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I (sometimes) hate being a mom and wife

Just need to get this off my chest... sorry for any grammatical errors.
so im a mom of two under two; a one year old(ds) and a one month old(dd).
my husband just started working at a new job, my family and friends live close-by, everything seems to be okay so far...except, sometimes, i feel like i hate being a mom and wife.
i dont really... [more]

I hate my step dad

I f****** hate him he keeps saying he’s my dad ever though my real dad is almost across the country he still has the inisative to say he’s my dad I whant to f****** beet the s*** out of the mother... [more]

Kessler 12 gauge bolt action shotgun

This weapon came out in 1952. It was a cheap shotgun that fired three shells. It has a huge chock and it is reliable. The trouble is nobody liked it. The gun is ungainly and the ergonomics suck.
My stepfather died and left me this gun. Looking it up on the internet its worth about $32.00.
I was discussing this gun with a collector who... [more]

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Fortune Cookie

This is the fortune that I got today... "You have to give before you can receive" Being a Bi-Sexual Male I guess my path is set.....if you believe in fortunes :)

You know you're in trouble

When you start coming to confessionpost to vent about your life. Sigh. It's always good to know the signs of a coming depression I suppose.

Tough guys that die

I had a friendly relationship with a man named Louis Nicholson. I'm giving his name because he died. When I was sitting down with him at my pub sipping my ale his signature statement is that he was one of the most dangerous men I coud ever know. He said that it may be possible that someone could whip him in a fight but it had not happened yet. ... [more]

Cousin feet

My female cousin works really long hours. When she comes home. (We share a house) lately ive been rubbing her feet for her (I also have a foot fetish she doesn't know) .at times i just want to start licking her feet. I guess what i want to know is should i tell her

My dog B**** died 47 years ago and I still miss him

I have had many dogs since he passed away but none of them loved me as much as he did and none were as sweet as he was. Other pets cats and dogs alike never completely replaced him.


I hate the fact that Donald Trump is able to pretend to be President. But I hate even more the fact that he can pretend to be NFL Commissioner, too. He's a huge j***.


If (atcollege==true) { sleeptime-=2; setFood (College.BOOKS); girls.setTreatment (Treatment.AVOID); } else { sleeptime+=20; setFood (Food.JUNK); girls.setTreatment (Treatment.HIT_ON); }

My dad

The only obstacle in my life. Most of the times it makes me want to loath the existence of opposite s**.

I wonder...

If you remember. I miss when you use to make comments about the lead singer when I listened to GodSmack.

From today

I promised myself to walk away from all this. I'm going to start getting back to my private journal instead of writing things on social networking sites. I'm just going to walk away from all this. I just realized it's not worth it. I need to focus on better and good things. It is on my way. I just need to adapt it with better approach. I'm going... [more]

I like girls/ladies to sit on me

I'm a male guy who likes girls/ladies to sit on me and school girl pin me.
I like them to wear a skirt with tights/pantyhose on, as I like the feel on my bare stomach / chest.
I had this fetish for a long time and I just cant get enough.
My mom use to sit on me and my sisters......like I said just cant get enough :-)
So.....if there are... [more]

Reclaim my true self

I stole from stores when I was in my early 20's I got caught, did volunteer service and stayed true to my word I would not steal again. Well if that were true I wouldn't be here typing this. This summer in July I stole money from my father in law from his wallet behind a closed bedroom door. I am not even sure what drew me into the room, about... [more]

I'm willing to

I'm willing to sacrifice my love life over my loved ones. I can't break a promise. It is an indication of loyalty, love and care. I don't have to audacity to break it. I've kept the promise for the past five years. I can't give in. Not until it's approved by them. I'm sorry!

A Wish

About two years ago I made a wish. It has to do with my family members. While wishing I sacrificed something that I valued. This is what I wished for "If my ____________ are back together, I'll wait a little bit longer to meet the love of my life." At the beginning of this year I realized my wish came true when I went back to hometown after five... [more]

Wearing tights

Have just put a pair of black ladies tights on black skirt white blouse been doing this all my life am I a transvestite

I got mad at a cop who stopped me for drunken driving

Years ago I had anger issues. Getting drunk when angry is not a good idea. I got in the car and I was so drunk the cops stopped me. I was taken to jail and my car impounded. I at the time was so mad I literally could have killed the police officer.
I paid the fine and of course, I had to buy SR 22 insurance and I was a bitter angry... [more]

She better do it right and not muck it up.

I am afraid to leave my pets with a relative when holidaying. I miss them so much and I have to pray she will do the right thing and not harm them or abuse them and feed them and make sure they don't get out. I really do hope she has the moral and adult capacity to handle it. it makes it hard to enjoy a holiday because I wish I could bring my... [more]

Ladies, listen up

I am an 18 year old girl who loves kicking b****! My little brother lets me kick him in the nuts, and it's just so funny when they crawl up and grab their b**** like they have just been shot, does anyone else like to do that or anyone like getting... [more]

Muslims in Houston Texas says they aren't going to help Infidels

Churches and Synagogues are opening their shelters to people who have been driven from their homes. You can seek shelter in a church or a Synagogue but not in a Mosque.
Let's remember this the next time they get their sorry worthless a**** in trouble. To [more]

Girlfriends sister

My girlfriends sister is 19 and is hot! I've took 2 pairs of her panties and looked at her bra size 38D. First time I was like wow was at the public pool where she came out and her top was obviously to small. She don't have much of a ass but really cute innocent face. Later I just came out and asked her if she would want to hook up. She said ummm... [more]

Feel so bad

My boyfriend caught me cheating on him and shaved my head as a punishment. Rather than tell everyone the real reason, I said I'd shaved my head for a cancer charity and when people donated money I kept it. I feel truly awful.


I was hoping a Left Wing Liberal could help me out here. I know there are a lot of you on this site, so it should be easy to get some help with this question. I am neither right nor left, but I do have a question that I hope you can answer without calling me racist or just stupid. If you respond with something like that, I will just assume you... [more]

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