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I think it’s time for this website to be shut down

I come here to confess my opinion and I get nasty comments about my stepdad how he slapped me in the face and people say nasty comments like go s**** him or I am a man this has got to stop I mean they are grown up people and they are acting like children I read far worse on this site and some of them... [more]

I feel bad that i got my stepdad arrested

I got my stepdad arrested because he slapped me in the face we were fighting and he got mad yelled at me go ahead yell me again in my face I did and he slapped me I am a spoiled brat or a b**** and no I can’t afford to live on my own so before you answer just say nice things not nasty comments

Avril Obsession

I am totally obsessed with young Avril Lavigne. From age 18 to 28 I couldn't get enough of looking at her photos and videos. Google "Avril Lavigne Makes Me H****", and you'll see me looking at Avril on the cover of Maxim magazine and having maximum pleasure.

Yo soy raro :v

No se si soy el único pero me gusta escuchar los estómagos de chicas no se porque me satisface tanto y cuando mi estómago hace ruido no me gusta:v
Desde pequeño he tenido este fetiche creo que empezó cuando en mis programas de TV favoritos colocaban este sonido dando a entender que el protagonista tiene hambre luego empecé a ver los videos de... [more]

I w*** while watching television

I've just watched watched The Syndicate and spent the whole hour with my c ock in my hand.
So much h**** c*** !!!
Emily Head in particular
( Carli from Inbetweeners ).
She is blonde, 32years old, only 5ft tall with nice 32B [more]

I'm an American of German ancestry.

After my grandparents death I inherited their property. They had always been stellar grandparents to me. I loved them.
Searching through their belongings I discovered a trunk. It was heavy and it was hard to unlock. I finally got it open and there was anti Semetic N*** literature there in... [more]

MY stepfather died in 2005

He had several doctors visits pending and I had to tell everyone that called he had died. One clerk seemed mad when she asked why he had not shown up for his appointment and after I told her what had happened she apologized all over herself.

A lady overheard sme j*** bragging about raping a 14 year old gir

She overheard this conversation and sneaked outside and called the police. They were arrested and the victim identified her attackers. Good going lady.

Deep dark secret

I have to get this off my chest ... I am in my late 20’s now with kids (lady) . I had a childhood friend I grew up with . My mom and his mom were best friends . They eventually had a falling out and havnt spoke since we were 7 maybe 8 . I can’t remember . When I was young I started to know about s** and... [more]

Kiss me

There was one time my best friend and I were 12 to 13 years old. I was over at her house and we were watching lesbians kissing and wanted to try how it felt like to kiss. We closed her bedroom door but had no lock. I got on top of her ( we are both girls) we started making out, French kiss style. We were getting nasty with our kisses. I wanted to... [more]

I almost committed suicide once, but I didn’t

I almost committed suicide once, I was gonna leave behind a farewell note for my Mom who was out on the town drinking. But I didn’t, I left nothing behind for her to read on my soon to be empty room. I went off to my final place of Solitude where I was gonna jump to my death. But the place was not high enough, I could not die fast enough. I could... [more]

Women's yoga socks

That I have women's feet and women's yoga socks fetish! I have been doing yoga for a long time, I love doing yoga it relaxes me and keeps in shape. I would see beautiful women in my yoga classes at the community college, I would sometimes see them wearing yoga socks! I just fantasize those feet with those yoga socks on my [more]

My rules

I have these rules about how people should treat me kinda like I don’t want people to touch me unless I touch them first (hugs etc). No one can EVER touch my neck. People can’t come in my room or any room I’m in alone loudly. People can’t jump scare me. Everyone sees these as silly little things that bother me but when someone does any of these... [more]

I need help

The pursuit of happiness and to meet our potential is a God given gift that makes us human beings, but how much free will do you really have?. Some people might tell you that there are times that you can't do something, which is fairly true, but when the right of opportunities exist then it is our freedom to protect how we wish to devote... [more]


I really love t***. I know it's sophomoric, I should be more mature and just chill the f*** out. But, by gum, I love them.

I'm happy.

It's a weird thing to say, especially because most people tend to fall on one side or the other - either they associate with their emotions a load and are always happy or sad (usually sad, for what's online), or don't read into them a lot (don't think or feel). But I think I'm happy, which is great. I think ;)

In an all black neighborhood this happened

Someone painted swastikas, KKK, N*****, etc all over the school. The police determined it wasn't whites but black kids playing a prank. The paint soaked into the asphalt and the walls of the school and it took a lot of money to remove the vandalism.
The walkway was black asphalt and there... [more]

I’ve never had any friends

I’m in my late twenties and never had any friends. I’ve never had a best friend. I’ve had one certain girl pretend to be my friend so she can tell her real friends all my secrets and make fun of me. In middle school I tried really, embarrassingly, hard to make friends but I was always rejected. Maybe there’s a sign above my head that says... [more]

My mom is way to overprotective

I was super upset and told my mom about how my friend had got mad at me. (roblox) and then she said "you CANNOT friend anyone else." meaning i cant make friends. im f****** p*****, so ofc i do it behind her back and have made a few more friends and... [more]

Get beat up like the last time my enemy brandon lastname

My enemy brandon lastname my enemy brandan lastname my enemy branden lastname my enemy brendon lastname my enemy brendan lastname my enemy brenden lastname at adult development center on six mile near telegraph get yourself physically beat up like last time talking about doing it to my beautiful cousin deja lee my beautiful cousin neshia phelps... [more]

Why is everyone hateful to me

I am 40 years old i live with my mom and stepdad because i have learning problems so i can't move out i can't count money and so it would be hard for me to pay my bills and go to the store i can't drive all i ask is good advice not bad advice i am warning you all if i see bad advice i want your names so i can tell people to stay away from you here... [more]

What the “WTF”

I have this anger towards this one person that was in my girlfriend’s life that I know she will take back if I wasn’t in the picture. He used to be her best friend but he was also obsessed with her. I’m not just saying that as a cliche thing but before I got with her, I was already friends with people that had worked with her and the best friend... [more]

I was raped when I was 7 or 8

Ok so I was about 7 or 8 at the time and my family had a family reunion like a gathering we all had fun. So the end of the day was coming and my cousins asked if they can stay the night my mom said yes but there parents left and my mom left with them since they have an older sister that was like 17 at the time night time comes and I go to sleep... [more]

Self suck

I’ve sucked my d*** since 6th grade and enjoyed sucking it until my early twenties. I’ve also sucked a few guys c**** and enjoyed sucking them and swallowing their delicious creamy c**. I’m 62 years old and... [more]

Naked wife

I started with letting guys see nude pics of my wife but lately I have let guys see her in person with some interesting results.

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