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When the French in France run into an American

The French are not nice to American tourists or visitors for the most part. They seem to blame the mistakes oof American leadership on some innocent American citizen despite the fact the American had nothing to do with what his Government did.
In America the French tourists are treated with respect.
Atlanta, Ga got an influx of French... [more]

I hate homeless people.

I live in a small town in Oklahoma. We only have two homeless people where I live as far as I know. One guy,this program that helps with housing has helped him out with a house but it wasn't long before he was without a home all because he didn't want to pay rent or utilities. The other homeless man was offered a low rent apartment that goes by... [more]


If you think you can, then you will! If you think you can’t, then you’re right!

I wish I could live in Skyrim.

Sometime ago, I bought The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim VR for my PS4. Although I did have The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion for PS3, I gave up on that game as at the time I had no idea what I was doing. After playing Skyrim for quite a while, I've begun to wish that I could genuinely live in Skyrim. I wish that the world and every Province, town and building... [more]

Why 13-17 years old are adolescents and 18-19 are adults.

You stupid uneducated idiots. Just because they had the teen thing in, their age doesn't mean they are literally teenagers. It does not make you a child if you do things or act like a child, that's just the way you act and the actions. Cause you are biologically an adult or an adolescent if you still act like a child or does kiddie things. You can... [more]

Adoption is the Ultimate Cuck

While great for the kid, raising someone else's DNA is the most evolutionary degrading thing a man can do. You take on the burden of raising a child for years and none of your traits go in the DNA pool. The man that sired the child gets off scot-free from any responsibility but his biological identity lives on through future generations.

I want to be kidnapped and made a pet

I know it’s odd but I wanna be kidnapped and turned into someone’s human pet and be forced to eat dog food and sleep on a dog bed or outside and have to walk on all fours and act and be treated exactly like a dog and not in a sexual way at all

I Hate Kids

Kids are so f****** stupid especially on this site and naughtyposts where they accuse anyone of pedophilia, anti incest warrior, of being a liar like you dumbass kids shouldn't be on this site anyways and judging by how stupid and uneducated most of you retards on this site are.
It's obvious... [more]

You have to set your goals, for what's important

It wasn't till college before I really focused on that thing, between my legs. If men think with their p**** head, women think with their uterus. We pretend we don't, but we do. P.S. maybe some women will say they think with their c***.
But let me... [more]

I must be telling bold face lies right

I must be mentally retarded person i must don't understand learn know judo moves headlock takedown front facelock takedown single leg takedown double leg takedown armbar takedown standing triangle hold takedown russian leg sweep takedown i must don't understand learn knew algebra one algebra two geometry one geometry two i must never done... [more]

Kapo for the Matriarchy

As a Caucasian "evil p****-wielder" who has enjoyed none of the "privileges" I was supposedly born into, I lay myself on the mercy of the woke matriarchy to be a Kapo in the white male internment camps of the new order.

This site sucks

Updates are slow. I sent in a confession that was never posted. A prior confession was up for a short time and now is gone. Unless you’re gay or coming out then a confession isn’t posted. What’s the point?

Someone kill my stepdad plz

I want to kill my step dad so bad I thorght about it so much and don’t know what to do I wanna kill him now but if I do I go to jail and my mums left someone needs to randomly kill this guy I hate him so much I just want to kill him shoot him in his f**** head and watch him die slowly I HATE YOU

Putin’s Actions Prove The Alpha Male Always Beats The Beta Male

This conflict is not a conflict between Russia and Ukraine-its a conflict between Putin and Biden. Ukraine is merely the object that both men desire. And when two males fight over an object, its the man who displays alpha traits that comes out on top. In this case the ‘object’ can be anything from women, to money, to a promotion, or a sovereign... [more]


There was a man who did what I couldn’t do at the time. Thank you sir G

I'm all done.

Goodbye cruel world I'm leaving you today. Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye all you people There's nothing you can say to make my change my mind. Goodbye

I hate Amanda and Russell.

Russell I hate that you don't pay child support. Amanda I'm sick of all the lies. No Russell doesn't pay child support, No I didn't tell Gracie he was dead but I did say he was a dead beat ( learn the difference) No I didn't take off with her for 8 months. Where did you get such a lame story? If that were true,Gracie wouldn't had been attending... [more]

Young smoking

Recently saw a video of a young girl vaping. She was probably 5 or 6. Depending on one's perspective it was either alarming or it was wonderful to see. Are there any parents here that let their children smoke?

Curious senior

I’m a curious 70 yr old male, married for 15 yrs now. Just want to know what it’s like to experiment with another curious mature male who has the same desires.
I did meet one gentleman, went to his house and we jacked off each other. It was awkward but sexy hot. We got off way to quickly & both of us dressed and went on. I wanted to try more... [more]

I love it

I have been called a MILF by my 13-year-old nephew and his 3 friends. when they objectify me it turns me on. they stare at my b******, butt and whatever they can see.
i was alone at home taking a shower and i didn't know that my sister and her son stopped by. my nephew opened the bathroom door... [more]

Need to get random thoughts out of my mind.

Every so often, random thoughts from my past will pop into my head for no reason. The thing is, these thoughts are from horrible moments from my childhood. On the way to work, three random moments from my past just jumped into my mind. 1. As I'm waiting for the school bus to pick me up, another bus that is going to another school drives past me... [more]

I’m a guy who enjoys wearing revealing swimwear

I’m a guy. Straight as an arrow, love women, and am in a wonderful relationship with a great woman. And I like to wear revealing swim briefs when I go to the pool. I always wear a Speedo under my board shorts since it provides way more support than a mesh liner. But recently we went to a country where board shorts in pools are frowned upon. So I... [more]

Went to drown myself and found something surprising

I’m beyond sad and disgusted with the world. This has been a feeling for quite some time. The other day I went to a secluded beach and had a plan. In all honesty, I was so lost I just walked down there not knowing what would happen. I took my shoes off and walked into the freezing water.
I got into my waist and was planning on just letting... [more]

Can you be shirtless in a rented apartment?

I'll be moving to a rental soon, and am curious. I much prefer being shirtless at home, I'm a guy.

S** With A Stranger

Keep seeing a certain homeless guy hanging in the alley that I use as a shortcut while riding my bike. Everytime I ride by he stops me so he can suck my nipples and to finger-f*** me!

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