Love Confessions

I like this girl but my friends dont.

So theirs this girl at my school that Ive known since about 6th or 7th grade. We never really talked but we said hey during classes in the halls and lunch n s***. A couple of friends told me that she liked me and at first didn't even consider dating her. But now that i see her she is so damn cute to... [more]

My cousin

I wanted to make a confession about my now 5 year long history with my cousin Lizzy. My uncle's family came to my home country 5 years ago and at the time I was almost 16 and Lizzy was a few months short of 15, it was around August and our first meeting went pretty great I recognize she was really beautiful what really struck me was how much I... [more]


It does take so little to BE KIND...
I know it's a cliche...and it's been said so many times...we are ALL fighting our own, c'mon, get out of your way and:
SMILE broadly and honestly
LISTEN attentively
REACH OUT and touch someone's shoulder
BE HONEST - don't backstab (for crying outloud!)
THINK before you speak...(or as the... [more]

Catfishing but fell in love

A guy approached me online almost a year ago now, I never thought after ONE conversation in an app game that we would ever talk again, so I pretended to be someone else..... we kept talking night after night and now its been almost 12 months and during that 12 months we have shared some very intimate conversations, he has really opened up to me... [more]

Too young for love

I had a crush on one of my best friends who is 6 years older than me. When I confessed he told me I was far too young for him, I am 16 years old. I understand but god was I upset I didn't fit the qualifications for being the gf for the perfect man. He's also into traps and goth girls which I wasn't. To this day we still are very good friends and... [more]


I was waving at you through my window. I doubt you saw me. There I was, waving at you with a giddy smile on my face, like a school girl. But, still, to this day, I wonder, If you had saw me, Would you have waved back?

Fake Love

I'm so sick of this Fake Love Fake Love Fake Love I'm so sorry but it's Fake Love Fake Love Fake Love

I don't think men understand me

I find it very difficult to utterly express myself thoroughly when it comes to commitment expectations. I refuse to date men who're substance abusers, alcoholics, and criminals or ex-convicts. I can so say so much but I'd rather not. My bluntness might hurt their feelings and I have no intentions to. I can't allow myself to develop feelings for... [more]

Can you love someone you dont know?

So I am a fifteen year old boy and I think I'm I love with this girl page. So I have always thought she was pretty but me and her never really communicated. Mostly because I am way to scared to actually use words around her. Now she's been there since the beginning like she was the only one to ask how I broke my jaw. Well today there was a... [more]


My girlfriend of 4 years loves to eat. I have been encouraging her to eat as much as she can, because I love fat chicks. Since we've been together, she has gained 226 pounds, and she already was 185 on a 5'6" frame. She loves the food and loves that I like her fat. Honestly, I dont care about her health. I'm just going to feed her until she is too... [more]

Is he the one who got away? Or should I still keep looking?

I met someone online and we had been talking for a few months. We texted all the time, literally 24/7. He was the first person I texted in the morning and the last person before bed. He was just the most respectable, honest and funny person I had ever spoken to.
He’s just so different than any guy that I know. The whole time we were talking... [more]

Relationship .

I am in a 5 year old relationship . I love him and he loves me but belonging to an indian family makes it all difficult. We belong to different casts and are unable to move on . We know for a fact this relationship would not work in future . He loves me but he is very scared to face his entire family and tell them about me as they might accept... [more]

Tomorrow won't come

I said goodbye today my heart is broken. I'll always remember her beautiful smile. It is truly forever in my mind a memory.


My wife & I just celebrated our 20th anniversary .. The way I see it is that Ive been good 95% of the time and the other 5% has been naughty .. I won’t get into detail but I can say that marriage has definitely taught me that nobodies perfect ..

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