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Hotwifing troubles

My wife and I have been involved in hotwifing for the last five months. For me, it's been an unmitigated disaster, especially the holidays. For her, it's been perpetual spring break. I thought that allowing her to see other men -- while I kept myself for her -- would make her feel more happy and complete, and that it would enegerize our [more]


So my Adult stepdaughters husband was driving her car and wound up rear ending someone.Car got totalled and there wasn't any insurance. I expect a s*** storm of epic proportions to be brewing.
My wife knows there's gonna be some financial consequences and repercussions and wants to desperately ... [more]

Thanks to swinging I think i'm in love with my friend's wife

It started off as my wife and I being good friends with another couple and over the years as we got more and more comfortable with each other it was just more natural to be open. It wasn't shocking to hear they tried a new sexual move the other night or to joke with each other in really personal ways. As we were really comfortable with each... [more]

I have feelings for my married coworker....

I have developed feelings for my married coworker. We have been good friends for almost a year and just last night...we started sexting and then we shared a couple of nude photos with each other...before we knew it he was picking me up to go have s**. Started off lots of kissing and touching. I... [more]

I don't like my engagement ring

I hate to say it... but I'm slightly ashamed of my engagement ring. Before we got engaged, I told my fiance that I wanted something simple and classic, and that's what I got. However I didn't specify a diamond size or band width and ended up with a tiny 1/4ct yellow gold solitaire that looks kind of silly on my bigger-than-average hands. At first... [more]

L***/love with a married man

I confess that I want a married man. I think he wants me too. We have shared some pretty intense eye contact over the past 6 months. He is married and tries to avoid any unnecessary contact with me. When we do have to interact, he makes constant eye contact with me. And sometimes when we aren't interacting, he has a hard time keeping his eyes off... [more]

Yayyy I don't love my crush anymore because of Facebook

OK so 2 months ago, I fell in love with this guy because I thought he was attractive. I knew that he was a j*** (he is passively aggressive and sarcastic) and I suspected that he was gay (he looks like he and one of his friends would make + his hair kinda makes him look gay... [more]


Before I left for college two years ago, I had a short affair with David, who my mom dated and who basically lived at our house for over a year back while I was in middle school. She dated David right before she met and married my third stepfather, who was right before my fourth stepfather, now divorcing my mom. While he lived with us, David and... [more]

My freinds dared my crush to kiss me HELP!!

At school during Lunch we were playing "Truth or Dare". My freinds dared my crush to kiss me in the staircase when. I did not know they dared him on this, until my freind told me. I got kind of scared and nervous so when it was time to leave lunch I ran to class really fast. He ended up not kissing me. But when we were outside leaving to go... [more]

Love watching wife with huge d****

I was worried when my wife first asked if we could get a larger d**** than the one she had since she was a teen. I was worried she thought I was too small bit reasurred me my 7.5 by 1.75 c*** was enough but she wanted to feel full once in a while. So we... [more]

Hi,'s Rachelle

I've been having an affair with your husband for the last two months, but while you and your kids were out of town last weekend to visit your parents, I stayed with your husband at your house, and we slept in the bed the two of you normally share, although to be honest, sweetie.....there wasn't much sleeping going on. We [more]

I am GAY, God HATES me!

Am I going to h***? I have been a devout Russian Orthodox (similar to Roman Catholics) ever since I vvas a child. I vvas taught not to doubt & question the authority of the priest. VVhen I vvas in the 7th grade, I opened myself to my friends (came out the closet.) I vvas raised a conservative, but... [more]

Husband sloppy seconds

I love sloppy seconds

I'm in love with a 15 year old girl

Okay, first off. I'm NOT a pedophile or anything like that. My taste in woman has risen with my age. I am 30.
Maybe love isn't the right word for what I feel towards this girl. Crush, maybe? (Can 30 year old men have crushes?) All I know is that I have it bad for her.
Her and her family moved in next door this summer. I would see... [more]

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