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My 18 yo sociopathic stepdaughter is pregnant by a piece of crap 24 yo who signed away his parental rights of his 2 and 3 yo the very week he got her pregnant. I believe she got pregnant after he cheated on her to keep him. Does this sound crazy or what? They use my MIL to the point where I worried about her physical safety, yeah, like crime show... [more]

I want to win the lottery

I want to win the lottery to pay off my obnoxious student loan that I have had since 1993. YES I was in college in 1993 and I still owe that damn loan. If I started paying now (i have had all the forbearnace and crap and income sensitive repayment plans in place for a long time) If I started paying it now I wll be 74 when its paid off. Just in... [more]


Things started going around in my head when i first noticed my neighbours eyes was always following my wife about , He was always complimenting her and flirting with her . Now Mark was 61 a widower my wife was 30 now I'm not the sort of man that wants to see my wife with someone else not at all , But Mark looking at her was doing it for me it... [more]


For some time I have wanted to f*CK the old lady that lives at the bottom of my garden, (her garden backs on to mine) I can see her a lot in her garden or in her house.
I'm always masturbating, trying to let her see me! But due to her age (seventies, I'm guessing) she might not see me!
I am also her post man and have seen her getting... [more]

Wife's panties

Love leaving wifes used panties in places for guys to sniff mmmmm

If I could gather everything I've written into one place I'd have

A book bigger than War and Peace.

Happy birthday

To whomever is reading this happy birthday. whether it was today, yesterday, or even a month ago, Happy birthday. if your birthday coming up happy birthday. may your wishes come true

I just backed into our maids car and it was 100% my fault

The lady was parked in my driveway well out of the way but for some idiotic reason I backed out and hit her doing damage to her vehicle and mine. The is the first accident I have had that was my fault. I'm 71 and I don't know how I could have been so damn careless.
My Insurance companies going to either get rid of me or raise my rates so... [more]

This is my confession

I'm a 30 year old virgin 😲 that's right. Mostly due to religious upbringing. It's not like I've never thought about it, believe me I have but I want to be with someone I like, not some random guy I do that give a s*** about.
Apps haven't worked for me and I don't want a pen pal. I know it's a... [more]


Judging by reading the posts there are quite a few posts with the similar subject of husbands getting off on things there wife's get up too . Now me personally I love my wife and would not want anyone to lay a hand on her , But other guys looking at her trying to look down her top or up her skirt does not bother me . In fact I feel proud she's my... [more]


Been my dream since I was s kid. 57 and not there yet.

Drug users and alcoholics hate my guts

I try to distance myself from these people and they resent it. They think that I think I'm too good to associate with them.
Guess what? They're right. Drug users and drunks contribute nothing but misery to society. Anyone unfortunate to have to live with or around one of these worthless people is in for screaming, assaults, stealing and... [more]

Kinky husband

My husband likes me to flirt with other men , He makes me wear short skirts high heels low tops so men look at me , I don't know what to do the last thing he has done to me was made me kiss his boss on the mouth while he watched us . I don't know why he wants me to do these things how far will he want me to go that's why I'm worried , what shall I... [more]

Naked pics of my wife

I like to share pics of my wife she is 50 but has massive b****

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