Love Confessions

A younger girl ?

Well basically I'm talking to this nice girl, she's pretty, sweet, smart and I like her. The only problem is I'm 16 almost 17 and she's only 15, she's still in school whereas I'm in collage. It also makes it a little worse that she hangs round with my sister who's the same age. I like her and everything but is two years too much younger? I dunno... [more]

Workplace crush

I have a crush on my boss. I am a teacher, and he is an assistant principal. I wouldn’t say he is physically attractive, but he is well groomed and has an amazing personality. He is confident and assertive while showing kindness and compassion for others. He is very passionate about his work and has helped me improve my teaching. I would love to... [more]

Its been 2 yrs...........

It's been 2 years since we last spoke... or should I say harshly ended things. We couldnt be together, point blank but our feelings, our love ....that was all real. My situation didnt change, I understood you had to move on, it wasnt realistic to wait on me.
It's been 2 all this time have you ever stopped to think about me, to remember... [more]

Unfillfilled love

I got married 8 years ago and it was a big mistake. I can hardly stand to listen to her every morning complaining and using profane language even about her Mom.
There is a younger woman at Church I am 51 and she is 30. I respected her a lot she went to school after her divorce and with two young girls has a professional career.
Several times... [more]

I need to let it out.

I've been haunted by this for the two years I've been honest with my feelings, and for much longer before I understood how I felt. At first I thought I could ignore how I felt, maybe it'd go away. And I'd be normal. Nothing would change. But the more I ignored it, the more it reared it's head on me, the more it ate me up inside. It still does... [more]

I will go to Australia and if there is a miracle I will see you J

I'm a 20 years old Vietnamese girl , this is the 1st time I write a confession . I decided to write it out because I hope if their is someone read , they will not make the same mistake as I did .

Couple years ago , before my university's entrance test I've to attend English class to improve my skills . At the beginning of the course , I was... [more]


I love my girlfriend I really do but I L*** for other girls I do not do anything with them but I want to :/

Im in love with him....but I love her.

I am a straight, loyal, happy man with her.....but I am in love with my bisexual burly ex. I love my girlfriend dearly and love the life we have together, but I haven't fallen out of love with him. I wan't him but I can't have him, that ship has sailed. And I love her, but I don't think it's going to work out anymore. I'm so confused and in... [more]


I love the tip of guys d****... is that weird? XD

I fell for you. <3

I think I'm in love with you. Every time I see you, I feel jittery
. Usually, when I talk to guys I like, I stutter and get really nervous, but with you, talking is easy. You brighten my day by smiling at me. Your gorgeous eyes and handsome face are only a bonus. I wish you were mine to love, but I'm too afraid to tell you. One day, I hope to... [more]

My boyfriend

I love my boyfriend to death but sometimes I think it would be better if I killed him he's wonderful most of the time and he's great in bed I really do love him so much but sometimes he's just down right unreasonable and his temper is out of control I want to get married to him I want us to spend the rest of our lives together but his temper and... [more]

If only

If only I could marry my girlfriend AND her mom, I would totally do that. I want them both.

Completely Unrealistic

I've known someone over the internet for roughly 7 years (give or take), and after so much time spent sharing like-minded zany humor and pun wars, geeking out over video games together, serious discussion of minor little real-life aspects, growing up through school at the same time and general mundane chatter I'm hit upon the feeling these past... [more]

Suzanne T.

When I was dating "V", she had a friend named Suzanne T. who was the sexiest woman I ever met, and I thought about her all the time. Every day. She was incredible. Unfortunately, she was married and so I never told her how I felt. Now, I don't date "V" anymore, and I don't care about Suzanne's marital status anymore, but now I find out that... [more]

Lies lies lies!

That even though i know you have been texting another woman and calling her sexy i know if i had the chance to hurt you the way you have hurt me i wouldnt do it! There should be 2 people in a relationship yet some b****** dont know how to going to leave it a while then pay someone to... [more]

I can't get over her.

I'm currently in my freshman year of college. Back in high school there was this one girl that I found to be the most beautiful person I had ever met. Well I never told her I liked her. Mainly because when I was going to she had a boyfriend.
When senior year came around we spent a lot of time together. However she was dating a person that... [more]

I love her but iAm not in love with her

I love my science and HR teacher
She's the most prettiest person in my world
She's funny has a great smile and she is nice
I lover her but I'm not in love
In youbg in thé 7th grade
I hâte hér and love hér at thé same Time
What should i do??? HELP
We are both female
Shes prégnant and i Will usually joke around when
She eats something... [more]


Ohoy, 23 year old guy here.
So, after spending alot of time online with a Girl i met in an online game (like 6 months ago) - i noticed i started to fall in love about a month ago. She's extremely smart and funny, and I am next to obsessed i feel like.
Anyways, yesterday, i decided i had to confess to her over webcam (we've had a few... [more]

Even though you are with him, I love you.

I love you and every single g******* thing about you, I know you are going out with one of my best friends but sometimes your beauty drives me crazy. I dont want to be the guy to steal his girl but i just sometimes cant control myself. I love you. I want more than anything in the whole world for... [more]

<3 <3

Dear C___,
It's been a year since I last saw you and you came to my house today. The moment you texted to say you were on your way, I got nervous. Butterflies in my stomach, hands trembling, ridiculous smile on my face.
Watching you walk down my hall made my heart skip. I laughed when I saw you, not out of anything mean, but because you had... [more]

I think I'm falling for him

I met this amazing guy online and he's 8 years older and we are really good friends and we hang out 2 to 3 times almost every week. He's going through his 2nd divorce and has a 4 year old son. He's told me before that he is not looking for anything serious right now and I told him I felt the same... I lied. I really like him and I wish he would... [more]


I dont hear from you much anymore and I think it's because you are trying to make things work with your wife. So because of that when I want to text you, I erase the message after typing it. I miss you so much and I regret never trying to kiss you, I don't know if you wanted me to, sometimes it felt like it, but other times I just couldn't tell.

A quandry.

Ok. Here is my problem.
I have a newish friend. Known her about two years. Become closer and closer that whole time. Been pretty close for about a year now, and the last 6 months we’ve become very good friends. Nights out, texts and so on. Get on with her better than with anyone else, pretty much.
I’ve always fancied her a bit, but... [more]

Why now?

I don't know why it is happening now but after working with her for 7 years I am starting to fall in love with my secretary.

A New Year..... Same Old Problems

I think, like earlier this year I posted a recent story about how the girl I (I'm a guy by the way) fell madly in love didn't even care about how I felt about her. And who also kept going out with the typical school player who I think had more girls than he should, because all he would do is pretend to love them and in return he would cheat on... [more]

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