Love Confessions

Night with my sister

My sister invites me over to to her house once a week to have a few drinks. One night we got really drunk and she told me that she has always wanted to be raped. I don't think much about it at the time. But later that week I keep thinking of having sexy with her. My sister is a bigger girl but is still sexy. So the next week I was over I keep... [more]

Nylon panties

Have been wearing women's nylon panties for years now.. and they feel sooo amazing against my skin..and when I get hard and start dripping precum..I j*** off and c** all them.. my fantasy is getting a nylon panties handjob..I will never go back to cotton... [more]

Smoking Families

My Confession is that I want to write a book about Smoking Families, and the passing down of the addiction from one generation to the next. I would love to speak to anyone who has been encouraged to start smoking by their mother, aunty, etc. when you growing up. I know there are quite a few threads on Confession Post about mothers that encourage... [more]

The Continued Vent by Emily Preibus

I’m in love, happily in love…but it’s not a peaceful love and I’m a newlywed still. My problems are the past women who will not get over to accept the fact I have won over the man who everyone said that is for the streets actor Marcel Shihadeh. Me a 19 year old woman has made a grown man who is 26 change into this sober, family, full of Christ man... [more]

Brother sister love

I have 4 Sisters. We live in a village. All my family members love me so much because i am single brother. 3 sisters are older to me and one is 7 years younger than me.

My sweet wife

Just married one month before and enjoy her beauty my sexy wife who openly show her beautiful body to me as I too much excited to she her like that way because I never see any lady like that before and last day I think why not everybody will not be see her as she always gladly help to take me her pictures openly.


I wish I was a great amateur photographer and that my wife was willing to be my model. She is very beautiful and I would love to capture her for all times.

My Cousin Julia Or The Summer Of Awakening (Part Two)

The following morning, we had breakfast around 8 a.m., after which my parents and I packed our things for leaving. As I was doing my final planning for our trip, I realized I had forgotten my wristwatch in Julia's room the day before, after my aunt told me to prepare my bedroom. I knew exactly where my watch was. So, I went to Julia's room... [more]

My Cousin Julia Or The Summer Of Awakening (Part One)

In the behavior culture of my family, flatulence had always been a taboo. It literally never happened and it was seen as a very disgusting thing. I was socialized in a kind of philosophy that farting was impolite and basically, I was brought up that nobody was really going to rip one neither in public nor around family members, what I actually... [more]

Life after hate

I used to think poorly of interracial couples, but after a girl I was head over heels for left me because I wasn't Catholic, I developed a soft spot for them because her leaving me completely broke me. Now when I see a blond girl holding hands with a black man, I feel happy for them, and not disgusted.
I've since gotten mostly better, but I... [more]

I love you, get vaccinated please, if you love back.

Albeit the vaccines are awesome and work very well, to avoid the already very rare heart-inflammation (goes away by itself, and is not dangerous) in young men particularily, I'm going to eat healthier, avoid processed sugar, and drink my coffee black for 2 weeks after vaccine, and I'm going to relax for couple days after the doses. :)

A Child Who Smokes: Whats it Like to Smoke so Young?

There’s lots of forums on the net these days about parents, aunties etc who have helped their young kids become smokers. In my case, my Aunty thought when I was 7 that it would be nice for me to have a try and that smoking would help relieve my insecurities & uptightness. Oh the experience was just wonderful and while sitting on Auntys lap in... [more]

Oregon Senior

It started dressing in women clothing and sneaking out of the house to meet others without success in finding my match. I had no s** just moral support. I am good looking with good hygiene. I like to be naked outside. The urge for finding a partner got stronger and I could not find someone who is disease... [more]

Bird eye view and a piece of chip

I hate people that throw food in the street and birds come down to eat whatever it is but they end up in the middle of the road but they usually take off just in time before they get hit 90% of the time. I must confess that I did not properly dispose of a chip I should have taken that chip up off the ground and put it in the garbage container or... [more]

Bellybutton outies

I love black girls with round outies bellybutton with shiny surface, I like to suck it

Mothers panties

Every time my mother goes out I go through her drawers and sniff her clean panties and have been doing that for a year now to cure boredom. Today she went out and I done the usual, enter her room but this time I saw her panties were on the bed and noticed there was a stain in her panties? Well I had a sniff and [more]

Still love her.

This happened in college. I was an a****** to my first serious girlfriend. She lost her virginity to me and we had s** as often as possible.Sometimes she would start a fight because she LOVED make-up [more]

Fat People Watching

Where I live, there are quite a few chunky ladies, but almost no truly giant, super-obese women. Whenever I go out, I like to go "whale watching" and try to find a genuine fatty. I've only seen a few in years. And one day I spotted one- a real porker of a lady.
From more than a large city block away I could tell! There was a crowd of random... [more]

I admit... i am in love with pantyhose!

I am a 39yr old man and i have always loved how 'hose' looked on women's legs and feet. I even had a crush on a few of my teachers' legs back in grade school. Now, i believe that pantyhose or stockings look just as great on men, than women. I love to see men in pantyhose or stockings. Even out in public, i can spot them from a mile away! I get so... [more]

I f***** my HS gf, sort of, but dead

I’m an embalmer at a big metropolitan funeral home but went back to help out at my parents’ funeral home when my mom got sick. Long story short, there was a girl I dated in high school, who broke my heart. We were supposed to be each other’s first time but she led me on, and went for some football doofus. Anyway, fast forward to now twenty... [more]

My wife got really fat over Covid (and I like it)

Been married for five years. My wife was 145llbs in Feb 2020. Today she is 220 lbs and looks absolutely amazing!! I cant keep mind off how hot she looks.

Website - Underage Smokers & Smoking Families

I don't need to be bombarded by do-gooders and those of you who think it their entitlement to pass judgement. Like it or not, there is an active community out there of mothers, fathers, aunties, and grannies who have made a deliberate decision to give their child the pleasure of cigarette smoking. If you search even just this sight as well as... [more]

Can't Get Over Her

Three months ago, after taking over a year to work up the courage, I told my crush I was interested in her and she turned me down but said she wanted us to remain friendly.
Three months later I still think about her constantly and it's driving me insane that I can't get her out of my head.
I've tried listing her flaws, looking for someone... [more]

Feeling a little down

My firstborn baby was, is, and will always be my hero. Before I experienced a birth defect I thought Down's Syndrome was the worst thing that could happen. It turns out Down's or trisomy 21 is a survivable condition. trisomy 18 is Edward's syndrome and 90% don't make it to full term. Of those 10% may, and 90% do not survive their first year. Many... [more]


I have a huge crush on one of my managers. We are not allowed to date because managers and reps are not allowed to date. I am 22 years old and I never felt sexual attraction before and I have to have my first sexual attraction towards one of my managers. I get nervous and very emotional that I haven't eaten very much in the last week (my first... [more]

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