Love Confessions

My boyfriend dad

I have Ben dating my boyfriend to get closer to his dad . Knowing my boyfriend was going away with his mother for the weekend. I showed up after they left . I was in a short plaid skirt that I had win I was 10 . So u could see my black thong under my skirt . And I had the strings on my hips so u could see thim . I don't have on a shirt . Just a... [more]

H**** daddy's girl 😋

Hi I'm a 12 y old girl . My mom left us about 4 years ago . I have Ben helping daddy to take care of my little sister . Last night my daddy had been drinking . So I put little sis to bed . I sat down next to daddy and I had been watching p*** so I know what I want him to do to me . So I kiss him ... [more]

School bus s**

Im 17 in hi school . I ride the bus home to save my gas . My bus stopes at midle school and picks up some kids to . There a cute little middle Schooler named megen that sets with me on the bus . She keeps asking me every day if I have a girl friend . About 2 months ago my girlfriend broke up with me so I told her . She smiled at the rest of the... [more]

Falling I love

I'm a 34 mwf with a daughter and 2 younger sons. I been heavy bi since 14. My daughter's best friend at school saw me kissing one of their lesbian teachers and then a few weeks later said she'd been fantasizing about me wrapping my legs around her head. So I did that in her bed when her parents were away and grinded my [more]

Happy and Fulfilled

I am a woman who went through my life being what some call fat. My 38 years included the many diets and exercises, doctor's advice, rejections and insults you can imagine. I hated it when people would say, Oh, but you have such a pretty face (another way of saying you are fat). Sexual experiences included some guys who just wanted to score with a... [more]



Young girl in my truck

I was driving home one night and there was a cute little redhead walking down the sidewalk . As I went past I herd her say nice truck . So I stopped she got in my truck . She asked me if we could go on a date . I don't have any thing to do so I sed yes .I took her to a nice stack house . During our date I could tell she was younger I would have... [more]

Cinderella: alternative ending

Cinderella should recognize the greatness and superiority of the stepsisters and the stepmother and so gladly accept their dominance and also become their foot worshiper , the prince would be the foot worshiper and ass liker for the stepmother while cinderella would focus her attentions on the stepsisters :D


I'm in love with you. I fell in love with you the very moment I laid eyes on you. When you first came to work with us, I immediately noticed how different you were from everyone else. You were extremely attractive and still so humble. I noticed how gentle and kind you were to everyone around you. That is rare in this community. We are all so... [more]

I'm so messed up

I don't know why, but all my life the only women who have been interested in me are women who are already in relationships and are looking to cheat. I have never had any luck with single ladies. I feel like women aren't interested in having any kind of meaningful relationship with me, they don't want to be seen in public with me, they only want... [more]

Ladies night cheese dog

Okay so me and a few of my girlfriends were at a ladies night earlier this week and there was this older guy (30s)checking me out really pretty hard. I smiled him over to me and got him to make me out and then he gave me a major major major cheese dog. Then he took me in the back room of the bar and gave me actual [more]

Strange Relationship Works

After 25 years of marriage my wife left me. She turned into a rather apocalyptic Catholic and obsessive/compulsive hoarder with an attitude that counseling or therapy could not work. Luckily our kids were adults when this happened. It was horrible nonetheless. I did nothing wrong. She wouldn't compromise.
I still had needs and desires that I... [more]

Dating a mom and her girl

So I'm dating it one woman one night she texted me . saying she needs my d*** . I hadn't gotten any from her . And she was sexy as h*** . So I rushed to her house . Win I got there she rushed me in to her room we both striped . She had me set on her bed... [more]

Daddy little girl

Just walked in on my Daddy betting off . I showed him my a cup b**** and he was all over my . It was the first d*** I had ever had . I cried at first but he keep going and now I want more . Going to try to sleep with him tonight and many get more

If she or he is The One... TELL THEM

It's Christmas. Isn't that when you tell people you love how you really feel? That's how it works in the movies, lol. So do it. Reach out to her. Say it to him. Start something that could be beautiful, but will definitely make memories. Say it, do it. Crank up that courage! Happy Holidays, wherever you are!


The show friends is an absolute banger.I love it and recommend to all.( ╹▽╹ )

Winning life's gamble (warning: extreme ferishes)

That i have had the most extreme fetishes since adolescence. Heres a short confession of how i achieved those fetishes with my wife.
I had been through many women by the time i was 25. But all were vanilla which was my worst nightmare. Then i met my wife to be. At first glace she seemed like a well brought up educated woman. But i knew there... [more]

You claim to "love" me but you don't know me

You have some of my story but not all of it, and about 98% of what you do have is based on inaccurate speculation and ancient rumors spread by the bored and drama-seeking.
If you love me as much as you say you do, why do you refuse to learn who I really am? You've wasted crazy amounts of time and energy declaring what you think I'm like and... [more]

Need advice on this crush ive been having

So i "dated" this guy a few years back. i say "dated" because we werent really ever in an official realitionship. well long story short. i broke it off with him before anything even happened because i became REALLY stressed about.. dating. (i was 13 at the time. too young probs.) i told him some lie about just wanting to be friends. well like... [more]

My young lover Graeme

I am a retired gentleman, a widower for about seven years, then one day I met Graeme. He answered an advert I put in our local paper here in the UK for a handyman/gardener.
Graeme was the only applicant I received and rang my door bell late one afternoon. He said I've come about the advert, I asked him how old he was, "sixteen" he said, "I'm at... [more]

A Good Lay Becomes a Great Wife

I started dating my wife after she broke up with her boyfriend that she has been dating for a year and a half. She told me that she had been having s** with him for almost the entire time and I knew that he was not her first sexual partner. Since I lived on the same floor of the dorm as my wife's ex... [more]


I'm in love with you. I've never experienced what I feel with you before and I'm scared, but I can't deny that I love you and I'd like to try. Whenever we look into each other's eyes it feels like we're somewhere else... in a world where it is just the two of us. It sounds so cliche, but I've never experienced that with anyone besides you, and... [more]

My Pantyhose, by Pantyhose Paul

Oh pantyhose, you are so sheer
You are what I so love to wear
More than any clothes
Yes! I love my pantyhose
You feel so soft and smooth and silky
You make me oh so hard and milky
And nobody knows
How much I love my pantyhose
I love to gather up my hose
And roll them up my legs and toes
I pull them up tight
And line up the seams to... [more]


I just love watching mature women feet be it on high heel or without heel..i ve the fantasy of licking these feet and make them feeling l*** groan prior to having s**

12 year girl

Im in love with my dad im 12 year old girl i was kissing my dad one night win he was drunk i had him so h**** he had started to figure me win mommy got home i wint to my room the next day he keeps staring at me and kissing me in passing win mommy not in the room tonight mommy working all night im... [more]

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