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I had a friend who was an older man

We used to go target shooting. He had an expensive Italian twelve gauge shotgun he had had for over seventy years. We were friends and he said he was going to will me the shotgun because his only child a woman hated guns.
He died all of a sudden. He had not been outside in a few days and was not answering the door. A neighbor peeked... [more]

Dose size matter?

I like to ask the ladies if the size matter?

Bubble butts

I love a woman with a nice butt. I have a fetish for bubble butts. I just want to know is there any woman at there with nice butts and like to tease men by wearing right jeans, leggings that you could see through or nice tight spandex pants? I like it when you're clothing ride up the crack of your butt. Love watching women walk with nice butts... [more]

My Disposition Of Electronic Responses To Me On This Web Site

I Confess “That All Electronic Messages Received By Me, On This Website, WILL BE DELETED, IMMEDIATELY, From My Electronic Devices!” Babied.

Love woman's bubble butts

I have such an ass fetish. I love a woman with a nice ass. I love watching them walk and watch it jiggle. I love when they wear leggings and you can see their thong. I love to lick ass. I love to f____ass. I love a woman that enjoys getting her ass f---- I love to do reverse cowboy and watch it go in and out. I was at the mall today and was... [more]

A*** sec

I hear a lot of men posting they are bisexual. I was just wondering if it is because their wives or girlfriend don't like it in the a----or may be don't like oral s**. Or maybe they should try pegging their husbands. I like to play around wearing pantyhose and panties when I'm alone. I had one girl that... [more]


There are a lot of post with men saying they like to wear panties and they take it up the butt. I like wearing pantyhose when I'm home alone and sticking a d**** in my butt. So I just tell my girlfriend I like to wear pantyhose and that I like her to buy a strap on and F---- my ass. They are usually... [more]

Afraid to ask

How many men or women would like to have something done to them by their partners but are afraid to ask? I like to watch p*** with my girlfriend and tell her wow, that turns me on or would you like to try that. It's a good ice breaker. I would say I would try anything that turns u on. We were... [more]

Chat and m*********

I so h**** right now I wish I could chat with someone and m********* together while talking about what we would like to do to each other or talk about fantasies.


Hi I am prince Robin and I like to sit on soft spongy stomach for long time with my full weight and like to dominate and humiliated to my slave. Last night I was sitting on my soft spongy springing and comfortable leather sofa and I told my slave to lick my boot. But after I watched I don't like his work and I became very angry that time I told... [more]

Boys are sissys

I been hearing and seeing that girls all over are saying that us boys are sissys and up to an extent I agree with that you girls can and will control us boys.

Cersei and Jaime

I'm actually really sad about their death. I was rooting for Cersei's defeat but not for her to actually die. She has been in the show since day one and so much of the story revolved around her actions. It is bittersweet, indeed.

I studied the history of my Grandfathers property and discovered

An old one-room school used to be there. I bought a metal detector and I found many Indian head pennies and some old nickles and a few dimes. I found other things like buckles and metal buttons. Searching over the property where houses had been I found a few quarters and some other old objects including a gun destroyed by rust and some... [more]

I [F/17] will be spending summer break in juvie.

Two months after I got my license, I was responsible for a car accident that severely injured both the driver of the car that I struck as well as his passenger. The accident was a result of me texting while driving. While I walked away with a few bruises, they had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance.
Earlier this week, I pled guilty to... [more]

Phone s** or sexting

I love to have phone s** or sexting. I had a guy call me on several occasions and he told me what he wanted me to do to his wife and I told him what I wanted to do to her. Anybody else into this

Story from Vietnam

I'm white and my closest companion during this war was a gigantic black Dude whose last name was Robin. This earned him the nickname "Wonder Boy".
We were on R&R when we came to a tent bar and whorehouse with a sign that said "No n****** allowed" It wasn't Americans who put the sign up it... [more]


For those who know me, you would understand the last few months of my life have been the hardest I have ever faced.
In October I lost my Aunty, returning to work my first day back I learnt of one of my fighters committing suicide, heartbreakingly I had tried to contact him earlier that day to check in given my absence in the gym. Breaking the... [more]

Bad life

Hello everyone Im here because i dont have anyone to share my feelings. I was best student in my school days.There i met a girl and went mad in love.She died in an accident.I lost myself after that.my studies went down and i lost my exams lost interest in studies. There is nothing going on in my mind like an ambition. I wanted to be a musician or... [more]


I don't want to tell you the whole thing .But i am crushing my dreams because of my parents , they don't want me to become what i wanted to be in my life . i'm just struggling for my dreams . i wish everything will be fine .I don't know how to make them understand . i wish sometime like why i was born, if they don't want what i want to become.

Crossdresser on cloud 9

My boyfriend took me to his parents vacation house last weekend to have a really romantic weekend and boy was we got there it was wright on the beach and it was beautiful so put on my swimsuit and we went swimming and then lay out on the beach and talk about all kinds of things but mostly about me nd him how we felt about what we wanted for each... [more]

I miss pay phones

If you used a pay phone there was no way anyone could trace the call directly back to you, for instance, if you wanted to give the police an anonymous tip you could use a pay phone and the police wouldn't know who it was. You use a cell phone and they know instantly who the caller is.

Posts for Positivity #3

I'm so proud of you. I just wanted to tell you incase no one else has.

Posts for Positivity #2

You are stronger than you think.

Posts for Positivity #1

You are beautiful, just the way you are.

Posts for Positivity #4

You don't have to be perfect, just try your best!

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