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Turned into a sissy, the start.

How I started as a sissy.

We met on line and I invited her over so we could meet. She showed up at eight on a friday evening, she was tall and thin with a great chest. I invited her in and we talked for about an hour then went down to the local bar for a drink. Once we finished at the bar we went back to my place around ten thirty. I... [more]

My Girlfriend likes to sleep in my bedroom..

It all started when my Girlfriend was so tired and possibly sick. We came from school and training because we were Varsity players. That night, she was so sleepy and floppy that i was worried and took her home. When we got there, there was no one in the house. So I let her sleep before I leave(Her parents know i'm her boyfriend and trusts me... [more]

Wife flashing her son

I seen my 13 year son watching his mom sun bath in a very tiny swim suit that she wont wear to the beach but will wear by our back yard pool. Well my son had a very large h****** as he looked at his mom on her back with her legs wide apart. So I dare Sue to flash him a bit to scare him off but it... [more]

Bulge in pants

Hey older women, between the ages of 40 and 55, if your son was 25 and his friend came over with a bulge in his pants that made it look like he was wearing a cup, would you say anything to him, and what would it be.

Cheating wife

Hi im a married white woman, who has been meeting a single black guy. other than kissing and hugging nothing sexually has happened.. he wants us to sleep together, i find myself weakening i want him too. i love my husband but want this black man so bad. im split 2 ways & confused.

My Deep Dark Secret

My younger sister is my daughter, and I have a black son the same age.
I walked in on my mother and her black domme doing this whole lesbian bondage thing. She had me mount mom and her, and mom didn't object (or maybe she did, she had a ball gag on). This became a regular thing, and eventually both became pregnant and had babies within two days... [more]

Why Hello There...

I went round to my uncles house today, just to lend some tools for a job im doing, and his gf and her daughter were in, and previously, whilst drunk ive had sexual encounters with both of them (individually of course), so anyway, they're both in their pj's and i got a rather large erection, so i went upatairs to the bathroom and whilst there i... [more]

Leggings at school

This girl at school, had only leggings on the bottom half of her and they were totally see through. I could see her perfect little bum, along with her blue panties which were pulled right up. Then in the next class, the leggings girl and her friend who has massive, and i mean huge t***, work across... [more]

Smelling my cousins underwear

I had always liked her and one day she was at my house and i spanked her but not hard, and she noticed i had a b**** she she put her shoe on it. A few minutes later she opened her legs and told me "i know you want to touch it" so i fingered her through her pants. After i fingered her she started to... [more]

Single moms

I been secretly using a singlemom for s** for the last year. I plan on dumping her on her birthday

I hate Malaysia

Malaysia is by far the most unwelcoming Country for Foreigners and International Students. The Institutions are f****** commercial as h***. When my parents first told me they were sending me to Malaysia to study I was happy because i came here... [more]

I can't stand fat people

I cannot stand fat people. It's a recent development. I think that it is mainly because a lot of the women I work with are big, not just a bit of extra weight they are stright up fat. They make fun of me constantly for eating things like shredded wheat and soy milk, for only eating half of restaurant portions, for ordering veggies instad of fres... [more]

I feel so stupid for feeling this way

I am going to be 15 and I have never had my first kiss. I used to feel that it was fine and that when the right person came along everything would be perfect. But now I feel that this is the reason I will be alone forever. My best friends do like everything normal teens do while I'm always stuck home because of my parents.
I guess I'm kind of... [more]

Comfort blanket

I'm 17 and still sleep with my baby blanket.

Everybody thinks I'm a little angel but I am really evil

People think I'm a little angel because I look sweet and innocent and I'm a petite girl of 17 with a cute voice. But there's a devil in me. I keep it hidden so nobody can see what I'm really like, and I do evil things in a sneaky way so no one knows I did them. Worst evil thing I have done so far is to set fire to my teacher's house who gave me a... [more]

Deepest confessions

Here are my deepest confessions:
- I didn't start smoking because it looked cool, I started smoking because it cut my appetite and I wanted to lose weight. Now, I smoke because I like it.
- Sometimes, I wish I discovered I had terminal cancer so I could give in and let go. I hope for it so much that I know every single symptom of various... [more]

Best Adult Game Ever :-)

My friends and I played a new game last weekend and it was a blast!
We call it, guess the c***!
Everyone puts $20 in the pot, then we look around the bar and pick out a guy. You then write on a piece of paper a description of him, like what he is wearing and puts their name on it. You then... [more]

My little brother.

When I was 9 years old my brother and I were playing in a field behind our apartments. There were some trees in the feild that we often climbed. We had an argument and while we were up in one of the trees I pushed him out and he fell to his death. I told everyone that he had fallen out of the tree on his own. Everyone believed me and never... [more]

Wrestling b****

During my middle school wrestling match (second period) i noticed i had a b****... Although no one noticed i was embarreced cause im not sure if it was random. And i am not gay.

I AM A SICK B******!!

I am 16 and for the last week, I have been masturbating while reading some of the posts on this site.
I mostly center around the stories of incest and molestation because.... well, I like it.
I have always had an extremely strong sense of imagination, so strong that I can literally FEEL the pain of others. I usually put myself in the position of... [more]

Best friends sister

I was helping my best friends sister move out. Whe had to take multiple trips. I was rushing a box cuz it was breaking, as soon as i put it down, the box ripped open. Inside that box, loads of s** thigs fell out. I mean LOADS! I was the only one there so i put them all back and went down to the bastn... [more]

My life

I am a 20 year old female virgin. I have never had a boyfriend.I have never kissed a boy, nor has any boy touched my body in a sexual way. I am basically a virgin to all things. (except I have had o****** before, funny how that works out) My view of the world is so cynical that I do not give out... [more]

Sad Little Girl

I really just needed to tell someone this cause I am really confused I don't know what the h*** is wrong with me, I am 14 and when I was younger my oldest brother had s** with me I didn't even know what was going on and it happened more than once actually... [more]


When i was 14years i was raped ....there was this really cute guy that liked in school but he had a girl friend so i kept feelings to my self anyway his brother who always gestured at me attack me one afternoon when i stay back for classes.i went to the washroom and i saw him in there i did'nt think anything of it until he grabbed me and dragged... [more]

Baby too soon

I'm pregnant after dating a guy for 7 weeks. I'm 38 and shocked I got pregnant so quickly. I want to keep the baby. . .he wants me to terminate. I respect his feelings and I understand them. I don't know what to do.

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