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Not really sure what to make as a title, not sure what category... I didn't see pathetic loser or I would have picked that.
This story is an infidelity story from the late 80s. It has all kinds of betrayal and everything that comes along but mostly it's me confessing that I was wrong of how I handled the situation and I am essentially or was a... [more]

My ugly cousin derica moore on my dad side of family

My ugly cousin derica moore on my father side of the family said that I hope that your mental retarded self get hit by a eighteen wheeler going eighty miles per hour then drag down a free way thats one harsh rude disrespectful shady relative to say some s*** like that read the encyclopedia definition... [more]

Weight gain fetish

I discovered that I have a weight gain fetish and decided to start gaining weight. Anyone have weight gain tips?

Nudist beaches

Are there still nudist beaches or places around anywhere? Are there any that'll let you do any sexual things while nude on the beach?

I like to expose my buttcrack

I like to expose my buttcrack
When I was younger, there was a maid who cleaned the house where I lived... As time went by, I noticed that she wore jeans with a low waistband and most of the time when she bent down or sat down, I saw the Her buttcrack, usually showed one or two fingers of the ass... In that I started to discover my fetish with... [more]

I have desires for my own son

Hi. I’m a 45 year old mom of two. Divorced. Oldest son is 17. I have found myself to be very attracted to him. It started when I accidentally walked in on him and his girlfriend having s**. I closed the door as soon as I saw what was happening but when I thought I was upset, I realized it was actually... [more]

Nursing elderly parents

I'm not sure how normal this is but I'm nursing my elderly parents. They live in a senior community that's not a nursing home but they have medical staff that check on them. A couple months ago the care providers told me my parents were refusing food or just picking at it and maybe it would help if I could join them for meals. I was still... [more]

How my brother lost his mouth

One day in fourth grade I walked home from school for lunch, as usual. I walked in our front door around 12:30, as usual. No one in sight, though I could hear my mom's sewing machine running in the back room.
So I walked through the living room and opened the door into the back room. And when I stepped into the back room...
I almost had a... [more]

Odd coincidence

When I was 12 this huge man who was a ww2 veteran bragged about the time he hit some unsuspecting black guy for no reason at all. The white a****** was about 6'6" tall and weighed at least 300 lbs. Big gigantic tough guy with fists that looked like boulders. I didn't like the story. The black... [more]

I tried strangling a cat

I was young and naive and I wanted to see if I had the b**** to kill something, so when I found a young stray cat and managed to make it get close enough to me that I could grab it I did. I was very stupid and thought the neck would just break if i pressed hard enough (because of course a 12~14 year... [more]

Humiliating Myself To Mom

I once had my mom sit on the bed while I got completely undressed and then got down on my knees on the floor in front of her and started masturbating. I made ahegao faces, squealed at her like a little girl and said things like, 'I'm still a virgin who's never even touched a girl's body before' and 'what does a [more]

I hate who i am and that i don't care about what i've done.

I've bullied my closest friends, allowing them to develop deep insecurities about themselves. i found someone that i loved, and i treated her like an object, told others about what we had done together, and inevitably did horrible things to her that i'll never be able to take back. i completely ruined her confidence. she never deserved any of it... [more]

I have this stalker who won't leave me alone

This stalker won't leave me alone he thinks he knows me but he does not he looks up the internet for my address and my family names and he gets them wrong he won't stop and i am scared he will be showing up my house and try to kill me or worse rape me i just want him to stop i can not write anything on here without him being an ass

Weight on stomach

I have always liked pressure on or around my waist and sought for this in various ways. I always wore my belts very tight whenever I could. I would also lean over a branch or fence to let it press into my belly. In my younger days I used to go out on to a remote headland in the early morning. I had one spot I went to where there was a small patch... [more]

Rape and kidnapping

I wanna be kidnapped and raped by a male and it's not a fantasy it's the truth and I'm not bad or evil because of that I'm just weird and think differently I want to be desired by a male and I've always wanted male attention I never got female's always complain they get male attention and I'm a female that doesn't

A new thing

I've stopped wearing panties ....it started at home and gradually it stopped all together and i don't wear them at all now... my husband hasn't even noticed even though i don't hide it from him at all... but somehow i've been complimented at work from 2 gentlemen and it makes me feel good about my looks .. every so often i give them a good... [more]

Resist the Deadly covid vaccines they are killing thousands

Hundreds of thousands have died from the covid vaccines combined. DOn't let them jab you. THey are deadly. People died throughout the clinical trials in LAtin America-they didn't tell you that did they?

How to stop MSN news

I would like to stop MSN news. Every news is about Afghanistan, although I selected US news only. How to stop this crap or make the page as a list instead of medium size square pictures?


THERE narcotioc son had stated "she want's nothing to do with us!" i submitted a message to the psychologist who has been "retired" there widow sister in law know's i want nothing to do with the blood line i even submitted a message stating "if they can't respect that i DON'T WANT TO BE CALLED Z*** OR Z***** THEN I WILL NOT RESPOND".i even stated... [more]

I tricked my daughter into smoking

I have a confession to make. I tricked my daughter into smoking. A little background. When I came home from the last day of classes in the sixth grade my mother gave me a cigarette and told me it was time I started smoking. I had just turned 13 and all the adults in my family smoked. Several of my older cousins smoked as well. It was... [more]

Call 1-800 FEET

Are you having issues with your Feet, would you like to talk about your feet and talk about any foot related stories? Then please give a call.
Did you get arrested for Foot Fondling, smelling a woman's feet in a University Library or sucked a Customer's Toes at Wal-Mart tell us about that. Also Do you really believe the Drunk Barefoot Hillbilly... [more]

My cousin antwon phelps also known as twezzy

My gang related second cousin antwon phelps also known as twezzy going to do more than just physically fight my enemy brandon lastname branden lastname brandan lastname brendon lastname brenden lastname brendan lastname one on one at the adult development center near telegraph and six mile over my beautiful second cousin deja lee my beautiful... [more]

Keep that narcotic son away from me!

There narcotic son had stated he want’s to f*** me up like the little B**** he think’s I am.
I was upstairs on the second floor of the house resting. door's don't bust themselves open there narrcotic son has & aggressive demeanor. there narcotic son bangs on the outside of my drywall in the house this has been going on for three day's. he's in... [more]


Don't tell me your sister in law cared cause she didn't your sister in law gave the excuse to say she wasn't ready. when at the time it was suggested that I ask her.i don't even know why your sister in law came up on the second floor to be inquisitive.


Hey ladies i am a Latino guy who has this desire of breeding women who are in the need and looking forward to get pregnant. I was wondering if there is any adult female 18 and above wanting to get bred. This desire has not only a fantasy but a willing to help women who want to get a baby or just get creampied. I have what it takes as my seeds are... [more]

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