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I told my dad a million times

Not to feed my dogs bones and table scraps. He still does it. He wants to kill the dogs and it gives me so much anxiety. I am working less and running out of money. Dad also had the entire family hate me since I was a kid. Some people never take responsibility for their actions…

Two stories

A very large white man during WW2 had without provocation hit a black man hard enough to really hurt him. The black guy "whut you do dat fo?" I forgot what the big guy said he replied with. Something stupid I'm sure.
I grow up and one day during family day where I worked at a company that sold childrens toys and exercise equipment I was at... [more]

Two stories

A very large white man during WW2 had without provocation hit a black man hard enough to really hurt him. The black guy "whut you do dat fo?" I forgot what the big guy said he replied with. Something stupid I'm sure.
I grow up and one day during family day where I worked at a company that sold childrens toys and exercise equipment I was at... [more]

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I need to play video games.

My dad tells me I need to stop playing video games all the time. If I told my dad the reason for why I need to play video games, he'd refuse to believe me and think I was making it up but the truth is, yes, I need to play them. When I was a kid, I would play video games like most kids do because it was fun. However, as I got older, I started... [more]

Regret having bad thoughts and not acting on them.

I've had many fantasies when I was younger and still do now that I'm am adult. When I was a kid, I would fantasize about stabbing my dad to death. I often fantasized about cutting off my mom's hands because she wouldn't stop touching anything that was mine. I've often thought about going into my older sisters bedroom and having [more]

I may have made a 13 year old girl commit suicide

I posted a story on ao3 (an online story sharing website) and in the first two days it got over a thousand views. Then I came across a comment where someone had asked when the story would be updated, and someone responded by saying they would likely post the next chapter tomorrow. I was really confused, because it was in no way their story. So I... [more]

What do you call, ‘life’?

This may be a tough one for most of you, but what is life and what is the meaning.
Well here’s my shot at what life is.
Life is complicated. Life exists. Life is strange. Life is something we are yet to understand. What is the meaning of life, well to start what is life.
Humans are always scrambling to find the meaning of life, yet we... [more]

Single and lonely I had a h***** over,

I changed jobs and moved across town near the refinery. I rented a furnished room and other than work didn't have anything going on. I noticed that there was a strip joint, the Emerald Lounge, a great big Emerald Cat on the sign, near where I lived.
I got bored day after day and I started going to the Emerald Lounge just to see people. I... [more]

Please pray

Please pray in the name of Jesus Christ that Janet gets her corporate debt completely paid off in time. Thank you

Her tiny little white skirt

I was at the bar yesterday and there was a much younger crowd than normal. A lot of sexy young ladies most of them wearing leggings showing off there tight little a**** and visible thong lines. Than a girl shows up wearing a tiny white pleated skirt that looked so [more]

Those really extremely heavy footed hard deep n****** kickers

My seven beautiful cousins diamond marshall deja lee neshia phelps destinee marshall ayana phelps teja phelps kirsten harris with beautiful soles even my one teenager cousin mari marshall are really extremely heavy footed hard deep kickers to my n****** with socks without socks believe that


See-through leggings are the greatest invention ever for those of us with exhibitionist tendencies. Legal carte blanche to walk about in public seemingly innocently, but actually showing everyone my knickers, the outline of my lips and the shape of my bum. God, I love them. Hannah


I've had various experiences while attempting to flash. In a mall I had the store to myself and the clerk kept bringing me super tight pants and my erection was clearly obvious. Just as it was about to get more interesting more customers came in and she had to go.Bummer. At the same mall a young woman brought me some jeans and she looked at me... [more]

I listen to 92.3 93.1 FM98 105.9 102.7 105.1 95.5 98.7

I heard on the radio this topic sometimes your children would do something stupid that can get you in trouble what did your child do stupid to get you in trouble. Who hearing things now you lying b**** believe that

Chrles r Cheatham you died six years ago

When we were together it was a disaster. I had no idea that you were such a horrible excuse for humanity. You were your own worst enemy.
Heres hy.
You took the drug PCP and you were on the top of the world when you were high. The garbage wore off and you were pathetically saying Oh I need to get help. As far as I know you never... [more]

Straight to my thighs

When I was 7 to 8 years old, my parents started to overfeed me, it's kinda weird how I'm gonna put this but, I didn't gain any weight near my belly, my fat just went to my thighs, since my thighs got thicker when I was 8 - 9 I could've been a target for pedophiles or any weird man/women in a white van, there'd be sometimes people or family would... [more]

Sissy crossdresser

I am a mature feminine sissy crossdresser I have been dressing since I was 14 had my first man at 16 and he was huge and lots of c** and I was hooked and I still to this day have s** with men only I am 62 now and love [more]

I (adult woman) saw a boy got kicked in the b**** and laughed

I was picking up my five year old from school and a boy her age got kicked in the b**** for annoying a girl a grade above them. He did what all boys and men do and fell down, curled into a ball and started crying. I sat in my car and laughed while all the girls pointed at him laughing.

Curvy girls in Leggings

I love watching women in black leggings, particularly if they are cheap ones, i.e. primark. Its so sexy watching her nice curvy a*** jiggle about in them, especially if she is wearing heels! I like thick ones if they are tight and show off the contours of her [more]

I wish were Latina

I've studied Spanish for seven years and have been fluent for four years. The more I learn about Latin American culture the more it feels like it is designed specifically for me, but everyone assumes that I won't speak Spanish well and talks to me painfully ... slowly ... when ... they ... first ... meet ... me. I am just too white and really wish... [more]

Bauch setzen

Ich Suche Frauen die sich gerne auf mein Bauch setzen wollen. Ich komme aus Deutschland Ludwigshafen / Mannheim Bitte melden

Thank You Shawarma Lady

I almost s*** my pants the other night but a young lady who was working at a shawarma restaurant let me use the bathroom and was super nice and stuff I really hope she is happy in life.

What the h***

These confessions are so f****** gross dude

Just tights/pantyhose

I used to work in a supermarket a couple of years back. Whenever I was working on night shifts I was used to seeing things a little out of the ordinary, but this one time I could not believe my luck! This woman was casually doing her shopping. She was dressed normally on top but at the bottom had on only sheer black tights(pantyhose)! No dress or... [more]

Yard sale

I have a bunch for sale on my shop https://www.mercari.com/u/125413537/

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