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Malays love to smoke cigarettes a lot! Their breaths stink a lot from their bodies whenever they talk and also when they puff out those cigarettes smoke! They claim to be muslims but they’re not! Muslims can’t smoke at all! It is haram! Even pigs are better behaving than the malays! Malays are envious, hypocrites, satanic! [more]

Full rageing stiffy

Watching my friends 23 year old daughter for the night as he's gone out. Sat in the living room with her Watching a film . She's sat on the floor and I can see down her top. It took a few minutes but she finally moved into a position that gave me a clear view of her nipple and full t**

June sucks

Bro idk why but ive been crying every single day since june is it just me? I thought summer would be fun cuz i was in this trio and we were so f****** close but nooo one of them needed to drop me n my other friend cuz of her mom but she doesnt want to drop us dw but ever since she left she didnt... [more]

I wish I had told someone earlier

Ok. This is hard for me to say and write, I haven't told anyone. But, when I was roughly 10-11 years old I think maybe younger. My dad would sometimes beat me up for doing something wrong. Once I lost my things in school and he beat me up really badly until i cried whilst my mum was screaming that "hes just a child." in her language. Or how he... [more]

I still love to smoke

I realize it is not cool to smoke anymore and that we all are supposed to quit. I know it is not good for my health. I don’t want my kids to become smokers. But I’m 37 and have been smoking for a long time, and I enjoy it. I don’t think there has been enough written about the pleasurable part of smoking, and so I thought I would make a... [more]

This is not a joke. I would like somebody to abduct me.

I have essentially had it with the life I have. I'm a grown man who still lives with his parents and can't move out because I don't have enough money for a house. That's because the pay at my job sucks. I can't even quit my job because while trying to find other jobs online a lot of them are in retail, which is my current job and I'm sick of... [more]


Anyone who's struggling right now, I hope you'd still find one reason to get up every morning. A beautiful life is waiting for you. Padayun!

Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

I am personally longing for the end of this age to come, even though it will be excessively b*****, incredibly destructive, and BILLIONS will perish. Unfortunately it is the only way this inherently corrupt and increasingly violence riddled world system will end. The devastation will be staggering... [more]

Just a secret

My heart is broken. That’s all I wanted to say. I couldn’t tell anyone irl because no one knew that I was in love.

Belly buttons

I just have this deep burning passion for belly buttons i love them they are the most attractive thing on a females body to me. I get aroused thinking about them and always been shy about it . I never found a girl who was cool with it though which really sucks.

I like to expose my buttcrack

So since I was 5 years old, I've been obsessed with intentionally exposing my buttcrack. Whenever I go out to the shops, I always expose a good amount of crack. It turns me on so much to know that people can see it. Is there anyone else who shares this?

I'm incapable

I'm so sure that I won't reach my full potential that I'd rather die just so people can think about what could have been rather than see me fail.


My husband just started business but was getting enough contracts to make day to day life. But our expenses are increasing due to two children.
It so happened he got a contract from an European company the executive officer came to finalize and sign the agreement. My husband gave him the party in a five star hotel where he was living. He already... [more]

I am weary of days and hours.

I am tired. I am so very tired and I just want to sleep. To sleep and forget.
It's almost funny... When I was a child, I used to dream of eternity, but in the end, three decades proved to be too much for me. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry we'll never get to finish sharing that book together. I'm sorry we'll never get to go on that camping trip. I'm... [more]

This could be a great site

If the webmaster paid closer attention to the site


My beautiful babysitter, I was 8 yrs. old, and the truth of the story is that I asked her. We were watching TV and I saw a movie that had this guy hogtied and I wanted her to tie me like that. She didn't want to, I bothered her so much till she did a great job to shut me up. I was extremely turned on (my first erection) and I couldn't get loose... [more]

I envy islamic traditions in europe

I live in west europe. We dont have traditions anymore. Those we have are commercial events. I envy muslim migrants here for their strong traditions. Ramadan isnt like christmas or easter. Their holidays are traditions that bind their community together. I just hope that one day our own european traditions can be recovered. I feel so alienated... [more]

I want to be a dragon and I love dragons more than I love human b

I've always loved dragons and draconic things more than anything else, they are the only reason i am alive nowadays. its always been my f****** dream to just be one with one, I've wanted to be with/married with one, and have been attracted to them but its not just that, truly and deeply care... [more]

I l*** for my aunt

I j****** to my blonde aunt jill lamke wearing her wedding in high heels in her wedding photos

I post this on ocassion. True story

I was in Ohio for awhile and while I was there I was friends with this gentleman who owned a farm house. He was not a farmer he merely lived on an un farmed farm. About three quarters of a mile away from him a woman lived in a trailer. She was a loser who had had two children. A seven year old boy and a nine year old girl. They were dressed... [more]

I encouraged my wife to go on chaturbate

I got drunk one night and started talking about how she would love a big black c*** inside her p**** stretching it and she didn't take too long to cut after that, now by the morning,, I had completely forgot but she didn't, and by that night I had... [more]

Self Harm

I have been depressed because of everything in my life. I started SH and I couldn't stop. I have moved schools multiple times because of bullying. I have been told since 2nd grade that there's something wrong with me. I hate myself more than I've hated anyone. Its too much being this upset every single [more]

Spanking needs

I like to be spanked and can't seem to find people to spank me. I feel I need to be spanked at least 3 to 4 times a week to erase my guilts and to cleanse my soul so to speak. Would love to find people in my county or even my town to keep my backside properly spanked.
I would even like to find groups who practice spanking on a regular... [more]

Massage gone wrong

I’ve been married for 30 years. I went to a massage parlor and as getting a massage. Before I knew it, the masseuse had my p**** in her hands, was on my chest with her a** above my head and I fingered her till we both came. I feel really bad. My wife is the best woman in the world.

Fantasy Fest

My petite private wife is a home exhibitionist. This is to say that she rarely wears anything around the house and minimal clothing in the back yard.
My wife stands 5’1’’ about 105lbs with long blonde hair, green eyes and a very fit 36d-23-30 body. Great nipples by the way.
I playfully accused her of being an exhibitionist one day. She told me... [more]

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