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Story of the American Coast Guard

I joined the Coast Guard in 1975. I had barely graduated High School so college wasn't for me but I'd rather have the experiences that I'm relating to you than the whole college experience. I was through basic training and I was in a cutter patrolling the Alaskan coast. We spotted a Trawler that turned out to be Russian fishing in our waters... [more]

The truth

I've used alcohol as a coping mechanism to conceal my loneliness and pain due to it. Its caused alot of pain to me and others in the process. I come off with mixed emotions. First happy, then sad then angry. I'ma reclusive drinking mostly. I don't like people seeing me drinking the way I do. The pain I'm numbing is the fear that I have had of me... [more]

Trevor Lawrence.......

.......is a f***** b******.

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This site

Here's one. This site sucks. I think it is old and abandoned. Posts never show. This one probably won't either. Don't waste your time

Please tell me people are trolling

Not a confession but on this site i've seen people discuss there sexual fantacies involving minors and even toddlers. Like please tell me you're kidding and now just f****** disgusting


I love showing off my slim petite body, being photographed nude outdoors really excites me and especially where people can see me. Parklands with bike/walk paths are a favorite of mine where i know someone will come past and catch me completely naked. Most people will just keep walking past but i have had a few guys stop and watch. I love putting... [more]

Gym clothes

Hi I have this thing for tight spandex pants specially gym women clothes. I love the way they look feel and the girly details on them. I took my fantasy to the next level and I went to sports good store. Sometimes I do that but this time I tried them. I went to the women section I like to grab the buttery fabric with really cute designs ant fit... [more]

I think ive already lived my life once before

My name is Alan and my whole life i have had a slight sense that everything has happened before but earlier today i realized a possible reason towards that
i dream a lot and when i dream i see slight bits of my life that i haven't even lived and earlier today my mom told me i often blabbed about someday meeting this girl Ashlynn and we would... [more]

Serena Williams . . .

. . . needs a severe beating.

The stereotype of malay people in malaysia is totally true, LAZY!

Few week ago i go request upgrade for my internet speed. they request me to fill form and and say will help me upgrade it to 4 or 8mbps. but few days later they call me and told me that my place just got 2mbps port left, i doesnt got any choice just can say ok and let it upgrade it from 1mbps to 2mbps.
but 2 weeks have pass, the speed at my... [more]

Make me fat

I would love to meet someone who would make me fat. Who would stuff me with fatty food constantly. Someone to watch the fat pile on my body and chastise me while feeding me another cupcake.

Kicking b****

I really wish I had a girl to kick my b**** a lot. Any girls that want to kick me in the b**** email me urbanrobert07@gmail.com.

Malay people in malaysia isthe top 1 lazy race in the country

F*** of you stupid malay in malaysia.
how many years have past after merdeka?
and the malay be government for how many years?
till now still want say that malay left behind and still need the special right.
why u can learn to watch p*** and fapping... [more]

Arab storekeeper shoots black man stealing a beer

He shot the black guy in the back. A $2.00.00 beer cost the young black man his life. Not sure what to say but the Arab guy has been arrested. He has no defense really and he is going to prison. His only defense is temporary insanity especially if he has been repeatedly robbed.
It was a stupid thing to do. The poor back guy is dead and... [more]

What the H*** happened to Raw Confessions

It is or was ten times better than this website.

Baby sitting

I was baby sitting this 9 month old girl. I did it for her on weekends to earn a little towards my college expenses. This Saturday it was almost past 9 pm and she would not go to sleep. She was getting restive, even not accepting her feeder. While every efforts of mine was failing, I hit an option ā€“ I took off my bra, spread a few drops of her... [more]

S*** teen

I came home one day and my oldest son was at my apartment with a girl. He was eighteen and living with my ex but came over to my apartment to smoke weed and drink. With him was a fifteen year old girl named Sue. She had brown hair was about five ft four wearing a dingy t shirt shorts and socks. He takes me aside and tells me she is a run away... [more]


I really want a girl to hit me in the nuts with a big hammer if you interested email me urbanrobert07@gmail.com.

......all of a sudden.............

.....kate gosselin is the finest b**** alive.......and the most beautiful......she f***** killin it......


I love to see a woman lying on her stomach with a nice ass and small waste with her ass lifted in the air. This looks so sexy to me. I could just j*** off all over her ass.

Boys are better than girls.

We just are. Stronger, smarter, tougher, we own and run everything-- and nothing any of you say will ever change my mind! Ha-ha! šŸ˜œšŸ˜†šŸ˜šŸ˜˜šŸ˜Ž

Devastated. Shocked.

Facebook just told me you 'liked' Donald Trump. How could you feel that way? Now I want to drive off a bridge again.

My brother likes my v*****

One night I was in bed and I feel my blanket move so I thought it was just me. The next morning I find a bunch of videos on my brother's phone of him putting his p**** in me and then taking it out. But I confess that it felt good

I want to kill

I have a legitimate desire to kill but I have a moral compass and know i would be punished anyways. But if i was in a situation to kill someone who deserved it, i wouldn't think twice. I want to watch someone breathe their last breath. I want to hear the life drain from their voice when i stab their lung.

Love women with nice bubble butt

I get so turned on by a women with a nice bubble butt. Wherever Iā€™m out if I see one I just stare and wonder what is she wearing under there. Love a women who enjoy a*** s** also. Love to kiss and lick it all over.

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