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I do not like myself. I can not see anything good about myself. I feel as though I am a waste and a burden to everyone. I am afraid to die but I no longer want to exist. Why should I? I am ugly, fat, stupid, afraid, mousy, poor, worthless, and alone. I tried to take care of those that I think loved me, parents and fiancee, but I failed and they... [more]

Im 12 and have depression but no one knows

Im 12 and have depression because of my brother that has ADHD he hasnt acctually been diagnosed with it but my whole family just thinks he has got it. He always had all the attention i cant even get any alone time with my mom or dad he hasnt really abused me or anything because hes scared of me but once he tried to strangle me by pushing me... [more]

Can't get it out of my head

2 years after my wife passed away I discovered that she had cheated on me in the passed , How many times I dont know I was never really truly aware of it at the time . I discovered entries in a diary depicting dates my wife had met up with a guy , It never said what had occurred . But it did say that she could not get him out of Her mind , Also... [more]

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We was on holiday my wife and me and we was going for a walk , When we came upon a little secluded beach area close to a wooded area it looked untouched . So we decided we would go there the following day to sunbathe so that's what we did , Now my wife would never go topless she was laying on her front with the straps undone doing her back . I... [more]

They buried a career criminal in my ancestral cemetary

He died in prison and he had done many bad things. Sexually molested children robbed houses and he had beaten his wife to death. You could not say he had a single redeeming quality. A monster but here his family was burying him in a nice coffin with a nice marker. The marker says beloved son on it.
How could anyone love this monster? If... [more]

Tears of happiness

Have you ever come across people who don't normally smile and laugh? After long time you notice them smiling and laughing wholeheartedly and unexpectedly? Doesn't it emotionally hit your soul? When you look at them don't you feel emotional? It feels good to see them happy. I keep these feelings confidential.

Not really a confession just need advice.

I just recently had a craniotomy, (surgery involving cutting the skull or something like that). And ive been wanting to go to the gym to run and play basketball but im not sure how long im supposed to wait. My neurosurgeon doesnt really give me much information on what i should do and alot of websites say different things. I feel great, i only... [more]

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