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I'm bored

I'm bored and need someone to ring me can say anything. 07595250887

The way it is

This isn’t so much a confession as it is a statement of truth.
N****** should be hung
Jews should be burned alive
Spics should go work in the fields for $.10/hr
Asians should shut the F*** UP
Towel Heads drop bombs on their [more]

I use a toothbush as a vibrator

I am 14 and i use a toothbush as a vibrator i haid it in my room so if u what to start useeing one just get a electric toothbush from the store it feel so good

What happened to Gigi Hadid?

How did she get so retarded?

Pencil Skirts

I am a guy and I enjoy wearing women's pencil skirts. I like them to be tightly fitting !



Sisters knickers

I love smelling my sisters knickers she keeps them on for days I have got 37 pairs of her knickers that I have in a bag in my room the smell is so nice I love to cover my face with all of them while thinking of her until I drain my c*** of c** then clean... [more]

No feeders

God i wish there was a bigger feederism community in my city. I finally move to a bigger city and theres no one here. I just want a feeder. Someone to make my belly grow and help pile pounds of fat on my body.

A**** turn me on

I get more turned on looking at a women nice ass naked. Even some guys with nice a**** but I’m straight. When I was married my wife had a nice ass and I want I would tell her to lie on her stomach and spread her ass open and just j*** off on it.

New thongs

I would love to show my ass off wearing thongs on FaceTime and have someone m********* while looking at my ass. I’ll even spread my ass open for you. No faces will be seen. Let me know.

She male

I have been watching p*** with she males. I'm amazed at how good they look. I'm a straight male but I wouldn't mind getting with one with a nice ass. U know they like a*** and l love a*** but the girl I'm... [more]

Rawconfessions.com is a much better website

Read the post title. It's a no brainer.

I hate small b****

I hate small b****. I am turning 17 in November and I don't even fill an A cup breast size. Through the deepening pain I have experienced through this I have began to feel bad for others that have small b****, and to even hate small [more]

I want tinyer panties

I am almost a teen and want skimpier undies. How do I tell my mom I don't want package fruit of the loom panties. I want string bikini and thongs like some of my friends have. Tired of just plain bikini. 11 in Oklahoma.

We all hate Joni Escobia!

Joni Escobia is I'm guess the worst singer in this world ever! She is doing her activities in Malaysia, so if you're not from Malaysia, you must know.
Firstly, she is a Sulu from Filipino. Her father (Joseph Escobia) was the son of Jamalul Kiram III (1938-2013), ex-Sultan of Sulu who is known as a terrorist. Originally, Joseph Escobia was not... [more]

Nice butt and you know it

I love nice bubble butts. I see women and young ladies working their butts. I love watching. It's a big thing now to have a nice butt. I want to know if any ladies out there have a great butt. You know who you are. I like to know if you like when guys compliment your butt and if u like showing it off with right clothing. It absolutely drives me... [more]


Ladies what kind of underwear do like your man to wear. Briefs boxers thongs bikini or nothing. Are know some women like their men in panties. What do you prefer?


Women I like to know what kind of panties do you like to wear or want kind of pantyhose do u like. I like to see a woman in black garter belt with seam nylons. I much rather see a women in that then naked. Oh yes I love stilettos. Do any of you wear a tight dress with no panties? Such on turn on. I like to hear your responses.

I just want to be fat

Ive had this fetish for a good while now but recently decided I'd try out being a feedee rather than just an admirer and I put on 20 lbs no problem but now im stuck. I want a huge flabby gut. Im just am average weight now, tho a bit thicker in the stomach. I love thicker guys and wish I could be one of them.


I want this black man to f*** me.
I have been without so long.
I think I go crazy.
I be older sub guy.
I am killing time to write this.
he did say hello to me once.
so now I am waiting to meet him.
I never been with a black guy.
I hope his c***... [more]

MFC Cam Girls

I have been watching myfreecams.com and have a list of 10 girls that I like to follow. Alot of the models will "temporarily mute guests" which means the guests can't post a chat, but I have learned how to get around that. It doesn't mean that the model will chat back, but you are able to post what you want. The other people in the room can't read... [more]

I had a friend who was an older man

We used to go target shooting. He had an expensive Italian twelve gauge shotgun he had had for over seventy years. We were friends and he said he was going to will me the shotgun because his only child a woman hated guns.
He died all of a sudden. He had not been outside in a few days and was not answering the door. A neighbor peeked... [more]

Dose size matter?

I like to ask the ladies if the size matter?

Bubble butts

I love a woman with a nice butt. I have a fetish for bubble butts. I just want to know is there any woman at there with nice butts and like to tease men by wearing right jeans, leggings that you could see through or nice tight spandex pants? I like it when you're clothing ride up the crack of your butt. Love watching women walk with nice butts... [more]

Take control of me

I want a woman to take control of me in the bedroom. I want her to tell me want she wants me to do to her. I want to fulfill her fantasies. I want her to make me her b****. I'll even dress up in her panties and pantyhose and let me f*** my ass with a... [more]

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