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No one knows

I just put up one way film on my windows and watching girls playing as i beat off

I think I have a son

Days before I was to be married I called off the wedding. This was 23 years ago. I was curious what happened to her and searched for her. I found out she was never married and had a son. The dates would match up that he is my kid. I guess she was pregnant but I didn't know.

Fat girls are so hot

I wish i could politely tell the big, beautiful e-girl i'm f****** that i find her weight super attractive. she's so hot - she doesn't look slovenly or unkempt, she just looks fat and sexy and i don't know how to explain the difference other than her wild hair, her piercings and the way she... [more]


He is so hot.

I volunteer at the senior center

While my grandfather was alive he spent the last years of his life attending a senior center. One thing they'd always complain to my mother about was that he insisted on grabbing staff and volunteer's boobies. He'd even give mine and my mother's a little squeeze now and then. They thought he was senile because he was always good natured and would... [more]

I can't help myself

I can't stop myself from flashing my grandpa's friends. It started as a nip slip here and there and now and then but now I'm deliberately wearing clothes that really show my b****** if a do certain actions and I try to find ways to rub my [more]

No panties trick used

Someone (not me I am giving a warning) posts on Facebook (and other social media pages I am sure) a post that asks: to name the color of the underwear you are currently wearing and the last food you ate and it is "supposed" to be your "p*** name". That has been done millions of times, BUT the "trick"... [more]

I love to give and take enemas

Hi I am pantydresser and i am very interested in an enemate for enemas with young ladies or guys anytime. I am very experienced at enemas since age 15 and love to give and take enemas with another young person. . I also wear nylon panties and bras and sometimes hose. I use a fountain enema syringe for my enemas and also love young guys to wear... [more]



The only time I felt scared of a woman

This is a long story and it happened last year before I graduated. My best friend at university was being used by a physically attractive but really nasty woman who was studying at the same place we were. I was instrumental in persuading my friend to dump her (long story) something he appreciated but she always bore a grudge against me for it... [more]

I first drank alcohol when I was 10.

It was a bottle of hard seltzer from the fridge that I snuck into my room during the night, to try to see what getting drunk felt like. It tasted absolutely awful, and I never ended up getting drunk because after drinking only around a fifth of the glass I kept uncontrollably throwing up (I was drinking it right next to the toilet) and I decided... [more]

Cousin Dirty Panties

Recently my cousin found out that I have a fetish for dirty panties. She was talking to me one day, and said she would wear for me if I bought her panties and paid her. Since getting her first package I can't stop but use them to play with my self while sniffing her dirty undies.

I want you to see my t******

I gues I'm an exhibitionist. I love people to see my t***. I like the men's eyes poppin out of their heads and the women acting like there all offended or like something is wrong with me. It's not about s** so I'm not a [more]

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Want to die

Over forty years ago I tried to commit suicide when I was sixteen. The pills I took were over-the-counter and ultimately harmless. I was so ignorant regarding what would kill me and what wouldn't, no one even knew I tried.
Not succeeding at suicide, and not having the courage to try again, are the biggest mistakes of my life. I've lived 58... [more]


Not really sure what to make as a title, not sure what category... I didn't see pathetic loser or I would have picked that.
This story is an infidelity story from the late 80s. It has all kinds of betrayal and everything that comes along but mostly it's me confessing that I was wrong of how I handled the situation and I am essentially or was a... [more]

My ugly cousin derica moore on my dad side of family

My ugly cousin derica moore on my father side of the family said that I hope that your mental retarded self get hit by a eighteen wheeler going eighty miles per hour then drag down a free way thats one harsh rude disrespectful shady relative to say some s*** like that read the encyclopedia definition... [more]

Weight gain fetish

I discovered that I have a weight gain fetish and decided to start gaining weight. Anyone have weight gain tips?

Nudist beaches

Are there still nudist beaches or places around anywhere? Are there any that'll let you do any sexual things while nude on the beach?

I like to expose my buttcrack

I like to expose my buttcrack
When I was younger, there was a maid who cleaned the house where I lived... As time went by, I noticed that she wore jeans with a low waistband and most of the time when she bent down or sat down, I saw the Her buttcrack, usually showed one or two fingers of the ass... In that I started to discover my fetish with... [more]

I have desires for my own son

Hi. I’m a 45 year old mom of two. Divorced. Oldest son is 17. I have found myself to be very attracted to him. It started when I accidentally walked in on him and his girlfriend having s**. I closed the door as soon as I saw what was happening but when I thought I was upset, I realized it was actually... [more]

Nursing elderly parents

I'm not sure how normal this is but I'm nursing my elderly parents. They live in a senior community that's not a nursing home but they have medical staff that check on them. A couple months ago the care providers told me my parents were refusing food or just picking at it and maybe it would help if I could join them for meals. I was still... [more]

How my brother lost his mouth

One day in fourth grade I walked home from school for lunch, as usual. I walked in our front door around 12:30, as usual. No one in sight, though I could hear my mom's sewing machine running in the back room.
So I walked through the living room and opened the door into the back room. And when I stepped into the back room...
I almost had a... [more]

Odd coincidence

When I was 12 this huge man who was a ww2 veteran bragged about the time he hit some unsuspecting black guy for no reason at all. The white a****** was about 6'6" tall and weighed at least 300 lbs. Big gigantic tough guy with fists that looked like boulders. I didn't like the story. The black... [more]

Humiliating Myself To Mom

I once had my mom sit on the bed while I got completely undressed and then got down on my knees on the floor in front of her and started masturbating. I made ahegao faces, squealed at her like a little girl and said things like, 'I'm still a virgin who's never even touched a girl's body before' and 'what does a [more]

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