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Delusional agenda

Years ago, an idea of pure insanity popped into my head. I decided to attend university to strengthen my foundations and I am planning to stop going to university once I get my bachelors degree or master’s degree. Only then I’ll get the necessary credentials to infiltrate the many academic institutions. The knowledge of many scientists will be... [more]

Sh**** I know you love him

So my wife and I had been married for 18 years. I filed for divorce because we had started doing things to hurt each other. She has been saying that I was cheating on her for years. Finally one day I did cheat on her with a man in our house. Later on I realized that she has cheated on me through our marriage. She keeps on bringing up that she... [more]

I decline your invitation to your pity party.

If you blame everyone else but yourself, I'm honestly going to call you out on it.
I'm sure we can all see a clear difference, respect to people reaching out. Sending my love and support your way <3
Knowing somewhere in your heart that the problem you're venting about is solvable, yet... [more]

Pretty Indian with nice a*** in Tesco

Today while shopping in Tesco Slough a pretty British Indian girl about 20 yrs old asked me for advice on which lager to buy her dad.
She had jet black hair.and a nice tight little bum showed off by her tight grey joggers.
I instantly got a b**** , wanted to [more]

A*** s**

I’m a male and love a***. I would love a bunch of ladies get on their knees with their a**** up and take turns f****** them in the ass. I would also love to eat their ass.

My hobby

I only started doing this after seeing videos on the internet of other guys doing it, I have a sorts car and a licence plate I found one time when walking down an alley way, I put the fake plate on my car, Put on a wig and sunglasses and drive to other towns and show girls my...c***. I am a fit, good... [more]


I am not from USAmerica so I do Not kNow how a retarded person got selected to be the prime minister.

Autism doesn't exist. What you call an autist is a Crystal Child.

Autism doesn't exist. What you call an autist is a Crystal Child.
The Crystal Children began to appear on the planet from 1990 to 2010, although a few scouts came earlier. Their main purpose is to take us to the next level in our evolution and reveal to us our inner and higher power. They function as a group consciousness rather than as... [more]

Im a knickers and tights theif

I'm obsessed with women's knickers and tights and women wearing tights. I cannot stop stealing women's and teenage girls knickers and tights. I will take them wherever and whenever possible. I know it is wrong but as soon as I make eye contact with them I am determined to get them. I have no idea of how many i have but it is getting seriously... [more]

I want to f*** my little sister

I have been thinking about incest since I have known about s**. Because some stupid person told me that some people do it with their sisters. I initially thought it was normal and used to rub my hard d*** in my little sisters ass and sometimes on her [more]

Stomach growling

I have had a stomach growling fetish for as long as I can remember. Whenever I hear a girls stomach go off I just melt. I am a 20 year old male and would love to talk/share with girls who share this same fetish. Please feel free to email me at jackthomas4329@gmail.com. Just looking for friends to share this with!!

Out and about in full feminine finery

It was such a wonderful night out and about with my wife both of us dressed to kill.
While she decided on a white pantsuit, she dressed me as a sexy lady out on the prowl!
I have to say I loved it!
We went to a club, we didn’t
Really like the vibe so we went elsewhere.
We decided on the
Casino. What a great choice!
I was propositioned... [more]

Just too great of pleasure

I like to get a dripping wet s*** and us both get spent. Do a huge shot of ice and immediately start to do super nasty and filthy stuff. I love licking and sucking wet p**** for hours and making her squirt back to back several times in my face and down... [more]

My life as a transvestite

I was born in 1963 and adopted as a baby by two wealthy maiden ladies, who I eventually learnt were lesbians. As a child growing up I was very pretty with long curly hair right from a baby. In their wisdom they decided to let me develop as a girl and so I was brought up as female.
When I started school at the age of six I played with other girls... [more]

Hairy chest

I am a sexy woman and love regular s**. But my special turn on is the hairy chest of men. I love to run my fingers and hand starting from the hairy upper down to lower abdomen. To me it looks sexy and extremely manly. A hairless chest reminds me of my lesbian gf. I would like to hear from women with... [more]

Wish I lived in North Korea 🇰🇵

I live in the USA, but this country has gone to s*** politically and culturally. We’re just a bunch of homeless people p****** in the streets while l****** after the latest gadget that we don’t... [more]

I am still going to end my school

I am going to finish what i said i would do. i said i would kill the people at the cafteria at my school (silent hills for people who know where it is, it is not silent hills but its a code word) but then when my mom brought me to school they told us to leave. she took her anger out on me and it is annoying and mean. people reported it and now i... [more]


So I decided to get a tongue piercing, not necessarily for anything sexual... but because I think they're cool and it was something I wanted.
Well, that's fine and dandy and no problems so far except.... I get really turned on my tongue play and tongue stimulation: touching, licking, biting, vibrations, etc.
The tongue ring is constantly... [more]

My stories 4

So now what, Hmm, How about my cousin urging me and her sister to be with older guys and the time my she snuck us into the bar that I eluded to earlier.
So I am at the farm and my cousin is supposed to be baby sitting us, She sneaks us into the bar and it was a total s*** show. My cousin and I were... [more]

My stories 3

Well, Onto the next thing, My male cousin, I love him to death but when he was younger he was such a perv, I don't I don't know when he started but I remember the first time I caught him and many times my cousins told me something about catching him but it was not uncommon to to catch him peeking or spying and whacking it right from a young... [more]

My stories 2

As promised here is another one, So I thought I would lead off with the explanation to where I left off, From a young age I was...Sexual, I had interests before most of my friends and maybe it was from having an older cousin who was a literal nympho and we used to catch her all the time which lead to me being interested and starting maybe a bit... [more]

My stories 1

I had a situation arise which brought back a lot of memories and made me think about growing up in the early to mid 90's, I am going to post a bunch now that I am sitting here thinking about it and they will all be under "My stories".
I am now a 41 year old Mom, Wife etc. and recently had a situation with my oldest daughter, My husband and I were... [more]

Mom was a raped hero.

I was 14 when my mom was in the newspaper as a hero. She was a bank teller and when it got robbed, the men wanted to take a younger woman as a hostage with them. My mom told them to take her, not the young unmarried girl and they did. Everyone thought she was dead. People were looking for her body but a few days later she called from another... [more]

Sad all the time

I’m so lonely it actually hurts. I’m tired of crying all the time.

Feel like I’m a failure

I feel like I’ve only ruined other people’s lives. I don’t know of one life that I have improved as of now. Just live in fear and I’m afraid of ruining things more. Pray my son is able to grow up healthy and happy inside and out. I’ve done my best to protect him from my side of the family but sometimes I feel like it’s not enough because of... [more]

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