Love Confessions

In the end

It will all be revealed and there are many layers. I've made mistakes but I love everyone. I live that better than anyone else I know but we each have our unique experiences.


You have to leave not because of ego but for own self respect

Cant wait

This could go under either love or school but i put it under love because thats how i feel of it. i have fell in love with this other girl at my school even though shes a couple years younger then me.shes beautiful but i am not nearly so much as her.people know i am a lesbian but nobody knows shes parents hate me for being lesbian but i dont... [more]


I wish you knew how beautiful you are. I wish you were able to see past all the things you did wrong so you can see the very many things you have done right. Whenever you enter a room it instantly brightens. You have a soothing voice and the most radiant aura without any effort on your part. You're kindness is contagious as softspoken as you are... [more]

I like younger boys

This is horrible but I like younger guys like 14-18. I'm in my late 20's. I know the law and obey but man it's a major fantasy.

Love for w****

My mom takes tutions. So there used to come this slutty girl whom I never liked. But one fined day, when nobody was home she came to on the pretext of clearing doubts. I was playing a game and I didn't pay any heed. Then she seduced me. I couldn't control and we started kissing. This continued for around 2 years. I thought I was using her but I... [more]

A tree

I f***** a tree, and I f****** enjoyed it. The motions were so extense that I had an o***** everytime I touched the bark. Its branches were so thick that I just had to slide them in one by one. The... [more]


I miss experience project so very much. Why does it happen that we have to lose the things that are dearer to heart.

Making love

During my late teens, I always thought s** was about loving someone's body. As I grew up, I realized I have always wanted to love a man's body. To me, it is an expression of love. I want to love someone in every way. Just one person! Without any limitations. Maybe someday (:

I'm not attracted to my own race??

I'm a bisexual white woman and I don't feel any attraction towards white men, and only a slight attraction to other white women. Is this weird?
I used to be attracted to other white people but now I can't see myself with a white man at all.
I know I'm white myself, but all white guys I've been with have always been so bland and boring.
I've... [more]

I'm weird

I enjoy receiving physical pain from the opposite s**


I waited all day, and the choice was right I know...but staring at these stars now I wish you had come by like you promised. At least I have the memory of you wanting to kiss me, and the feeling of your hand on the back of my head as I hugged you goodbye. Another life, maybe.

Tell me

When will you really understand me.As far as I know your power of reading it's not so weak but sometimes I really feel sad when you can't really understand me.

Why you, why now?

I fell in love with you the first time I saw you at work. I don't know why, but it just happened. You're the girl that everyone told me I would give everything up for when I found her. And here you are.
Never in my life have I felt so vulnerable around someone. Seeing you smile makes my day regardless of how horrid the day might be. I stay up... [more]

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