Relationship Confessions

I can’t stand my 10 year old stepson

I really can’t stand my 10 year old step son. I’ve know him since he was 4 and I had hoped I would learn to at least like him, but nope! He’s just so weird! His behaviors are bizarre and he acts like he’s in kindergarten. He has no friends due to very poor social skills. And he constantly gets in trouble at school. His constant need more attention... [more]

Wife's holidays

My wife and I have an understanding, For the last 15 years she has been going to Vegas on a yearly girls trip, She travels with one of her friends who is divorced for the last 9 years, Sometimes they bring along other friends but it is always the two of them for sure. Her friend who is obviously her bestie has been aware of our agreement for some... [more]

Cuckold Sissy Husband

I'm a submissive, married crossdresser. My lovely wife knew of my dressing since before we married; but does not participate or encourage me in any way.
I would love for her to play the dominant role in our marriage; even to the point where she cuckolds me with other men. I've had these feelings and fantasies since before we were married; but... [more]

Moving forward

Every fall some friends and I have a little get together to do kind of an end of summer blowout, This fall we rented a couple houseboats and had 12 of us, 4 couples and 4 singles, My cousin who has been living with me for 4 months and his girlfriend were one of the couples. My fiance and his gf are friends since she is at our condo a lot and stays... [more]

Wife watchers

There are many posts referring to story's of husbands enjoying seeing there wives with other men , Not only cuckold story's could be letting somebody see there wife naked or just kissing them all different scenarios . Do any of you regret what you have done if so why and what did you do , I know I regret what we did .

Dr. Hubbard I apologise

My e wife told me such horrible things about you when we were courting that I called your father and said horrible things about you. I had no business doing that.
My wife turned out to be the most horrible b**** you could imagine and after she miscarried I divorced her mean little ass.
You... [more]

We found what works

My wife is 40 and I am 45, We married in our early 20's, Had kids relatively young and up until around 5 years ago always enjoyed a wonderful s** life, We had great s**, My wife is beautiful, Short, sexy, Curvy in all the right places and attracts attention... [more]

Round two

15 years ago my wife and I had a one time fling with her best friend and her husband, Well ex now, We were in town for their wedding and 2 nights before the wedding we all got wasted and ended up in bed together, I with his wife and him with mine. My wife was always super embarrassed about it and basically denied that it ever happened if I ever... [more]


I’m bored shitless of my relationship. I love my boyfriend but he just isn’t my cup of tea anymore. He does nothing for my personal needs. He’s a good person but man I’m bored bored bored. I really wanna cheat on him. I want to cause an argument with him all the time just to create excitement. I sometimes create issues just so that there’s... [more]

Trailer park mom

So I started dating this girl, I should have known right off the bat being she is a waitress in a strip club but she is 24, lives with her mom in a trailer park and is dumb as a stick but...Oh so hot and dirty. I can do whatever I want to her and she complains but always lets me do whatever I want...Her mom, Well she is a different story.
Maggie... [more]

Men are such simple creatures.

17 years married and my husband still asks about the one and only time I was with a girl, Yes it was in college and yes she was my room mate and yes dear it is the one friend of mine you fantasize about.
Get over it, It only happened once, It will never happen again, It was great and we both came in 69 and fell asleep naked snuggling Which is how... [more]

I hate my wife

I hate my wife. I really really hate her


My gf of 5 years just started a new job. Her family never liked me never will no reason to it I was just raised differently like movies kind I grew up with not too much but just enough my gf on the other hand daddy’s girl had it all growing up mostly. There came a point in our relationship that her father tried to buy her out from me by wanting to... [more]

I F***** UP

So I’m a 21 year old female. I’ve been with my boyfriend for nearly 5 years. I love him to death. He means everything to me. He’s been with me through so so many things. He’s such a good man. He’s perfect in so many ways, seriously. He’s been so so amazing to me. But I’ve been speaking to another guy, the other guy I’ve known for years but have... [more]

I guess it's wrong but...….

I've still been seeing my ex girlfriend even though she's been married for almost two years (their second anniversary will December 20). I never wanted to break up with her but she met this super rich older dude and they got married in a hurry. She said she would still have s** with me but we could not... [more]

Honey I promise you

My wife said to me:
"Honey I promise you I will always be completely honest and open in our communication. It’s so important to a perfect relationship. So when you told me all your girlfriends and first wife cheated on you. I thought how perfectly honest and open you are for trusting me to know that about you. I’m not asking you to change for me... [more]

My wife is too boring.

We have been married for 11 yrs now. I'm the one always taking the initiative to spice up our s** life. She is never interested in doing anything. She is too boring. No excitement in life. And she would least care about it. I don't know what to do? I'm just tired of boredom.

My husband spanks me

It started out as playful but over the years has progressed to him spanking me for discipline. It’s nothing crazy like I’ve heard about from other women. Usually it’s only 3-5 hard swats. Normally it’s my mouth that gets me in trouble and being disrespectful. I definitely don’t like being punished but I will say it is much better than fighting... [more]

Catfishing A Guy.. How do I fix this without ending it?

I've been talking to this guy since April, I honestly have crazy feelings for him. He appears to be the same way.
He knows I am mentally ill.. really depressed and I take care of my mother with breast cancer. He knows I have no self esteem and doesnt understand how, and it kills me when he expresses that.
I look nothing like the pictures.... [more]

If she only knew

My wife threatened to kill herself again today. She said she almost drove full speed into a tree. If only she knew how much I wish she would have.

Nearly ruined a marriage, and my life

About 4 years ago I had an affair with the husband of an acquaintance of mine. It went on for a couple months. I knew things were tense between them, and that they were having trouble conceiving.
To make matters worse, I got pregnant after we were a little casual about condom use. I told him and waited a couple weeks to figure out my... [more]

Bipolar boyfriend

I am sick to death of my bipolar boyfriend. He is constantly whining about how he can't bring himself to cook himself a meal but he has no problem running around to every bar in the city to get drunk. Anytime I get upset with him for his s***** behavior he immediately vilifies me to a bunch of single... [more]

A long time coming?

Over the years I've developed feelings for one of my very good friends girlfriends. Drunkenly she's come on to me and tried to initiate things also confessing feelings but I've shut it down. Recently she's directly told me and I've long suspected that their relationship is done but my buddy refuses to let go. I'm not the type of person to do... [more]

I LOVE fat women, feedee, SSBBW, female gainers

I love FAT women and think they're beautiful!! I want to find a woman who desires to become a huge queen sized lady of leisure, eating whatever and whenever she wants, never uses the word "diet" and enjoys showing off her huge body. Do women like this exist out there??


I've just realized how messed up people are and the importance of keeping people at arm's length. I'm glad to keep "us" a secret because some people just can't handle others' happiness. Our committment is a dream come true. I've decided to reveal "us" only after being official. Right now, even mentioning being in a relationship is out of question... [more]

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