Love Confessions

Public masturbation

I need to confess I was wanking in a public woods with public walk paths everywhere, and I was sniff a pair of dirty smelly panties I buy online and this random women heard me moaning so she came and had a look, the best best things is she caught me wanking and shouted sexy at me… I’m was shocked that I had been caught be she came onto to me and... [more]

I'm in love with my friend's wife

I'm married. He's married. We're all friends.
I'm incredibly embarrassed and sickened by how i feel.
My friend was in a car accident and nearly died. I was the first one to the hospital with his wife, and spent 24 hours with her alone being her only support while her husband was moments away from dying on the operating table numerous times... [more]

Please pray

Please pray in the name of Jesus Christ that Janet and Marcus get married to each other. Thank you 💞

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My wife amber is getting really fat.. she is absolutely gorgeous and always has been. When we first got together is was 130 lbs. 8 years later she's 240 and growing. Recently she was at the doctor where they scolded her about her gain. She came home and started eating little Debbie's asking why does she do the opposite lol thing is I love making... [more]

Please pray

Please pray in the name of Jesus Christ that Janet and Marcus get married to each other. Thank you 💓

Wear panties

Wear cockring and panties love them

Dear Alex

I am still in love with you, Alex. I never stopped being in love with you. I'm sorry for everything that happened between us... and I'm sorry that we can never truly be together because of the different values and morals we have. It's the most profound heartbreak I've ever experienced in my life -- loving someone but knowing you are probably both... [more]


I need a guy to hold me tight while we fvck

Rescued Rabbit's were relaxing in victory but a Fire from h***

I am writing this in the memory of my pet rabbit Boo. I had Rabbits before Boo and I loved them all. When Boo came it was a Victory. She turned a frown upside down making it flip into a smile. A great moment I will always remember was the times I would wake up and the first thing that came into view was Boo staring right into my eyes. It is nice... [more]

To u

Saking sukanya sampe bingung ngungkapinnya kek mana😹

Mickey and Maude

The whole thing initially began when I was grounded one year while in highschool. The window in front of my neighbor's kitchen sink was directly across from my bedroom. Since there was no internet back then, as one could assume, my time spent grounded was extremely dull. In my boredom I observed that the 50-year-old widow next door always did the... [more]

No socks with sneakers turns me on!

Straight up I have this fetish for girls wearing their shoes without socks, it's so damn sexy for some reason! I really don't know why, but that's how it is! I also usually wear my shoes without socks, except in work boots at work.
I think my fetish started when I when I was in the second grade, a friend of mine, let's call her Mary Anne, was... [more]

I want to stalk them

First day at school I saw them and i was in love and now everyday I look at them from far away even if their taken. I want to be theirs and do whatever to get them. I want to know more about them and i want them to be mine. I’m obsessed their so perfect for me I want them so much. I want them and will do anything to get them. I’m no pro at... [more]

Recently I was talking to an adult man and this happened.....

I(14F) talk to random people online quite often. I like chatting with others, and have developed this habit because I used to be really lonely as a child. A couple of weeks ago, I met someone (23M), and we started quite frequently. I spent 4-5 hrs average talking to him per day. He never said anything remotely inappropriate or sexually suggestive... [more]


When I was in highschool I met this dude who became a close friend of mine. We were in bands together and then he moved away. I never thought he liked men so even though I thought about him all the time in secret, we were just friends. Years later he moved back to my area as my local music scene was developing. One night we were together and I... [more]

My beautiful, loving, sister for life

In college in my freshman year a girl, Monica, I had met during orientation told me her father walked out and cut her off. She had to drop out and go back to live with her Mom, who had also been cut off. With two younger sisters she was going to get a job and help out.
Something hit me. I offered to put her up with me, finish her semester... [more]

Never Dated "My Type."

I've never dated my type. It really sucks. I've gotten close, really close, but it never pans out. I've dated an upright blonde in high school who literally broke up with me in church! Next was a girl I met in college, very smart, similar values to me, beautiful dark hair... But self centered and barely told anyone about me and was chubby... [more]

Just me

I feel so desperate being a romantic partner

Why do we love people who are so awful to us

How can we love people who only pretend to care about us, who are only around when it's convenient?
People who claim to care, but they are NEVER there for you, people who seem to think they're the only individual who feels human emotion in the entire world, so everyone else is just like a tool or an object.
Some people are just damaged like that... [more]

Why wont you be honest AA ?

I love and miss you! but you lie to my face, then hide from me, all the while getting your friends ,the shrinking man, and the ex now here again nurse to tell you what im up to, or saying about you, i only sptak truth, no "GAS LIGHTING ON MY PART!"Jj

I love you, please pull through

Please Baby, please pull through, I know you are in the hospital now, we dreamed about sharing our lives together and I cant imagine life without you now. 3 years and we finally got our place, please make it for us baby, I know you can do it, I love you always and forever

Am i a bad person for letting my boss use my body for a raise

My boss has been attracted to me and said that he’d give me a raise if I let him in between my legs. My sister is calling me a b**** for not working for my money.


So Lonely Looking for …..

Self-Discipline With Amazing Stepdaughter

Admiring my stepdaughter's tight little ass walk to the changing station. It's just a 4' fiberglass wall 2' above ground at the patio for privacy changing. You can see silhouette but no definition through it. So I am watching her remove and drop her bikini. Thinking how fine she is as she slides an extra large sleeveless t-shirt on and walk out... [more]

I love a man who is old enough to be my father

I worked for a man from the previous generation, literally the same birth year as my mother. Two things emerged after I went to work there, he parented me from the beginning. If I didn't have a father growing up, well I had one now. Second, I have a dirty mouth and I had to eat soap.
One day I am IM with my girlfriend and she is getting nasty... [more]

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