothers and sisters. I guess I'm the only one that found the same s** attractive. I knew it pretty early on, like the fourth grade when I got my first hard crush on a girl. Most people don't believe... [more]

Wife exploring

My wife went to a club with me and made out with a woman. The woman proceeded to take my wife to the vip area where thet ended up nude except for the high heels. They ate each other out and put on a show. It was the first time my wife had ever been woth a woman or nude in public.

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