LGBT Confessions

Gay rape

I am a man and have a fantasy of being raped by a gay man or even a group of gay men.

I don't believe I'm a lesbian but I have never had s** with a man

I was raised in a classic family, father is the leader of the house, mother supports the father, children obey their parents. I never saw my mother assert herself, and frankly I believe that she likes it that way. But I'm nor wired like her, I don't like being told what to do and I don't believe that a man has the right to tell women what to do... [more]

No one ever- hot Disney character

I’m watching enchanto (for like the billionth time) and i love Luisa’s song. I’ve always liked the beginning when she flexes and turns to glance and mirabelle… and it just occurred to me how hot I think that is 😳 I guess I’ve been thinking about it more and more but im starting to like women- and I’m in a relationship with my boyfriend rn 🤦‍♀️... [more]


White men have been offering themselves to me a lot as of late. I'm straight and confused by this course of action. I'm even more confused by the fact that I'm actually considering it. Why does it keep happening?

In the gym locker room...

I was at gym this morning, done with work out, got a shower. i am bi and have the LGBTQ flag colors tattood on my bicep, i wear 2 silver chains on my left ankle and a braid rope of the pride colors on my right ankle - these are my femininity anklets. while putting on my cologne and deodorant a older man complemented me on my pierced nipples with... [more]


I confess i like boys and i like girls but i can't like them both because liking the same s** is a sin and my mother wouldn't want to see a only daughter being so shameful and dirty.

After workout shower at gym

I (58) was done with my workout and just had gotten out the shower,,i am drying off with towel and do not realize an older man (75?) is watching me. i go upto counter of sinks and mirrors and play with my nipple piercings, put cream on LGBTQ tattoo, and after shave on shaved body (including shaved pubes) . now i am really being i am really... [more]

My transformation

Once I was an important man. I had a real important job and made real money. But that was some time ago. I am now an unimportant man working as a salesman at a jewelry store in the mall. I live alone in a small apartment, a studio. I pay the rent but not much else. I am invisible, I go to work, do my job, I'm a good enough salesman that they... [more]

Lifetime of being gay

Being a freshman in high school my next door neighbor was senior that year. I worshipped him, he had a motorcycle and played in a band. He invited me to go with him to a party and took me on the back of his motorcycle. It was all guys, they were drinking and doing other stuff. Some were kissing and necking, others were half naked and giving... [more]

Finding out you are gay and so is he

We decided that we would go to Manzanillo for Spring Break. My friend, one of the four of us, had an uncle who had a time share there and he offered it to us for the week. In Manzanillo we did what was expected, got drunk, hung out in the hot tub, picked up some hookers, and f***** on the... [more]

Why the f*** do non binary people exist

They wont stop bragging about them being non binary and they keep going hi im esther im non binary thats all

Not all girls are thin, some of us a stocky and chubby

I was a chubby baby, and chubby toddler, a chubby little girl. In high school I was 'fat'. I was a freshman and I liked to watch sports and watched the girls play volleyball and softball. I liked watching this one girl, she was stocky and played catcher on the softball team. She had large [more]

I want to try to be a bdsm sub with a coworker ( i am bi and...

Ive been fantasizing coming out to a friend/co-worker about being bi and wanting to try being his bdsm sub slave. what would he think if he is not bi?
if he is straight would he out me to our friends? how far should i let go? what should i let him do to me? would he use it in the future blackmail? he is not hot looking,,,i dont know why i am... [more]

Pro Wrestling

When I was a lad of about 13 or 14 I would fantasize about the Ultimate Warrior. His rock hard body. The way his booty looked in his tight wrestling trunks and those boots… OMG! I would imagine what his c*** looked like… wow. His long hair and war paint drove me nuts. I have been jerking to him ever... [more]

I love panties

I love to wear womens bra panties and clothes just to feel like a girl.

I wanna become a femboy...

I want to become a femboy, I'm 15, any tips on how to do this? What should I do first? How do I get in the mindset?

Gave the wrong man I b*******

I had a older boyfriend.. a man when I was 22-23 years old. He was 50. A friend that I’ve known for some time. I am/was his sons friend. Every time I go over there. He’d find ways to talk to me get alone or get me to help him and I’m such a dumb blonde sometimes
He’d have me help him just so I could bend over and he’d look at big booty. I had no... [more]

Accepting sexuality

I am bisexual, i accept this, i had the LGBT flag tattod on my left bicep, i showed and explained to my dad, he said he still loves me,, i am 58 yrs old and have repressed this since 5th grade

How my wife crossdressed me and made me Bi

I am a mature male in Philadelphia, Pa. One time years ago when my wife and I had s**, she left her nylons on. Afterwards, I told her that was totally sexy and that the feel of nylons was great. After awhile, she left them on all the time we had s**. One night... [more]

I love them

I'm in love with my best friend.
We've grown up together and we literally never fight. We tell each other anything.
I smile at the
thought of his face, of seeing him, and talking with him. He's brilliantly compassionate, he plays an instrument, and has excellent taste in music.
He wants to make the world a better place, and yet he... [more]

Wearing women’s clothes

I’m glad I came across this website, for years I’ve always questioned my sexuality. I’ve played the tough guy, the alpha male well. But deep down inside, deep down, I’ve always wanted to be a woman. To have b****** that a man would grab and put in his mouth, to wear sexy bras and lingerie. To... [more]

I was 14 and a cronic masterbater

I would go to a property up the street that was mostly wooded area , sneak into the thicket . There i would strip naked , i had a playboy of my dad's . I was skinny , not really much pubes yet , and not a big c*** hard , maybe 5" . But i loved jerking , and learned to edge , then finally blowing my... [more]

My Lesbian family

Over a decade ago, I moved to the States from Hong Kong to live with my aunt after my dad had died. My mom wanted me to be free of abusive family members from both sides and knew me living with her sister would provide a safer and healthier upbringing of which I came to have a much greater understanding of through the years.
I was 13 when I... [more]

A friend who is not what he seemed

Well, I'll tell you the story, it happens that a very close friend of mine confessed to me that he was bi just like me, and I was astonished because his sexuality was not at all obvious. It doesn't bother me , I'm even glad , but it was very shocking .

I long for a no-way-out spanking

Although I was occasionally slapped as a child I was never given formal over-the-knee spankings, yet I developed a fascination with the idea. As I got older and realised I was gay I understood that part of the fascination was being at the mercy of a stronger, more dominant man. When I was 21 I met an older guy, and we developed a relationship that... [more]

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