Love Confessions


I slept with a five y. Old girl last night. And I did her very hard. Hope makes me proud. I am very happy with what happen. I just hope she don't get pregnant. But tonight her mom wants to see how h

I'm so lonely

My wife left me. I've been unsuccessful with internet dating. I'm alone. I don't know what's wrong with me. Why am I unattractive. I have a job, car, house etc. I'm fit. I go hiking and ride my bike. But still I can't get a girl friend.


You are by far the hottest MILF I know. The fact that you are a sexy, domineering, high school principal makes my feelings for you even stronger. You ran track in high school and college, and even at fifty continue to keep yourself in shape better than most twenty year olds. You have an ass that I would love to have on my face for hours of the... [more]

I love you

All the nights we used to sit and talk about the things we loved and hated, just come to me like waves on an ocean. Your voice so beautiful your thoughts so pretty the care we had for each other, the way we understood one another. It was so beautiful so sexy so sweet, so hot so lovely and I used to get the rush so high, we never disconnected the... [more]

I need you Angela

You’re driving me crazy. I want you so badly, I can’t even think. We need each other. Life is too short

One day I kissed my best friend, we've been closer than sisters

When I was in the 8th grade my father was stationed in South America in the Embassy. I went to a party for another girl's birthday, after cake and ice cream several kids played spin the bottle. A kiss was my challenge, instead of kissing a boy I kissed my best friend girl.
From then till now I have been labeled gay, a lesbian, you name it. My... [more]

Love my son in law big bulge

I love getting turned on by my son in law, just love watching his big c*** seen him naked once, he has a nice ass,big c***. I love showing him a lot of my cleavage n wearing my white shorts skirt around him

I'm old enough now to understand why I was born a woman

I've reached that stage in my life when I realize that most philosophy is bull s*** and most philosphers are immature idiots. Without life experience, you cannot have a philosophy. I was born into a good family, good is the euphemism for not rich, hard working, values, where men are men and women... [more]

As much as I want him i've got to somehow move on.

There is a guy at my workplace who I have fallen for big time, myself more than him with me i'm convinced since I don't think he realises what it was that got m attention in the first place, he just got chatting to me one day and what people around me have said is him complaining I actually see as someone who is actually really caring, wants to do... [more]


I've been wanting to lick my sister-in-law's a****** my whole life I used to play with her panties and j******* they always smell good still want to lick her a****** that a fat ass that I want to to play with anybody else out there

Miss You More Than Ever

It's been 20 years but I miss you more than ever. You were my dream girl, beautiful in every way. But we went separate directions against both of our desires. Now you are the one I make love to, even when I am inside somebody else. You are the one I think of every day.
I wish I could tell you this but it would cause problems for two marriages... [more]

Masturbates to some stories here

Reading some confessions I cant resist to m********* and c*** a lot.


I love my gal Missy’s feet. They are perfect in every way. Butter soft, clean, size 8, deep red polish and tan stockings. After typing this we will have s** during which she will give me a hot pantyhose footjob.
No mater what your fetish, as long as it’s safe, clean and legal, enjoy it and get the... [more]

Mormon Wife Became a Nude Art Class Model

We moved to the Midwest twenty years ago from Arizona chasing a job. I just turned 50 and am bored at work. I used to be into art in high school and I always told myself that I would resume it when I had time. We’ll at 50 I figured it was time and decided to take a class at the local community college. I signed up for a human form drawing class... [more]

Kissed ALS patient

I work for government assistance service in my country. I was feeding an ALS patient in a wheelchair. He was drooling. This happens sometimes while eating. Instead of wiping it off like i should have, i kissed him. I dont regret it. I enjoyed it. Even though i shouldnt feel this way. I just kept kissing him for a while, before going to the next... [more]

It's probably one sided love.

I've getting attracted to my half sis, same father different mother. So it's weird. I shouldn't act on my impulses right!?.

I like the woman whom I babysit for

I'm 14 and I babysit for a couple who has 2 kids I like the wife she us 42 and her tots are big. I used to jerrk off in her bathroom taking her photo in there.
I got bolder when I found her panty in the bathroom and I jerrk off to her panty.
Sometimes I feel what I am doing is wrong and I should stop it but I don't want to stop thinking about... [more]


I met an incredible woman years ago. she was perfect. she was sweet, intelligent, loving, giving and caring. she always gave herself to me gladly when i wanted her both physically and emotionally. she never told me no even when i asked her to do things that made her uncomfortable or nervous. she was modest private Christian woman, and I tested... [more]

I am never going to love again

I have only ever wanted one person, they were the only person i truly loved. they don't talk to me anymore but i'm never going to forget them and i don't think i'll ever love again. i hate myself anyway and don't deserve any sort of love but i wish it never came to this. i'm never going to love anyone again and i will stick by that until i die.

Leggy baby, can we be friends?

I love to see a woman in heels and pantyhose, truthfully I must confess, it doesn’t matter - long legs, short legs, white, brown or black legs, I love to look at, admire and long to touch a women’s pantyhose clad legs. I’m married but I want a friend who doesn’t care that I look. Not looking for s**, per... [more]

Women is skirt and hosiery - still

Even after decades, I still love to look at women in skirts and pantyhose. Idk, fell in love with images of women in pantyhose from the JC Penny catalog when I was a kid, and it still is all I need to get me going. My wife doesn’t seem to think it’s worth it to dress like that for me frequently, I asked…many times…ends in fights. …and probably why... [more]

Ren i still miss u

I miss u renalyn i just can forget u at all I tried to but i failed ovrr nd over again I woukdhv come bck for you but for u i choose not to do it only for u .... what a misery is to miss someone .... maybe its cuz u were my first proper love 🥲

I'm sorry Mama

I'm so glad you lived to be such an old lady. I was lucky to have you for so long. I have regrets though. We argued a lot and I got loud and profane. You didn't deserve that. You were such a fine mother and only now do I realize how great you were and how much I miss and love you.
Nobody lives forever but you gave it the old college try... [more]

I'm drunk rn

I confess that i am asexual, i dont like my gf. i feel so bad about this. She has mental illnesses. She had tried to kill herserlf many times and she saidd to me that if i broke up with her, she will kill herself. everyday i feel so bad because she thinks that i dont love her and she said to me that one day she will kill herself bcause she knows... [more]

My crush

Ok so i was in class and it was my crushes birthday so i brought him a balloon and he named it lana after the p*** star. I said i never game it to him i made it. and he said we made it. Then he called it a "mini him walking around" so i said no a mini me and then he said a mini us! AGHGH

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