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NZ Shooting

I'm a normal guy who is maybe a little racist when it comes to Muslims , I'm fed up of them coming to our countries and trying to enforce their laws and s*** on us. And I'm fed up of the government bending over backwards to appease these c****.
But... [more]

Confused by step daughter

I have a 10 year old step daughter (P) and she is super cute. I have a great relationship with my wife and we are extremely sexually active. P is in love with me as much if not more than my wife is. She tells me all the time how much she loves me and is always on me or up against me, piggy back rides, sitting on my lap or tightly against me on the... [more]

I did five years in state prison

I got charged of theft by taking and I spent five years in prison. I was released and I went to work with my family at the salvage yard as an order puller. I leved in a small house there and for five years I never left the salvage yard. It had a fence around it and I just never left. when I needed groceries my parents would buy them for me and... [more]

Congrats. You guys are why Gen Z wants to die.

Well, I'm not Gen Z, but we all know the stereotype. There's so much hate on this site. Y'all need to chill. This site is supposed to be a confession site where people could talk without anyone coming after them. Yet y'all still do it. And everything you do is stupid because, in the end, you can't ever prove anything.

I have a plethora of naked pictures of my mother in law.

So about 1 1/2 years ago my MIL and Now ex-FIL were going through a divorce. During this process my MIL found out that my FIL was tracking everything she did (Texts, emails, location.... etc.) so she asked my wife and I if she could join our cell phone plan. Of course we said yes and immediately ordered her a phone. A few days later we received... [more]

Infatuation led to something unexpected?

In late spring 2017, I bought a 2nd hand copy of Rihanna's album 'Loud' from a charity shop in London. I played it on a good stereo and was bowled over by the first song 'S&M'. The quality of the song was excellent. Rihanna's talent, looks and incredible sexiness gave me an instant crush. I hardly ever feel that way. It was very powerful. I... [more]


I'm sure NCT is a great group with loving members, but whenever I see them they seem so stuck-up... Especially Mark, Taeyong and Lucas. P.s. The 3 members I mentioned aren't really attractive in my opinion lol

Guess what I learned today?

Well, if you don't have an account here and you come across a censored word that you can't make out, you can just click on it and selection uncensor this page. I'm sure a lot of you already know this, but I figured it wouldn't hurt anyone to share.



Stole my mum’s mascara

So I am a boy and it was Thursday and my friend dared me to wear mascara to school tomorrow so i did nd took my mums.nobody noticed at home thank goodness but people at school did


Why do women go on tinder the real reason what are they looking for be honest I really would like to know , Would they have s** on the first meeting !

Your opinions

I've been seeing this lady for 2 months 18 months ago she was seeing someone else now this is none of my business I know , But she told me about it I did not ask she said it was only for a few weeks and nothing really happened between them . So I never gave it any thought it's the past nothing to do with me , Then it came up again I can't remember... [more]

Looking down Janine Nicole Franks shirt with no bra on

My mother in-law Janine Nicole Frank's has the biggest and most beautiful tittie's I have ever seen would love to put my c*** between her DDD tittie's and tittie f*** her till I c** from between her brest to... [more]

Stop asking

I may be separated but I'm not looking to jump into a relationship/fwb/ons. Please move along cause this woman is happily dating herself. :-)

I hate people who use drugs

These people contribute nothing to society. I mean they would sell their own mother to get their dope. You can't tell them anything and they aren't worth anything even if you could. We're supposed to pity them but the pity I pity are the people who have to deal with them. The people these dopers yell at, steal from and assault.
Worthless... [more]

Our War On Terrorism

“I Confess, That I Sometimes Search The Internet, For Evidence Of Anything That Could Be Regarded As Negative Toward The Confessions Post Website, And Rest Assured, That Any Negativity Expressed Toward This Website, Observed By Me, Will Be Regarded, As Negativity Expressed Toward Me, Personally! Sincerely; Mr. Derace D. Owens(Member; International... [more]

My Statement

That Because Of Potential International Hacking; I Must Delete ALL MESSAGES From ConfessionsPost, unread! With Respect; “Babied”.

Lovely p****

I can't believe what just happened, a man was doing yard work next door to me and had his little girl with him about 3, I assume she said she had to go potty so he grabbed her, pulled down her shorts and knickers put his arms under her thighs , lifted her up to squat and held her to pee, her naked little hairless [more]

Maybe the mods do lool at these?

Looking at all the sick stuff people write on this site,it makes you wonder if the mods ever vet it, I'm disgusted by the amount of kiddy fiddling stuff on here, incest, sexual abuse etc
Not to mention the belly sitters(weird or what)
So I in my boredom about a week ago,made a fake confession saying how I worked in a hospital as an orderly,and... [more]

Mental Hospital patient commits suicide

This happened during the '70s. I was a driver for a state mental hospital and a patient there who was a young man t=said he was going to kill himself. I told him to let the doctors treat him and maybe he would change his mind. He quit talking.
He was out of the hospital with his family and he went to a restaurant that was part of a... [more]


I always wanted to be kicked and kneed by a woman who has on knee high boots, otk boots or thigh high boots.

Summer at the beach

Summer is soon here lot's of lovely tight young bodies


Freddie Mercury ,
I want it all, damn that song gives me goosebumps!!!!
Poor Freddie was so ill by then,had pneumonia and a throat infection,yet still belted that song out like a boss!!! And good old Brian with his epic guitar solo in it! Gives me shivers!!!
Justin Beiber: I'm cancelling a gig as I've got a cold.
Freddie Mercury : I've... [more]

I understand the need to die.

For the first time ever, I actually wished I was dead. I rarely cry- like, NEVER cry. But I saw this post and all the comments and I just broke down. The world is just a little too real now, and I wish I weren't here... This is the post- https://www.confessionpost.com/14393/i-f-hate-the-chinese

Suggestions For My Relatives

That I Have Advised My Relatives, “That Should Seoul, South Korea come under North Korean artillery attack, “ They Are To Evacuate, If Living Near Large U.S. Metro Areas, IMMEDIATELY!”

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