Relationship Confessions

I set up a revenge website after my fiancé dumped me

After my fiancé accepted my marriage proposal he started getting volatile and accusatory. After just 12 weeks engaged he dumped me. I tried for a couple months to see if we could at least be civil but he was still volatile. Finally I had enough and posted our emails and Skype IM's to a website. or start at... [more]

I hate being a stepdad and for the wrong reasons

Mid-age male here who met the love of his life. She has a daughter from when she was in high school who is a blast. The dad is in her life but completely distant. No communication whatsoever just occasional message from the daughter of events. The problem is the fact that I cannot get over the idea that she had [more]

My wife and I got married, got fat and are enjoying it!

Both my wife and I have gained over 100 pounds each since getting married in 2013. For her, it went mostly to her a-s-s- and belly, for me it's my belly and chest. We are those typical Americans, fat and lazy and not giving a damn, we just eat what we wish and live like normal people, going out, having fun, and also going to the beach. She doesn't... [more]

Kissed my best friends boyfriend

My best friend since Kindergarten got her first boyfriend last month. We hung out together and she would bring him with to things like the park or the pool or the mall. One day we were all at my friends house caz there was no place to go that day and we were playing computer games and my friend had to go to the bathroom. While she was gone her... [more]


There’s too much too really say. When I first heard of it 7 yrs ago, it was a idea but (not with the guy) but every dude is different. I don’t like or get h**** at all from cheating BUT mentally dominance over my relationships is a mental & physical turn on. I’ve been in normal [more]

Think my BF's BFF is gay.

The other night I had a weird experience, My BF and I were drinking at a club and his best friend for since ever was with us, They have been best friends since almost pre school and he has been with a couple of my friends but we all shared a cab back to my BF's place and as soon as we got there my BF was all over me, I'm not shy and I enjoy new... [more]

Out of Proportion

I’ve been with my gf for 7 years high school sweet hearts. Let’s just say we’ve been through every tough, rough patch in our 7 year relationship. We’ve been living together for 2.5 years. I’m an engineering student on the verge of finishing my degree within a few months by dedicating my time and effort to work and go to school part time. Our [more]

How to leave a s***** relationship

I have been with the same guy for 10 years. He has not once purposed and when i ask about it he gives some stupid excuse. Now We 2 kids together. I used to work but got overwhelmed with coming home to cook, clean, taking care of the kids, and the bills. His brother and sister live with us they dont work or go to school. They dont clean up or do... [more]

Have enjoyed watching wife with young man

In most ways I am just a regular guy . But regular means , not exciting , or romantic , or handsome , or a turn on to my wife . My wife married me to get away from a bad environment at home . She was so glad I took her away from a Bad situation that depressed her . I would have to beg her for s**... [more]

I am a Woman with an Extremely High S** Drive

If my husband only knew, he'd absolutely s***. I never took a guy home in my life and never will. A very close friend of mine introduced me to a swingers club. I get in free because I'm a woman. That's my night out with the girls and I'm not required to come home that night as he thinks I'm out... [more]

I like a girl but I'm not ready to date

I got out of a rough relationship a few months back. Since then I've basically had no interest in anyone. Then this one girl, that I used to be friends with a few years ago, and I got back into contact and started talking. At first there was no interest. As time went on and covid restrictions started to become more laxed we started hanging out and... [more]

So confused

I've fallen for the guy I'm seeing. Problem is, I'm getting tired of feeling like the relationship is being yo-yoed.
I talk with him about the yo-yo issue, and it always comes down to me asking if we should simply be friends, or for him to simply tell me the issue so we can move on. He convinces me nothing is wrong, and he doesn't find anything... [more]

Bi querious

I'm a 56 yo woman widow ,got to admit wasnt a good marriage. Never really gone out with a guy seriously ,got a feeling I may be gay. I swim a lot at local pool and sometimes go with a neighbour and her teen daughter she's 13 , Ive found my self looking more at this girl and feeling h****. One day I... [more]

Getting fat for him--and me!

I'm a 23 yof and i have a bf who is a few years older than me. I'm not fat but definitely soft. My bf says he'd love it if i got fatter but doesnt want me to do it on purpose becuz of him wanting it cuz its not good for my health to be fat. well, i always wished i didnt have to watch my weight cuz i like to eat so im using his desire as an excuse... [more]

Pandemic Affair with 48yr old Neighbor

This confession is lengthy. I realize there is no excuse for infidelity but my marriage is doomed and would like to get the entire story out there.
I’m 24 and started having an affair with my 48yr old neighbor John (not real name) during the pandemic lockdown. He’s HOT, muscular, own’s a general contractor business and lost his wife of 20 plus... [more]

Oh the memories

I used to date a girl back in highschool and looking back now I wonder what ever happened to her. We were total douche bags to her, Me and my friends, She was easy to manipulate and we took advantage of that, Quite often she was the only girl around a group of 2-3 or 4 of us and we would just try to find her limit where she would tell us to F... [more]

Younger, blonder, dirtier

My girlfriend and i have been together for almost 4 years now, cohabitating for over 3. But she is starting to show her age (29) and looking kinda worn out. So I've started looking around for somebody like I've described in the caption. Somebody early to mid 20s, a natural blond (gf is a blonde but from a bottle), and who is hotter and nastier... [more]


I am really frustrated. I am a pastor. My wife has not allowed me to kiss or touch her, its been more than a year. I don't know what to do. Lord, help me. This is not normal.

I used to love you

I confess that I let you abuse me because you were my first boyfriend and I thought you could do no harm. You damaged me. And I allowed it. All in the name of love. I still haven't processed it. I still haven't told you. Instead, I broke up with you, for reasons you still don't know. You thought I was coming back, but I was trying to escape a bad... [more]

I am in love with you

Im in love with you. I wish I could tell you. I know I shouldn’t be, I cant be. But I am. I don’t know what I am going to do. Im not happy unless im with you or at least talking to you. I need to say something. But I don’t want to ruin what we have. And its not fair of me to feel like this. Not fair to you. I would never hurt you and I fear that’s... [more]

So unsure but so sexy

Im a 19 yr old m and i have a 19yr old girlfriend who is hot! And i have a 13 year old brother who always talk about how fit she is and talks about his d*** but i really want to send him photos of her naked and sexy ones 'accidently' to see how he reacts but worried he will tell her i guess im a bit... [more]

Small p****

My husband has a really small p****. I often fantasize about being with a guy who has a big one.

I Want A Fat Wife

I am an adult man who has enjoyed the company of fat, lovely women my whole life, but my marriage didn't work out for a variety of reasons. (I left.) Now I am looking for a chubby angel whom I can date and spoil and hold hands with and share life with and make breakfast in bed for! My last GF was 314 pounds and I absolutely adored her but it was... [more]

Very Interesting

I have been single for the last 2 years and at the age of 44 I didn't think I was going to ever meet "The one" but....The other night I met a guy for a drink that a friend had set me up with.
Ok, Right from the start. He walks into the restaurant and I was like....Hmmmm...Ok, yeah, Nice to look at.
He introduced himself and I was... [more]

I need some advice

I have been with the same woman for almost 12 years now. She was took my virginity but had been with a handful of guys before me. I was 16 then she was 19. About 5 years ago we had become regulars at a local bar and made a lot of great friends but we started doing cocaine on a very regular basis. For some reason through all this I began to sneak... [more]

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