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Outdoor s**

My gf and I love teasing each other - a prolonged foreplay, before we do s**. In summer this was quite a regular ritual of ours on weekends! Last month on one weekend I suggested that she dress up in the shortest skirt she owned, a blouse and no bra and panties... so that she had a sexy-girl look... and... [more]

I saw a black man beat the s*** out of a black woman

I was sitting on top of a hill looking down when I heard shouting. I hid behind a tree and watched a black man beat the s*** out of some black woman. I did nothing to stop him and I felt no remorse afterward. I'm white and no fan of the black race.
She was either dead or un conscience when I... [more]

boss worship and annoying "workplace bullying" articles

I think that the workers should also be paid to satiate ego of their bosses, this mean to metaphorically and literally kiss their ass and their feet, bow down for them and stuff like that, and of course revere and adore them and try to satisfy all of their requests but still without run in to any risk for their health, fortunately i learned from... [more]

Imperfect and Perfect at the same time

The human body is both of these. If I think about the whole life process, or all living things for that matter, it is truly amazing. From a sweaty, few minutes of l***, a human can be made in less than a year later. Perfect.
The imperfection comes from everything after that. Now my stomach hurts due... [more]

I love abs and ballbusting

Hey ever since i was a kid ive always been fascinated with seeing guys ppl get kicked in the nuts, i found i wanted be ballbusted too, im now 28 i watch p*** about it really turns me on and makes me get off, im yet to experience it myself tho. Ever since i was a teen ive had a liking for abs women... [more]

Tastes so sweet

There's this friend of someone in my household that comes over from time to time and she caught my eye right away. I start checking her out and secretly admiring her as walks around the house and I watch her as she sleeps on the couch in the living room. One day while everyone was gone, I noticed her black duffle bag on the couch. I dove right in... [more]

First s**

The first sexual activity I remember was in the garden tool shed where the Gardiner felt me up and groped me

First s**

My first remembered sexual experience happened in the garden tool shed when I was quite young. The gardener film me up and grouped me.

The Little Mermaid cast

What does everyone think to the new Little Mermaid cast? Ariel, a pale skinned redhead, us now being played by a black woman. (she does have a beautiful voice but Ariel is not black). And Ursula is being played by Melissa McCarthy, who is not black. But is Ursula black? Is it okay to change the races of characters? Should we never change them? Is... [more]

I want to die

I want to die. I don't think I'm depressed, I just hate this world. The only things keeping me from suicide is 1) I do believe in God and am afraid of going to H*** and 2) I don't want to hurt my family. But I pray every day not to wake up or to have an accident or illness that takes me. I... [more]


Brazzers has the best ads but you can never find those videos unless you sign up with them.

I'm bored

I'm bored and need someone to ring me can say anything. 07595250887

The way it is

This isn’t so much a confession as it is a statement of truth.
N****** should be hung
Jews should be burned alive
Spics should go work in the fields for $.10/hr
Asians should shut the F*** UP
Towel Heads drop bombs on their [more]


I’ve had a lot going on lately and I’ve been submitting questions about different issues to advice blogs to try to get some help and direction, but they either don’t answer, say they can’t help, or give a one-sentence answer that doesn’t really address anything and often implies it was a stupid question. I wish I hadn’t been born because all I do... [more]

I use a toothbush as a vibrator

I am 14 and i use a toothbush as a vibrator i haid it in my room so if u what to start useeing one just get a electric toothbush from the store it feel so good

What happened to Gigi Hadid?

How did she get so retarded?

Pencil Skirts

I am a guy and I enjoy wearing women's pencil skirts. I like them to be tightly fitting !



Sisters knickers

I love smelling my sisters knickers she keeps them on for days I have got 37 pairs of her knickers that I have in a bag in my room the smell is so nice I love to cover my face with all of them while thinking of her until I drain my c*** of c** then clean... [more]

No feeders

God i wish there was a bigger feederism community in my city. I finally move to a bigger city and theres no one here. I just want a feeder. Someone to make my belly grow and help pile pounds of fat on my body.

A**** turn me on

I get more turned on looking at a women nice ass naked. Even some guys with nice a**** but I’m straight. When I was married my wife had a nice ass and I want I would tell her to lie on her stomach and spread her ass open and just j*** off on it.

New thongs

I would love to show my ass off wearing thongs on FaceTime and have someone m********* while looking at my ass. I’ll even spread my ass open for you. No faces will be seen. Let me know.

She male

I have been watching p*** with she males. I'm amazed at how good they look. I'm a straight male but I wouldn't mind getting with one with a nice ass. U know they like a*** and l love a*** but the girl I'm... [more]

Rawconfessions.com is a much better website

Read the post title. It's a no brainer.

I hate small b****

I hate small b****. I am turning 17 in November and I don't even fill an A cup breast size. Through the deepening pain I have experienced through this I have began to feel bad for others that have small b****, and to even hate small [more]

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