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Weinstein girls

Many girls use their bodies to their advantage. Some guys use their power. Doesn't worry me. I know it is not PC. I have no concern for the Weinstein girls.

MY neighbors wife gave birth to my baby

Without going into detail I had s** with my neighbor's wife one day after he went on a business trip. She told me that since she had s** with her husband before he left that if I got her pregnant he would think the baby was his.
To make a long story short... [more]

Social Interaction

I am a bit worried that I have a social disability or whatever it is called. I can turn my crying on and off, and I was quite surprised when I found out that others couldn't. I generally have to think about what I'm going to say to someone because otherwise I generally say something that is considered rude. To me I'm just saying how I feel or an... [more]

My gf son

I hate my girlfriends son. He wines and f****** cries non stop like a little b**** and all she does is coddle the little f*****. I understand that kids are kids and I wasn’t a little angel. He is... [more]


Is it weird if you go to your mates house and see his sexy sisters thongs and take them out of the washing basket to go to the toilet and have a w*** whilst snuffing and sucking the wetness out off them xx

I wish I could redo my life

I’m just so sick of being a teenager and I want to redo my life all over again. I used to be such a happy child with no worries in the world and now I just feel myself getting down over the littlest of things. My friends and I aren’t friends with the boys in our town because we have to be in a certain group with this [more]

Thinking of you...

I know you were never a fan but I can't help it. I hope today's been beyond awesome for you and tonight even better!!!

Smelling Sweet Butt Scent

I would love to smell the radio DJ 's ass scent of Angela yee & Angie Martinez .. I no those Butts smell good and there p**** scents ..😊❤❤❤

I am a 14 and i crossdress

I crossdress nearly whenever but i am to afraid to tell my family my sisters would make fun of me and i am to afraid to be yelled at by my mother because she might never see me as me again that is all the family i have and i dont want to lose them

Anyone else like this?

It was probably because my father wasn't really a big part of my life until I was 11 and I was brought up by my sisters and mother, but I just don't find the female or male body inherently sexual.
Gender or s** has never really bothered me when it has come to making friends, choosing partners, or... [more]

Wearing panties

When I was younger. About 6 or 7 years old I found a pair of my moms panties and hid them till I could really do something with them. I put them under my bed and the next day my mom found them and she told my dad and they mad me strip down to nothing and put them on. The were big but I found that the soft nylon felt very good on me. I hat to keep... [more]

I (sometimes) hate being a mom and wife

Just need to get this off my chest... sorry for any grammatical errors.
so im a mom of two under two; a one year old(ds) and a one month old(dd).
my husband just started working at a new job, my family and friends live close-by, everything seems to be okay so far...except, sometimes, i feel like i hate being a mom and wife.
i dont really... [more]

I hate my step dad

I f****** hate him he keeps saying he’s my dad ever though my real dad is almost across the country he still has the inisative to say he’s my dad I whant to f****** beet the s*** out of the mother... [more]

Kessler 12 gauge bolt action shotgun

This weapon came out in 1952. It was a cheap shotgun that fired three shells. It has a huge chock and it is reliable. The trouble is nobody liked it. The gun is ungainly and the ergonomics suck.
My stepfather died and left me this gun. Looking it up on the internet its worth about $32.00.
I was discussing this gun with a collector who... [more]

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