Love Confessions

I still love her

I confess that I'm still in love with her. I'm still in love with her and it kills me. It kills me to sit next to her in class. It kills me to see her with someone new. I want her so bad but I know she doesn't feel the same. I wish she knew I still love her and I just wish she would give me a chance..

Lost Them Both... And All My Friends In The Process

I'm a 17 year old male. Not the most attractive, nor have I ever really had many friends over the span of my life. I've always tried to be as nice as I can towards others, but I guess I've never really fit in anywhere. That is to say for some reason people just seem to hate me.
Anyway all of that changed about a year ago. I somehow... [more]

I Belief I just Messed Up a Good Thing

I'm so disgusted with myself. I am so disappointed, ashamed, confused just miserable. I feel like a total fool and the greatest loser on earth!
I cheated on my girlfriend last night. I had s** with my ex-girlfriend; the mother of my toddler sons.
My current girlfriend is the sweetest woman I have ever... [more]

Yeah please comment

I think I moved on but deep down I will always love her. I'm on to new things in life and I am happy I keep my self busy but deep down the disappointing thoughts of her not loving me back are eating away at me. Even writing this post bring back painful memories but life goes on.


I have a crush on Sara

Best friend turned into my 5 year crush

I liked my best friend named ______. He always makes me laugh even when the world gives me a beating, I blush a little when I'm near him or when he touches my arm. He shakes a lot, he is addicted to video games, we use to chill for like forever until we got to middle school. Everything change my girl best friend had basically erased me from her... [more]

,i am a 33 year old guyi might die a virgin.

I am a guy,who has had 10 girlfirends in my life.but 6 of them are alcoholics.i never did have a one night stand with any of them,they loved me.but with ome of them.i never could really love any of them.because of my sports and video of them was a user of me.she was a money grabber.she took money.but she never gave any money back.over... [more]

I really want you.

I really like you. I'm sorry I blew you off D. I really was going to go this time because you're different. From the moment we were reacquainted I have liked you. I know you probably don't want me, I mean I know I'm not all of those other girls, but I would care more than the rest of them.

verrrry confused......

ok so a couple fridays ago i met some buddies for drinks after work and while i was there i met this tall brunette. i was straight upfront and told her i was married and had kids but she said no prob and we drank and talked and danced for a couple hours. she invited me back to her place and i admitted i hadnt ever cheated before but she said she... [more]

The "friend zone"

Oh the friend zone a cold, desolate place filled with nothing but fallen men. It is place where women shun us after they deem we are not good enough to be their boyfriend but perfect to be one of their girlfriends. It is here we here we wait and listen to our "friends" problems. Why you ask? Simply because we hold that last light of hope that we... [more]

Truth and consequence

About a year ago, my i made a friend during an online writing course. At first I only talked to her when I needed an outsiders opinion on storylines, or someone to proofread. Then I went through a storm and my life and she was the only one there for me. Feelings bloomed from there; a year has gone by, and I fell in love. Proposed on July 4th and... [more]

So Afraid

I'm so afraid of falling for you.But I want you.I want to f*** you,and I want you to kiss me.

I want to Marry my Best Friend(s)

Im a girl and I've always been choosy with my friends because i would get teased for being a tomboy. I've only recently realized that because of that, I'm initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing my warm side over time. Every year or so I have a new best friend. [i still remain friends with the last ones... [more]

My Crush v.v

That I have had the Biggest Crush on a Guy name 'Alex'
for 4 years . I have known him forever since kindergarden . we went to the same elementary school and now im a seventh grader . well this girl who was my friend dated him and I was so sad when she dated him on the outside I was happy for her but on the inside I was falling apart and felt like... [more]

I Always Fail With Women

I am in my late 40s and have had 3 failed marriages, some dating relationships, and slept with hundreds of women, of diverse marital statuses and races and of legal ages. I adore women but I have never hard long term success with any of them. My longest relationship was 8 years and produced 2 sweet daughters. [more]

I miss you.

I don't know if I love you, but I know this: I'd rather someone stab me in the stomach with a knife than watch you go through that pain again. I'm not sure I could say that about anyone else.
You made a permanent impression on my life. You struggled so much with your mental illness, but still faced your fears every single day. I've never met a... [more]

A new feeling

That I have fallen completely head over heels for this guy. I liked him and he asked me out, but I panicked and said let's take things slow. The first date was ok but nothing happened. The second date was frustrating because nothing happened. I guess the third date in which he went with me to my friends bonfire was so much better. He held my hand... [more]


I broke up with my ex a while back. It wasn't really his fault, I just wasn't happy. I have a new boyfriend, and he makes me happy most of the time(which is more than my ex), but there's no love. My ex loves me and i love him. I don't deserve him but I kind of want him back. But at the same time I don't want to go back to being unhappy for him to... [more]

Not a Kid...on the inside

I'm in love with a guy 8 years older than me...I'm underage by the way. I'm so ashamed of myself because I know I'm just a kid but I don't feel like one, I feel way more mature than my friends or anyone in my school for that matter, but that probably doesnt make a difference to him. He just sees me as a little kid and I need a reality check: It... [more]

I love more than one person.

I love more than one person. Is that even possible? I have a boyfriend of nine months and he is amazing. I would never wanna do anything to hurt him. But there's someone else. Well, two someone else's. One, who I have known for 3 years and has been one of my best friends since then. We have never shared anything intimate, but we have always shared... [more]

Hurt by your lack of love

So you're leaving the state because you think you'll be happy with her.Go right ahead.I was so blind to not realize that all along you were using me.You never cared about my feelings,when you would approach me and kiss me,and then act as if nothing happened.Because you never wanted me to be your butterfly.You didn't even have the decency to say... [more]

I'm a W****..

That I have s** with girls I'm not really into just because I want to c**...the girls I so so like I make them my girlfriends I steady have s** with other women and tell the other women that I have to work out of town... [more]


I ABSOLUTELY love and adore fat guys.

He's Engaged

I am in love with a man who is engaged to another woman. It started off very innocent as a "work crush". It took almost 1 year for us to actually talk to each other. From that moment on, I started falling for him. He came to my house a few times and it was as though the attraction was so strong we couldnt keep our hands off of each other. This... [more]

I'm really confused, I need a serious advice!

I had a huge crush on this guy in my college. The more I observed him, the more I got attracted to him. Then one day, our eyes finally met and he noticed me. We held the gaze for a couple of seconds and it was truly magical. And then this eye contact became a mutual everyday business for us. He never missed to look if I was around and whenever we... [more]

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