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I Use My Boyfriend

I've been using my boyfriend for over 25 years.
He drives over an hour to my house every Saturday. He arrives in the late morning and leaves in the late evening.
He brings me presents when he comes to my house.
On those rare occasions when he does sleep over I make him sleep on the couch.
He goes "Honey Do's" around my house. Like... [more]

I frend zone a girl i like cause of a other boy

I like this girl who is 21 and I am 23 but I have friend zone her due to her other friend who is 15 and has a massive crush on her but as soon I try to get close to her he basically makes mine and her life miserable I do really like her but the boy always gets in the way and iv been arguing with him about it I don't no what to do because I do... [more]

Kissed a friend who has a crush on me!

Okay! So I have a really good friend(let's call him X) who has confessed me that he likes me and he is ready to wait for me forever. I kind of like his attention and I get jealous too when he gets close to other girls but I don't want to get in a relationship with him as I am scared that it will end soon like all my other relationships because of... [more]

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I frend zone a girl i like cause of a other boy

So iv been talking to this girl for a wile and been friends with her for a wille but she resently asked me who I liked and I finaly told her but I asked here who she like but she said me but she did not no tbh. this went on for wile and she nose this 15 year old boy who fancy her shes 21 and he found out I like her and gave her [more]

After 17 years, I’ve realized my husband is an idiot

My husband is a f****** idiot, and so am I for sticking around. When our son was born, we agreed that I’d stay home & raise our child (which is thankless). My husband now resents that I don’t work!!! (It’s been 14 years & I’m 54 years old. Who the [more]

Wife and I enjoy oral s** more than intercourse

For years now my wife and I have indulged in oral s** more than intercourse. I think for her, what made her love it was the first time I asked her to give me a b******. She was hesitant at first not knowing what to do but I coached her and encouraged... [more]

The guy who started it all

A while ago the wife and I went to a Christmas party where she worked. Everybody was having a good time including me and the wife. Her friends were very nice to me almost distracting, you know what I mean , they would dance with me get me drinks, talk and some of them would touch my ass or grind me while dancing. Needless to say I was in heaven... [more]

Wearing a Bra and Panties

My wife bought me a bra and panties to wear as foreplay when we are being intimate. I’m not sure how I feel about it. She also bought gel inserts to make it look like I have b******. She told me she wants me to wear it this weekend for her. What should I do?

I'm an EXPERT with Using Men

I'm an expert at using men.
I have my boyfriend wrapped around my finger. He's been my boyfriend for 25 years now. He's always wanted to marry me but I refuse.
He's been driving over an hour to my house every Saturday for 25 years. I call it our standing Saturday date.
He brings be gifts like shoes or dresses. He sometimes brings... [more]

First with my bf

My boyfriend and I had been together for about six months. We had kissed and cuddled with each other a lot during this period that left me h**** like h***. One day I told him I wanted to have s** with him. He... [more]

I'm a submissive boyfriend

I confess I am a submissive guy. my girlfriend is the limit setter in our relationship. we are both middle age divorcees. but she is the limit setter and its kind of fun and weird at the same time. kind of like being a teenager again with rules like touching and kissing. some examples:-
holding hands ok
kiss on cheek ok
must ask before... [more]

I want a wife to fatten and love me

I would love to be some fat piggy for a lucky gal to feed and fatten up massively. I want a loving wife to spoil me with food and grow my gut. I want to be a couch crushing fat guy, stuffed, fattened, and always growing for a loving woman.

My Wife & My Friend

I can't stop thinking about an old friend with my wife and it still drives me crazy.
We've been married now for 25 years I know she's been faithful during that time.
Just before we got hitched we split for a short time four or five weeks as a lot of young couples do. When we got back together she asked if I'd slept with anyone I told her no but... [more]

All sorts of 69

Intercourse is not my thing. I prefer 69 one million times. The only time I liked intercourse it wasn’t with my husband. It was in our honeymoon in Jamaica. We took complimentary massages after several drinks and it was marvelous. My husband can’t do what he did in me so we just opted for 69. My husband uses toys and I use my hands and mouth.

Husbands fantasy

My husband has been sharing his fantasy for several years now. Not being pushy, just pillow talk mostly. He wants me to have s** with other men and then come home and tell him all about it. He doesn’t want to be humiliated or anything weird like that. He just wants me to spend the night with other men. I... [more]

Mother in law has a crush on me?

My wife and I have been together for 4 years and I would say we have a pretty stable relationship. We’ve been living with my wife’s mom for a few years while we’re saving for a house so I see her around a lot. My wife and her mother are both very attractive women, it’s clear where she got her looks from. When we initially started living with her... [more]

BF knocked up by my Husband

My husband Dan and I have a regular 3some with my best friend, Gloria. She lives with us and has her own room. It has been going on for 10 years and we all sleep together 5 nights a week.
We are both on the Pill, but Dan goes bareback and c** in both of us. Gloria loves to go down on me after Dan... [more]


My husband asked me last night about the first time I did this and the first time I did that, I came to a realization, Most of my firsts were the same summer and with the same person and totally not your normal way to be introduced to stuff like that and I thought some might get a kick out of it.
I had gone to stay with my cousin at their cabin... [more]

I Got My Husband Pregnant

When I was in my third trimester of pregnancy, my husband so kindly insinuated that my productivity and effort around the house was dwindling. I take care of almost everything at home, but the further along I got in my pregnancy and the bigger I got, the harder it was for me to do things he was used to be doing all the time for us.
After a... [more]

My wife is sleeping around on me

I have been seeing signs for a while that my sexy wife is sleeping with someone else. She is 33 years old. Five foot seven inches, with green eyes, medium length light brown hair. Her breast are 47 DD. Lovely gorgeous round ass that won't quit. She has been like doing things that she normally doesn't do. Like a change in her clothes and being... [more]

I need help..... probably

I must be completely f***** up in the head. I have never let anyone treat me like trash and I have never let anyone ever hit me. I am able to defend myself and I have in the past. But I have been dating this guy, he has been my friend for several years. I have dated him for a year and we never fought... [more]

My BF asked me to get FAT

My boyfriend asked me to get fat! We’ve been together three years and we plan to get married over the next two years. We went ring shopping the other day so he can see what I like.
I love him so much, but the other day he asked me to gain weight. I’m a size 4/6 and he said he’s always wanted a chubby wife. He asked me if I would quit working out... [more]

Happy birthday

My wife is a very attractive 35 year old, I love her body but as with every woman she doesn't, I have been bugging her to let me "Toss her salad" for years and she has always hated the idea or at least she claims she does. On a few occasions she has let me rub her bum hole with my finger but always made it out like she didn't enjoy it, To be... [more]

Lustful Relationship

Warning: Too long but Pls I need advice.
I'm a fresh graduate who in long distance relationship with a foreign guy. I'm 20 and he's 21. We're in a long distance relationship for two years now. As far as I remember I added him on fb because he's a christian and I'm christian too. He is currently studying in a Christian school and serving the... [more]


This is less of a confession and more of a question. Am I being harsh on my boyfriend ? So months ago I told my boyfriend about a wedding taking place and he said he would love to come but should probably sort out his hair first. He said he wanted to sort his hair out because he had free foam dreadlocks at the time which HE decided he wanted to... [more]

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