Love Confessions

I cannot bring myself to fully trust my girlfriend.

Back in April of 2020 I linked up with a girl I use to mess around back in high school like 11 years ago. We began to mess around and sleep with each other.
She was single, I was single and we were just messing around. We would hook up almost every weekend from the middle of April. She has just come out of a 6 year relationship literally 3... [more]

Pedo thoughts

Some times I get the feeling that I should f*** my little sister she’s 10 I’m 17 not sure what to do tho ? Text me ynrich-oz on snap or something

I don't even know what I'm feeling.

I don't know if I'm sad mad annoyed or jealous. My best friend who I'm secretly in love with just got a bf. He's way more attractive than me as well and I don't blame him for liking him. We talk like we are married and send each other paragraphs about how much we love each other too, idk what's gonna happen to our friendship. He helps keep me from... [more]

Love for milfs

I m 20 yrs old i love mature women idk why but i never got any its my fantasy to once f*** milf if any interested drop your contact here😘

I can’t get her out of my head

My girlfriend that I really liked broke up with me after 2 dates. It was presumably because of her bad social anxiety that she talked to me about once or twice.
8 people told me that I did nothing wrong and that I need to let her go. I’m trying to, but I keep having dreams about her.
We had enormous potential. If I ever see her in public... [more]

Valentines Day horror story

The week before Valentines Day my now ex wife and I were in bed. She was crying and all of a sudden she screamed out loud. "You took me away from Randy. the man I really loved", She added weh didn't have to get married. I suggested a divorce but she said "No I'll just live of of you". I told her I was going to divorce her in the morning. She... [more]

For my girlfriend for Valentine's Day. What do you think, ladies?

You’re far away…but I would cross the galaxy for you.
Wherever L****** is, that is where I most want to be.
My world comes to life when you’re around,
Like the sun drawing life from the ground.
You bring a new rhythm to my heart,
And I feel your voice in my lungs…
drawing it in to absorb your words for... [more]

Family love

I was alone in my house with my wifes sisters daughter aged 12,we were watching a movie on the TV and during a break, I got up to got to the toilet and said to her keep my place on the sofa warm for me until I got back.
On my return I sat down beside her and she snuggled up to me. At first I took it as an innocent move on her part so thought... [more]

Spending Time

I often have lunch with my psychology professor and afterwards we'll talk as she smokes a cigarette. I also sometimes stay after class to help her with stuff. I love spending time with her.

This man wants love

This probably sounds weird coming from a man, but I don’t enjoy casual s**. I’m not driven to be a player. I’ve had casual s**, and I never really enjoyed it. I just found it to be an awkward scenario where the intimate and the impersonal intersect, and I just... [more]

I think im inlove

Im inlove with you but your so confusing sometimes you like me sometimes were just friends sometimes were friends with benafits like why cant you just tell me if you like me or not like when i ask if u do you dont reposnsd you just snap a pic like my god your so comfusing

Amy Adams

I have huge crush on Amy Adams

For my ex-girlfriend...

I have to write this here because it would humiliate me on social media. It would also result in the recipient’s estrangement, and I don’t even know if we’re friends right now.
So here it is:
- I love you. I love you so much. I love everything about you. You are beautiful. You are sexy. You are cute. You are smart. You are funny. You brought... [more]


I love my friend in work and she is married

In love with my boyfriends mother

I think I'm in love with my boyfriends mom. I'm not even in love with him, and yet his mother is always the center of my thoughts. I think I should tell you that I am bisexual, FtM, and a minor. You see, I have always seen him as a friend, and hes my best friend. But, when he asked me to get into a relationship I didnt know what to say. I said yes... [more]

Sex with girlfriends old mother

Back in 1970 I had s** with my girlfriends 50 or old mother. I was 20 at the time. We did it 2 times a day 4 times a week she would o***** many times. She was the best ever she had a very harry grey Pusey. We did it in all positions. She would squirt in my... [more]

My boyfriend said he doesn't love me.

I'm tearing up as I write this. Recently money has been super tight so my boyfriend let me move in with him rent-free.
Yesterday I said "I love you" for the first time and he looked up from his book with just his eyes and did a half grin. I then asked if he loved me. He replied "I enjoy you. Love isn't a word I use for anyone besides my... [more]

I can still hear your voice too

I’m so happy that I found you again; the last time I saw you I was a mess. I wish I never left that day previously. Although, it was probably meant to be. As you were good to me; and I would have just screwed it up at that age. I have a pretty good life now, but I wanted you to know that I still remember waking you up to ask you if you can... [more]

A truer love

A real, true love between a man and a woman is a rare and wonderful thing. But the love between a man and a she-male is far more rare and precious and beautiful. And it is more REAL. I've experienced both , and so I know. A marriage between a man and a woman is okay, but the presence of a female in that bond really taints the institution of... [more]

He's left his wife but I'm married

I am a married woman with a family. I admit i have had my own issues with depression and self esteem. Even though i have a loving and supportive family I've done things to push them away. About 5 yrs ago I met a guy at the gym who I began training with. We became friends. He was married and has a family. I found out he was in a loveless marriage... [more]

Missing my god mother

I miss my god mother so much she passed away in 1979. She was my ex girlfriend's mother she was beautiful and lovely. She was 50 yrs old and I was 20. We had many sexual experiences. We had a 6 year affair. The best lover I hammd to this day I satisfied her like she did me. Both orally and f.

Hopelessly in Love

I'm hopelessly in love with a guy I've never seen. He's a voice actor, so I've heard his voice countless times. We've been talking for days and the more we speak the more I fall for him. I feel absolutely ridiculous about it because I think the chances of anything happening are very low. I worry that he thinks I'm insane or too weird, maybe I've... [more]

Im still in love and miss Neelam Ahmad

I met this woman on Omegle in 2011. I was trying to get my nerve up to be able to play music in front of real life people again by using Omegle. One night this gorgeous, beautiful, sexy, long black hair, dark eyed woman ends up on my screen. She requested a few Pearl Jam songs which I played to the best of my ability. And over the next few hours I... [more]

Wife Susan

Susan and I have talked many times about the size of c*** she prefers and she says for a long term relationship she prefers a c*** like mine 7 1/4 inches or smaller to about 6 or so but for one time meetings se likes bigger [more]



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