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'Paradise' Lost

How ironic that a place arrogantly named after heaven has turned into a lake of fire.

Women's panties

I'm 72 years old and have worn women's panties on and off since I was 16. They are the only underwear I've worn for the 11 years since i retired. I love the comfort, fit, and the silky feel of the nylon on my body. I also wear bras and other lingerie daily. I sleep in a nylon nightgown every night. M wife is fully aware and supportive. She... [more]

I need advice for a manga I'm writing/drawing...

So, I have a story about a boy who gets bullied a lot in school, and he has a slightly sociopathic/yandere friend. What's an absolutely evil way for him to avenge his friend, but not get caught? I have really bad writer's block right now, do you have any ideas? Thanks.

7th graders...

Okay, so I'm 11, 6th grade and I'm probably too mature for my age. So me in Middle school is pretty hard. Especially in the bus. This is probably weird to say but, 7th graders are MUCH worse then 8th graders. 8th graders... Are silent... But my bus is full of 7th graders and they curse words they shouldn't be.. They think they're old enough to say... [more]

Ending my life on 40th (unless things change)

Just turned 39. Lived with parents for 7 years. College graduate. Autistic. Bullied my whole life. I'm in counseling and I'm on meds. The ONLY jobs out here are factory temps and mimimum wage joke jobs that don't pay enough to live off of. Minus college loans for a useless degree and expensive healthcare. I have no friends because everyone treats... [more]

Getting fat

I have always dreamed of growing a big, round, huge belly my whole life. Even when I was a kid I remember saying to myself that when I grew up I wanted to be a big fat bellied man.
Well my career wouldn’t allow it so I had to fight the desire for 30 years. Now I’m nearing 60 and have retired and decided to finally let go and follow my dream... [more]


Me and my wife went on a week's caravan holiday in England the weather was fantastic which is a bonus , When on holiday you relax and do things you would not normally do like your dress code you dress for the weather . Well my wife was no exception she would not wear this at home and walk about the shops , But on holiday she lost all her... [more]

Turn on

Having other men looking at your partner you should take it has a compliment and enjoy the moment , Feel proud for your partner and that she is with you not them . Now me personally I'm a very jealous person a little controlling but I love my wife , So me having thoughts of my wife being naughty in different scenarios is very strange but it does... [more]

Sexy church clothes

My mother in law got dressed for church I think she looks sexy as h*** I would love to strip them off of her and work out all of her hole's I'm stairing at her imagine ripping off her clothes and stuffing her with my c*** now I am had I want to [more]

I sniffed and tasted my mother inlaws underware and came in them

I'm 30 year's old and I'm in love with my wife and her mother I'm going to steel a pair of her panties before I leave her house tonight and keep them forever

November 1st, 2018

That is the date I've been contemplating my suicide. My daughter's birthday is on the 31st. I'd hate for her to have to remember that after her day... but I also don't want to miss it. I've had to live without my Mother for 7 years, now. I wouldn't want her to go through the same thing, but I hate the way my life is. I hate the turn its taken..... [more]

I woke up...damn it.

Last night I toke all the oxy I had left in my last script and every other pill I had. After about a half-hour I started shaking and feeling horrible. I felt a foam like stuff in my mouth and I got to the point where I could not move and everything was a blur. I remember closing my eyes. My family was home. I was in the bed and my family was... [more]

I want to f*** my mother inlaw

Janene Nichole Franks is my mother in law i have a crush on her and wish she would come watch me f*** her daughter Amanda Nichole Benson I think she would like it possible love it I would love to add her to the mix I would eat her p**** till she came on... [more]

These kids keep hitting on me

I was in this discord and I can not get these kids to quit hitting on me, I try to resist but it doesn't stop and I don't know what to do. They were in here. https://discord.gg/xBUAAh

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