LGBT Confessions

The twists and turns to recognizing that I was gay all along

During my college days I had a habit of going to the Waffle House late at night to study. Just ordered coffee, filled a booth and studied until 2 or 3 in the morning. One night a man was sitting at the counter and he kept looking at me. I guess I looked back, but I don't remember. I got up to use the bathroom and he followed me in. It was a... [more]

We are old men now

I was in Latin America on business and I walked a couple of blocks to a pizza parlor for dinner. It was not so full and I got a seat at a small table towards the back of the place where I could watch people. In a booth to the side of the place two young men in suits were talking and sharing a beer. One of them kept touching the hand of the... [more]


I want to be a s** slave! I wanna be f***** constantly and be used all the time. Could someone here help me out with this, and if you can then tell me what you would do to me if you had me.

Just coming out.

I am a non-binary demiboy. Asexual, on the side of the umbrella where i do not experience sexual attraction nor do i have s**. On the other hand, I'm panromantic. Everyone (Besides minors and old people, i have standards.) is hot.
In short, since my family would never accept this..
Hi! I use... [more]

Get something off my chest

Im 22 male and i have a family but for the last 2 years ive been questioning my sexuality ive experimented (giving blow jobs and others things) just to see what its like i like painting my nails i like wearing women's clothing i fantasize about what my life would be like if ia was with a man so i before i choose to come out in person i just want... [more]

My college years

I went to college in the old van and not much else. I couldn't afford a dorm on campus so I rented a room from a veterinarian, a woman who took care of horses. She looked older but she was 36 and her hair was streaming gray and she very tanned. She was also a woman who liked to be with other women. She told me, she asked me if I was like that... [more]


This is a very embarrassing and weird true story that happened on my 31st b-day. So I was hella down because no one remembered my Day no bday calls cards gifts or s*** so I sat home drowning my sadness and anger with my wine and pot when my 14 year old niece Samantha called and said she wanted to... [more]

My lesbian aunt and I

Back in 2016 when I turned 20 I came out as lesbian to my parents. We were a typical Chinese family living in SF. They did not take kindly to my confession and I was permanently kicked out- even to this day they have not talked to me or acknowledged my existence. I heard from my old friend that they tell people they "don't have a daughter." It... [more]

First lesbian experience

Last weekend I had my first lesbian experience including 69. Girls, I always wondered why guys are so eager to give me oral but now I know. That p**** smell they go on about - I get it now:-)

Came out!

Hey hey hey!! I'm the 13 y/o that made the "Trans" post a few days ago. Faced lots a homophobia and "you're being manipulated!!" bs, hurt at first, but I decided that even if they didn't accept me, I accepted myself, so who tf cares???
So I came out to them yesterday. And they completely supported me. My brother lent me a binder of his, and... [more]

Being feminine

When i first watched a p*** as a boy with my school friends i got turned on not because i saw naked women, but because i was imagining being like them. And each time i j*** off it is only for dreaming of myself as a [more]

Lesbians don't use birth control

I am in shock. The clinic says I'm pregnant, at least 8 weeks. For a lesbian this is unexpected and my partner will want an explanation. I supposedly harbored sperm for enough days until ovulation and I got pregnant. Sperm from a one time moment of weakness with my work friend. One time.

Right in her tummy!

I love lesbians that are into belly punching. especially when they have a soft slightly chubby belly. When they have on a bikini top and that sexy lower tummy is exposed-the feeling of my fist pushing deep into that is so arousing! Uppercuts to the gut while they standing up and making them double over with your fist still deep in that gut. I give... [more]

I love wearing women's panties

To start off I started crossdressing when I was 10 whenever I tried on a brand new pair of my mom's panties she left laying in the laundry room. They were comfortable so I kept them. Later on I went even further I actually snatched a bra and panty set she had and a blue flower covered dress and one of her garter belts and a pair of stockings a... [more]


I can't do this anymore. I'm 13, I've known I was trans for about 5 years now, I just haven't been able to tell anyone, and now I'm f****** stuck.
I never came out because I felt like a fraud since I hadn't chosen a new name. I looked for years, and one day my friend called me "Michael"... [more]

Coming out

I confess to falling in love with Al big huge juicy c****! After. 15 yrs together I told my wife I'm gay omg.... . . . Smh she thinks I'm joking but I'm needing my first taste of a real c*** so badly I just want to tryy 1 time omg plz help how do I... [more]

Polyamory joys

I am polyamorous. my partner knows and is okay with it. we have an ace aro friend who is rather flirtatious. they do have q**** platonic relationships tho. i also have a rather bitchy ex. all of these people have been subject to me wanting to date them recently (platonically or romantically). im... [more]

Married for money

I have a secret. I am a lesbian. Only two people in my straight life know, my mother and my husband. My mother paid him to marry me. As long as I stay married my mother let's me enjoy her wealth. My husband doesn't really care about the money, he just thought it was funny to marry a lesbian. I know a lot of lesbians, half of them live with men... [more]

Parents dressing a boy as a girl or a girl as a boy should be pun

Parents who do this to their child should be severely punished with many years in prison. Telling your boy to put a dress on is child abuse. Not allowing a little girl to grow up a woman is just as bad. These children should be removed from these homes and their parents should only be allowed supervised visits. Actually giving a boy female... [more]

My girlfriend is a girl

She is a girl (i didnt know)

I want CD and trans ass

I want to find a young crossdresser and own that ass. I look at trans and CDs and get so hard imagining sliding in Thier ass

This is the message for the people who hate LGBTQ+

Why do people like you in this world want to spread hate and religious beliefs to the people who want to show love and compassion? Whenever LGBTQ+ appear in the news, you all just saying that they're never going to heaven, even if you're not a very religious person. It's not like you people care about your religion or anything. I guess you people... [more]

My inner self is crying to come out

I have unprovoked, that is I don't know where they come from, fantasies about having s** with another man. This is not new, I am pretty sure that my first wet dreams never involved a girl. I can see myself being kissed, with a guy holding my d*** in his... [more]

My aunt was my role model and ardent supporter of my preference

I was charged with helping sort out the things of my elderly aunt that passed away. She was spinster, never married. She had a government job during her working life and her retirement benefits provided for a comfortable life. Her house, which we were cleaning up for sale, was a modest in every sense. Small, with two bedrooms and a small den... [more]

Secret sissyboy

That I am a sexy slutty sissy boy inside. I could get hard only by thinking myself dressed as a sissy and being dominated by a man. I always finger myself to c** while playing with my C cup b****. And I end up eating my [more]

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