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Our War On Terrorism

“I Confess, That I Sometimes Search The Internet, For Evidence Of Anything That Could Be Regarded As Negative Toward The Confessions Post Website, And Rest Assured, That Any Negativity Expressed Toward This Website, Observed By Me, Will Be Regarded, As Negativity Expressed Toward Me, Personally! Sincerely; Mr. Derace D. Owens(Member; International... [more]

My Statement

That Because Of Potential International Hacking; I Must Delete ALL MESSAGES From ConfessionsPost, unread! With Respect; “Babied”.

Lovely p****

I can't believe what just happened, a man was doing yard work next door to me and had his little girl with him about 3, I assume she said she had to go potty so he grabbed her, pulled down her shorts and knickers put his arms under her thighs , lifted her up to squat and held her to pee, her naked little hairless [more]

Maybe the mods do lool at these?

Looking at all the sick stuff people write on this site,it makes you wonder if the mods ever vet it, I'm disgusted by the amount of kiddy fiddling stuff on here, incest, sexual abuse etc
Not to mention the belly sitters(weird or what)
So I in my boredom about a week ago,made a fake confession saying how I worked in a hospital as an orderly,and... [more]

Mental Hospital patient commits suicide

This happened during the '70s. I was a driver for a state mental hospital and a patient there who was a young man t=said he was going to kill himself. I told him to let the doctors treat him and maybe he would change his mind. He quit talking.
He was out of the hospital with his family and he went to a restaurant that was part of a... [more]


I always wanted to be kicked and kneed by a woman who has on knee high boots, otk boots or thigh high boots.

Summer at the beach

Summer is soon here lot's of lovely tight young bodies


Freddie Mercury ,
I want it all, damn that song gives me goosebumps!!!!
Poor Freddie was so ill by then,had pneumonia and a throat infection,yet still belted that song out like a boss!!! And good old Brian with his epic guitar solo in it! Gives me shivers!!!
Justin Beiber: I'm cancelling a gig as I've got a cold.
Freddie Mercury : I've... [more]

I understand the need to die.

For the first time ever, I actually wished I was dead. I rarely cry- like, NEVER cry. But I saw this post and all the comments and I just broke down. The world is just a little too real now, and I wish I weren't here... This is the post- https://www.confessionpost.com/14393/i-f-hate-the-chinese

Suggestions For My Relatives

That I Have Advised My Relatives, “That Should Seoul, South Korea come under North Korean artillery attack, “ They Are To Evacuate, If Living Near Large U.S. Metro Areas, IMMEDIATELY!”

Milk for husband and son

I have always had extra sensitive nipples. There must be an inner circuit from my nipples to my G-spot. From the first experience having my nipples sucked I could have o******. I guess I got lucky I met someone that loved to suck nipples and fondle [more]

I need help with a decision

I'm contemplating whether or not I'm a furry, I've had an appreciation for the community and fandom for a while now, I make jokes about them because I don't know what people will think of me If I say that I'm both a brony and furry. I get picked on for being a brony and I feel as if things will get worse if I say I'm a furry as well, I just need... [more]

Dear Diary:

Today I was pompous and my sister was crazy. Today we were kidnapped by hillfolk, never to be seen again. It was the best day ever.


I cant stop staring at men's bulges...big, thick d**** straining thru the taunt fabric...imagining what those big hefty, sweaty b**** look like...and if they are cut or not...


I confess that I have no idea about MAGA! I know what the acronym stands for,but as a young man from England, I hear about it on the news and hear both sides of the argument,but cant see what the bother is.
The only thing I can see is, trump supporters are like "yeah ,maga!" But the anti trumps are all angry about it and get called... [more]


I think the only reason I don't scratch my wrists is because if I did people would see because I absolutely HATE long sleeves. I feel like I forced myself to save myself sometimes.!.

Missing you

It was never a game. I meant what I said. Just trying to work things out. You're still with me every day. Sometimes the sadness is too much. It's suppose to be better this way. I was never enough. Please be well. Please be happy. I miss your smile.

Looking for becky kaitsuki

I confess I am looking for my friend Becky kaitsuki
Yes I've googled and know Where she is,I'm just looking to get in contact again.
Met her on kik but cant get on it anymore for some reason.
If anyone can track her down on my behalf and let her know to come on here thatd be awesome👍
Tell her its Mike,the one who ran away from the... [more]

My Confession

That I have been waiting for my last confession to be moderated. When I submit this confession, maybe my last one has already been moderated. God Bless You: Babied.

Some 39 year old is trying to hook up with me

So some 39 f** (who admitted to being 39) keep saying he wants to f*** me and use me as his toy.
But I already told him I'm UNDER the age group f 15, but NOPE! He doesn't believe me because "kids don't have those depressive thoughts"
Like, [more]

Site suggestions

Time the site started allowing pics to be uploaded to go with confessions

The last clap

I confess to always being that guy who claps after everyone else. I must have the last clap!

To dear D. m. (Him),

I don't know how to start this message but there are few things I'd like to share here for you to read someday. I've been wanting to tell you that some relationships can't be forced. Not everything that makes you happy is good for you for the long-term. I know there's been something between us but it wasn't you who I was trying to avoid. I've been... [more]

P*** addiction as young teen/preteen

So when I was about 10 or 11 years old I started watching p*** and started learning what masturbation was and how to do it. After that I started masturbating almost daily sometimes twice a day. I continued this addiction for the next 3-4 years until I was 14 still keeping up that masturbating daily... [more]

I had to leave Junior achievement

We voted a girl as President and some other Junior Achievement members kept telling her she was going to be impeached. I personally didn't do that. The girl's tormentors were kicked out and I had to leave too because one of the boys was my ride there and back.

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