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I hope that Trump dies (not joking) let's all pray for it

Pleaze gawd

Not wearing a bra with larger nipples

I don't like wearing bras because they are not comfortable and I don't have large b****** but I want to know if it is a terrible look to others because of larger nipples?
Even though my b****** are not large, people notice I guess a bit... [more]


How many of you like to still m********* in morning or night

I hate doctors and men and women

My wife belongs to me. No man or woman touch my wife ever.

In love with my daughter ❣️

I'm in love with my daughter I want a incest relationship with her we have engaged in sexual stuff but never penetration

When will the pain end...

I'm drowning in loneliness and emotions, and have been for most of my life. I'm depressed but too much of a piece of s*** to tell anyone about how I need help. I put on a fake smile to everyone but myself, silently glaring at my reflection in any mirrors I pass. I no longer have many mirrors to... [more]

Belly punch

I am a 21 year old girl, I like to be hit in the stomach, with hands, knees, I like being stomach trampled, I like that someone sit on my belly and bounce until I can not breathe, someone to who would like to do something like that to me? narrate what you would do to me

I did something....

I stole a credit card.

DEBT ... how Do people actually manage with finances ....

I try so hard, provide family with average house, 5 year old car, Pay into pension , the odd camping holiday. And Getting my life together with wife and kids and all this I have 20k debt I am gradually paying down. Does everyone have debt .... it’s hard to keep paying it back


I am in my mid 20's. I used to be a s** worker - a "courtesan" or in simple and honest terms - a h*****. My mother is dying of terminal brain cancer. I experienced two big loves in my life. I got over them, but they will always have a part of me. My next... [more]

Filing a Lawsuit

I want to file a lawsuit against someone. When I was 13 (19 now) I had a problem playing with fire. I had a legitimate mental disorder called "child pyromania." I was taken to a psychiatrist and imminently and she frivolously medicated me on a class of drugs that I'm intolerant to. My parents have spent a fortine trying to correct the damage that... [more]

About my bestfriends Mom

Soo..My Best Friend chatted me saying Her Mom invaded her Privacy and went through Our Chats and Seen Me Swearing At her (Not in a bad way and i didin't mean it cause me and my Bestfriend Always Curse Everytime) And Then she told me that My Other friend probably Transferred because of me & its Because of Me swearing. And I cried in the Shower... [more]

I uploaded s** videos to a p*** site without the girls’ consent.

I like to record my sexual encounters for my own personal use, and I’ve accumulated quite a few nice ones over the years. A couple weeks ago, I figured it would be exciting to show the videos off on pornhub, so I uploaded several of them. I was getting a kick out of all the views, likes, and comments. It made me feel good about myself that so many... [more]

A Theory that I Have

For most of my life I've been a Democrat because Republicans seem racist (I'm black). I've noticed that black people are called "vulnerable" in the media now adays which is insulating. I would rather be called a thug than vulnerable; Its a burn instead of a stab. I have a new theory about Democrats now.
Based on things I've learned in my... [more]

Still sleeping with my stuffed animal

I’m 19 and I still sleep with my childhood stuffed animal (my bunny) is that weird? I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Note: I heard that it’s not abnormal.

Ginger women

Ginger haired women are thee most superior humans on earth. Beautiful beyond anything else.

I'm always ok.

I never thought my life would turn out this well at my age. To look at it from before, had I listened to my parents, teachers and other adults growing up, I was bound for nothing good. I've had my f*** ups but life has seriously worked out in my favor, time and time again, and at just the right... [more]

I really need advice for a friend

My friend hasn't been eating much, and has been really sad lately, i can't come up with the right words to tell her to try and make her feel better. I struggle with being narcissistic, and sociopathic so sometimes its hard for me to feel empathy, can someone give me some advice for her? She's also having trouble with some other friends, she thinks... [more]

Just for the show?

It seems to us that a lot of Democrats will vote for Trump just so he will win and then they can watch him continue and conclude the utter demolition of the Republican party. What a show that would be. better than anything Barnum & Bailey ever dreamed of. And everyone could see it right upon their televisions for free.

I need help to stop this

Really struggling with masturbation and p*** addiction. I hate how I'm struggling to overcome this. The lockdown has made it worse

I intend to plead guilty despite being innocent

My roommate and I had shared an off-campus apartment ever since the beginning of college. I'm 21/F and she would have been twenty-two this year. However, two months ago, she was killed in a car accident. And as bad as that was, it was only the beginning of my current nightmare.
It turns out she was dealing drugs. Not illegal ones, but... [more]

Narcissist/Sociopath here. How are you?

I've tried to be like you, caring and compassionate. But is is not in me. I have loyalties, and 2 people I want to be happy, but to the rest of them, and you, I'm faking it. I only care about people in so much as they can give me what I want. I pretend to get emotional when I'm not, and I watch the reactions of people around me to see if they are... [more]

I post my wife's nude pics online because....

For years I have had the fantasy of watching my wife have s** with other men. Unfortunately for me I have not been able to convince her to do it. At least not to my knowledge.
The next best thing is sharing her nude photos on line for other men to see, or sometimes even emailing some to friends of... [more]

I don’t Understand

I don’t understand why being a home maker is becoming stigmatized. Having your family come home to a clean house and a healthy meal that they devour is h*** of a lot more rewarding than doing someone’s taxes or being treated as expendable by your boss.
You’re not anyone’s subordinate. You’re... [more]


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