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Good old gran xx

I will never forget when i stayed at my grans house .i was 12 years old and just starting to get to grips with masturbating.i think she knew i was at that age when your c*** just gets hard all the time,tracksuit bottoms was allso a big giveaway.she didnt say anything but she knew i was rock hard.at... [more]

Narcissists behaviour

Okayyyy.... Where do i need to start, when it come to something or someone who disrespect you and talk bad behind your back, i will never look this person as the same person ever again, because you'll know the answer,
 "strong mind discuss idea, average mind discuss event and weak mind discuss people". 
Shes a typical [more]

This b**** with Narcissist behaviour

Okayyyy.... Where do i need to start, when it come to something or someone who disrespect you and talk bad behind your back, i will never look this person as the same person ever again, because you'll know the answer,
 "strong mind discuss idea, average mind discuss event and weak mind discuss people". 
Shes a typical [more]

I hate everything about my life.

I'm in my early 40's, I have no kids, not married, never had a girlfriend, still a virgin, still live with my parents and stuck in a s***** job. Got bullied at school starting from first grade all the way through high school. Basically, I have a dead-end life that I know will never get anywhere. I... [more]

I've yielded more power than some governments

I'm still kind оf giddy, knоwinǵ ӏ'm living in a time where І can literally make sоⅿethinģ up, post it on the internet, and then watch as all the majοr news outlets actually publish what ӏ say, thinkinģ it's real. - аոοո

Dark thoughts

Suicide may end your pain, but starts the pain for those who love you. That’s why I’d make mine look like an accident if I ever did it.

Touching d****

When I was 12 my neighbor ask'ed to go to the woods and touch p****'s. We both got hard right away. He was leaking precum it looked so tasty I dropped to me knees and started licking him. Next thing I know I'm sucking on his c*** and loving it. He cam... [more]

I want to show my father nudes of my ex girlfriend

I have photos of my ex girlfriend that I want to show my father but I don’t know if I should it’s because they still talk and kinda bums me out but I want to show him and say f*** it so yes or no?

I want need to physically fight him again

My enemy brandon lastname my enemy brandan lastname my enemy branden lastname my enemy brendon lastname my enemy brenden lastname my enemy brendan lastname at adult development center on six mile telegraph got nothing but all ugly relatives in his whole family both sides mother and father side of family ask my beautiful cousin deja lee my... [more]

Buttcrack exposed

So I'm a 20 year old man who loves to show buttcrack. I tend to wear loose jeans with no underwear, and a small shirt or jacket. There have been times when I have bent over and my entire butt has been on show. When people stare at it, it turns me on so much. I just wish I had a friend who I could do this with x

What did Rae have to do to get all her money, kill her mom?

My best friend's wife was dissing my best friend, whose mom had passed away. Will call the wife Vee and best friend Rae. Rae inherited a great deal of money when her mom died, and is living off of that, and her boyfriend is living with her. Vee thinks Rae's boyfriend is an immature, useless adult. Vee's thoughts on Rae and her situation and not... [more]


I lost mobility today, I’ve let my love of food win. I’m here now, wondering what the world will think of me. My only hope of any legacy is to get bigger. So is my fate.

I don't trust anyone asking for donations.

After donating to that lady on TikTok who faked needing money after her "Abusive" bf destroyed her house. My fyp is filled with hundreds of people with so many issues begging for help and while I feel terrible for ignoring them I just don't trust that half of them are telling the truth.

Luvs panties

I cant help myself love smelling panties recently i managed to get pair of my friends teenage daughters panties she had only just taken them off still damp sticky they smelled sweetest ever tasted delishous i went back for more

I am ugly

I never felt pretty, or attractive. When i look at pictures of myself i can't help but realize that no man will ever want me or like me. It makes me so sad that i will never be able to be attractive to anyone. i am just too ugly, i cant fix it.

Never. Ever.

In the entire history of the world, there has never been a woman as beautiful as AnnaLynne McCord. And there never will be. Not. Ever.

Wife fantasy

I would like to see my wife fully nakedbin public.

Autism Sucks

I’m a father of a 16 year old you g man with autism. Let me just say- I love my son, and autism f****** sucks. It has been a communication barrier for years, and due to life, geography and a pandemic: we haven’t been in the same room for over a year.FaceTime was the plan, “he can call me anytime”... [more]

Is 14 too young to buy lingerie?

LEAVE IF YOU ARE A PEDO!!! I'm 14 but I want to buy lingerie, am I too young? I like feeling cute and confident in my body when I wear underwear with lace or bows (not see through), and lately I found websites where you can buy cute stuff like that. I really want to but idk if I'm too young and it's inappropriate



I gave my son a b******

Really, the title says it all. As a mother, it’s something you hear about and either shrug off or you simply don’t view your own child that way. My oldest turned 19 during the pandemic and I noticed with all of us being in the house more he had been looking at me, taking a few pieces of my clothing, glancing down at my [more]

How come everytime a chic post it's fake

I've posted on here a few times and I always get called an attention w**** or that I'm a dude faking it. My last one was just abt having feeling for a girl and I got aired out for it, why can't a chic post on here. Some dude told me to kill myself over it, I don't know how to prove to y'all that I'm... [more]


As everyone knows, I hate my maternal family with a passion. My mother who was as naive as they come, brought land for her parasitic family. Now that she is dead, I am paying for the land; however, I intend to sell the land as I don't live in backwards Wellford, SC. Yes, I am selling the land & the family will be homeless. I don't care since... [more]

Bum Paddle

I'll admit straight away, I hounestly would love to have a young person to give me a good bum paddle.

I peeped on my stepdaughter naked.

Ever since my thirty one year old stepdaughter was eighteen I peeped on her when she was completely alone, unaware and naked. I also had my pants down jerking off while I was peeping on her in the nude. I also have sniffed her dirty underwear and got off to her feminine odor. The very first time I saw her naked she was in her old bedroom and I... [more]

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