Love Confessions


I met an incredible woman years ago. she was perfect. she was sweet, intelligent, loving, giving and caring. she always gave herself to me gladly when i wanted her both physically and emotionally. she never told me no even when i asked her to do things that made her uncomfortable or nervous. she was modest private Christian woman, and I tested... [more]

I am never going to love again

I have only ever wanted one person, they were the only person i truly loved. they don't talk to me anymore but i'm never going to forget them and i don't think i'll ever love again. i hate myself anyway and don't deserve any sort of love but i wish it never came to this. i'm never going to love anyone again and i will stick by that until i die.

Leggy baby, can we be friends?

I love to see a woman in heels and pantyhose, truthfully I must confess, it doesn’t matter - long legs, short legs, white, brown or black legs, I love to look at, admire and long to touch a women’s pantyhose clad legs. I’m married but I want a friend who doesn’t care that I look. Not looking for s**, per... [more]

Women is skirt and hosiery - still

Even after decades, I still love to look at women in skirts and pantyhose. Idk, fell in love with images of women in pantyhose from the JC Penny catalog when I was a kid, and it still is all I need to get me going. My wife doesn’t seem to think it’s worth it to dress like that for me frequently, I asked…many times…ends in fights. …and probably why... [more]

Ren i still miss u

I miss u renalyn i just can forget u at all I tried to but i failed ovrr nd over again I woukdhv come bck for you but for u i choose not to do it only for u .... what a misery is to miss someone .... maybe its cuz u were my first proper love 🥲

I'm sorry Mama

I'm so glad you lived to be such an old lady. I was lucky to have you for so long. I have regrets though. We argued a lot and I got loud and profane. You didn't deserve that. You were such a fine mother and only now do I realize how great you were and how much I miss and love you.
Nobody lives forever but you gave it the old college try... [more]

I'm drunk rn

I confess that i am asexual, i dont like my gf. i feel so bad about this. She has mental illnesses. She had tried to kill herserlf many times and she saidd to me that if i broke up with her, she will kill herself. everyday i feel so bad because she thinks that i dont love her and she said to me that one day she will kill herself bcause she knows... [more]

Forbidden Attraction

I am attracted to her in every way. She is kind, sweet, beautiful. Her little quirks, the way her hair is straight or done up, whether she wears glasses or not, her long legs, her scent (intoxicating)
I don't know if she knows. I see her everyday and i can't help but think about her. If only there was some way i could tell her, or for her to... [more]

My crush

Ok so i was in class and it was my crushes birthday so i brought him a balloon and he named it lana after the p*** star. I said i never game it to him i made it. and he said we made it. Then he called it a "mini him walking around" so i said no a mini me and then he said a mini us! AGHGH

Now we are 'girlfriends'

We are work friends. We went to a concert together, it was very exciting. We went to a club afterwards and we danced. Cooling down after a dance there was 'the kiss'. So what's wrong with that? We are both girls, that's what's wrong. The kiss was a love kiss, full on, I want to kiss you kiss.
That kiss made everything very weird between us... [more]

Drinking her pee

I love licking her p**** until she gets so excited she pees in my mouth.
I don't waste a drop and love how it tastes.
She loves to be rough on my b**** while she pees in my mouth, pulling them, squeezing them. It is so intense but feels so... [more]

Big butterball belly

Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a big fat bellied man. I recall as a kid wanting to grow up and have a big belly. Well, all my professional life that was impossible but I would binge eat food occasionally to satisfy my cravings.
Now I’m retired and have decided to live out my dream. I confessed this to my wife a couple of years... [more]

I have been cheating on my GF for 2 years

I had a long distance relationship and right 2 weeks after begin I started to cheat on her with peoples I met online. She don't know and that it how it will stay. I've got payback from her she left me and it broke me. I really did loved her, but that excitment from what I was doing was far greater than my feeling for her. Also I can't feel bad... [more]

Son in law

I wish my son in law by more often I love watching him, his big bulge n his pants he like to tease me , I wore my white shorts skirt n he loved it had my legs a little spread open n he was watching me I had no underwear on n he notice can see his bulge getting harder I knew he was watching me so I pretend to close my legs n open it again, ohh he... [more]

Mature women who are attracted to Young legal or barely who also

I happily got lucky and enjoyed sexual relationships as a stud and handsome young pole, with many women who wanted young exciting s** partners. I was seduced, in her home,vand I already was flirting with her, she finally gave in. It was good and no harm to me, just fantastic [more]

Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen, the French presidential candidate is so hot. I don't care that she is a facist, I want her so bad!

Wife’s First 4-Hand Massage

During our trip to Costa Rica I secretly arranged a handsome masseuse to come to our room and massage my wife. I lied and told her he was with the resort but he was free lance and his reviews made it quite clear he was proficient in erotic massage.
My wife is a strict Catholic so my goal was to break down some barriers to [more]


I am a man who is 68 years old and loves to wear women's undergarments especially bras,panties,slips and everything that the ladies wear to look absolutely sexy,gorgeous,vivacious etc.

I'm f*****

I'm in love with my best friend. i know that they don't love me back. every relationship i've been in before, i've eventually lost feelings for them and cut them off. i don't want that to happen with us because they've been my friend for so long. but hiding it hurts so much.

Rabbit Rescue

I want to start up an Animal Rescue. It was January 2022 I felt a strong desire fueled by the trinity with a packet of information that was downloaded in me. It was information on how an Animal rescue can provide income, as well as discounts on the tools needed to operate an Animal Rescue. It is now the beginning of April 2022 I have not started... [more]

How can I be in love so much

I live in Austin and my roommate moved out and I had to find another roommate or find another place to live. A friend from work told me she had a friend with an extra bedroom and it's own bath. The condo is in a very good location and when I went to see it is very updated and furnished. The man is single and works in tech. The price was right... [more]

In love with my best friend..

I’m in love with my best friend. I wasn’t always the majority of our friendship and this only happened 3 years ago, but it won’t go away. Oh sure there’s loads of l*** which she often seems to enjoy and there’s obsessive thoughts at times, but it’s just her. We’ve never had [more]


If you ever see this, know I love you still to this day and always will. Know the sun rises and sets with you on my mind and in my heart. Know that even though we both are with someone else, I’d give up everything just to be with you. You were the light to my dark, and without you in my life. I’ve never been more miserable. I wish I... [more]


My wife has gotten multiple tattoos and it looks beautiful. She has two full sleaves a full back to butt tattoo and undrrboomb and mons tattoo. She has her tongue, nose, nipples, belly button and c*** pierced. I love tte change and transformation since we got married at 22 5 years ago. She is... [more]


Love to drive with my b****** out of my bra, or wearing my bikini, the wind making my nipples hard.Part and turn my inserted vibrator on full and c** in my underwear. Just thinking about spring makes mewet

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