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New York Upstate Eastern

I am now in my 70's. I recall that my pals and I used to go to the local, kind of run down, "pay" beach to swim and hang out when we could get the money to do so. Because the beach was kind of run down, it didn't get the crowd that the other beaches got, and it didn't have the crowd of really good looking girls either, but it was what we could... [more]

A wife’s confession

I was married for 20 years. My husband i love dearly but has an extremely small d***.
My middle finger is about as big.
Don’t get me wrong
But our s** life i have always needed more.
I never been with anyone else.
Last month my best friend husband was... [more]

My obsession

Im 20 still live at home
My Dad works alot i have a part time job.
Mom is 39 and is sexy to me
She has always been a loving mother to me.
Spoiled me.
But lately i have been fantasizing about her.
I now stay in my underwear when dad not home.
She don’t say anything. One day i get brave
And go from shower half hard to my bedroom timing it... [more]

Here I wait to die, it may be a while, may I suggest a beverage?

Nothing makes me feel more guilty than knowing the only reason I’m alive despite my depression is my own fear of tactile pain. I’m not physically numb, I’m emotionally numb. Even my depression is messed up and doesn’t fit the standard.
I'm too boring to date.
My social life has deteriorated to where my best friend is a guy on Discord that... [more]

I caught my wife

I was maried 10 year my wife was a beautiful red head 5 foot 2 freckles on her face and chest
Nice round tight butt. Extremely sexy..
Had had a son when we got married and had full custody. Marsha my wife was at time I thought a good step mom.
I got hard every time i seen her. She gives me that s**... [more]

I can’t remember

I am a mother of two boys and a good husband
I need to tell someone.
Last month out company xmas party was on a Thursday night
My husband had to work
So i went alone.
I got drunk too drunk and called my son to pick me up.
He was 18 a senior in high school.
He couldn’t come cause he had a basketball game and they was staying at a friends... [more]

I would love other guys to see my panties I'm a boy I love showi

I want to.modrl my panties for older guys to see they can enjoy it

I want to model my panties for guys to see ld like older guys to

I want older guys to see me in my panties any guys who want me to model panties for them I will


I am racist..………….I live in the south I hate that people say the confederate flag is racist. Its a choice and its my choice. I love the confederate Flag and am proud to fly it every f****** day. Now how racist am I? I f****** hate [more]

Devotion to Trump

I confess that I think President Trump is BY FAR the greatest President we have ever had--BY A VERY WIDE MARGIN! There is LITERALLY nothing that he could do that would turn me against him! He will always have me as his devoted follower NO MATTER WHAT! If he announced tomorrow that he was dissolving congress and declaring himself President for... [more]

Wearing dirty socks

In college a couple of years ago, one of my friends bet me $100 that I couldn't wear a pair of socks for one month without changing them to a fresh pair. I happily took that bet because I knew that I had on several occasions worn my socks that long (and longer) just on my own for the H*** of it. So I... [more]

As it turns out....

I hate most people now. I cannot wait for the end of the f****** world. Most people are barely conscious shitheels shambling through life blamelessly and thoughtlessly. They listen to s*** music, they talk about stupid [more]

I'm a boy I want to show my panties to older guys

I'm s boy I want to model my panties for older guys to enjoy I want them to see my panties all you guys can see my panties

Dirty panties

I collect dirty. Pads and tampons. When I'm in a public washroom I look for the little silver box that women put their dirty. Pads and tampons in. I collect them and put them in my pockets. I also collect them in my friends and Families washroom from the trash. After I've collected a whole bunch of them I take them home and spread them on my bed I... [more]

Crossdressing Under My Work Suit

When I was a young salesman on the road, I hid a huge secret.
My crossdressing had moved on from sneaking my mother’s lingerie to collecting quite a stash of my own.
I’d recently moved in with my girlfriend who loved to wear stockings and suspenders so I had a ready suppy there too. She was a bit smaller than me but I loved the feeling of... [more]


I have naturally brown eyes but have lied to a lot of people around me (friends, but not the closest ones) that my eyes are green. I wear green contacts when I go out to patriots because I don't want anyone to completely know who I am. I have trust issues after gettin emotionally traumatized. Is it even okay that I am doing this or is there... [more]

I'm jealous of people that are in awful situations and hate it

I (17) am jealous of other people that are in really bad situations (e.g. relatives died, suicidal, disabled) because i want the attention and pity they get from others. When I was 14, I heard that a schoolmate of mine was in a car crash, and that both of his sisters died. When I saw the attention and love he got from everyone else, I wished it... [more]

Made of stone

How do you know what I believe in?
What do you know of me?
what do you know of all the things I feel?
you're only made of stone
who is it that you see?
instead of seeing what I am for real
this twisted flesh and bone?
you're a liar!
with every new excuse you try out
you only make me want to cry out:
"would that I were
made of stone... [more]

Dirty jeans

I am extremely turned on by girls in very ripped jeans which are also very dirty and never washed! I would love to hear from others who feel the same way.

I'm ugly

I confess i have an ugly face and unattractive body. Anyone else feel the same?


Hello how are you? B****


Enough is enough, I'm done.

I worked at ravensbruck

I'm a 93 Yr old woman, and I have been living in the US since 1946,when using forged papers I emigrated.
I didn't mention my previous work in the infamous Ravensbruck concentration camp.
My good friend irma grese and I got up to things of which some may find shameful.
However what we did was right in our eyes.
I feel no remorse and I intend... [more]

In wifes dirty thongs

I ware my wifes dirty thongs in public

In wifes thongs

I ware my wifes dirty thongs in public

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